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> Tensei's Stuff to Convert Probably Maybe
 Posted: Sep 10 2016, 06:38 PM
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Most things in here won't conform to this forum's policies or templates for a while.


Justin Cope
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  "Enter at your own peril, past the bolted door, where impossible things may happen that the world has never seen before."

Name: [thread=55077]Justin Cope[/thread]

Nickname: Tensei, Hitoshura

Theme: C6H4Cl2

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115 lbs

user posted image

Justin is a frail skinny boy, weighing only 115lbs at a height of about five foot seven. Naturally blond fire hair often looks more dark and dirty due to excessive grease and poor hygiene, while blue eyes compliment a rarely seen smile that many would call "cute". Pale skin fits so tightly that one can make out each individual rib and even see his heart beat.

Tattooed on the index, middle, and ring finger of each hand is one of the seals he received by joining the Celestial Knights.

Choice of Clothing: The boy has very little variety in his style. No matter where he is or what he is doing, Justin can always be seen in a pair of blue or black jeans. Always covering his chest is a black, blue, or red t-shirt, generally covered by a button up polyester shirt with the buttons missing. In addition, he normally wears a light jacket over that, which hides many of his tools.

A Custom green set consisting of [thread=39268]Slagwurm Armor[/thread] and a [thread=39666]Knight Helmet[/thread] is sealed inside the [thread=39407]Costume Changer[/thread] located in the middle of his belt. When the armor is unsealed, the items in Justin's inventory marked as such get sealed into the appropriate items.

Personality: Justin's persona is not really set. It varies from day to day and is dependent on who he is with. When alone, it would be easy to say that Justin has no personality. And, for the most part, it would be correct. If nobody is around, he will never laugh, smile, cry, or anything. He merely exists in the world. No one truly knows why this is. Perhaps his true self simply doesn't exist anymore, or perhaps he has sunk so far into apathy that he doesn't care enough to have any personality emerge if there is no one around.

When around other people, however, everything changes. Justin has a sort of "amalgamation" personality type. That is to say that his demeanor is influenced by those he surrounds himself with. People with more optimistic attitudes seem to influence Justin to a greater degree than people with pessimistic ones. He'll do whatever he can to entertain and amuse the people around him, and can usually succeed. This aspect seems to be more automatic than contemplated, as Justin rarely ever thinks about his actions. For this reason, Justin tends to surround himself with unique people. If you are boring, he will be, too.

Rank: Chuunin

Village: Rikuhi

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas, a land beyond the Forth Wall.

Ex-[thread=20621]Seichi Civilian's Militia[/thread]
Ex- [thread=39381]Celestial Knight[/thread]

Language: Common, Rikuhi, and small bits of other languages. All languages have a slight mid-western American accent. He can also read lips in Common and Rikuhi. Battle Signs.

Main/Favored Weapon: [thread=48914]Thousand Bolts[/thread]

10 clips of iron bolts
5 clips of Armor piercing bolts
5 clips of [thread=38407]Mercury Ignition bolts[/thread]
5 clips of [thread=39255]Torpedo bolts[/thread]
5 clips of [thread=52453]Luminescent bolts[/thread]
5 clips of [thread=52454]Mirror bolts[/thread]
Doctor's Kit (Contains a bone saw and bottle of Jack)
2 [thread=19825]Swiss Army Kunai[/thread] with exploding tags
1 [thread=38909]Swiss Army Sword[/thread]
6 [thread=36611]100% Nets[/thread]
3 [thread=24145]Adam's Root Beer[/thread]
1 [thread=16813]Race ATs[/thread]
1 [thread=16813]Maneuver ATs[/thread]
1 [thread=39407]Costume Changer[/thread]
1 [thread=32359]Dragon Dagger[/thread]
1 Set of [thread=19530]Ping[/thread] [thread=43338]Rings[/thread]
1 [thread=41931]Ring Weapon[/thread] ([thread=47787]Yuki's Scythe[/thread])
1 pen
1 wallet
2 maracas
Green WWYD rubber bracelet.
Random change
2 sets of dice
Kiyoshi's wisdom tooth
6' long 1.5" thick untapered solid red oak bo staff (unwieldy, so kept at home)

Element: Hyouton, Fuuton

Fighting Type: Generalist

Accuracy and Precision: Justin can throw/shoot with great efficiency and can calculate for movement as well as possible movement.
Mana Pool: Justin's chakra pool is gigantinormous for no particular reason.

Nimble: Justin is a contortionist. His body bends in unnatural ways and utilizes this on reflex.
Pain Ignorance: Things do not hurt as much as they should. The damage is still the same as normal, only what he feels is changed.
Manual Dexterity: Justin is VERY good with his hands and feet.
Heat Resistance: Heat never bothered Justin much. In fact, he performs better in heat than he does normally. It gets him all riled up.
Night Vision: Justin's eyes adapt to darkness very well, taking only moments to adjust when moving from light to dark.
Chakra Micromanagement: When performing jutsu or attempting to use it in some specific fashion, Justin has great control over its flow.
Stamina Regeneration: While his stamina may be far below other ninja, Justin can get back on his feet more quickly than most.
Mental Barrier: Justin is highly resistant to both genjutsu and other mind altering techniques and substances. His mind is his own.
Multi-track Mind: Justin is capable of giving his full attention to numerous things at once.
Wai so serious?: Justin never takes anything seriously. This makes him very difficult to fluster, irritate, or otherwise harass.

Chakra Control: On a macro level, Justin has next to no control of his chakra. Anything grand is far beyond him, thus his jutsu choices are limited to ones that require only simple manipulation.
Light Sensitivity: Though he adapts to darkness well, the reverse is not true. Transition from darkness to light burns like Hell.
Obscure: Justin is a difficult person to notice when not in a 1 on 1 situation. He blends into a crowd and no matter what he is doing, he looks natural and inconspicuous.
Social Status: Justin sees himself as lower than everyone else. No matter who someone is, he will go out of his way to help them as long as it doesn't put someone else in danger.
Cannot Lie: Justin will never lie about anything. He may stretch the truth or refuse to tell someone the truth, but he will never flat out lie.
Easily distracted: Though he is capable of easily focusing on many things doesn't mean his focus is easily held.

Physically inept: Justin is weak beyond reason. Unless otherwise noted in the S/W, all physical stats are slightly above civilian level. The exception is frames seen per second, which is average.
Speed: Justin runs like a civilian
Strength: Justin has the strength of a civilian
Pedophile: Susceptible to the allure of males who appear under the age of seventeen.

Non-balancing Traits Worth Mentioning:
Addictive personality: People who spend time around Justin easily grow adapted to his unusually light and upbeat personality. This wears off on them easily sometimes causing those who interact with him to seem a bit out of character.
Chaos Factor: Justin is almost always exactly where he needs to be.
Kawarimiable: One doesn't need to ask permission to Kawarimi with Justin. It is always given, except in a fight.
Open Kill: Every thread started by Justin is open kill.
Submissive: Justin has the need to be working for someone.
Ticklish: Just don't poke him....it's bad for your health.
Allergies: Justin is allergic to peanut butter, especially when covered in bees.
Animal Empathy: Justin has an aura that makes animals naturally trust him.
Gay: Immune to the allure of the female gender.
Improvised Cooking: Justin can take anything in the kitchen, throw it into a gumbo, and make it taste delicious.
Self Preservation: Justin's life always takes priority. He may be willing to die for someone or something, but this instinct will always take over, preventing him from doing so.
Circadian Rhythm: Through years of careful use of meditation, Justin only requires three hours of sleep per day.
Irish: Even though he doesn't know of this since he doesn't drink, Justin's liver is a good deal stronger than most. Conversely, his skin is more sensitive than most.
Cuteness Factor: Justin is unbelievably sexy for his rank.
Learning Disability: Learning new skills is quite difficult.

[thread=31393]Scorpio Pendant[/thread]
Kinobori [Mastered]
SHnG [Mastered]
Gen Kai
[thread=28614]Shout it Out[/thread] (D)
[thread=28615]Tuning[/thread] (D)
[thread=52453]Luminescent bolts[/thread] (D)
[Free] (D)
[Free] (D)
[thread=28616]Hysteria[/thread] ©
[thread=28617]Chill Out[/thread] ©
[thread=44214]Fear Itself[/thread] ©
[thread=44217]Forced Empathy[/thread] ©
[thread=44216]Multishot[/thread] ©
[thread=52247]TK Lite[/thread] ©
[thread=28618]More of Me[/thread] (http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
[thread=44218]Head Shot[/thread] (http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
[thread=44219]Heat Vision[/thread] (http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
[thread=59081]Controlled Kinobori[/thread] (http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
[thread=48914]Thousand Bolts[/thread] (A)

[thread=40832]Seal of Doom[/thread]
[thread=39043]Booster Seal[/thread]
[thread=25658]Telepathy Seal[/thread]
[thread=30226]Navel Seal[/thread]
[thread=39192]Seal of Quality[/thread]
[thread=39116]Energy Seal[/thread]

Background: Justin is a child of the 90s. He was raised on such things as Mario and Sonic. From an early age, the boy showed an above average intellect, doing 3rd grade math before even entering kindergarten. A year later when his schooling began, Justin's parents decided to enroll him in the gifted program. Here is where his ADHD was discovered. Justin was unable to sit through the testing and thus never got into the program until 5 years down the road where he was more stable due to medication.

The years passed by quickly. Justin tried to pick up a few hobbies...martial arts, learning to control ESP, building models, but nothing ever stuck. Just as well, friends came and went freely, and the kid became very anti-social. He was content with his video games. At about 14 years of age, he began to meet odd people. It seemed that they were drawn to chaos, or that chaos was drawn to them. Whatever the case, Justin was quickly absorbed into the group. Through these people, the kid became more aware of the fun side of life. He became more apathetic and free with time.

As he exited his teen years, Justin became bored of living in his parent's basement and began to seek out entertainment in the 'real world'. It wasn't long before he took a liking to The Shinobi University and the students within. After a short time, the man enrolled himself at the academy. However, Justin knew that he was too old, so 'enrolled' in this case means he just started dropping in on random classes and learning alongside the actual students.

Over time, Justin felt he had learned enough and "graduated" himself from the academy. After leaving the academy behind, Justin heard of a mystical material that glowed and could easily be made into weapons. He had attempted to intercept a shipment of it, but failed out of control. Instead, he managed to befriend one of the caravan guards, making his first connection to Knights of the old Republic. In the long run, this would probably prove to be a better connection anyway.

The next day, he woke up in a strange place. The Lune mansion. Here he met three crazies. Oyumi Kakita, some nameless dood/chick, and Yukari Lune. There was one other guy there, but he didn't matter. Together they learned to walk on walls. Isn't that amazing!

Unfortunately, this student-teacher relationship didn't last too long, as Justin found himself wandering once again. This time to the shores of Sato, where he embarked on a quest to catch the mythical foad, or fox toad. During this, the boy somehow got roped into doing a mission with some actual ninja. This forced him to give up the foad to a researcher.

Next up on Justin's list of adventures was a chance to train under one of the masters. An ANBU who called himself God. He probably just wanted to kill the team, though. After all, who dumps their students into a lake filled with uber intelligent deadly sea creatures? ANBU, I guess.

