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My Content
Oct 21 2016, 11:05 AM
Name: Yasai, Keru

Age: 18

Clans: Yasai

Gender: Male

Village: Kouri

Rank: Chuunin

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 180 lbs


Keru has white hair that rises off of his head in a mushroom shape, red eyes, and a fair complexion. As is the case with most of his clan, he is very muscular naturally. His outfit is simple, wearing a black short sleeved unitard with a white vest that has red stripes. Around his waist he wears w silver belt full of sidearm pouches, and he has a matching silver battle harness around his chest chest. He wears black bands on arms, and tinted goggles on his head. Golden watch on left wrist.


Keru is a simple, fun loving guy. Though he can be a bit arrogant and temperamental at times, he has a good heart. Unfortunately, he is also dumb as a sack of bricks. This leads to him often not noticing social cues, missing or misunderstanding key information, unnecessarily taunting opponents, and overestimating his own ability. His good heart and weak mind also make him incredibly gullible, an easy patsy for liars, con artists and genjutsu alike.


[1] Wrist Watch. Has a built in compass
[1] Pair of tinted googles. Can offer protection from bright light.
[1] Pair of training weights, one weight per arm. Each weight weighs 70 lbs (140 total)
[1] First Aid kit Containing:

[3] 10-foot rolls of bandages, stored in belt
[1] Bottle of pain killer tablets. Holds 20 tablets
[1] tube of ointment
[1] bottle of rubbing alcohol
[1] Scalpel
[2] Blood Pills
[2] Water Pills
[2] Chakra Recovery Pills


[1] Cross Country Training [STA +2, Running doesn’t fatigue you]
[1] Durable [+2 END]
[1] Flash Protection
[1] [Warrior’s Instinct] Specialty
[1] Keen [PER+2]
[1] Nerves of Steel [WILL+2]
[1] Quicksilver [SPD+2]
[1] Spring Loaded
[1] Well-Toned [STR+2]
[1] Religious [SPR+2]
[1] First Aid (Medical Supplies No Encumbrance, Medical Knowledge +5]
[2] Field Medic [Medical Ninjutsu minus 1 AA, +10 Medical knowledge]
[2] Endure [STA+3, can survive with little food and in extreme climates comfortably]
[2] Eye of the Tiger [PER+4]
[2] Jacked [STR+4]
[2] Numb [WILL+2, half pain]
[2] Physical Chakra [For every 2 points in Strength, Speed, or Agility, you gain 1 additional Chakra.]
[2] Pride [WILL+2, can be shifted to another stat once per thread]
[2] Speed Demon [SPD+4]
[2] Spiritual Chakra [For every 2 points of Spirituality, Willpower, and Stamina, you gain 1 additional chakra]
[2] Tank [END+4]
[3] Chakra Guru [Improved physical and spiritual chakra]
[3] The All-Seeing Eye [PER+6]
[3] Ripped [STR+6]
[3] Energized [STA+6]
[3] Nerves of Titanium [WILL+6]
[3] Careful Fighter [+2 AGL and PER]

[+4] Weak-minded
[+5] Unlucky
[+2] Poor Hearing
[+2] Gullible
[+2] Bad Memory

Trait Points from Training: 0
Extra Trait Points: 6 [+14 from Traits]
Trait Points Per Rank: 30
Total Trait Points: 50
Unspent Trait Points: 0


Strength: 13 [30] (44 with weights)
Speed: 19 [30] 30 (5 with weights)
Agility: 28 [30] (5 with weights)
Perception: 12 [28]
Endurance: 14 [20]
Willpower: 50 [60]
Spirituality: 5 [22]
Stamina: 7 [18]

Attribute Points from Training: 0
Extra Attribute Points: 0
Attribute Points Per Rank: 150
Total Attribute Points: 238
Unspent Attribute Points: 0



Strike Speed: 25
Strike Power: 25
Chakra Manipulation: 75
Shape Transformation: 25
Nature Transformation: 25
Medical Knowledge: 40
Concentration: 25

Skill Points from Training: 0
Extra Skill Points: 0
Skill Points Per Rank: 225
Total Skill Points: 225
Unspent Skill Points: 0

Elements: Katon, Raiton, Meiroton


[0] Fuuin Kai [Seal Release]
[0] Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
[0] Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
[0] Koe no Mizouhin [Voice Imitation]
[0] Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
[0] Otonage no Jutsu [Sound Throwing Technique]
[0] Chouyaku [Leap]
[0] Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
[0] Ki Nobori (Tree Climbing)
[0] Genjutsu Release (Kai)
[0] Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]
[0] Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]

D Ranks:
[1] Hibana Taiho [Spark Cannon]
[2] Seiteki Shuryuudan [Static Grenade]
[3] Snatch
[4] Raiton: Denki Hibana [Lightning Release: Electric Sparks]
[5] Kyūkōka [Nosedive]

