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> Ishi's Imaginary Stash, Tread lightly.
 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 08:58 PM
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This thread will contain all of my crazy ideas that I came up with from years of RPing and dilly dallying (what?).


Just have a cup of tea.

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 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 08:59 PM
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Post Template

[size=1][b]IC Post #000[/b][/size]

Insert post here

[size=1][b]Status[/b] [i]Color Legend: [color=green]Active[/color] [color=gray]Inactive[/color] [color=yellow]Benefit[/color] [color=red]Detriment[/color][/i]
[BSC][color=green]Determined[/color] ([color=yellow]+1 WIL and STA[/color])
[BSC][color=green]Emotionless Chakra[/color] ([color=yellow]True intentions masked by plain chakra signature[/color])
[BSC][color=green]Keen[/color] ([color=yellow]+2 PER[/color])
[BSC][color=green]Multitasking[/color] ([color=yellow]+5 to Concentration[/color])
[BSC][color=green]Puppeteer[/color] ([color=yellow]Can use Kugutsu no Jutsu[/color])
[BSC][color=green]Religious[/color] ([color=yellow]+2 to SPR[/color])
[ADV][color=gray]Calm and Collected[/color]
[ADV][color=gray]Practiced Liar[/color]
[ADV][color=green]Pride[/color] ([color=yellow]+2 to WIL[/color])
[ADV][color=green]Puppetmaster[/color] ([color=yellow]Can control twice as many puppets[/color])
[ADV][color=green]Wise[/color] ([color=yellow]+3 to SPR[/color])
[NEG][color=green]Missing Limb x4[/color] ([color=red]Missing arms and legs[/color])[/size]

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 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 05:39 AM
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Biographical Information

Name: Koizumi, Ryota

Clan: None

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Ninja Status: Village Ninja

Rank: Academy Student

Height: 4’9”

Weight: 89lbs

Description: Ryota is a midget. That is a fact. The fair-skinned kid sports a tuft of wavy, mid-length, pink/purple locks. His striking hair color is contrasted by a pair of wide, light gray eyes.

Ryota is fond of wearing neutral-colored clothes with bright color accents. His usual attire is a gray shirt riddled with rainbow colored lines. This is partnered with a baggy, black shorts accentuated with random bright hues. For his footwear, he wears a pair of black boot with pink/purple soles.

Simply put, Ryota is slightly flamboyant when it comes to his choice of clothes.

Personality: Ryota is a very playful kid. He always speaks in a very jolly manner, which perfectly matches his rather bright colored hair. His actions may be childish at first glance, but each of it are carefully calculated. He is a budding schemer and will always act towards a goal that will be most beneficial to him. While intelligent for his age, his young experience still clouds his judgement.

Background Aside from his flamboyant hair, nothing was special about Ryota. He was an ordinary kid born from an ordinary couple living in Akarigakure. His parents told him that they were descendants of a long lost artistic clan, but this was never proven. Not that it mattered to him though.

But the people who knew Ryota couldn’t deny the fact that he was a bright kid. Teachers in the academy had already recognized his knowledge and skills in conventional medical arts. His knack in concocting both poisons and medicines at a young age contradicted the earlier statement about him being an ordinary kid.

Ryota was special, in every sense of the word.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: 35 NP


- Kunai[3x][3lbs]
- Shuriken[5x][2.5lbs]
- Senbon[20x][2lbs]

Inventory Ninja Points: 0 NP

- Chemist
- Emotionless Chakra
- First Aid
- Infecter
- Stinger

Trait Ninja Points: 5 NP


Strength: 10
Speed: 15
Agility: 15
Perception: 10
Endurance: 20
Willpower: 20
Spirituality: 10
Stamina: 20

Attribute Ninja Points: 24

Chakra: 120 x 2 = 220


Strike Power:
Strike Speed:
Blocking Power:
Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Chakra Control:
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Medical Knowledge: 20

Skill Ninja Points: 2 NP

Chakra Natures: Suiton

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0



Suiton: Bousui no Jutsu [Water Release: Waterproof Technique]
Rank: D
Requirements: None
Description: After a series of handseals, the user coats their body with a thin layer of chakra. This chakra keeps water from adhering to the user's skin or any object attached to the user, thereby preventing the user and his or her clothes, weapons, or items from getting wet.
Limitations: This technique in no way mitigates damage received by Suiton techniques, nor can it be used to emulate Suimen no Hokou. It also does not prevent drowning in any way. These limitations cannot be removed.
Cost: 5 to activate, 1 to maintain
Shinshi Ken [Immersed Blade]
Rank: D
Requirements: Poison
Description: The user holds a weapon in their hand while focusing on the composition of one of their poisons. The poison in question will flow from the user's skin, coating the weapon. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 10 + Cost of Poison
Dokuiki [Poison Breath]
Rank: D
Requirements: Poison
Description: The user performs a short series of seals and exhales. One of their poisons is carried along the exhale, potentially infecting whoever is around to come into contact with that breath.
Cost: 10 + Cost of Poison

Jutsu Ninja Points: 3 NP

Special Abilities: None

Advanced Abilities: None

Advanced Ability Ninja Points:0

Spent Ninja Points: 34 NP
Remaining Ninja Points: 1 NP

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