As part of the training, Justin and his teammates were to enter in the World Tournament, a test of ninja prowess in one on one combat. Needless to say, Justin got his ass handed to him. he had expected it, but not to the degree it had been. This made him realize that if he were to continue on this path of ninja antics, he'd have to prepare himself for a world of hurt. He would have to go back to basics. And there was no better way to do that than at The Shinobi University. There he took a short class on teamwork. Short because the instructor died not ten minutes into the class. Still, the man took from it some important information about his own weakness and how to compensate.

Next event: Chuunin exams. The written part was pathetic and the entire event turned out to be a gigantic farce! The true purpose behind it was to unleash all sorts of Hell upon Seichi. Good thing Justin didn't help them do it. That would have been far too much to bare.

While demons attacked the world, Justin sought refuge in his 'home' of Rikuhi only to find it under siege by Mother Nature. The land was frostbitten and it only got colder. Unfortunately, the lad had little to do with bringing it back to a safe climate. He was there, but due to his reckless antics, Justin was unconscious by the climactic moment.

Fearing that he would just get in the way, Justin remained inactive and dormant throughout the entirety of the demon invasion. Again, he felt helpless and weak. What could he do against demons or any similar force? What if they came back? Well this guy is no ninja, so he had to seek power from without as opposed to within. The Temple of the Mods, a recently uncovered vault that housed many artifacts. Inside, he claimed one: Yuki's Scythe. It was far below what he had expected, but the weapon seemed to impart skill and ability just by wielding it. Thus, Justin was content.

The world was bright again both after the demon invasion had ended, as well as Justin restoring confidence in himself once again. In a short encounter, he had met a young beastman named Hibiki. The kid was so cute and innocent, yet oh so curious. In a way, Hibiki reminded Justin of his own youth. He wanted to know anything and everything except what was being shoved in his face. Even though their encounter was as brief as a few minutes, this was sure to be one of those he met up with again later in life.

As if to boost his esteem further, the universe decided to throw a young Vormav his was. Justin was minding his own business and pretending to be a tree when a young rebellious punk wandered by. Almost immediately the boy opened up to him, revealing the confused kid under his tough facade. Vormav needed guidance, and Justin was going to help. The younger had left his home, his family and his entire village behind out of spite. It felt like the world was against him, and he had nowhere to go. Thankfully, Justin knew a tiny town where one could learn the value of a good community, and hopefully rebuild Vormav's trust in the world. On the journey the two spoke as Justin imparted some of his wisdom and experience upon the young lad. He has no idea how much of it sank in for the long haul, but at least he had listened right then and there. Not only that, but it gave Justin the reminder he needed. He could change people, and the world for the better.

His faith restored, Justin once again set out looking for damsels in distress and such. What he found was an entire town haunted by a mansion. Normally the mansion is being haunted, but not tonight. As well, the ninja who had been assigned a mission to protect the village seemed a bit derelict in his duties. Since he hadn't shown up yet, Justin took it upon himself to investigate. What was supposed to be his finest hour ended up becoming his darkest. Inside the mansion, he found a boy. This boy seemed to have some sort of minor power over souls. Utilizing this, he found joy in games. However, the stakes were far too high for Justin to take. People's lives, their very souls were the chips used to gamble. Losing meant you just got added to his stack. It wasn't the knowledge of this that sent Justin into a rage. It was the boy's mindset. It was fun for him. Justin snapped at this point. He could take no more and, using the boy's own weapon, obliterated everything, including the mansion itself. This was his first kill, and it had been done in blind rage.

Blinded by tears, Justin just ran. He ran back home to Rikuhi. But where could he go? What could he do? The guy needed help. He needed counseling. He needed someone who understood both sides. He needed Zaulyl Kemuri, the Hikage. Justin placed his faith in Zaulyl and told his story and how he couldn't cope with taking a life. The answer, however, was far simpler than expected. "Learn from your mistakes." That line sent him on a new path. Justin was going to be a ninja....someday.

While all his paperwork was being processed, Justin decided to take a trip to Konoki. A bit out of the way perhaps, but that is just how Justin liked it. There he entertained himself with the slots and tables of the great casino Celador. He even had a fateful encounter with the owner of the building, but hesitated and lost the opportunity to press forward. Do not hesitate. Go forward without fear. That is what he learned on this day.

Still his paperwork hadn't come back, so Justin decided to tag along, albeit without notice, on a mission in Sato. However, the thing was so screwed up that even the author of this profile cannot provide a decent summation. However, it had no real impact on Justin, so it can be skipped over as 'just another one of those days'.

In the end, there was only one thing left to do. Learn about controlling his chakra. So Justin went to where anyone goes to learn shinobi stuff: The Shinobi University. However, instead of posing for a student this time as he had done all those years ago, he was now a teacher of Intermediate Chakra Control Theory. The students of the academy were only just learning about all this stuff, so they probably had a multitude of theories and ideas as opposed to those who had been doing it forever and only knew one way. Justin needed ideas that pertained to himself. However, the discipline of his students lacking, and only one offered anything of real import. Orimi, she was called, imparted knowledge that filled a couple gaps in Justin's knowledge of magick. However, this discussion showed that what Justin knew of magick could be applied to chakra. In a sense, he never needed to do any of this. He already knew what to do.

Finally his work had compiled results. While he sought out knowledge of what the future held, the bureaucratic process came through and delivered Justin into official ninjahood. He was, as of today, a Chuunin in the service of Rikuhi. However, if he was to be a true ninja, he needed to master the arts he had only half-assed before. Two of the most common skills among ninja were their ability to walk anywhere. He had somewhat learned how to use these skills, but was never that great at it until he came upon a mansion on one of the islands of Sato. The place looked as if it had been used as a rather intense training ground for young ninja, so Justin took his chances and succeeded at painfully mastering those basic skills.

"There's gloom and doom when things to boom in Tensei's apps."

Kai Kudo
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I've no emotional attachment
That's an optional extra
You didn't plump for that package
Now your left with a heartless machine.

Name: [thread=55752]Kai Kudo[/thread]

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 80 lbs

Appearance: Short and skinny. Kai has long blond hair of epic spiky proportions. Deep red eyes may make him seem intimidating, but a coy smile or sly grin can always make him seem more happy and a lot less intimidating. As for clothes, see spoiler.

The Beast inside lends Kai his power in the form of claws. Through advanced training, these claws have become more beastly. They are about an inch past the finger and curved. Also they are quite sharp.
user posted image

The shirt is made from [thread=21869]Dragonskin[/thread].

Level/Rank: B rank Missing Ninja
Circle 1 Regent

Village: Hyouga

Clan: [thread=16138]Kudo[/thread] and [thread=11805]Tremere[/thread] and [thread=6105]Misutsu[/thread] and [thread=17948]Dao[/thread] and [thread=38874]Ryuuko[/thread]

Bloodline: [thread=41105]Thaumaturgy: Path of Body Circle II[/thread]

Language: Common, Hyougaan, tiny bits and pieces of other main languages. Not enough for conversation. Everything sounds like he's from a very disgruntled part of Hyouga.

Main/Favored Weapon:

Side Arms:
20 [thread=48331]Drill Kunai[/thread]
1 spool of wire 10 feet in length with the last 2 inches on each end tapering down to razor wire made of [thread=31715]Reaver Steel[/thread] wrapped around each arm
1 spool of [thread=54142]Glass Wire[/thread] 10 feet in length wrapped around each arm.
[thread=23170]The Mirage[/thread]
[thread=16813]Maneuver ATs[/thread] that can have the wheels seal up inside them for a D-rank amount of chakra and become [thread=33089]Mercury Boots[/thread]

Element: Sunaton, Mokuton

Fighting Type: Ninjutsu

- Able to see the mathematical equations everywhere in life
- Great control of Manipulate Advancing Blades

- Faster than hell
- Quick on his feet
- Quite flexible
- Incredible energy control
- Easily concentrate
- Can easily multitask

- Horrendous immune system, resulting in longer lasting and quicker acting infections
- Little endurance
- Unacceptable aim
- Has great difficulty discerning reality from genjutsu
- Difficult to work with
- Never listens

- Incredi-low strength
- Lacks skill with non-basic non-puppetry/wire related jutsu


Transform: Henge is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy, and then attack from the back when he's not expecting it. This technique can easily be combined with other jutsu for a more powerful effect.

Replacement: Kawarimi is a widely used and very famous skill among shinobi. The user taps into their chakra and exchanges places with an object of similar weight and size. This is clearly an evasion technique used to dodge attacks; however it can be linked with other jutsu or attacks to create massive damage if done properly.

Clone: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the shinobi academy. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates a simple illusion clone identical to the caster. The clone however has no physical properties and will disperse the moment it is touched.

Tree Walking: The user concentrates onto the soles of their feet and coats them with a layer of chakra. Once this is done, the user will then be able to walk up any tree like they are walking up a regular foot path.
*No Handseals*

Water Walking: The user focuses their chakra to the soles of their feet and step onto the water. From the surface of the liquid, they would then need to be able to measure the amount of chakra it would take to support their weight along the surface of the water without sinking. Once this is mastered, the user would be able to easily walk on water.

Rope Untying: This jutsu gives you the ability to easily free yourself from a rope or any other object made from something similar to a rope. This jutsu works merely by inserting chakra into the rope, and requires no hand seals.

E/D rank
[thread=59196]Love Serum[/thread]: This poison reroutes the flow of blood a little bit. It forces blood to accumulate in the target's pelvic area by siphoning trace amounts away from the rest of the body. This also causes a very mild euphoric effect that is noticeable, albeit barely, and has minimal effect on the target.

Musical Seals: This technique allows the user to draw up chakra by playing musical notes instead of making hand seals. On a large scale, this is often faster than making normal hand seals. This ability does not require chakra nor hand seals to be able to use. However, the chakra needed to use the jutsu performed through this method is still consumed.

Wire Manipulation: By injecting chakra into the wire, the user is able to manipulate the wires actions much like a puppet and can control it’s movements to an incredible extent. This ability does not require handseals.

[thread=31715]Reaver Steel[/thread]: This steel is used solely in blades, as it has the ability to 'drink' a target's blood. Whenever Reaver Steel comes into contact with blood, a max of one half pint of blood is drained from the source. The blood travels down the length of whatever it is made into and then into the weilder. The blood can be absorbed straight through the skin of the wielder.

[thread=34611]Advanced Wire Manipulation[/thread]: It is an extension of Wire Manipulation, which allows the user to control more wires than normal at greater precision, with more speed and strength than before. A Ryuuko specialty, this jutsu also allows the user to gain control of the wires being manipulated by another wire user if they can come into physical contact with those wires with their hands, or their own wires. This effect is obviously canceled out if both users know this jutsu. It also only applies to opponents of the same rank or lower than the user. If the opponent is one rank higher, trying to steal their wire with this jutsu will result in a draw, and any opponent two ranks higher or more than the user will not be affected at all by attempts to steal their wires away.


Puppetry: A Ninjutsu technique where a puppet master controls a karasu, or puppet, with threads of chakra from their fingertips. The puppets often have a number of weaponry on them, and are generally quite complex in design, with more complex designs being more powerful. However, the jutsu takes up quite a bit of concentration, and even when fully mastered, the concentration can only be cut in half. As a result, when the user is controlling multiple puppets of average complexity, it is common for them to not be aware of their surroundings, as well as find this jutsu to be mentally exhausting. It is also not possible to use hand seals for jutsu while activating this jutsu, other than those that have to do with manipulation of puppets.

