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Posted by: Vivian Hyuuga Jul 10 2018, 01:08 PM
Moving slowly and methodically the crimson-clad Jounin moved through a series of taijutsu while maintaining a steady shroud of chakra around herself. Leaves fluttering in the wind would become obstacles to be avoided as Vivian practiced maintaining her stealth jutsu in an environment filled with debris. Each leaf had the potential to give away her position, or could represent a kunai on the battlefield that had to be avoided not just for the sake of secrecy. On and on this went until Vivian judged that the sun had reached its apex and she dispelled her jutsu.

Taking a deep drink from the flask at her side Vivian enjoyed the temporary reprieve from her training. There was something refreshing about coming out here and getting away from the village. As much as she cared for the well-being of the people back home it was frankly exhausting being around them all. It was all too peaceful, too... quiet. Stowing away her drink Vivian took up a stance to resume her training when she heard a noise off in the distance.

No one came out here, not unless they were either criminals or just a little bit crazy like her. Heading off to investigate Vivian hid her approach until she was within range to actually see what was going on. Out in the clearing before her she could make out a bear fighting some man. Why anyone was picking fights with bears out here she had no clue. Drawing an untagged kunai and holding it loosely in one hand Vivian leaned against a nearby tree and waited to see what would come of this. The man was holding his own, clearly he had some kind of training. Either that or his massive stature afforded him better chances than most.

Posted by: Kemuri, Dante Jul 10 2018, 01:26 PM
Dante stood passively as the bear charged again, kunai in hand.

Just fucking kill the damn thing already.

He rolled his eyes as ignored the demon's voice, grinning slightly. The bear reared up on its hind legs, leaning forward for a swipe. Dante stepped back just slightly, letting the claws rake across his torso, nails of the beast breaking through the wood and tearing flesh, ripping off shirt and armor, feeling the skin on his breast split open.

To the casual onlooker, it would seem as if he had misjudged the distance. To him, he knew exactly would he was doing.

Now get on with it.

"I'm tired of hearing you." Combat was the one zone he could consistently enter where it would mask Ho-Masubi's voice in most scenarios, and today was a heckle-some day. He stepped back another few paces, taking a finger into the wound, masochistically licking the blood off of it.

And within a moment, he was a different man. His eyes narrowed as his heart went into overdrive, fear and pain extinguished inside of him. The bear charged again, rising up on its legs. Without hesitation, Dante leaped forward, clutching the bears jaws in his hands before it could strike, using momentum to pull the bear backwards, ready to break its jaw. The teeth piercing his hands did nothing in the moment except to fuel his bloodlust, a savage grin on his face.

With a final exert of energy and a soft growl, he heard the familiar cracking sound, giving a side twist to snap its poor neck.

Posted by: Vivian Hyuuga Jul 10 2018, 02:14 PM
As Vivian watched the gladiator-like combat progressing she had to wonder if this fight served any particular purpose or if it was merely for sport. Certainly with the amount of bloodlust she could sense from the man it didn't seem like anything more than a fight for the sake of a fight. If it had been a case of someone getting attacked she would have considered stepping in, but this seemed to be a classic example of man trying to subdue nature. Nature had just as much of a right to fight back making this a purely personal matter in her eyes.

As the bear finally fell out of the man's mangled hands Vivian wondered if he simply felt no pain. Beyond simply being a very inefficient way of fighting as far as she was concerned it seemed to have left him with a fair share of wounds, yet his reactions were unconventional to say the least. Approaching the scene silently more so out of habit than necessity Vivian knelt down at the bears side and laid her hand upon its fur. With its death she could sense its soul with ease. Soon it would be departing on its own. A gentle nudge from her own chakra sped it along and ensured it did not lose its way, a largely unnecessary gesture that she had taken to performing recently nonetheless. Unless Dante had some way of detecting chakra the process would be undetectable, just a crazy lady kneeling next to the scary bear he just killed with his bare hands. Heh. Bear hands.

"A quick kill, if not an overly clean one."

Vivian's gear and attire would mark her as not an ordinary villager ever if her words did not. Standing up and dusting herself off she finally looked over at Dante.

"What do you plan on doing with it?"

Posted by: Kemuri, Dante Jul 10 2018, 02:31 PM
Dante brushed the dirt and leaves off his pants, jerking away the few twigs and what not that stuck to his skin among the blood. His hands shook in tremors as he watched a woman slide out of the woods. He tried to suck in air and control his breathing to relax; a woman that just walked up to a man that bare-handedly killed a bear without so much as a pause, it was a reason to think.

He took a few steps back and closed his eyes, focusing on nothing but his own breathing. Slowly, his hands stopped shaking and clenching, until his reverie was broken by the sound of her face. When his eyes opened, you could see the clear change on his face, a more relaxed one.

Dante stood silent at her observation, reaching into his pocket, having nothing to say to it. It was quicker than he wanted it to be, but he got a little caught up in the moment.

