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Masaru Shoutohiro


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May 21 2018, 08:11 PM
Shouto had been on edge the past couple of days, he was nervous as all get out due to the exam coming up. He wasn't super smart or talented. He just tried really hard till he got it. He's been fretting about what the text might be and what would happen if he failed.

He'd gotten up that morning and as it was warm out left his jacket at home his bright orange shirt practically glowing in the early morning light. As he arrived at school he'd slowly go through the things he'd learned. School wasn't mandatory today as it was the day before his exam. It was just tutoring for those who wanted the extra help and practice which was something Shouto never turned down.

He'd begin his usual warm up laps running around the perimeter of the training yard to try and ease his mind, losing himself in the exercise to block out his emotions. He'd continue running ignoring the arrival of the other students as they slowly trickled in almost entirely lost in a daze from the run.
May 18 2018, 09:50 PM
It was a normal morning for Masaru Shotouhiro; wake up, get dressed, go to school. Nothing new to his routine since he had started at the ninja academy. He had awoken especially early today and wanted to get a head start on his training amongst his peers. As such he'd hurried up and put on a tree tank top with black trim and an orange flame design, a pair of tan shorts and his trademark black jacket. With a granola bar in his mouth he'd rush out door shouting a garbled good-bye to his family as he ran off to the academy.

Upon arrival Shouto would step through the side gate to the training yard and took a deep breath with his ember like eyes closed. He exhaled slowly as he opened his eyes to gaze out at the practice area to see what he had to work with... Or rather that was his initial intention. When he realized how nice it was outside his focus was obliterated by the warmth and smell of the coming summer. Despite the fairly early hour at which he had arrived, it was already fairly hot a prelude to the scorching heat later to come. It was especially nice with a breeze blowing the cool moist air over the river into the village. In other words it was not only the best time to train, but also the best time to relax before a miserable day at school and Shouto was somewhat torn between training for the future he wanted and the innate desire of a child to play.

Sighing Shouto would put on a determined face and begin his exercise with a warm up of two laps around the training yard. He started off with a rather brisk walk. He got half way through the first lap then began to jog at a slow pace. By the time he was 3/4 done his warm up he was sweating and breathing heavily as the temperature slowly rose. His small untrained body slowly became tired and sore and sweat could be seen on his darkening his tank top, the jacket he'd taken off and thrown over by the gate. Seeing the finish line he had drawn on the ground he put on a hefty burst of speed and slipped into a sprint. Breathing heavily in more or less a pant, he passed the finish line only to fall and tumble head over foot until he hit the wall of the building, his legs going up towards the sky with his back flat on the ground. Disoriented and somewhat nauseous from the spinning he'd like there and collect himself as he thought out his next exercise.
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