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> [Chuunin] Yajū-Senju, Itami
 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 10:48 AM
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Biographical Information

Itami Yajū-Senju


16 years old


Ninja Status:
Village Shinobi



250 pounds

user posted image
Characteristics: An anthropomorphic wolf with five sharp claws on each finger and long fangs. Across his body are scarred spots across his fur; three vertical slashes over his left eye, one large X on his right shoulder, and multiple slashes down both his arms. He has many such scars given to him by his father. His body build is very muscular due to the transformation which grants him height and weight far above his age.
Hair: Instead he has fur all over his body, a dark brown hue that is thickest on his shoulders and up to his head. The fur is also thickest the the back of his arms to his elbows and on his tail.
Eyes: Bright yellow color that glows or reflects light.
Clothing: Typically he actually wears only pants since no shirt or shoes can fit him, or rather won't try to find them. Primarily he wears a torn pair of black pants and a metal spiked, brown leather belt with the village forehead protector as the buckle. Around his neck he wears a fang pendant, a blood red wolf tooth he's had since he was a baby given to him by his parents. The only other thing he wears is a black hooded cloak.
Battle Aura: When enraged he projects a terrifyingly vicious and monstrous demonic wolf comparable to the presence of the Wolf Demon.

Itami is a very enraged fighter, or rather an angry person in general but he can easily aim this when he's fighting. Suffice to say he's got major anger issues that he tries to keep in check. He is rash and aggressive but not the brightest fighter, he often relies on overpowering opponents through sheer ferocity and brute strength. When truly enraged its best to stay clear of him. He'll literally tear into his enemy with his claws and teeth until they're dead and/or ripped to pieces. Otherwise he's a straight up brawler, getting in close with the intent to do massive damage, working alongside his companions with well synced teamwork. He disapproves of fighting with unnatural skills, abilities or techniques that one's own body doesn't perform naturally, preferring to use them only to support his fighting style like buffing his physical capabilities, improving maneuverability, or otherwise combating other's unnatural skills. Outside combat he's difficult; brooding and disconnected without a purpose, quiet and uncaring for things around him, he knows he needs to be proactive but until he finds that something to do he just keeps to himself. He tries to keep his anger in check and for the most part he does. As for showing emotions, its not so much as he won't its that he is unable, he doesn't understand other emotions and so experiencing them causes confusion and anger. On an average normal day he'll just remain quiet aside from some low growling and grunts, glaring his eyes or baring his teeth is pretty much the worst out of him on such a day. But when spending time with his siblings or friends he actually mellows out as he seems to put up with "fun" and simply relaxes his nerves, despite his unease. But mostly that's just with his baby sister, whereas he is different with his younger brother with whom he won't hesitate to beat some sense into when he's just asking for it.


From a young age Itami always admired his people, where others saw monsters and freaks he saw strong people who get stronger by standing as one and get stronger when they do so against such people. He detested people who thought otherwise, that the only monsters were in their mirrors and it has gotten him into more trouble than normal kids with temper tantrums his age. This troubled child history definitely didn't stick well with his father, constantly shouting at him to get his act together, but Itami really didn't care. He respected his father. Even at the young age he was smart enough to know about his father's situation in being a Silverfur and it didn't bother his father nor let it dictate his life in another's eyes. Very respectable to one so young. Despite their opinions of each other Itami found time better spent playing with his younger brother though even they got into fights mostly because Rex always antagonizes him by messing around such as dancing around and poking fun rather than actually hitting him. The two got along as well as two such people could while being complete opposites. His father was still the only issue in his family but respect changed overtime. As he got older that respect starting dwindling out of sheer arguments but it only got worse when he turned ten years old.

As the fear of all Senju, their tenth birthday is a time for great concern and his family was no different especially when he was confirmed to have the curse, and it was terrible timing. That same night his mother was in labor, giving birth to his baby sister and his father was split between helping her and watching his eldest. At about the same time as birth Itami shouted in pain as he transformed and started rampaging through the house, confused and under strain from the change. With his father distracted it was rather easy to best him in his blind rage, tossing the giant man around the room until his ears caught wind of a screaming little boy and mother. He approached them with clear intention of doing harm but just before his clawed hand could reach the two something reached out and grabbed back, halting his enraged ill intent. Something small in the mother's arms. His father lunged out after he finally got back up but stopped when he heard giggling on the other side. The baby girl had barely a grip on the huge finger that was her big brother but the bouncing and giggling of her seemed to snap Itami out of his rage. His eyes softened, his fur settled, and his tense body relaxed as he let the hand hang loosely in the air in front of the little thing so that her soft grip and weak strength could move it about as she wished. They all spent the rest of the night being with her, little Ahsha.

