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> Bloodline Variation Template
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 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 08:43 PM
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Kekkei Hen'i

Name: The name of your bloodline variation.

Clan: Which clan does this bloodline variation belong to?

User: Please link the RPC that will own this variation.

Description: Describe your Bloodline Variation, to include abilities and drawbacks. If there are physical indications that the bloodline variation is in use, list those too.

Activation: Describe the process by which one unlocks the bloodline; it could be unlocked from birth, though this is rare.

Requirements: Please list any requirements this Bloodline Variation has.

Strengths: List any strengths your Bloodline Variation has. Obviously, the more Strengths it has, the costlier it will be.

Weaknesses: List any weaknesses your Bloodline Variation has. Weaknesses are NOT required, but including them can help drive down the cost of your variation and make it more likely to be approved.

Limitations: List any limitations to your Bloodline Variation's strengths that it possesses; for instance, if your bloodline variation allows you to breathe fire, a limitation to that may be that you become more hungry as you do so. A limitation is different from a Weakness in that a Limitation does not necessarily harm your character, but simply limits the usefulness of your abilities.

Costs: Both the chakra costs and the Advanced Abilities point cost will be included here, and will be determined by a Moderator, though you are to enter what you believe is fair initially. This cost can vary from 1 to 5 Advanced Ability Points, depending on the potency of your variation.

Transplant Cost: The transplant cost of a bloodline variation is an additional cost stacked on top of the original cost if the bloodline variation is being transplanted to another individual who is not from the proper clan.











[b]Transplant Costs:[/b]
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