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> Advanced Chakra Nature Template
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 Posted: Oct 17 2015, 03:38 PM
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Advanced Chakra Natures

Advanced Chakra Nature: The name of your Advanced Chakra Nature. Please include a Japanese and English name.

Chakra Nature Type: What type of Chakra Nature is this? The options are Improved, which is simply a more advanced version of a basic element, Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai, which is an element created from the fusion of two elements, and a Combined Nature Kekkei Touta, which is an element created from the fusion of three elements. When creating your element, note that Advanced Elemental techniques start at C-rank, and for each additional element involved in the creation of a combined element jutsu, the minimum rank increases. So, a Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai has a minimum jutsu rank of B, while a Combined Nature Kekkei Touta has a minimum rank of A. While it is possible to make jutsu that are lower than this minimum, those jutsu do not gain an Advanced Element's natural superiority.

Component Elements: Which elements make up this Advanced Element?

Description: Describe the effects of this element. In doing so, be sure to mention any different forms this element can take, as well as any strengths or weaknesses the element possesses

[b]Advanced Chakra Nature:[/b]

[b]Chakra Nature Type:[/b]

[b]Component Elements:[/b]

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