Multiple Advancing Blades: This technique allows the user to hover multiple kunai in the air while he approaches a target. The technique allows a ninja to unleash a torrent of kunai much more quickly than if each was thrown individually, as well as from different angles. This jutsu works to control and manipulate blades with chakra in a manner similar to the Puppet Technique. This ability does not require hand seals.

[thread=47757]Call of Vitae[/thread]: Kai has such great control over his Tremere blood that he can use it even if it has been spilled previously. Kai can draw on the power of his or another Tremere's blood that is outside his/their body to utilize any effect he could normally do with his own blood.

Only blood that has not already been used for a Tremere ability can be used with this style.

[thread=49010]Adept Wire Manipulation[/thread]: This is a far more advanced form of wire manipulation for one who has almost completely mastered the the D- rank jutsu. Unlike Wire manipulation the user can use wires with more precision and surprising speed than normal so it isn't easy to avoid. Heavy things can also be lifted with ease and more wires can be controlled without any trouble. The wire cannot be interrupted with someone else using wire manipulation or the same technique. The wire is under the users control alone. This technique does not require handseals.

Raining Knives: This technique utilizes an umbrella similar to the type that is used for Jurou Senbon, with the exception that there is a seal placed on the umbrella specifically for this technique. When the umbrella is thrown in the air, the user completes the needed handseals, causing the seal on the umbrella to open, making the umbrella become significantly larger. At this point, the umbrella will spin in the air, raining kunai down below.


Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique: The user performs a few hand seals and then touches a nearby object. Their body seems to be swallowed by the object as they "merge" with it, allowing them to travel through the object and come out of it at a different point. While the user is merged with the object they can't be detected using sound, smell, or normal sight, but they also can't attack, and their resistance to damage drastically drops. Obviously, if the user is submerged, he can't use any senses himself that would be logically impossible. (Ex. You can't see the outside world if your eyes are inside a rock) This jutsu is an enhancement that only effects the user.

[thread=55577]Marionette's Counterfeit Wiring[/thread]: The user is able to manipulate how tangible the chakra strings used by Kugutsu and other related jutsu are. While a jutsu which requires chakra puppet strings is in use, the user may choose to make one or more strings solid and visible. When tangible, these strings are counted as a kind of wire the user has on his or her profile, and can be used with wire related jutsu. However, it is still Kugutsu or a related technique controlling the solid strings, not wire manipulation. Thus, the normal concentration of that technique applies.

Poison Fang: The user's fang teeth would grow and poison leaks out of them. So when they bite an enemy, their fangs would infect them with one of the user's poisons.

Puppet Rush: The user channels chakra into their puppet, causing it to gain a burst of heightened speed. This can be maintained indefinitely at a constant chakra cost.

[Open Slot]


Tentacle Explosion: When the user finishes their handseals they can create a tentacle that can stretch out to a total of 40 feet. When the tentacle touches anything the user deems a threat, the tentacle will detach and very quickly shrivel to the point of contact. Once this is done an explosion large enough to level a house will occur.

[Open Slot]

[Crime Scene Investigation Report]
A small child was found at the wreck. He appears to be healthy and unscathed. His grandparents however don't seem as lucky. What caused the explosion is unconfirmed at this moment but there is a heavy scent of gasoline. The victims seem to have been visiting their grandchild. They were identified as Obishi and Nanasai Kudo. [Maiden Name: Nanasai Dao] We have no evidence to point to fowl play but as they are ninja it is still possible. The boy survived the explosion due to a puppet in the making falling into his crib. The body acted like a cage or bomb shelter for the boy. The puppet however seems to have value to the child. Reports of crying when he is separated from a puppet of some sort have come in. Why this happens has yet to be confirmed. We believe he may have spent a lot of time with a puppeteer most likely his grandfather Obishi.
-Guibando Akamatsu

[Adoption Agency Secondary Report]
The boy we've named Kai is doing well. He eats all his meals and gets along well with the other children. We have confirmed his birth date after finding his parents. Unfortunately the parents hadn't known of the accident. Anyways they have been determined to be unfit due to the incident. The child will be adopted to a family of 3 including their little daughter. The daughter however is fully grown and even has children of her own. Hopefully she can be a good role model and adult figure. The parents being grandparents already have experience with children and seem nice enough. The boy still though even from his accident till now has an unnatural affinity for inventing. He has put together numerous items and even repairs staff equipment in his free time. God bless the boy... He's had it hard already.
-Lisa Aousano

[Adoption Agency Follow-Up Report]
The child has been doing fine with his new family. He doesn't seem to remember the incident though. Why we are not really sure. But that may be a good thing for him. He still loves making things and we have seen a notable increase in his abilities but there are some down sides. He is slowly bit by bit forgetting his previous life and his blood parents which is sad though. None the less we at the agency have decided the boy will stay here as this family best suits him.

[Missing Person's Report]
The child is gone. The adoptive parents said he had developed strange habits over the last month. He seemed to fear light and be less willing to eat any meals. There are no traces as to where he would have gone.

Apr- 17
[Kai's Personal File]
This child is bloodthirsty. From the reports gathered, I can see no option other than one of the greatest sensei in Hyouga. She has, however, not been returning any messages regarding this. I cannot allow him to join any other team, out of fear for their lives. Great care must be taken to make sure he doesn't become an enemy.

Dec- 25
[TSU Damage Assessment]
This place is a mess. Three buildings were destroyed from underground, and quite quickly. There seem to be no witnesses to this, as unlikely as that seems. Forty seven students are dead with another sixty two injured. An anonymous tip came in stating that Kai Kudo was seen walking away from the area soon after the attack. Whether he is linked to this or if the source is accurate has yet to be determined.

Andras Kurokin
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  [center][i]"Andras is a great marquesse, and is seene in an angels shape with a head like a blacke night raven, riding upon a blacke and a verie strong woolfe, flourishing with a sharpe sword in his hand, he can kill the maister, the servant, and all assistants, he is author of discords, and ruleth thirtie legions."

Andras Kurokin




Academy Student

Five foot naught, or one hundred fifty two centimeters

Eighty Three Pounds, or thirty eight Kilograms

Andras is a sight to behold. A victim of numerous tragedies early in life, the otherwise average looking pre-teen is confined to a wheelchair. In addition, there is a hole in his throat where his trachea used to be. The boy's torso is covered by a tight armless black shirt and black jacket. On his legs are loose black gi pants. As for his body itself, the boy is fairly normal, only being slightly underweight. Straight blond hair dips down to right below piercing dark red eyes. These only serve to look more intimidating due to the contrast from Andras' pale skin.
user posted image

Cold and distant. Distracted. Andras' early life has left him mentally scarred and broken. The early trials which were supposed to have toughened him up ended up having quite the opposite effect and make him out more like an abuse victim than a strong Kurokin youth that people would assume of this family. The only thing he's truly confident in is his academic prowess, but even then he's not keen to show it. These traits need not be permanent, though. He is still a child, and though the most influential times are behind him, it is not difficult for his environment to mold him into something more stable. How will things away from only his own kind end up affecting the young Andras. Time will tell.

5 smoke bombs in a pouch inside Andra's jacket [5lbs]
20 Raiton-tuned senbon in a holster on earh hip [4lbs]
2 Swiss Army Kunai, on in each sleeve of his jacket held in place by an elestic strap [2lbs]
Da Chair, located under his waist. [30lbs]

Control Freak [1]
Emotionless Chakra [1]
Ranged Weapon (specialty) Specialist Specialty [1]
Raiton Specialty [1]
Ranged Weapon (theme) Specialty [1]
Keen [1]
Loner [1]
Mechanical Precision [1]
Puppeteer [1]
Pack Mule [1]
Ranged Weapon Training [1]
Out of Place [1]
Clarity [1]
[url=http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1984]Learning Aptitude [1]
Tracheotomy [-4]
Paraplegic [-5]
Weapon Focus Kunai [1]
Weapon Focus Senbon [1]
Quicksilver [1]
Parry On [1]
Nerves of Steel [1]
Lucky [1]
Multitasking [1]
Knowledge: Respretory System [1]
Lipreading [1]
Low Light Vision [1]

Trait Points from Training: 0
Extra Trait Points: 15 [Ranged Weapon Specialist]
Trait Points Per Rank: 10
Total Trait Points: 25
Unspent Trait Points: 0, 1 [Ranged]

Strength: 5
Speed: 7
Agility: 10
Perception: 12
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 7
Spirituality: 5
Stamina: 5

Attribute Points from Training: 0
Extra Attribute Points: 2 [Quicksilver] 2 [Nerves of Steel] 2 [Keen]
Attribute Points Per Rank: 50
Total Attribute Points: 50
Unspent Attribute Points: 0


Strike Power: 0
Grapple: 0
Strike Speed: 0
Blocking Power: 5
Chakra Manipulation: 10
Shape Transformation: 0
Nature Transformation: 5
Creativity: 0
Focus: 5
Resilience: 0
Immersion: 0
Bladed Weapons: 0
Other Weapons: 0
Ranged Weapons: 30
Chakra Control: 5
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense): 0
Concentration: 15
Medical Knowledge: 5
Tracking: 5

Skill Points from Training: 0
Extra Skill Points: 5 [Bullseye] 5[Control Freak] 15 [Ranged Weapon (skill) Specialist] 5 [Parry On] 5 [Multitasking]
Skill Points Per Rank: 50
Total Skill Points: 50
Unspent Skill Points: 0



Information Cards: By infusing chakra into an ordinary card, the user can imprint detailed information into the paper. This information can be accessed later by infusing the card with chakra. 10 Chakra to record, 5 Chakra to reveal.

Raiton: Static Grenade: The user completes the needed handseals, forming a ball of electricity in the palm of their hand. They can throw this ball like a projectile- it follows the same physics as a conventional projectile. On impact, it adheres to whatever it touches via static electricity. In the next round of posting, it bursts in a mildly painful blast of static electricity. 15 Chakra to cast.

Minor Catching of Blades: After a short series of handseals, the user creates a thin layer of chakra over their palm. This chakra can slow down the momentum of an oncoming weapon, allowing the user to safely catch the weapon. Unfortnutally it's not powerful enough to slow the the momentum enough to catch an explosive tag set for impact without detonating it. 10 chakra to cast, 2 to maintain.

Raiton: Static Shock: The user guides his Raiton chakra to settle a small amount of chakra at the tip or tips of a wielded electricity-conducting weapon. The chakra causes that area to glow with a yellow gleam and leave a trail of yellow light as it moves through the air. That tip will cause a very mild electrostatic shock to skin other than the users that comes in contact with it. This generally interrupts light focus and causes a reflexive spasm as normal of a static shock. 15 chakra to cast.

Puppetry Technique: The user creates chakra strings and attaches them to a puppet. In doing so, the user is able to control the motions and mechanisms built into the puppet at a distance. When used, most puppets are capable of hovering. 30 Chakra to cast, 5 chakra to maintain.

Exploding Tag Activate: Without arming an explosive tag, the individual who used it may activate this technique to remotely detonate it. This technique is performed by holding a single seal. Not only does this allow for greater versatility in setting the explosives, but the resultant explosion ends up being more powerful than if the tag had been used without the jutsu. The user may also deactivate other armed tags, but may not activate tags held or used by other people. Owning this technique allows the user to possess an additional 10 Exploding Tags per RPC rank.

