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> Sub Accounts
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 Posted: Nov 7 2014, 02:12 PM
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Welcome to the World of Ninja! Here on WoN, we function by having several different accounts at once. Note, however, that there are different TYPES of accounts-you can't just sign up over and over again. We'll talk about the two different types of accounts, as well as the procedures for creating and linking them.

Main Account

Your main account is, quite simply, the account you created when you signed up here. Please, do not use the names of any characters you plan on making when you create your main account-that will come later. Should you not read this first and do name your account after a character, just contact me or another mod or admin, and we'll change your name for you. Your main account is the one that can post in all of the Out of Character sections of the forum, and can create applications.

Once your character application is approved, you create your Character Account.

Character Account

Your Character Account is used to post in the IC section of the forum. When creating your character account, make sure it has the same name as the character associated with that account, written the same way as your application. You MUST create your Character Account before you can post with that character.

Once you have a Character Account, linking it to your Main Account is a very simple process.

Go to My Controls, then the Edit Sub Accounts link. From here you can add or remove any account that you know the password to as a sub account. Once you link an account in this way, you will be able to switch to that account instantly with one click. The account switcher is located next to the log in/log out button at the top of the forum.

Perhaps the most wonderful feature about this sub account system, is the fact that once you link a sub account, when you are on your main account you can post for any of your accounts without having to change. Meaning, if you are on your main account and want to post for your sub account, you can post with the Main Account and a drop down box will list all the names of every account that is linked to your main. Simply select the proper account to post with and that account will get the credit for that post.

Should you forget to switch accounts during posting, you can still edit the poster from the edit menu, but the account you posted with originally will get the credit for it, so just try to keep that in mind.
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