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> The Fuma Clan, "The shuriken has lost the wind"
N tha Darth
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 06:03 AM
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The Ghost in the Machine

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Name: Fuma

Leader: Fuma Ḥashāshīn-Kodako : Grandson of the legendary Fuma Kotaeru. Leadership of the clan was bestowed upon him when it was apparent that he was the most powerful ninja in the clan. Rumored to wield 8 swords in battle, Ḥashāshīn is a deadly assassin and an embodiment of the clan's philosophy.

Fighting Style: The Fuma say all 4 blades of the shuriken lead to death, and they fashion their styles accordingly:

1. the Shuriken: representing combat with the shuriken which mostly is a ranged approach utilizing fundamental ninja skills.
2. the Current: representing combat with Raiton; lightning and electricity wielding Ninjutsu, often channeled through metals like a Shuriken.
3. the Magnet: representing sophisticated combat, seduction and finesse, assassination by drawing tools and foes inwards. Superficially this is thought to just be the ability to attract, manipulate and wield metals from a distance with jutsu.
4. the Fuma: an individual clan member's combat with himself and fight against sheepish behaviour and mediocrity. This is interpreted as the allowance for a Fuma to find himself and develop his own style, believing that any Fuma is deadly in whatever skill, trade, or approach he chooses to follow after introspection.

Description: The Fuma are a small clan filled with assassins who make their living off their rice business in the day and dispatching targets at night. The original Fuma name hails from Nagaregakure of the Old Seichi, this clan's members are family relatives, descendants, and blood-transfused followers of a rogue Fuma who possessed the ancient Nagahiro bloodline and settled in the area formerly known as the Sun Country.


Special Ability: Fuma Clan members get Jiton for free provided they have Raiton, they however need to pay pay for Doton, thus they may possess Jiton without Fuuton.

Clan/Organization Jutsu:
- Shuriken no Me
- Raiton: Tegotae


The Fuma clan have always lived on the continent of Seichi, residing in the now long gone village known as Nagaregakure. While the Village in the Current still existed, the Fuma were for the most part, an extended family of average shinobi who mastered the use of the shuriken. They owned rice farms and went about their business as peacefully as they could, keeping shinobi business separated from the rice business.

However a shining star would be born to the clan in the person of Kotearu Fuma. He wielded the shuriken instinctively and was bright from birth. Unfortunately he would desert the village in a shocking turn of events, and for reasons unknown to all. The child would discover his paternal Nagahiro heritage and would unlock the rare bloodline. His power and wisdom would grow with time, and in the wake of the destructive demon apocalypse, the boy would return to his clan a man. He would fight by their side and lead them through the turmoil towards the desert of the Sun Country where he had made allies.

The Fuma clan would remain in the land through the transformation of the Seichi's terrain and would partake in the creation of Akarigakure.
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 04:09 AM
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