He gave a shrug as he lit up a cigarette. "Originally, nothing. This was more therapy than anything. But now? Make use of what it's body can offer me. Death does not mean a life is wasted."

Posted by: Vivian Hyuuga Jul 12 2018, 07:53 AM
Vivian nodded in agreement as she looked over the corpse.

"Good. Had you no other designs with it I'm sure I could have found a family of hunters in need of a windfall. As it stands I'll leave you your spoils."

Pausing for a moment the Jounin crossed her arms as she pondered what the next step was. There wasn't any reason for her to remain here other than her own curiosity. She hadn't met anyone else who shared her interest in training in the wilds, and she had been coming here since her genin days.

"So tell me, an ordinary person wouldn't be able to handle a bear in quite that... Fashion. What village are you from?"

She half expected him to deflect the question or simply refuse to answer. It was fine if he did, her curiosity didn't demand that she beat the answer out of him or anything that brash.

Posted by: Kemuri, Dante Jul 12 2018, 11:36 AM
Dante gave a shrug, taking a drag. "If you know of anyone that needs it, take it. I'm not lacking in any means."

He took a step forward, crouching by the beast, letting his fingers run over the soft fur as he felt the animals heat fade. It's war in this life was over, maybe a bit too soon, but the sentiment was there.

Dante stood up, giving a curious look at the woman in front of him, feeing the heat from his cigarette dance around his fingers. "All things have their own beauty."

I don't like her. Shut up, you don't like anyone. You barely tolerate me. You're right.

He looked at the female for a few moments, wondering what would be the right answer to give her, sliding his right hand into his pocket. No need to have anymore semi-awkward questions asked, ones that would lead to more awkward answers.

"I'm not from a village." Technically, true. He wasn't from a village, he merely went to academy in one. "And you? My name is Kemuri, Dante, by the way. Yours?"

Posted by: Vivian Hyuuga Jul 12 2018, 02:32 PM
Vivian inclined her head slightly in acknowledgement then crouched down to touch the underside of the beast. Her FTG seal successfully applied out of view she withdraw her hand.

"I'll have it delivered, Dante from no particular village."

She wasn't buying his exclamation that he worked outside the village system. She had memorized every entry in her bingo book, if he were a rogue odds were good she would know. Perhaps he was truly not on the radar for her specific village, it was certainly possible. Still far more likely in her estimation that he was holding back out of suspicion of the stranger who appeared out of nowhere to interfere in his affairs. That was certainly fair if that was the case.

"I'm Vivian of the Hyuuga clan. I'm from Akarigakure, although these days I mostly hang around in the wild and swoop in on unsuspecting travellers that have the misfortune to cross my path."

Speaking with just a hint of humor in her voice the Jounin maintained a straight face unless it seemed Dante was actually taking her seriously, whereupon she would crack a mischievous smile.

Posted by: Kemuri, Dante Jul 12 2018, 06:39 PM
Dante gave a small nod as he walked over to a tree, sitting down, back Lea ING against its trunk. "Better them than me. I'll just go and find an elephant next time to spread the love if I need it."

He had a small smile on his phase as she finished, picking up the jest in her tone. He took another drag as he sat, feeling the bark across the back of his head as he rested his head. His hands were started to hurt, a gentle tremor coming across them. He took out his hand and rested it on his lap, facing upwards.

"Hmm, I think I've heard of those kinds of predators in the wild. What are they called these days? Demons, akuma?" A smile played on his mouth while yet kept eye contact with Vivian, his eyes betraying the seriousness of the question. His cousin had mentioned he knew someone, so he had been going around the areas vaguely trying to inquire about her, but now wasn't a situation to ask such a question, but it was a small feeler to start.

He was single minded in his goal lately. He had to learn how to control, or at least work better with Ho-Masubi. Fool. Control? Never. But maybe I'd give you a few treats if you offer subservience. His face betrayed no emotion as he ignored the akuma swords. He had already gotten into a few brawls for pressing sensitive topics, but he felt that this would be one that woild be unwise to press.

She nonchalantly just walked up and chatted to him after seeing him kill a bear for fucks sake.

Posted by: Vivian Hyuuga Jul 14 2018, 04:46 PM
Vivian's facial expression would flicker slightly at the mention of akuma, a hint of anger hidden behind her eyes. Yes they were in the wilds after all. No mans land, for what man would be foolish enough to establish a claim out here where the demons reigned supreme? Well. She knew of a few, plus some more that weren't exactly men.

"Akuma, yes. Persistent bastards. Dangerous too, unless you know what you're doing."

Looking over her shoulder as she suddenly looked around Vivian though about how close they were to the home of the Tengu and smiled to herself, allowing her posture to relax. Sōjōbō and his people would never suffer an Akuma anywhere near their lands, making this region one of but a few safe havens in the wilds. Turning her gaze back to the genin she gave him a shrug.