Over the years Itami stayed close by his baby sister's side, not letting anyone close, it was his new purpose in life to be her protector and even his fights with others as well as his arguments with his father decreased. Despite his temper he never once struck out anytime in her presence even when she yanked on his fur or pulled on his tail or ears. He simply laid down on the floor so she could reach whatever she wanted to or simply when she would try to climb onto his back, normally he wouldn't let her since she could fall off, he'd let her. Carefully, and she'd be sad otherwise, of course. Ultimately he became her babysitter though that was split when Rex also transformed at ten but he didn't change personality wise. Despite having two fuzzy older brothers she would still stick with Itami but that was also because he didn't trust Rex's careless tendencies. As for his parents they were more concerned with the fact that they now had two cursed kids and the possibility of a third but they were also perplexed because neither was a Silverfur and Ahsha actually had silver hair. Many questions floated about the family but for now they were happy enough.

After he skipped past the academy level of training due to his father's act of personally training him, Itami went forth as a Genin and did a few missions and trained himself to get stronger. It wasn't long before he found himself thrown into a team, not Panzer and Fang, and boy was he in for a unique experience. On one hand he had Serenity, a bright young girl who seemed open to making new friends, and that was true for the most part until it came time for action. When that happened he found himself stuck with a sociopathic loonatic who revealed in the pain she could dish out. She wielded a huge scythe which was surprising until he learned she was a Genjutsu specialist too and that just stuck in his crotch. On the other hand he also had another young girl to deal with, Kammi. She was similar to Serenity up to making new friends, she just seemed to hate everyone around her. She really got on his nerves after he even tried to be friendly or at least not his usual self. He stopped trying to get along with her, as did his companions, letting her come into her own. Of course this made missions and other things with them more than a real drag. Worse yet the five of them had signed up for the upcoming Chuunin Exams so that would turn out in an interesting way.

When they arrived at the start of the exams they were thrown into a literal crap fest of one messed up shit after another. They were put on display and shown off in a parade like show dogs and it pissed him off. Panzer enjoyed the attention and chance to show off what he could do for everyone to see while Fang was just contempt to help the two of them through this. Itami was already over this and he wanted to jump ship and find something else to occupy his time but to help the girls he sucked it up and stayed. They eventually met up with friends of those two and they only made the exams worse; a girl he cared nothing for, a ranting and love struck idiot, and a Zau he wanted to beat. Panzer didn't like the idiot and swore him as a rival for disrespecting his girls. But unfortunately he never got the chance. Through some unfortunate events stacking against Itami's patience and control he exploded into a blood rage and started slaughtering the other participants that weren't from his village, seeing them as nothing but enemies. Worse yet lines between villagers and team started blurring as he set his sights on killing others not of his team. It all happened so fast but it was ended just as quickly. In an attempt to cull their losses Fang and Panzer intervened to stop him, hoping to take him down before he did something he'd regret then assist the girls in fighting the others. But even that didn't work out as there were those on the opposing team who could fight around their interference and successfully took him down for them.

The exams ended for Itami that day, luckily, and carrying his drained body back down was all that was left but something had changed in him. It couldn't help but he noticed one of his eyes started changing, something Fang and Panzer didn't understand, but they said nothing even the next day when Itami went to see the Kage. He had a deep discussion about his future, ending in him leaving the village for an unknown amount of time as there were things for him to figure out. He decided to do what he did best and traveled around, wiping out hordes of demons, training to get stronger, and being a loner with only his two companions. But he swore to return to the village in their time of need should that time arrive.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points:
110 (+21)

Behind him, right side of his belt, he carries a fairly sized pouch just large enough to hold all his basic tools which he barely uses, most of the time its left empty to put things in. He sees himself as a better weapon than any ninja tool. Though he doesn't believe in using items for combat, everything he has is marked regardless for emergency times:
10 - Kunai (10 lbs)