Union, Division: After a brief moment to aim the user will then launch his projectiles simultaneously, moving silently. The weapons will cluster, spinning vertically around each other. Behind, and slightly in front, of them there will be a "blurring" effect, making the form seem a bit shapeless Upon getting closer to the enemy they will speed up, the added momentum opening the latches built into the weapons to loosen, releasing their contents in a spray, moving forward. Due to the unique design of the compartment containing the scroll, that particular compartment will be unaffected.

The materials of those compartments will leave the weapons, moving in a net-like pattern. The notes, should they exist, will detonate shortly after being released, due to the sudden impact that occurs when moving from the closed environment of the interior of the weapon to the rough outside. 30 chakra to cast.

Extra Jutsu Slots: Puppetry Technique[Puppeteer] 2D [4 trait points from Ranged Weapon (specialty) Specialist] 1C [4 trait points from Ranged Weapon (specialty) Specialist]
Jutsu Slots per rank: 2D 1C
Total Jutsu Slots: 2D 1C
Empty Jutsu Slots:

Advanced Abilities]]
Ranged Weapon (specialty) Specialist [2-1 from Ranged Weapon (specialty) Specialist Specialty]
Ranged Weapons (Skill) Specialist [1]

Andras was born as any other member of the Kurokin, as a means to carry on their legacy. He was the single child of a single parent, Bathin, but there was a taboo bond between the two: love. The son couldn't help but love the mother. It is merely a human thing to feel at such a young age. In turn, the mother could not help but feel a little love for her son. Over the next two years, Bathin tired to repress how she felt about Andras. After a while of repressing something that wasn't supposed to exist in the first place, she began to feel miserable and hate herself for this bond. Hate for heself eventually turned into hate for Andras. In order for her not to feel love, she must feel hate. And to show this hate, she felt it reasonable to inflict pain. That night, so no one would see, she took Andras just outside their house and kicked him hard in the back, propelling his two year old body out into the village and snaping his lower spine. A great regret instantly fell over Bathin, but to go and help would be a sign of caring, which she couldn't do. Left with no other moral alternative, she went back inside and tried her hardest to forget. Luck was with the child though, as a passerby and her pet Komodo Dragon were wandering by and had seen the act. As a further twist of fate, the woman who witnessed this event had known Bathin as a former member of the Kurokin family. If there was any reason to do that to her son, there was reason enough to kill him. So why hadn't she? Did his mother want Andras to live? Caring for your child meant you had a weak mind, and one with a weak mind shouldn't be allowed to carry the Kurokin name. So by taking Andras home and raising him as her own, this woman, Vepar, would become his step-mother and teach him much better than Bathin apparently could.

Two years later and Andras once again changed households. This time, he was enrolled at the Academy for Kurokin Youth. His advancement there was different, however, due to the fact that when his mother broke his spine a few years ago, it left both his legs paralyzed. Ever since that day, Andras lived in a wheelchair. He could do very little physically outward, so his teachings were turned inward. Andras learned to feel everything within his own body. Every pump of the heart, every path blood took, and eventually the circulation of chakra did not escape Andras's knowledge. At 9 when he left his current academy for Shinobi one, he had almost gained complete control of the release of chakra. However, this didn't help during the final exam, and due to wounds suffered, Andras was left mute had to undergo a trachiotomy. At least he'd finished, and would be allowed to attend the Shinobi University.

The Shinobi University had taught Andras to be grateful for the restraint he had gained at the Kurokin academy. The absolute idiocy and ignorance of the other students was astounding. Andras often wondered if the others had been taught anything at all before coming here. Though this did make him feel good about himself. He could always laugh silently to himself about how much more he knew than the others. Never was there any doubt he was better than all the others in this god-of-intelligence forsaken place. At least now he's finally out, though to what?

Protected Status]]

Naoki Kashima
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[indent=1]Name ]][/indent]
[indent=1]Naoki Kashima[/indent]

Age ]]

Gender ]]

Height ]]
Weight ]]
[indent=1]140 lbs[/indent]
Appearance ]]

When still a human, Naoki was fairly unremarkable. Somewhat skinny, his most distinctive feature was his hair, which was styled with three tufts sticking out, one on each side and the third on the top. He keeps this hairstyle even after becoming a demon.

As a demon, his most distinguishing marks are the striking "tattoos" that cover his now-deathly-pale skin, black with eerily glowing turquoise borders. These "tattoos," however, are nothing of the sort: they are part of his demonic body's skin and grow beyond their normal boundaries when he brings a large amount of power to bear. His eyes, formerly grey, are now gold, and a solitary black spike protrudes from the back of his neck. Apart from those features, he looks exactly as he did before.

His expression is often neutral, but it takes very little motion for him to express emotion. His face is a mixture of Japanese and Indian features, as his mother is Punjabi.

Ever since turning into a demon, he's carried himself with a simple confidence. Despite his skinny frame and average height, he can seem very imposing if he chooses, often by emphasizing his eyes. By allowing his "tattoos" to grow and cover all of his body, presenting a shadow of black between glowing turquoise and gold, he has proven capable of scaring much bigger demons into parley, though his combat ability and tactical advantage provide the lion's share of intimidation.

His wardrobe consists of black shorts and sneakers, as the Vortex World's uniform light didn't require any warmer clothing. Before his transformation, he favored either a grey sweatshirt with white trim and blue tracks down the sleeves over a green hooded shirt or a zipped up blue, black, and white leather jacket.


Personality ]]
[indent=1]Before his time in the Vortex World, Naoki was famously indecisive and had little to no clue what he truly wanted of his life. The only things he really knew he liked were puzzle and strategy games such as chess or go, but not enough to make a career out of them. However, the experiences he had while in the Vortex World made him much more decisive, and his affinity for puzzle and strategy games is both a reinforcement and sign of his innate talent for grasping rules systems and exploiting them to the utmost.

In combat, Naoki is efficient and close to ruthless, hesitating little at killing anyone so long as it proved absolutely necessary. However, he tends to give his opponents every opportunity to surrender, and will spare most if they ask for mercy. These opportunities, in turn, are usually offered when he has tactical advantage and will not lose it in the process; he's merciful, not stupid.

Partly because of his analytical mind and partly because of the trauma and isolation he experienced in the Vortex World, Naoki has some trust issues, and will tend to keep people at arm's length for a longer time than would be usual for making friendships. He is particularly wary when dealing with people around his own age. He also will have a habit of analyzing his peers, carefully searching for any sign that they could have some sort of ulterior motive or could fall prey to the same temptations that devoured his two best friends.

Paradoxically, however, Naoki craves the companionship of humans, having had only demons for company during most of his time in the Vortex World. As time goes on, he will eventually become easier to befriend as he loses the sting of his previous friends' betrayal.

The betrayal also marks Naoki with a large store of guilt. Even though he logically understands the necessity of killing his friends, he still feels incredibly guilty for having been in that situation. Part of his suspicion of his peers stems from his fear of having to end up killing more people for whom he deeply cares.

Because of his experience with the mythological figures that populated the Vortex World, Naoki is very suspicious of any devoutly religious person. It also has, however, given him a deep knowledge of mythology that he now habitually works into his musings and conversations. Likewise, his experience with those attempting to create a utopian society makes Naoki very suspicious of overly idealistic or overly cynical people. This wariness also brings with it an intensely philosophical interest in the nature of human society, and engaging him in philosophical discussion will almost guarantee that he will respond. He will be more likely to sympathize and attempt to connect with those who are simply trying to live their lives as best they can and helping their fellows in small ways.

His mother's cooking has been a big influence on Naoki's culinary choices; for one, he has a preference for spicy food. Even though it would do him no good as a demon, Naoki would likely not turn down a spicy meal if offered despite his initial refusal and justification.

Level/Rank ]]
[indent=1]A rank Missing Ninja[/indent]

Village ]]
[indent=1]None. Currently seeking shelter in Hyouga[/indent]

Clan ]]

Language ]]
[indent=1]Common, Hyougaan, Sign Language. All have a strange foreign accent.[/indent]

Main/Favored Weapon ]]
[indent=1]Shinken, a five foot long long blade made of folded titanium. Both edges are sharp and all the edges are tipped with diamond made as sharp as possible. The hilt is long enough that it is meant to be used with two hands, but can comfortably be held in one. The entire sword weighs about 10lbs.[/indent]

Side Arms ]]

Element ]]
[indent=1]Fuuton and Katon[/indent]

Fighting Type ]]
[indent=1]Taijutsu Specialist[/indent]

Physical Strengths ]]
[indent=1]Good strength
Excellent endurance
Great agility
Above average stamina
Great chakra pool

Physical Weaknesses ]]
[indent=1]Very bad thrown projectile accuracy
Horrible speed
Next to no darkvision
Very bad chakra control
Absolutely horrible reflexes

Mental Strengths ]]
[indent=1]Knowledge of the demons
Mental map of places he has already visited

Mental Weaknesses ]]
[indent=1]Knowledge of humans
Knowledge of Seichi
Knowledge of ninja
Knowledge of chakra system

Jutsu ]]
[indent=1]E/D (0/2)
C (0/5)
B (0/7)
A (0/4)
S (0/1)

Background ]]

[indent=1]Call it what you will - a revalation from God or a curse of the Demon King - the fact remains that our world came to an end.
A heretic called upon an unearthly light, and devastation ensued.
Chaos crawled out of the depths of the ocean, from the black abyss...
Death upon death...nothing but death in this barren land.
Who can we pray to? There are only demons and fiends here.
A voice in the dark beguiles me:
'Truth is a mystery, unraveled by the candles' flames.'

Excerpt from "The Journal of a Man Who Wandered into Another World"

Naoki Kashima was born in Tokyo, Japan, to a distant businessman father (Kozo) and a dutiful Punjabi mother (Nayana). His childhood was uneventful except for the pressure Kozo put on him to succeed him as a businessman. Naoki never particularly liked business, and grew to like it even less as he grew older, and so he and his father have not been on good terms. His mother, ever his father's wife, sided with Kozo and told Naoki to acquiesce out of familial obligation, but otherwise kept out of the debate. Much as Naoki did not appreciate his parents' thoughts about the direction of his life, he still loved them dearly.

Entering high school, Naoki quickly became famous among his peers for his indecisiveness, an outgrowth of him being constantly given a way of life to pursue and just as constantly rejecting it, but with little idea of what to pursue as a substitute. This earned him the somewhat-derisive nickname, "Searcher," among his peers, as he was never done figuring out what to do. What little solace he found came in puzzle and strategy games such as chess, go, and Rubik's Cubes. In fact, it was in a club dedicated to such games that he made his first friend, a game enthusiast named Isamu Nitta. The two became fast friends; Naoki enjoyed Isamu's energy, while Isamu considered Naoki to be a "big help" in his plans to curry favor with their civics teacher, a pretty young woman named Yuko Takao.

Yuko was a big influence on Naoki and the rest of her class. Her emphasis on logic and critical thinking over rote memorization earned her a lot of respect and admiration from the students, and her single status and good looks only added to it. It was, therefore, quite a shock for most of the other male students - Isamu in particular - when they noticed that Yuko seemed to be gravitating towards Naoki, working more closely with him.

Yuko's reasons for this were actually quite simple: Naoki's indecisiveness filled her with a sense of a teacher's duty as an educator, and so she helped him as much as she could so that he would become stronger and more decisive. He began to look up to her almost as an older sister, though he would have been lying if he denied a hint of attraction towards his teacher.

