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> Looking for an RP Group
 Posted: Oct 11 2016, 08:08 AM
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Hey WoN!

I've found myself with several characters, and not being 100% sure what to do with them. I had a few plot ideas, but most of them have fallen through or can't come to fruition for some time. So, I'm reaching out and searching for people who might be interested in building a plot with me.

What I really need are friends, rivals, teammates or mentors (In one case, pupils), depending on the RPC. I have these RPCs available:

Name and Link: Jade Kagemaru
Village: Ex-Nohara
Looking for: Rivals, Teammates, a Mentor (Mentor and teammates need to be rogues)
Current Plots:

[1] She is one of three siblings, all the head family of her clan.
[2] She is the rightful first heir, but her clan is very patriarchal and wouldn't let a woman lead unless she was the only person left in the line of succession. As such, she will be founding her own branch of the clan in the future
[3] She was born mute. This creates a unique communication barrier that friends and a mentor need to overcome
[4] Member of the Red Lotus

Name and Link: Gai Senzai
Village: Ex-Tani
Looking for: Pupils, Rivals, Followers (For current plots)
Current Plots:

[1] Co-head of his clan
[2] Co-leader of The Red Lotus - Could use some new members to participate in the plot
[3] Planning to found his own village. Need support of RPCs and clans, and a myraid of missions for supplies, scouting etc.

Name and Link: Kento Jiang
Village: Ex-Nohara
Looking for: Rivals, Family, Teammates, a Mentor/Pupils
Current Plots:

[1] Member of the Red Lotus

The following RPCs are technically available, but would be more difficult to plan with:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name and Link: Annie Kodogu - Soon to be chuunin
Village: Soon to be Ex-Tani
Looking for: Pending
Current Plots:

I am currently considering replacing this character due to the difficulty of utilizing her fighting style, for myself and others.

Name and Link: Roxie Uzumaki
Village: Mori
Looking for: Pending
Current Plots:

All her prior plots have fallen through. I may have a plot with one person, waiting on a response.

My biggest plots all of these RPCs can participate in are [1] Founding a new village and [2] The missing ninja organization known as the "Red Lotus" (Link in signature). Those are my biggest plots for the site, but I haven't mobilized on them much yet as I don't have an RP group actively helping me build toward them at this time. Anyone interested in those plots specifically, I can set up threads to work toward each of those for us to work on.

 Posted: Oct 11 2016, 11:20 AM
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Red-Ice Froot Loli

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You are free to utilise any of my characters for plots, although there will be some difficulty aligning to some plots you want. We have in order of creation:

Yoshirou Hyuuga - This is the revamped profile. He'll be good to go after a few more posts to get my post count up.
Points to note: Highly patriotic and loyal, capable swordsman, unknown connections to Jiang (plot line to be explored).

Tomoko Kodogu (Link below)
Points to note: This one will be hard to include in plots I feel. She's obsessed with trying to mend the gap created between pariah's and the rest of her clan, and other than that she likes smithing nice things. Going rogue really did a number on her sense of humour.

Vivian Sarutobi (link below)
Points to note: Very unstable character with a mercurial personality, believes "only the strong on either side should fight" to minimise casualties, will eventually be going rogue (and insane in the process for 5 IC years) in which time the Red Lotus will probably be seeing an appearance from her.

Samantha (To be apped)
Points to note: This one you're already familiar with from Jinsei. She'll be up sometime this week as a genin or C rank rogue in Tani. Healer, sand user, kind spirited. You know the drill.

Let me know if any of these pique your interest and who you'd like to match them with and we can discuss plots from there.

Vivian Hyuuga
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Yuzuru Kodogu
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