C Ranks:
[1] Shougeki Shoryuudan [Shock Grenade]
[2] Boruto Taihou [Volt Cannon]
[3] Masenko [Demon Flash]
[4] Ni-Juu Nichiyoubi [Double Sunday]
[5] Taiyou Furea [Solar Flare]
[6] Kanden [Electric Shock]
[7] Megawatto Hanma [Megawatt Hammer]
[8] Shougekiha [Shockwave]
[9] Chakra Hankyou [Chakra Echo]
[10] Chakra Kaifuku [Chakra Recovery]
[11] Kage Buyou [Shadow of the Dancing Leaf]

B Ranks:
[1] Yubikousen [Finger Beam]
[2] Gigawatto Taihou [Gigawatt Cannon]
[3] Kaminari Taihou [Lightning Cannon]
[4] Katamari Shougeki Shouryuudan [Cluster Shock Grenade]
[5] Gouka Ken [Hellfire Fist]
[6] Oukyouda Kougeki [Big Bang Attack]
[7] Shousen Jutsu [Mystical Palm Technique]

A Ranks:
[1] Kamehameha [Turtle Devastation Wave]

S Ranks:
[1] Oukyouda Kamehameha [Big Bang Turtle Devastation Wave]

Extra Jutsu Slots: 2D 7C 3B 0A 1S
Jutsu Slots per rank: 5D 4C 4B 1A
Total Jutsu Slots: 7D 11C 7B 1A 1S
Empty Jutsu Slots: 2D 0C 0B 0A 0S

Advanced Abilities:

[1] Meiroton [Bright Release]
[1] Warrior Instinct [Yasai Monkey]
[1] Warrior Instinct [Great Ape]
[1] Medical Ninjutsu
[2] Warrior Instinct [Golden Yasai]


Keru was born into, but eventually abandoned by, the Yasai clan. At an early age, he seemed unusually weak to his parents, who deemed him an unnecessary burden and shame on their family among the clan. One day, when they were wandering through the Winter Country, they simply lost track of him and never bothered to search.

A few days later, a squad of Kouri ninja rescued the boy, bringing him back to the village and eventually training him to be a ninja. As a genin, Keru studied under Yusuke Hitsura, a fresh jounin being assigned their first team. Keru and his team did not accomplish anything particularly worth mention as a genin, though he did eventually focus on his medical studies.

Though Keru can carry himself in a fight, he has made his primary goal to care for the wounded, heal the sick and cause more help than harm.

Protected Status: No
Oct 21 2016, 10:23 AM
Name: Where the Red Fern Grows

Rank: A

Details: Kouri has received a report of a bar brawl that occurred in one of its smaller towns. Normally such a minor skirmish would not have drawn the attention of the village or the ANBU, but one of the participants matches the description of a missing ninja from the void country, Kento Jiang.

Yusuke Hitsura has been assigned to track down the suspect, verify his identity, and if it is in fact Kento Jiang, bring him in dead or alive.


Locate Kento Jiang
Bring him in, Dead or Alive

Either Escape Capture
Or Survive

NPCs: Meh


Yusuke Hitsura
Kento Jiang
Oct 17 2016, 07:42 AM
Character Name: Annie Kodogu

Current Rank Genin


Stamp Date: 4/14/16 (Under Kendra Dovah)
Posts: 42/50
Mission 1: Bonfire of the Vanities (As Kendra Dovah)
Mission 2: Chuunin Exam - 1 point credit used
Mission 3: Chuunin Exam - 1 point credit used

At Least 2 Genin basics learned? [X]

Chuunin Exam: 5 unspent credits

Can you please send an S ranked slot to Annie's Sub account? I'm planning to replace her with a new chuunin entirely.
Oct 11 2016, 08:46 AM
Though the details have not been hammered out yet, I have discussed with the staff the possibility of a village founded by users through RP, and have a general(ish) idea how such a system would work. Until they roll that out, just please bare in mind everything following this is tentative.

Umigakure (The Village Hidden in the Sea)

In reviewing the map of Houseki, I have found the unsettled territory includes a large cluster of islands in the corner of the map. This is the ideal place to build a shinobi nation, and in a setting we do not currently have: Tropical islands.

This nation would be known as The Sun Country, and it's Kage would be known as the Hikage.

In terms of economics, Our plan is an economy based on tourism, fishing and a myriad of vices. Our current founding clans include several of great wealth, making this the perfect setting and community to build a "Resort Economy" - Casinos, beaches, and other luxury business models.

That being said, founding a village will require several specific sets of resources and missions before we can fully enter into it. Again, these things could be removed or added to based on what the staff eventually implements.

The following Missions would most probably need to be completed:

[ ] Scouting Mission (Learn about the area we intend to settle. Flora/Fauna, current locals, etc), C or B rank.
[ ] Food Supply Mission (Need a base food supply. C or B rank)
[ ] Medicine Supply Mission (Need a base medicine supply. C or B rank)
[ ] Construction Supply Mission (Need materials to at least start building. C or B rank)
[ ] Establish Supply Lines (Not necessarily a mission, can be negotiated with clans/orgs instead maybe. But if we want to negotiate with NPC groups, probably C or B Rank)
[ ] Initial Construction (Actually RP building the village, and keeping it safe until built. B or A rank)
[ ] Establish Government and Military (Not necessarily a mission. If it is, B or A rank)
[ ] Expansion (expand what was initially built to be more secure. B or A rank)
[ ] Declare Sovereignty (Actually finish establishing the nation. Not so much a mission as a "I'm done now" kinda thing)

We will also need the following types of support:


A village needs clans to help build its military power, its population and its ability to govern. Only people who own clans, or are in high enough position within their current clan to reasonably form a branch, can commit their clans to a new village, logically speaking. The following clans (Links TBA) have made such a commitment:

Zetsu - Branch
Senzai - Clan is relocating entirely
Dovah - Clan is relocating entirely
Jiang - Branch
Kumanoi - Branch
Kagemaru - Branch

Important RPCs:

While all RPCs interested are welcome, these are key positions we will need in order to either get through the founding process, or as a key part of actually governing our new village.