It was through their attendance of cram school to supplement their learning that he and Isamu would meet the third member of their circle: Chiaki Hayasaka, the wealthy, classy girl who was usually at the head of their class. Unlike them, Chiaki was required by her family - more specifically, her father - to attend cram school to boost her chances of passing the college entrance exams, enter a prestigious school, and thus preserve the Hayasaka family's dignity. She looked up to Yuko as a teacher of great skill, and relied on Yuko's input often.

Despite Chiaki's somewhat haughty attitude, she found herself charmed by Isamu's lightheartedness and what she interpreted as Naoki's stoicism. The three became close friends and remained that way all through senior year, an unlikely trio to any outside observer.

It was at this time that Yuko called in sick and was brought to Shinjuku General Hospital. Concerned for her, the three agreed to meet at the entrance to Yoyogi Park and visit her three days after her hospitalization. It was around that time that news of a riot that erupted in Yoyogi Park between anti-corporatist protesters and employees of the communications company, Cyverse, was broadcast across all the news channels, filling the streets with curious eyes and reporters. One reporter, a man who introduced himself to Naoki as Jyoji Hijiri, offered him a copy of his employer's magazine, Akashi Monthly, and revealed his suspicions that the so-called riot was actually the activity of an ancient cult that worshipped the gods of earth.

Skeptical of this news, Naoki headed for Shinjuku General Hospital, as Chiaki and Isamu had gone ahead since Naoki had arrived at Yoyogi Park Station late. When he arrived at the hospital, his two friends informed him that the place was completely deserted, both of patients and staff. Furthermore, the copy of Akashi Monthly that Naoki had brought with him contained an article suggesting that the hospital was under the influence of the mysterious Gaia cult, and that their activities were the truth behind the supposed "riot" in the park. Somewhat unnerved, the three decided to search the hospital to confirm that Yuko wasn't there, and then leave. True to her attitude, Chiaki allowed the two boys to do the work.

Naoki's investigation led him to the hospital's basement, where he found a strange man studying a glyph-inscribed pillar and analyzing it with computer equipment. Upon seeing the man's face, he knew who it was: Hikawa, the CEO of Cyverse and apparently one of the people missing due to the "riot." Hikawa, however, was no victim or prisoner. He was the instigator of that riot; more accurately, he purged disloyal elements of the Gaia Cult in Yoyogi Park and crushed the opposition that the Messian Church sent to stop him. With no other obstacles, he was free to fulfill the prophecy of the world's end that was written in the ancient Scripture of Miroku. The world, he believed, was a tragedy of errors, an abomination of human excess and fit for destruction to allow for something better in its place. He had been planning this for some time, and had made his move when everything was ready.

With the reasons and circumstances explained, Hikawa's attention turned towards the particulars of Naoki having seen him. No matter how minor Naoki was, he was a witness, and Hikawa, as a rule, allowed no exceptions. Revealing his power as a demon summoner, Hikawa prepared to command Naoki's death, but he was stopped by a startlingly familiar voice: that of Yuko Takao.

Yuko admonished Hikawa and threatened to stop cooperating with him if he killed her students. On the condition that they not disturb him, Hikawa agreed, and let Naoki go. Outside of the room, Yuko asked Naoki to join her on the hospital's roof, so that she would explain what was going on. Once there, she spoke in a voice Naoki had a hard time recognizing as that of his calm and comforting teacher. It was a voice and story choked with grief and disgust at the state of the world. She had grown to believe that humanity was stuck in a rut, grown weak and stagnant. Therefore, she would fulfill the prophecy written in the Scripture of Miroku and destroy the world, bringing forth a new world of freedom in its place. There was more to say, but the time of the destruction - The Conception - was at hand, and so Yuko assured Naoki that she would be his strength. She also instructed him to seek her out when he awoke in the new world, so that she could tell him everything.

It was then that the black lightning struck.

Everything was awash with roiling power, and a dark veil fell over Tokyo. Buildings crumbled as the land itself began to curve up and around itself, slowly tucking itself into a hollow sphere with a strange, transcendently blinding light appearing in the center. A quick, final flash of power, and the rest was blackness and silence.


Naoki dreamed of being in front of a glowing star-like sphere, which looked into his soul and found nothing. Rebuking him for this, the sphere bade him go forth and discover himself, then rendered him unconscious once again.

This time, Naoki's dream was of a blue, misty void. There was a strange young boy there, dressed in a formal suit and accompanied by a veiled old woman. The boy whispered, and the old woman spoke for him, showing pity for Naoki and seeking to help him. This "help" quickly turned the eerie dream into a nightmare, as Naoki found himself motionless while the young boy held a wriggling grub-like creature over his eye and let it drop. There was no flash of power to render him unconscious this time, nothing except the gnawing agony of the small creature burrowing its way through his eye and further into him. Eventually the pain mercifully knocked him out.

This time, when Naoki awoke, he found himself in the Shinjuku Hospital basement, but with a notable change. His skin, now pale, was lined with black and eerily glowing turquoise, and he once again heard the voice of the old woman. Magatama, she said. What was given to him was a magatama, the essence of demonic power. In short, the "gift" that the boy had given him was the body of a demon. Finishing by asking him not to bore her master with something as mundane as dying, the old woman's voice then left him. Alone, confused, and dimly aware of a dark power within him, he got up out of the gurney and began to look for answers.

In lieu of answers, Naoki's first discovery was of the reporter from Yoyogi Park, Jyoji Hijiri, who was standing in the room where Hikawa had left the inscribed cylinder. Hijiri said that he'd made it inside the hospital before everything collapsed, and asked Naoki to investigate the world for him. In the meantime, he would study the cylinder, which was called an Amala Terminal, and see if he could find anything out about it that might help them. Naoki agreed and set off to see how to get out of the hospital.

Shortly after his meeting with Hijiri, another meeting crossed Naoki's path. This one was with a strange old man in a wheelchair and a young woman who seemed to be his nurse. Asking to "test his power," they trapped Naoki in a dank series of hallways, filled with demons intent upon eating something they called "Magatsuhi," attacking Naoki out of the belief that he had whatever it was they wanted. Having no choice, Naoki fought these demons off. Upon his success, they praised his potential and set him back in the Hospital, allowing him to continue his search, more confused than ever.

During his travels in the hospital, Naoki met a strange creature, a small winged maiden. She introduced herself as a Pixie, of the Fairy clan of demons. Needing passage to Yoyogi Park, she offered to join Naoki and aid him any way she could. Her powers and advice carried him through the hospital's demon-populated halls, and deft negotiation on his part landed him enough allies to bypass the guardian to the entrance of the hospital, the Fallen lord, Forneus. His efforts earned him another Magatama to enhance his power: a demon of ice, named Wadatsumi.

Emerging into the light outside for the first time since the Conception, he beheld a landscape shattered and bleak. Dust and devastation were everywhere. Not even rubble had survived the cataclysm - buildings stood next to great expanses of emptiness, and the only sky was the other side of the world. The boy and his caretaker appeared again, telling him of this new, embryonic Vortex World and of the light at its center: the Divine Light, Kagutsuchi. Again asking him not to bore them with a pointless death, the two vanished just as suddenly as they appeared.


At Yoyogi Park, the Pixie reluctantly attempted to bid Naoki goodbye. He had a feeling she liked hanging around with him, and so he asked her to stay. Understanding that her hint was taken, she happily stayed by his side.

Remembering that souls within the hospital had spoken of the remains of Shibuya as a neutral zone, Naoki decided to head there next. True enough, the place was populated with more or less agreeable demons and souls, who spoke of many things, including Makka (the currency used by demons), the various shops around Shibuya, and the factions building in Ginza and Ikebukuro. One such demon was a Jack Frost shopkeeper named Heeho, who had dreams of becoming as powerful as "the great king," King Frost. Somehow, he had acquired Magatama to sell, and Naoki was quick to buy them all. Another, the Fallen lord Decarabia, was waiting around for his friend, Forneus. Naoki wisely said nothing. Another was a mysterious, almost clerical figure, who ran a strange place called the Cathedral of Shadows. This cathedral conducted forbidden rituals that fused demon souls together, allowing Naoki to gain stronger allies from the demons he had been attracting to his side.

One meeting in Shibuya, however, caught Naoki truly off-guard. In Shibuya's Disco Inferno, Naoki finally saw a familiar face: Chiaki, who unlike Naoki was completely human. Despite his changes, she recognized him immediately, and professed her desire to find the others - Yuko and Isamu - as well as the truth behind this strange new world. Despite Naoki's offer of assistance, she insisted that she had to do things on her own, and left him.

Receiving word from a Nekomata about the mysterious Assembly of Nihilo that was making its base in Ginza, Naoki decided to investigate. If a strong faction was present in the Vortex World, perhaps Hikawa was at its head...and Yuko with him. Seeing no way to travel to Ginza over land, Naoki's search of Shibuya found another Amala Terminal and, interestingly enough, Hijiri. The reporter had discovered the Terminals' ability to transport people between their locations, which was certainly usable to get Naoki to Ginza. However, the transportation hit a snag - something was not interested in letting Naoki pass. Having to search through the passages of the Network itself, Naoki came upon his detainer - a Spectre that refused to let Naoki have any of the Magatsuhi it had been stockpiling. Despite Naoki's insistence that he didn't want any - and indeed, that he didn't even know what "Magatsuhi" was - the Spectre attacked, forcing Naoki into a battle that ended with its retreat.

The exit to Ginza, however, emptied into another place instead, dank and full of foreboding. A strange pillar, almost alive, spiraled out in the center of the room, and by looking into this pillar, Naoki once again saw the old man in the wheelchair and his nurse, who praised his progress once more. This time, however, they also asked a favor of him. Apparently, a group of powerful demons - the Fiends - had stolen all but one of his candelabra, which controlled the flow of Magatsuhi through his home, the Labyrinth of Amala. If Naoki could use the final candelabrum to help track down the Fiends and get them back, the old man would repay him with information about the Vortex World as well as access to the Labyrinth. Granting him the Candealbrum of Sovreignty, the old man and his nurse wished Naoki well, then bade him use the nearby Amala Terminal to reach his original destination. Thus was the finish of Naoki's road to Ginza.

Ginza was large and relatively unspoiled, containing many shops and a relatively peaceful assembly of demons, all part of the Assembly of Nihilo. One place there, however, was considered a neutral zone: a bar run by the goddess of night, Nyx. She prided herself on her ability to find out information, and told Naoki that the Assembly of Nihilo's base was sealed. If he needed passage into their hideout, he would need the help of the Mantra, a group of demons based in Ikebukuro. Their leader, Gozu-Tennoh, respected strength, and so Nyx speculated that he might need to prove himself.

The road to Ikebukuro led through the Great Ginza Underpass, where he found a peculiar group of people, who called themselves Manikins. Despite their unsettling habit of twitching every few seconds and their suspicion of him, Naoki found these odd folk to be overall good people, with understandable fears and a desire to live free. They had come to the Underpass to hide from the Mantra, who were torturing them to force them to release Magatsuhi. A shopkeeper there had also found some Magatama, which Naoki quickly purchased for himself.

One Manikin in particular was rather strange even for a Manikin; he fancied himself a collector, and wandered around searching for oddments and relics of the old world. When Naoki helped him acquire such a relic (a 1000-Yen bill), it was enough to earn Naoki passage to the rest of the Underpass.


