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> Training System
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 03:43 AM
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The training system has received an update. Certain benefits were judged, after having observed their use in practice, to have been too powerful.

In accordance to the shifts in the Genjutsu system, training away the inability to move during genjutsu is no longer an option, having been replaced with reducing required concentration to standard levels instead. This stacks with the ordinary concentration cut, allowing genjutsu to reach the same level of concentration as other jutsu.

Training handseals away has been altered to being able to cut the required handseals in half. The benefit may be trained again to allow the required handseals to be cut to 1 handseal. Jutsu that already require only 1 handseal may not be trained in this way.

Training a blurred movement onto taijutsu has been altered to doubling the user's Strike Speed in relation to that movement.

*If you have trained any of these features that no longer apply, you may request to have the training benefits given to another jutsu instead.* Make these requests in the Character Additions subforum, specifying that you are shifting a benefit.

You do not need to immediately change the wording of your training benefits on your profile, but from today onward, if the benefit is observed on your profile, it is to be interpreted as the new benefit instead. Moving forward, character applications should have the new benefits written in.


Favored Jutsu still have the old benefits in place; Favoring is more limited than training, and the benefits were viewed as allowable in small amounts.

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