Inventory Ninja Points: 0


Shikyaku [Four Legs]
Description: The Shikyaku fighting style is a particularly vicious style of combat commonly used by pet users. Use of this fighting style makes use of chakra, but does so in a way that does not actually cost chakra from the user. The user of this style drops to all fours, and moves in a way reminiscent of a slinking predator. Attacks are done in a vicious manner, with slashes and bites being typical. Movement in this state is done on all fours, and use of this style brings about several physical changes in the user; their nails and teeth elongate and sharpen, and the pupils of the eyes narrow to slits,
Benefit: When making use of Shikyaku, the user's Speed, Strength, and Stamina all increase by 10. To obtain the benefit, the user must be moving and fighting like a wild animal.
Cost: 4

Extreme Vitality
Description: Healing effects are extremely effective on you.
Benefit: Double the effect of all healing effects, and your character recovers from wounds faster.
Cost: 10

Unscented Detection
Description: Some things are said to be odorless; many poisons and gasses claim this feature. Those with this trait know that is simply not true. Nothing is truly odorless to owners of this trait, though for one's own sanity, they tend to ignore the smell of ordinary air.
Benefit: The user can smell odorless things.
Cost: 7

Chakra Titan
Description: Requires both Physical Chakra and Spiritual Chakra. The user’s chakra network has become so refined that they derive an even greater amount of chakra from traits that increase it.
Benefit: The required traits provide 1 additional chakra per 2 points in their required attributes, instead of the normal 5 points required.
Cost: 3

Spiritual Chakra
Description: Your Spirituality and mental facilities affect your chakra levels slightly more than other people, providing you with a greater amount of chakra.
Benefit: For every 5 points of Spirituality, Willpower, and Stamina, you gain 1 additional Chakra, on top of what you would ordinarily earn.
Cost: 2

Physical Chakra
Description: You get a spiritual experience from working out; the result is that your chakra enhances faster through physical training than others.
Benefit: For every 5 points in Strength, Speed, or Agility, you gain 1 additional Chakra.
Cost: 2

Description: Your Willpower is unflinching, and it carries through into your very body, making you unflinching yourself.
Benefit: You can force your body to keep fighting after damage that would have disabled it otherwise - this does NOT allow you to ignore fatal damage, however.
Cost: 2

Description: You are a powerful swimmer, able to utilize your full speed while swimming. While others could be expected to move a bit slower while swimming, it comes naturally to you.
Benefit: Move at your normal speed while swimming without any kind of implied slow down.
Cost: 1

Spring Loaded
Description: You have trained to be more effective at jumping. This complements the basic jutsu Chouyaku very well.
Benefit: You can jump higher than normal without the aid of jutsu, and jutsu that enhance jumping are more effective.
Cost: 1

Iron Lungs
Description: You are capable of holding your breath for extended periods of time, making you more effective at swimming or navigating areas with smoke or other irritants in the air.
Benefit: You can hold your breath for extensive periods of time.
Cost: 1
Negative Traits:

Description: You feel no pain whatsoever. While some might consider this a blessing, you know it for what it is-a terrible curse, as your many accidental scars can attest to. Without knowing you're being hurt, you sometimes don't know that you need to avoid whatever it is causing the issue. When you DO feel pain, such as that from the effect of a Genjutsu, the effect is even worse, due to your unfamiliarity with it.
Penalty: You are unaware of any pain dealt to your body. Pain felt via Genjutsu is doubled.

Trait Ninja Points: 33


Strength: 50
Speed: 50
Agility: 20
Perception: 30
Endurance: 50
Willpower: 10
Spirituality: 20
Stamina: 20

(+25% to strength, speed, agility and endurance when fighting demons with Cursed Body)

Attribute Ninja Points: 50

550 (+160)


Strike Power: 0
Grapple: 20
Strike Speed: 20
Chakra Manipulation: 0
Shape Transformation: 0
Nature Transformation: 0
Resilience: 10
Other Weapons: 0
Chakra Control: 0
Enhanced Sense (Smelling): 20
Enhanced Sense (Hearing): 0
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense): 0
Concentration: 0
Tracking: 0

Skill Ninja Points: 7

Chakra Natures:

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0

Basic Jutsus:

Chouyaku [Leap]
Rank: E
Description: The user focuses chakra to their legs, allowing them to leap higher and further than they'd naturally be capable of. Using this technique, a ninja can easily leap to the top of a light pole, or jump across a wide road. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Sakki [Killing Intent]
Rank: E
Description: The user employs chakra to project an air of intimidation to those around them. An especially high difference in ability results in a greater effect, potentially terrifying a target into paralysis. This technique does not require handseals, but typically requires eye contact.
Cost: 3 Chakra per target

Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
Rank: E
Requirements: Nearby debris roughly the size of the user
Description: With this technique, a user replaces their body with an inanimate object the moment an attack lands. This is done to evade an attack at the last second, making the opponent think the attack landed when in fact, it did not.
- This technique has a range limit of 25 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only expanded.
- The object the user replaced themselves with must be of approximate size to the user. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique must be prepared a full post before it is used, and if no occasion comes about to use the technique, the chakra and handseals are wasted.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By focusing chakra to one's feet, a ninja can adhere themselves to sheer surfaces, such as trees, walls, cliffs, and can even walk upside down. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain [HALVED]

Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By emitting a constant stream of chakra from the user's feet, the user may walk on the surface of water as if it was solid. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain [HALVED]

Genjutsu Kai [Mind Technique Release]
Rank: C - S
Description: While holding the Rat seal, the user forcibly halts their chakra flow, then rapidly rushes a greater amount of chakra to their head. This process disperses the chakra causing a Genjutsu to occur, and can break it in such a fashion.
- You must be able to form the Rat handseal, unless you have a means to cast this particular jutsu without handseals.
- You must break every Genjutsu effect on a single genjutsu at once, though if you are affected by multiple Genjutsu, you may choose which Genjutsu to target.
- You do NOT need to break an Aftershock effect.
- You do NOT need to break effects that your Willpower is allowing you to ignore.
- To break a genjutsu of a certain rank with Genjutsu Kai, you must possess the appropriately ranked version of Genjutsu Kai. There is a Genjutsu Kai for ranks C through S. If you possess a Genjutsu of that rank and each rank prior, you may ignore this requirement, so long as you have at least the C-ranked version of Genjutsu Kai. If you do not possess a genjutsu of the appropriate rank, a jutsu slot must be used to obtain the later ranks of Genjutsu Kai. Only the C-ranked Genjutsu Kai is free for non-Genjutsu using characters.
- Even those incapable of learning Ninjutsu or Genjutsu can use Genjutsu Kai.
- Genjutsu Kai may be used on another individual by contact. Other than the required handseal, all rules for Genjutsu Kai must still be followed while using it in this way.
Cost: The cost of the Genjutsu being countered + the cost of any active side-effects + 5 chakra for the base effect and any active side effects.

Ken Tokki [Fist Bump]
Rank: C
Description: This technique requires no handseals, but instead requires "bumping" an individual's fist with your own. Doing so allows a minor amount of chakra to leak both ways, which allows both sides to understand the intentions and motives of the other more readily. This technique cannot be used against an unwilling individual.
Cost: 5

Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]
Rank: C
Description: The user holds a single seal and focuses their chakra for a few seconds. The user immediately moves to a new location, moving so fast that they appear to teleport. This is just chakra-assisted movement, however. This technique usually employs some sort of cover to further hide the user's movements. This technique may be used to move vertically, but it must begin while the user is on a surface they can push off of.
- The user cannot change direction once their movement has begun.
- The user cannot react to threats during their movement. This limitation cannot be removed.
- There must be no obstructions between the user and their intended end location. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique has a range limit of 20 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only extended.
- If no cover is used, the opponent may see the user leaning in the direction they intended to go.
Cost: 25 Chakra
D-Ranked Jutsus:

Katon: Taion [Fire Release: Body Heat]
Rank: D
Requirements: None
Description: After a short series of handseals, the user focuses their chakra throughout their body. This technique warms the user's body. While this is almost useless in combat, it can help the user resist the cold, and can even be used to help others resist the cold as well.
Cost: 10 to activate, 2 to maintain.