It was then that the flames on his candelabrum began to flicker and dance wildly. This was a dangerous sign - it meant that another candelabrum was near, and one of the Fiends with it. Sure enough, Naoki found himself quickly pulled into a strange, rocky valley, the sky flashing with nets of lightning. A cold lump of dread settled in his stomach as he felt the presence of what had to be a horrifyingly powerful demon. On all counts, he was right: his opponent was Matador of the Fiends, who attacked Naoki with the intent of stealing his candelabrum. The fight was brutal and withering, but Naoki narrowly managed to emerge the victor, gaining the Candelabrum of Foundation.

It was then that a voice called out to him - that of the old man in the wheelchair's nurse. Congratulating him on his victory, she asked him on her master's behalf to return the candelabrum he had taken back from Matador to the Labyrinth of Amala. However, she said, there was no rush, and so he could come by whenever he wanted. With that, the voice went silent and Naoki tried to take stock of the situation. As it was, he was worn down from the fight with Matador, and there was no Amala Terminal nearby anyway. He decided to finish travelling through the Underpass first, then visit later, if at all. Compared to Matador, the rest of the Underpass was easy, but still wearing on his reserves. Eventually, however, he emerged in Zoshigaya Cemetary, nearby Ikebukuro.

Ikebukuro was also large and relatively unspoiled, but with a much rowdier group of tenants. The Mantra were notorious among the Manikins for their violent dispositions, as well as their methods for gaining power - the torture of Manikins to release Magatsuhi via their pain, fear, and despair. It was because of this glut of Magatsuhi, Naoki guessed, that the Mantra proved to be more physically powerful than their Nihilo counterparts, pushing Naoki even further in his battles against them. His perseverance rewarded him, however, as he grew ever stronger, finally feeling confident enough to go into the Mantra headquarters directly and seek the help of their leader, Gozu-Tennoh.


The inner entrace greeted Naoki with a surprise - Isamu, who was in the middle of arguing with a giant demon - Thor, Norse god of thunder and Gozu-Tennoh's second-in-command. Thor was accusing Isamu of some wrongdoing, though Isamu had no idea what his crime - if any - was. Noticing Naoki, Isamu turned to him for help, but Thor knocked Isamu unconscious and in a horrifying display began to drain Magatsuhi from him, causing the human's body to shake uncontrollably. It was then that Thor turned his attention to Naoki, arresting him under suspicion of him being a Nihilo spy.

The eventual trial set for Naoki was one of combat, against several strong Mantra demons and then against Thor himself. Emerging badly injured but victorious, Naoki was declared innocent and awarded the lightning Magatama called Narukami. After escorting him outside, the Mantra bailiff also allowed him free passage into and out of Ikebukuro. Using this opportunity to rest and recuperate, he then moved to once again enter the Mantra headquarters, but was blocked by a man wielding a sword and two pistols. The ensuing battle was quick and fierce, and it was plain to see that this man was all throughout merely toying with Naoki. After what he might have considered a sufficient display of strength, the man broke off the fight. Introducing himself as Dante, he then said that he was hired to retrieve the candelabra by the old man in the wheelchair, though he did have his suspicions. Therefore, he was deciding to leave Naoki with just that greeting for the moment, until he could find out more. With that, Naoki found himself alone again.

After another stop to recuperate, Naoki began to hear rumors of a monk wandering around Ikebukuro. Curious, he began to look around for this monk, but soon realized what, in fact, he was searching for. His candelabrum's flames were flickering, the same sign that preceded Matador. True to form, he was interrupted by the monk, who called himself Daisoujou - or "High Priest." Haughty and accusing, he berated Naoki for going against the natural order of the world, then attacked him to "correct" his resistance. Thanks to canny strategy, however, Naoki actually had comparatively little trouble against him, though the Fiend's ability to drain large amounts of life and yoki from him and his allied demons proved a constant nuisance. The end of the battle saw Naoki in possession of the Candelabrum of Eternity.

With the battle over, Naoki made his way through the Mantra headquarters to the prisons, finding Isamu there. Since he was unable to do anything, Isamu urged Naoki to find Yuko for him. Seeing his friend's dire state, he quickly went to the top of the tower and entered Gozu-Tennoh's chamber. There, the sight of a massive living statue greeted him. Though immobile, Gozu-Tennoh radiated immense power, and congratulated Naoki's progress by enhancing his capability to form contracts with demons and offering him membership in the Mantra. Somewhat hesitant, Naoki asked for time to consider it, which Gozu-Tennoh accepted disappointedly, but well enough. Hoping that Naoki's interest in the Mantra would lead him back to their side, he let Naoki go.

As Naoki left the Mantra headquarters, he soon discovered that the Mantra had just left to stage an assault on the Nihilo headquarters. Seeing this as his chance to find Yuko and help Isamu, he traveled through Ikebukuro's terminal to Ginza, and from there to the Nihilo headquarters. Finding the entrance knocked open and several celebrating Mantra soldiers, he began to explore, hoping that they hadn't discovered Yuko and killed her. Much to his relief, the Mantra were unable to find either of the leaders of Nihilo, though they pointed out that, without their facility, that hardly mattered anyway. With a hint of hope that he could still find Yuko, Naoki pushed on, entering the central core.

In the core was a surprising sight: Hijiri, who had managed to, while fiddling with the passages in the Amala Network, find this place and snuck in during the distraction of the attack. After ascertaining that Naoki had not actually joined the Mantra, Hijiri said that the room they were in was a Magatsuhi collector, destroyed by the Mantra. However, the Mantra left too soon: in using the Network to reach the headquarters, Hijiri noticed something odd about the flow of Magatsuhi, which led him to conclude that the true core was elsewhere in the compound...and Hikawa with it. With a final effort, Hijiri unlocked the passageway to the depths of the Nihilo headquarters, then asked Naoki to give Hikawa a good punch in the face from him.

The lower levels of Nihilo fit Hikawa's personality perfectly - well-prepared, deceptive, and very dangerous. The demons, while not as overwhelmingly powerful as those among the Mantra, were much more savvy in terms of strategy and tactics. Naoki found himself pushed to the limit more than once, both physically and mentally. Eventually, however, he managed to break his way through to the true core of Nihilo, where Hikawa awaited him. Somewhat surprised at Naoki's arrival and the power he'd evidently managed to gain, Hikawa decides to tell Naoki the truth behind the world. The core, as Hijiri said, was indeed designed to collect Magatsuhi. He then asked Naoki if he knew what Magatsuhi truly was. Other than something produced by human desires and emotions, Naoki had no answer. Hikawa then clarified: that was, indeed, what Magatsuhi was, but its purpose was to act as an offering to God. It is a power source, and enough can call a god of creation from Amala and use it to recreate the world. This rebirth of the world had to be done according to a guiding principle, which Hikawa called a Reason. His particular Reason was Shijima, a world of silence. The Mantra opposed this world, and so he in turn opposed them.

However, his retaliation, he said, would be far greater in magnitude.

It was then that he revealed another function of the core: the Nightmare System, a weapon designed to control the flow of Magatsuhi on a massive scale. Activating it, he struck Ikebukuro, draining it of Magatsuhi. He then offhandedly mentioned that the channel through which the Magatsuhi gathered was Yuko. Shocked, Naoki demanded to know where she was, but Hikawa assured him that she was elsewhere. Considering it a mistake to have left Naoki alive, Hikawa then summoned his guardian, Ose, and commanded him to attack. The battle was vicious and wearing, especially since Naoki had not gotten a respite all throughout the Nihilo headquarters, but he managed to triumph and secured the Magatama named Anathema. Surprised at his defeat, Ose retreated, taunting Naoki with the Nihilo headquarters' shutdown, which would lock the path to the Maiden - to Yuko - forever.


Managing to get out, Naoki rushed to Ikebukuro, where he found the Mantra demons in agony due to the Magatsuhi being drained from their bodies. Knowing that it would be drained from the Manikins and Isamu as well, Naoki ran to the headquarters, but was stopped at the entrance by Chiaki. She congratulated Naoki on his winning his trial, and professed to be glad that she came to Ikebukuro despite the difficulty in doing so. She then declared that she had decided to pursue the purpose of the Vortex World and try her hand at creation. The voice that spoke to them after the Conception told her to survive, she said. She did this as best she could, and in doing so found her Reason: Yosuga. Yosuga, she explained, represented the purging of useless things. Much existed in the old world, but so little of it was actually needed, and so much was absolutely frivolous. While sad at the old world's passing, she believed that by taking it and growing stronger from it, she could attain infinite possibility. From that would come a world where only truth and power could reign. She then asked for Naoki's opinion.

On his part, Naoki's famous indecisiveness flared up again. He didn't know what to say at all. She seemed to have a point, but she also seemed to be wrong. In the end, he couldn't answer. Chiaki, however, took this in stride and said that one day Naoki would see the light. Thanking Naoki for the talk and assuring him that they would meet again, she left, determined to build Yosuga with her own power.

Naoki quickly reached the prison, where many of the surviving Manikins were still trapped, and despite his strength, Naoki couldn't budge the immensely strong bars. The Manikins then asked him to save their leader, a seer named Futomimi who was being held in Kabukicho Prison. This was echoed by Isamu, who managed to escape when his cell door was knocked open in the chaos of the Mantra base. Though disappointed in Naoki's failure to save Yuko, Isamu decided to find Futomimi, as he was said to have predicted the fall of the Mantra and would likely be able to help out. Despire the dangers, Isamu figured that it was meaningless since there was danger wherever he went anyway, and so he left for Kabukicho. Naoki himself tried to follow, but was stopped by Mantra guards who doggedly insisted he get permission from Gozu-Tennoh. Seeing their devotion even in the face of their weakness, Naoki agreed and went back up to visit Gozu-Tennoh to get his permission. As it turned out, his permission was among his last words. Cursing Nihilo for their attack, he was unable to maintain his form and crumbled, dead to the Vortex World. Outside, Thor grieved and resolved to Naoki that he would leave to search for strength.

With permission gained, Naoki was let through to the highway beyond, but was warned by a soul about a strong demon roaming the highway. He didn't need the warning, however; his candelabrum was already flickering wildly, which indicated that another Fiend was there. This one, named Hell Biker, rode a motorcycle and attacked quickly, but Naoki's growing power was too much for him to overcome, and so the Candelabrum of Dignity passed to Naoki.

Upon reaching Kabukicho Prison, Naoki was baffled. There seemed to be no one there, even though he could hear voices at times. A little exploration, however, turned up a windfall: a guard carrying a stone that he used to shroud the prison in an illusion. By walking into the illusion, he was able to see the Manikins being held and tortured, and promised to defeat their jailer and get them out. The labyrinthine layout of the prison made this easier said than done, but eventually Naoki and his allied demons found themselves facing down the warden of the prison: a giant Mizuchi. Its size signified its far greater power, and it gave Naoki a hard fight before finally dying. From the battle, Naoki earned another Magatama of ice, named Miasma.

With Mizuchi gone, the room behind Mizuchi lay open, and there Naoki found Futomimi, the Manikin seer. Unlike the others, he seemed much more human, and moved with dignity and calm assurance. His gaze was steady, and his expression spoke of warmth and kindness. Thanking Naoki many times for his help and proclaiming him the legendary half-human, half-demon "Demi-Fiend," he left with the Manikins to find a home for themselves where they could live in peace. However, he did leave Naoki with one warning: a boy had come to Kabukicho Prison and was being held in the next room. What's more, Naoki apparently knew him. There was, in Futomimi's eyes, a strange sense around him.


