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> [Kekkei Hen'i] Tenkyuuzu Sharingan
N tha Darth
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 07:56 AM
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Name: Tenkyuuzu Sharingan [Horoscope Copy Wheel Eye]

Clan: Uchiha

User: Uchiha, Ninigi

The user's sharingan have fully matured, and now realize a monumental step beyond the average sharingan; achieving actual clairvoyance and foresight. The user is granted a heavenly ability, unearthed from a mystery hidden in their ability to swirl their sharingan tomoe. Upon swirling the tomoe, the user's field of vision experiences a space/time warp that shows him a time progression or regression of what is currently in his sight.
Consequently the ability to spin the sharingan at will now costs chakra, and spinning the sharigan clockwise or anti-clockwise will result in a "fast forward" or "rewinding" of time.

Indication of use: The 3 tomoe spinning rapidly around the pupil to form a constant motion blur with 4 afterimages per tomoe [total of 12]. If user has Mangekyo, there is no indication of use, the new complex wheel simply turns.

Activation: Eye contact with an Akuma.

Requirements: Fully Matured Sharingan, 2 Mod Approvals

-Can see one post round into the future or past
-The element of surprise is essentially lost on the user during activation. The user may gain insight on possible scenarios even if they do not happen, allowing them to assess risk better and even gain knowledge of jutsu this way.

-Can no long "fancifully" twirl sharingan.

-The future is very delicate and uncertain, the user's actions can possibly cause a change in actions of others; ruining the future that was initially observed.

Costs:+25 chakra to activation of sharingan, 5 upkeep extra

Transplant Costs: 2AA
 Posted: Feb 15 2018, 05:59 AM
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Just want to point out the following, particularly the bolded bit:

Time Travel - Travelling through time, either to the past or to the future, is a HIGHLY restricted concept. While it is possible, such techniques are always S-rank. Additionally, viewing or travelling to the future may only show one possible future of an infinite number of possible futures, and is thus near useless. Travelling to the past may only be done in short bursts (a few minutes at most). These techniques always require at least TWO moderator approvals.

So, understand that "seeing the future" in no way makes anyone else play along with the future you saw, nor does it let you play as if you knew everything that was going to happen without fail. Things that are not caused by any one person, like a hurricane, for example, would probably play out the same no matter what-but the actions someone takes can always differ and may significantly change the future you saw.

I know you point out that the user's actions can change things, but it's a bit more chaotic than that-NO ONE'S actions are bound, regardless of what the user would or would not be doing.

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