Tatakai no Oura [Battle Aura]
Rank: D
Requirements: Battle Aura effects need to be listed in appearance section.
Description: There are times when a shinobi is extremely focused with rage and/or an opponent is overwhelmed by the power of another, an ethereal chakra creature can be seen behind him, roaring, rearing, or screaming as chakra. If taken less symbolically, the aura can accompany a powerful attack, be physically 'launched' at enemies to damage them, surround the person generating it and mimic their movements. Sometimes it's not always an animal but other effects can happen as well, within reason. This however is all purely visual but can serve to help demoralize another or shocked someone for a moment.
Limitations: The ninjutsu is reactive to emotions and only works in extreme cases of focus, rage, an opponents fear and/or awe, etc. This jutsu doesn't require handseals.
Cost: 5 Chakra
C-Ranked Jutsus:

Gatsuuga [Fang Passing Fang]
Rank: C
Requirements: Tsuuga, Animal Companion
Description: This technique is similar to Tsuuga, but is done simultaneously with the user's animal companion. This allows the user and his pet to attack from many different angles at once. Only the human user requires this jutsu. Additionally, when this jutsu is owned, the user's pet gains the jutsu "Tsuuga" for free.
Cost: 30 (From each user)

Tsuuga [Passing Fang]
Rank: C
Requirements: Shikyaku
Description: The user rapidly spins as he moves through the air, creating a tornado-like effect around their body. Upon contact with the target, the user makes many ferocious attacks in a short time span, with enough force on its own to tear into tree trunks. Use of this technique allows the user to move through the air in an arc towards the target, though this cannot change direction without contacting another surface, meaning it is not true flight.
Cost: 30
B-Ranked Jutsus:

Communication Seal [Mastery, Range]
Rank: B
Requirements: Yajū clan member with pets
Description: Once performed this seal can be applied to the shinobi's pet, sealing a portion of their chakra and essence into them. With that done the pet gains understanding of their language but if the seal is also on the shinobi it creates a two way link for communication mentally, this result allows for them to remain in constant contact without making a sound. The seal on the speaker allows them to use the sealed language in the mental communication. However, without the recipient having this seal communication is still possible, allowing the pet to talk to others as well but with quite a few restrictions. Note that even though the mark may fade the seal will not, only requiring one application of the seal.

-Each use of the seal can only seal one language, a second application can seal another.
-To communicate with their partner they must be within line of sight or 25 [50] feet of one another.
-To communicate with a person who doesn't have the seal the pet must link their chakra by use of Fist Bump or similar jutsus.
-The seal comes with the sealers language, talking with anyone who doesn't have that language is impossible.

50; To place the seal
+25; To place a seal link at the same time
A-Ranked Jutsus:

Stand Strong, Stand Brave
Rank: A
Requirements: Must be able to stand against damage; other enduring traits or abilities
Description: A passive seal one has placed upon their body to increase their durability at taking hits; at its core it just makes their endurance more effective than most. However, it comes with actual chakra usage power as well. Linked directly to their personality the user can spend chakra to increase their endurance attribute by 50. Once the seal has been placed it is forever linked to its bearer and their nature; linked with their personality, the kind of person who doesn't back down from a fight thus granting them the bonus.

- This can only be implemented once on the user. This cannot be removed only doubled to twice.
-Should the user go against the nature of the seal, against their own nature, the bonus cannot be granted. This cannot be removed.

70; To place the seal
50; Activation
20; Maintenance
S-Ranked Jutsus:


Jutsu Ninja Points: 17

Special Abilities:
In addition to possessing a greater life force for abilities that rely on it, members of the Senju and Uzumaki clans gain 1 additional point of Chakra for every 3 Attribute Points they possess. As a Yajū has heightened senses due to bloodline.

People of this clan are naturally attuned with their inner strength, they find power in their own abilities rather than outside forces. This results in a 1 point reduction to Advanced Ability Points that relate directly to their personal being; not items, pets, or unnatural talents unless they are a direct extension of themselves. This can never reduce the cost to 0 and can only be gained if one has no more than one other clan flowing through their veins. This reduction can also only be taken once for staged Advanced Abilities resulting in a one time reduction for the Advanced Ability as a whole.

Advanced Abilities:
[1] Kekkei Genkai - Body of the Sage (Vitality)
[1] Kekkei Hen'i - Cursed Body
[1] Kekkei Genkai - Ichiji-Tekina Shinjitsu [Temporal Truth]
[1] Animal-Based
[1] Kekkei Hen'i - Pet Specialist

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 15

Spent Ninja Points: 122
Remaining Ninja Points: 9

 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 05:21 AM
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It looks like you're spending 50 points on Attributes, not 45. That would make your total expenditure 122, not 117.

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 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 07:46 AM
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