Naoki found Isamu, though he was a far cry from his usual cheerful self. Bitterly dismissing Naoki as having taken his sweet time, he even rejected his attempt to apologize as meaningless. In fact, he proclaimed reliance on anyone other than one's self meaningless, saying that he would do things by himself from now on. Like Naoki and Chiaki, he had heard the voice speak, and in his case, it told him to "seek the truth." While trapped in Kabukicho, he finally understood what that meant; truth can't be found by relying on others. It lay within the self. Using this as a guide, he had managed to open a derelict Amala Terminal in his cell and found a power there that he believed would lead him to the truth. Using the terminal to leave and shutting it behind him, Isamu left Naoki alone again, and more despondent than ever.

With his friends further away than ever from him, Naoki's thoughts turned to the old man in the wheelchair and his request. After resting, repairing his wounds, and reinforcing his allied demons, he steeled himself and used a nearby Terminal to dive into the Labyrinth of Amala, where he was greeted by that same chamber he saw when travelling to Ginza. Looking into the peephole again, he saw the old man and his nurse. The nurse congratulated Naoki on his victory and said that her master's faith in his abilities was justified. She then clarified that the candelabra were more specifically "flames of life" for each level - or Kalpa - of the Labyrinth, able to control the flow of Magatsuhi through them. In this way, they also functioned as keys to each Kalpa. By placing them on their rightful pedestals, he would gain access to the Kalpa and, by the old man's decree, was free to explore as he wished. To further sweeten the deal, the nurse mentioned that the old man had permitted her to tell Naoki bits of the truth behind the Conception the deeper he got. With a parting wellwishing, the old man and the nurse broke contact. Intrigued by the possibility of gaining answers to the many questions in his mind, Naoki placed the Candelabrum of Foundation on its pedestal, gaining access to the First Kalpa.

The first Kalpa did live up somewhat to the title of "Labyrinth," but to Naoki it was more appropriately titled a "Gauntlet." Powerful demons made their home there, and all flatly refused any attempts to negotiate for their allegiance, citing their unbreakable loyalty to some unnamed cause. The souls, however, did speak with Naoki, informing him that if he wanted to recreate the world (somehow), then he shouldn't stay in the Labyrinth for long. Taking their advice into account, he nevertheless felt enough curiosity that he decided to keep going, at least for the time being.

Among the residents of the First Kalpa, there was one odd soul - or demon, it was hard to tell - that was odder than the others. Calling herself Kamala, she greeted him with an inquiry about his identity; was he a demon, or a human? Something about the way she said 'human' struck Naoki as hostile (later, she confided in him that she believed humans to be more cruel than demons), and so he told her that he was a demon. She immediately brightened and professed a desire to keep him safe, as he was now a friend of hers. To accomplish this, she promised to tell him the locations of any particularly powerful demons she sensed in the Vortex World. In short, she would divulge the whereabouts of the remaining Fiends.

Naoki kept exploring, carefully navigating through its myriad traps and hordes of demons and eventually making his way through to the entrance to the Second Kalpa. In the room was yet another peephole, where the old man and his nurse greeted him with praise for making it as far as he had. In recognition of this, the nurse agreed to tell Naoki a part of the truth - specifically the truth behind the light at the center of the Vortex World: Kagutsuchi.


As suspected, Kagutsuchi was the instrument of destruction that began the Conception, but its true purpose was to be an instrument of creation. From the old world must be born a new world, with new rules to govern it. To push forward this creation, Kagutsuchi chooses someone from the old world to decide on the parameters of the creation, eliminating everyone else. Often there are multiple "chosen ones," each vying for the right to recreate the world. On that note, the nurse also revealed that this Conception was hardly unique, not even at that moment in time; untold billions of worlds were rising and falling in the vastness of Amala, with Kagutsuchi at the center of each one. The ordainer of all this, the master of the cycle of decay and rebirth, was a being or force that the nurse called The Great Will. The old man, she said, had much time to ponder this cycle and its purpose. Countless worlds and lives have risen and been snuffed out, forcing them to start over from the beginnings again and again. An answer, however, was near, and Naoki's actions were seen as potentially contributing to that. Her final words to him at that time were a reminder not to waste his power.

Delving deeper, Naoki reached the Second Kalpa only to hear a noble-sounding voice that warned him away from the Labyrinth, claiming that he had already fallen into the depths of sin and darkness by aiding "the fallen angel." Naoki stood for a time, trying to contemplate what to do. He didn't feel much different, but even so he knew that these warnings were not made lightly. In the end, however, his burning need to know the truth of things won out, and he declared his intention to continue his journey. The voice cursed him as a fool who would lose the rest of his humanity and warned him again to never return to the Labyrinth, lest he be struck by divine wrath. Then, the voice was silent.

Journeying further inward, Naoki found a group of souls, three from the Gaia Cult and three from the Messian Church. The Gaians were protesting that they only wanted to live in harmony with nature and the gods of Earth, but that the Messians were brainwashed into oppressing them and blindly following their sadistic and unworthy deity's whims. They also decried a traitor in their midst who took advantage of their conflict with the Messians. The Messians responded that God's teachings were absolute, and that all transpired as according to His will. They were ordered to halt the destruction of the world, and so attacked the Gaia Cult, but all parties involved were wiped out by a third: the demon summoner, Hikawa.

Thirsty for more answers, Naoki kept moving through the Kalpa, though its more convoluted structure made it very much a maze. His persistence was rewarded, however, by another peephole, through which the old man and his nurse thanked him for his efforts in retrieving the candelabra. Noting Naoki's interaction with the souls dotting the Vortex World and even the Labyrinth, the nurse explained that they were shards of human memories born from death. Most of them, she noted, were connected to Hikawa, and so she began to explain the truth behind the Conception that he had wrought.

The Gaia Cult was a religion that attempted to fuse all non-exclusionary religions, ideals, and beliefs - even diametrically-opposed ones - into one entity, and seek truth in the chaos that resulted. Hikawa was a member of the cult, but his views and beliefs were considered heretical even in this inclusive group. His ambition was not to find a paradise on Earth, but rather to make one. It was in his search to further this ambition that he found the Scripture of Miroku, and from it learned how to create and manipulate Amala Terminals, as well as the rules behind the vastness of Amala. His power and ability to summon demons grew greater, and he saw that in order to make a paradise, he would have to bring about the world's end, though it would have eventually died and been reborn anyway. His preparations were the truth behind the incident in Yoyogi Park; members of the Gaia Cult and the Messian Church came to stop him, but ended up attacking each other instead. While preoccupied, they found themselves quickly at the mercy of Hikawa and his demons. With all opposition gone, Hikawa laid plans to begin the Conception at Shinjuku General Hospital. The rest was history. However, the nurse said, the future was not yet decided. The cycle of death and rebirth may yet be stopped. With that, they bid Naoki farewell until the next time.


Having set the Candelabra of Eternity and Dignity into their rightful places at the entrance to the Second Kalpa, Naoki lacked the means to open the third. However, he was met by four riders, who questioned his resolve. They said that the wheels of fate have kept turning for untold eons, but they wished to transcend them. They asked Naoki if he had the strength to pass the trials of Death that he had been given and aid them. Like the voice from before, however, they warned him that it would cost him the last vestiges of his humanity. Hearing the resolve in their voices and feeling a thrill of - perhaps - finding his true purpose, he rashly agreed, much to the joy of the four. Promising to test him in the Vortex World, they left him.


Returning to Ginza in order to consult with Nyx, Naoki also ran into Hijiri, who was busy trying to determine the location of the Nightmare System. This was verging upon a fool's errand, however, as Nihilo was keeping a close watch and tight control over most of the active Terminals around. The only option, he guessed, was Asakusa, where the Manikins were building their new home. To get there, he had to first go through the Ikebukuro Tunnel, an old subway tunnel that, according to ex-Mantra demons, was the hideout of four super-powerful oni that Gozu-Tennoh exiled to consolidate his control over the Mantra. Naoki was soon to realize that these stories were correct, as the four challenged him for the right to pass through the tunnel. The first was the iron-skinned Kin-Ki, who shrugged off the most vicious attacks like dry leaves. The second was the ice-wielding Sui-Ki, who was so well attuned to cold that he could heal from even the fiercest ice attacks. The third was the wind-wielding Fuu-Ki, who drank the winds for sustenance. Their leader, however, was easily stronger than the other three together - Ongyo-Ki, whose control over the shadows allowed him to create duplicates of himself, indistinguishable from his true body, but able to attack Naoki and his allies with devastating force. The battle was brutal and almost completely lost when Naoki noticed the tell that allowed him to discern the true Ongyo-Ki and dispell the duplicates: Kagutsuchi's light, which revealed the true Ongyo-Ki's shadow. With this knowledge in hand, Naoki was able to triumph and earn both the Magatama, named Murakumo, and passage to Asakusa.

However, rest was not to be had so easily. Naoki found his candelabrum flickering once more, and sure enough the first of the four riders, the White Rider, attacked him on Asakusa's main street, nearby the Amala Terminal. He greeted Naoki cordially, however, and hoped that he would prove even to the challenge he was about to face. Wielding a bow of conquest and summoning demon allies of his own, White Rider attacked relentlessly, but could not prevail against Naoki's quick thinking, which neutralized White Rider's allies early on and left him to fight alone. The battle ended with Naoki in possession of the Candelabrum of Compassion.

Just to be safe, Naoki visited the First Kalpa again to consult with Kamala. His concern proved to be justified, as she sensed a Fiend in a long tunnel. After some thought, Naoki decided to, after resting, search the Great Ginza Underpass. His hunch proved right, and he found himself facing Red Rider, second of the four. His sword and demon allies made Red Rider another grave threat, and he proved just as able as White Rider, even after his allies were neutralized. In the end, however, he couldn't overcome Naoki's power or strategy, yielding the Candelabrum of Insight. With a second visit to Kamala revealing no other Fiends around, Naoki felt free to rest at Asakusa.

Upon emerging from Asakusa's Amala Terminal, Naoki found Hijiri waiting there. He apologized for putting Naoki through the trouble, but after some more fiddling with the Terminal in Ginza, he had managed to get there on his own after all. He then gave Naoki another tidbit of information; Asakusa - more specifically, the nearby river - was the birthplace of the Manikins. They were apparently made from the mud at the riverbank, and so considered Asakusa their true home. As for the Terminal, Hijiri's guess that Nihilo wasn't monitoring it was right, and so he was free to investigate as he was wont. In the meantime, Naoki decided to sate his curiosity with some exploration.

Compared to Ginza and Ikebukuro, Asakusa was dilapidated and barren, with scattered papers and rubble that may have lent it a haunted feel. However, the bustle of Manikins clearing debris and setting up houses and shops made it perhaps the warmest of all the places he had been up to that point, and everyone hailed him as their friend and savior along with Futomimi. Never had Naoki felt so welcome in the Vortex World, and he breathed deeply, savoring every conversation the Manikins had with him. Exploration yielded immediate profits in the form of more Magatama, mostly in the Manikins' new shop. Another, however, was held by a Manikin child, who bet Naoki that he couldn't finish a certain arcade puzzle game that was still working. A hint of his gamer's pride showing, Naoki confidently took the child's challenge and managed to win, gaining the Magatama named Geis.