"I wouldn't worry too much. They don't tend to last long around here. Now, your hands."

Walking over to where Dante was sitting and squatting down while blatantly ignoring any sort of personal space he might have had the illusion he was allowed to have Vivian held out her own hand.

"May I?"

If allowed to she would inspect the damage briefly, just enough to determine if it was worth her time to fetch some supplies. She was no medic but some disinfectant and bandages didn't require a degree to be slapped onto a wound.

Posted by: Kemuri, Dante Jul 14 2018, 08:15 PM
Dante gave a small shrug, a slight laugh. "Maybe some need to be educated then. There's a lot of us here in the world that know nothing at all."

His back stiffened slightly, as she approached him, wondering what she was doing. Only two types of people did so to others in this world in the state it was in. People that didn't know better, or people that were not afraid. He paused for a moment as he took in her words. He gave a soft exhale through his nose, as he moved his hands to her without a word, wondering if she'd know what his tattoo signified; if not, it woild be simple design to anyone unknowing.

I swear to all that you fucking believe in, morsel, if she knows and kills you, I will make sure to hunt down and your next reincarnation. ah, a great question, if humans actually had those.

"Ah, but what if they do manage to survive?" It was a simple question, asked lightly, but his eyes would show the seriousness in his question. He refused to break eye contact with her. Her eyes woild be the only clue he had if she would try to kill him now.

Posted by: Vivian Hyuuga Jul 15 2018, 01:50 PM
Vivian would shake her head empathetically at Dante's suggestion.

"If you mean to say that more people should be trained to fight the akuma I'd have to disagree. Quality will win us this war, not quantity. I'd rather not see countless good men and women run off to be fodder."

As fate would have it, Vivian would perhaps be the best qualified person in all of Seichi to ask about the afterlife and reincarnation. Alas that the question was not able to be aired openly.

"What would happen if the akuma did survive around here?" Vivian paused as she mulled over his words a concerned frown growing on her face. What exactly was he getting at here? Was he threatening her allies? How would he even know about them? The jounin would choose her words carefully as she grew somewhat wary of this stranger. "Well, if an unsealed and live akuma were nearby and it didn't die to, say, 'natural causes'... then quite likely it would find itself dealing with a certain shinobi that knows how to make whatever hell it crawled out of preferable to the rest of its short miserable existance."

Taking his hand in hers she intended to give it a brief once over to make sure the wounds weren't so bad she'd end up doing more damage than good if she tried to assist. The tattoo on the back of his hand gave her pause however and she stared at his hand thoughtfully for a moment before looking up at him. There was a chance, a very small chance...

"I'm also going to check for internal damage, so please hold still."

Refocusing on his hand Vivian activated her Byakugan ostensibly to check his hand internally but more so to empower her Shinigami's soul sensing abilities. As soon as she did the overwhelmingly corrupt essence of the Akuma would swirl into focus all around Dante. In some places it would mix in with his essence, in others they would clash and push each other back. Now she knew that her suspicions were correct for all the good that did her. Jinchuuriki were a necessity in the world they lived in. She would not judge him harshly for whatever sins the thing inside of him had committed, but it didn't change the fact that he was saying some very strange things. As she let go of his hand Vivian pulsed her chakra through the to the back of his hand engraving her own seal alongside his own. She couldn't have him running off on her just yet after all, especially if he decided to be uncooperative.

"Doesn't look terrible, although I'm no doctor. The real question is, what is your intention now that you're here? Who sent you?"

Posted by: Kemuri, Dante Jul 15 2018, 05:52 PM
Dante rolled his eyes as he saw another mark appear next to his seal, a sense of serenity in him. "I'm pretty sure that's not necessary. We both know I'm no match for you."

There was a slight pause as he thought of a proper answer, wincing slightly as he reacted to Ho-Masubi raging inside of him, anger and other feeling assaulting him. He could feel the raw power of his akuma push at the seal, it was like a pressure in the pit of his gut about to break loose, but just slightly below what was needed to break the dam. It was...exciting to say the least.

"No one sent me."

He withdrew his hands, slowly of course, to draw another cigarette and light it. He drew on it, making sure to blow the smoke away from her.

"Someone told me they had a friend thay specialized in fuiin and akuma, and judging by whatever is on my hand right now, I think I found them."

He gave a small shrug as he continued.

"The only person that could possibly help me with what I want is long dead, even though I carry their blood in my veins, pretty directly. I'm not looking to get red him of him." He his swayed downwards for a moment as the white noise in his head took a new level. "All I know is him inside of me. It would be like losing an arm. I want...the power He has to offer. I want control...I don't know the exact word I'm looking for. Synergy?"

His head sank lower, just slightly, as the volume inside kept increasing, like an extreme migraine spreading. It was a rare moment in ways, allowing someone to see him in an open state, asking for help in the only ways he knew how. Defeated.

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