Hikage: Gai Senzai (Jademoon)
ANBU Head:
Kage Hand 1:
Kage Hand 2:


Because medicine and medical care are important to founding a village, RPCs who can administer the needed medical care and first aid during any founding missions would be important. My plan or this village, if we have sufficient interest, is to have an actual medical unit who focus on operating a national hospital and medical care network, who specially train to handle medical field assignments as well. This may include founding a medical organization.


Obviously law enforcement is key to successfully forming and running a new country. RPCs who would like to be ANBU and be key to the safe daily operation of the new village, even if you are not ANBU Yet, I can put you down in this section. My plan is for the ANBU to have an ongoing plot as a group for this village, including the planning and coordination of village defenses and setting up of ANBU team missions.

Kento Jiang

Military Officials

This are side characters who will be responsible for managing the nation's non-shinobi military forces. They will effectively function as generals, and be in charge of commanding our forces in any situation where they might be warranted, such as in response to missions/crimes against our country, or in a time of war. You must be chuunin level or higher with at least one RPC to make a military official, per the rules.

Shang Jiang

Public Figures

Public figures will serve as the nobles of this country, providing essential funding and backing, as well as aiding to govern the settlements outside the shinobi villages themselves, though the Kage will remain the primary leader of the nation. These are side characters anyone Jounin level or higher can make.

TBA - Jademoon

Other RPCs:

This is where I'll list any RPCs who don't fit the niches above. If you have suggestions where your RPC might fit that isn't listed above, I may be able to add a section for a new special unit or something. My goal in building this new village is to focus on driving the story for everyone.

Kendra Dovah (Chuunin minor ninja)
Mortisha Dovah (Chuunin Minor Ninja)
Jade Kagemaru
Roxanne Uzumaki

Other Resources

If you can commit resources that aren't itemized above in some other way, I can list them here. This is also where I'll keep an updated list of resources acquired through missions, crimes and clans/orgs generally.

Links to the RPCs etc. I currently have will be edited into this post in the near future. Please respond to this thread with any current links you have for RPCs, Clans etc you can commit, and if you can make new RPCs, side characters etc. for the project, you can post your willingness here as well.
Oct 11 2016, 08:08 AM
Hey WoN!

I've found myself with several characters, and not being 100% sure what to do with them. I had a few plot ideas, but most of them have fallen through or can't come to fruition for some time. So, I'm reaching out and searching for people who might be interested in building a plot with me.

What I really need are friends, rivals, teammates or mentors (In one case, pupils), depending on the RPC. I have these RPCs available:

Name and Link: Jade Kagemaru
Village: Ex-Nohara
Looking for: Rivals, Teammates, a Mentor (Mentor and teammates need to be rogues)
Current Plots:

[1] She is one of three siblings, all the head family of her clan.
[2] She is the rightful first heir, but her clan is very patriarchal and wouldn't let a woman lead unless she was the only person left in the line of succession. As such, she will be founding her own branch of the clan in the future
[3] She was born mute. This creates a unique communication barrier that friends and a mentor need to overcome
[4] Member of the Red Lotus

Name and Link: Gai Senzai
Village: Ex-Tani
Looking for: Pupils, Rivals, Followers (For current plots)
Current Plots:

[1] Co-head of his clan
[2] Co-leader of The Red Lotus - Could use some new members to participate in the plot
[3] Planning to found his own village. Need support of RPCs and clans, and a myraid of missions for supplies, scouting etc.

Name and Link: Kento Jiang
Village: Ex-Nohara
Looking for: Rivals, Family, Teammates, a Mentor/Pupils
Current Plots:

[1] Member of the Red Lotus

The following RPCs are technically available, but would be more difficult to plan with:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name and Link: Annie Kodogu - Soon to be chuunin
Village: Soon to be Ex-Tani
Looking for: Pending
Current Plots:

I am currently considering replacing this character due to the difficulty of utilizing her fighting style, for myself and others.

Name and Link: Roxie Uzumaki
Village: Mori
Looking for: Pending
Current Plots:

All her prior plots have fallen through. I may have a plot with one person, waiting on a response.

My biggest plots all of these RPCs can participate in are [1] Founding a new village and [2] The missing ninja organization known as the "Red Lotus" (Link in signature). Those are my biggest plots for the site, but I haven't mobilized on them much yet as I don't have an RP group actively helping me build toward them at this time. Anyone interested in those plots specifically, I can set up threads to work toward each of those for us to work on.
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