The final stop was fairly removed from the rest of Asakusa: Mifunashiro, where the river - and thus the Manikins' birthplace - resided. Other Manikins had said that Futomimi was here, meditating, and indeed he was. However, he politely refused Naoki passage into Mifunashiro, as it was their holy land of sorts. However, he did impart what he had learned thus far: he had seen Naoki in his visions, and said that they would meet many times in the near future, but apart from that, everything was indistinct. He was sure, however, of his great joy and pride in the Manikins' hard work in rebuilding Asakusa, as it was the first place they could truly call their own. There was, however, one Manikin that he regarded with contempt: a violent Manikin named Sakahagi, who was causing much trouble for other Manikins, and would likely be dangerous. Apologizing for his rudeness, he then departed again to meditate, hoping to find a way to create a world where Manikins could live in peace and happiness.

It was in Naoki's further explorations of Asakusa that he finally did meet the proclaimed menace to Manikin society, and Sakahagi certainly lived up to his reputation. Clad in a robe made from the blood-soaked skin he had cut away from dozens of Manikin faces and wielding a red-stained knife, Sakahagi's wild gaze spoke of danger and madness. Naoki had discovered him in the middle of adding another skin to his coat, admonishing his dead victim that if he had not tried to deny his weakness and simply given up his Magatsuhi, the skinning would not have been necessary. It was then that Sakahagi noticed Naoki, relaxing when he recognized him as someone other than "that powerful troublemaker" - Naoki guessed that he was referring to Futomimi - who had been trying to stop him. He explained that he was trying to gain enough Magatsuhi to become master of all demons, and guessed that Naoki understood him. Disgusted and angered, Naoki disavowed any sense of understanding or even desire to partake of the Magatsuhi emanating from the skins in Sakahagi's coat, which amused the Manikin and prompted him to declare that the next time they met, he would be Naoki's master. With that, he ran, leaving Naoki to mourn the victims of his rampage.

After doing his best to dignify the Manikins' passings, Naoki returned to Hijiri, who had pinpointed the location of the Nightmare System - it was a massive building in Chiyoda, called the Obelisk. The journey there was long, passing through a highway in Ginza, into a rear entrance to the now-silent Nihilo headquarters, then into a long passageway that finally led to a great black tower. Looking around the tower's periphery, Naoki spotted a familiar site: the grave of Taira Masakado, the deified rebel who had envisioned an ideal Tokyo and rose up against the emperor to try and attain it. To Naoki's great disappointment, it was almost as ruined as the rest of the Vortex World, bereaving Tokyo of even its symbolic comfort. However, Naoki pushed his melancholy aside, focusing on seeing Yuko again. Swallowing all else, he began the long trek up the Obelisk.

The inside of the Obelisk was a vast network of stairs, catwalks, and floors, all spiraling up and up into the sky. A soul at the bottom said that the tip of the Obelisk was the closest spot to Kagutsuchi in the entire Vortex World, and the trek up was long and grueling enough that Naoki believed it. Distance wasn't his only enemy either. Hikawa's meticulous plans included several traps, dead ends, and deceptively powerful demons, chief among them the three Moirae Sisters: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Taunting Naoki throughout his trek up the Obelisk, they finally faced him near the summit, where he managed to defeat them and earn the Magatama named Djed.


At the summit of the Obelisk, Naoki at last found Yuko, who was unconscious in the center of a Magatsuhi-gathering device. Deactivating the device, he let her loose and caught her as she drifted to the floor. Her eyes fluttered open as she came to, and tears welled up as she thanked Naoki for his help. She'd had a premonition that Naoki would have been the one to save her, and she felt it ironic that he ended up being her strength instead of the other way around. Looking around the room, she lamented her foolishness in trusting Hikawa and in believing she had the strength to change the world or even herself. The Conception, she said, was supposed to have led to a world of freedom, where the stagnation she saw in the old world would not have come to pass. In the end, her despair made her easy for Hikawa to use as a tool for gathering Magatsuhi. However, she professed her hope that things could still change. The recreation of the world was still open, and so she could still make a difference. She revealed that, in her prayers, a goddess had come, called by the Magatsuhi of the Vortex World. This goddess, she believed, would surely give her a Reason to create the world of freedom she so desired.


[indent=1]Rising to her feet and gazing at the sky, Naoki flinched as he saw Yuko begin to violently shake as her body was possessed by her goddess. Turning to show a multi-colored mask, the goddess Aradia declared her presence. Her speech was cryptic, verging on the ravings of a lunatic, but in her babble Naoki could sense hope. Proclaiming herself as the bringer of freedom and breaker of chains, Aradia stated that with freedom, light and darkness would return to the world, and spoke arrogantly to Naoki. Yet, she reassured him that hope was the key to the way and bestowed more power upon him, increasing once more his ability to form contracts with demons. Her thoughts then turned towards Yuko; who she said had lost power, but would regain it. When that happened, they would then walk down the path of creation, with Aradia guiding her. Then, just as suddenly as she appeared, Aradia vanished, taking Yuko with her.

His mind perturbed, Naoki decided to return to Asakusa, where Hijiri was waiting. Hijiri noted that Nihilo was dead in the water with the Maiden gone, and Naoki confirmed that he freed her. Professing his nagging guilt for sending Naoki on errand after errand, Hijiri offered to tell Naoki the sum total of what he knew, a proposal to which Naoki agreed. Hijiri confirmed that the Reasons were indeed "blueprints" by which one could recreate the world, and that the collection of Magatsuhi served to summon a creator god that would champion that Reason from the vastness of Amala.

There was, however, something new. In his searching of the Amala Network, he had found a human living in the Network - Isamu. This carried with it a danger of being swallowed by the Network, and so Hijiri offered to send Naoki into the Network to try and save his friend. Naoki, his mind still reeling from Yuko and Aradia, promised to consider it and left for the Labyrinth of Amala.

Finding out from Kamala that the third rider was lurking in Shinjuku Hospital, Naoki hunted down and faced Black Rider, though he was beginning to doubt his earlier eagerness. Carrying scales that measured the fate of all life and summoning powerful demons as allies, Black Rider was more capable than his two predecessors. Regardless, Naoki was resolved to win, and managed to triumph over Black Rider's more tenacious minions and his powerful magic, gaining the Candelabrum of Wisdom.

In Shibuya, Naoki began to pick up rumors of rituals being performed somewhere other than the Cathedral of Shadows, and decided to investigate. His exploration turned up a pair of Manikins who wanted a demon summoned to "pay back everyone who made fun of them." In their haste, however, the demon in charge of the ritual botched it, summoning the Demon of Temptation, Mara, in an incomplete form. Out of rage, he attacked the nearest target, which happened to be Naoki. Even in his half-formed state, Mara was immensely powerful, and dealt several heavy blows, but Naoki's quick thinking allowed him to lead Mara into falling to ruin by his own strength, gaining the Magatama named Muspell as a reward of sorts.


A visit to Ikebukuro and the ruins of the Mantra yielded an interesting meeting with Hikawa. Unlike their previous meetings, Hikawa greeted Naoki cordially, calling him the Demi-Fiend and saying that his time in the Obelisk was meant as a test to confirm the extent of his power. On all counts: fighting his way up the Obelisk, controlling his increasingly-powerful demon allies, defeating the Moirae Sisters, and most of all, freeing the Maiden of the Vortex World with his own power and loosing the Magatsuhi he had gathered, he succeeded beyond Hikawa's expectations. Now of the opinion that sparing Naoki was the right thing to do after all, Hikawa offered to tell him more about his Reason, Shijima. He explained it by using the image of a candle. When desire is small, like a candle's flame, it's warm and comforting. It offers light and solace in the darkness. However, if that candle were to keep burning, the fire can touch something and become a conflagration, destroying everything in its path. Humanity, he felt, was constantly lured by the warmth of desire, but ignored its destructive nature and the dangers it brought. In the end, they brought ruin to everything they touched because of this ignorance. Because of this, Hikawa concluded that what was needed was for humans to be candles to illuminate the earth, not raging infernos blasting it to cinders. Human society would be just another cog in an orderly, peaceful universe. Like Chiaki before him, he asked Naoki if he agreed.

On his part, Naoki already had an answer. As much as Hikawa's ideas made sense, he couldn't accept taking them as far as Hikawa did, and he said as much. Disappointed, Hikawa concluded that Naoki was "a mere demon after all," then told Naoki that he wouldn't slack off against the others scheming to create the world. Vowing to create the world of silence, he walked away.

Having had time to ponder his situation, Naoki returned to Asakusa and asked Hijiri to send him in. If nothing else, he wanted to make sure that Isamu was at least alright. Soon, Naoki found himself in the Network once again, but this time he was warned by the souls that the residents of Amala would be far more hostile to any intruders this time. One such resident was the old Spectre that had challenged Naoki the first time he came into the Network. It attacked with new magic techniques, but was no match for Naoki and found itself having to retreat again. However, the Spectre's hostility was hardly unique in that section of the Network. Many souls as well insulted Naoki and told him to go away, but out of concern for Isamu, he pressed on, avoiding confrontations wherever possible.

Finally, Naoki reached a round chamber in the Network where he saw Isamu in the middle of a conflagration of energy. Unsure of what to do, Naoki waited for Isamu to stand and greet him. Greet him he did, but Naoki was mildly shocked at the change wrought in his friend. Writhing faces strained to escape his skin, howling soundless screams, and Isamu's face held little warmth. Isamu spoke, asking if Naoki had come to save him. Such an act, however, was deemed meaningless, as the old Isamu that Naoki knew, wandering aimlessly, was dead. In his place was the "almighty Isamu, master of Amala's power."


The truth, in Isamu's mind, was that the self was supreme. Anyone else was a temporary presence that didn't matter in the great scheme of things. He said that none truly cared for him, and likewise he didn't particularly care about anyone else. However, he didn't see it as wrong or sad. It was, instead, the truth of things; the self is always at the center of the world, as one's experience is always subjective. Therefore, the solution was to have each person create their own, individual world, each one a perfect paradise of solitude. No one would be able to interfere with each other, and everyone would have what they wanted. This was the Reason of Musubi, and Isamu asked Naoki if he understood what he meant.

Naoki was torn. Part of what Isamu said made sense, and with only demons for company over who knew how long, Naoki certainly felt very much alone. At the same time, it was only with the help of his demon allies that he'd been able to succeed as he had.

To save Yuko.

To defeat the Fiends.

To survive in the merciless Vortex World.

Shaking his head, Naoki replied that he didn't understand. Isamu scoffed, speculating that Naoki's refusal was a product of his no longer being human. He decided that, when he created the world of Musubi, that would be proof enough, and so he left Naoki to contemplate his words in solitude.

Returning to Asakusa, Naoki found the Manikins in the middle of gathering at Mifunashiro. He made to follow them, but suddenly felt the now-familiar lump of dread that accompanied his candelabrum's flickering flames. This time his challenger was Pale Rider, the fourth of the horsemen. Musing about the possibility of a mere human - even one with demonic powers - surpassing all others to become the fated one who would transcend death, he began his attack. Like the other Riders, Pale Rider had demon allies, but his were much tougher to fight. Not only were they potent tactical support, but they had no compunctions about sacrificing themselves in devastating suicide techniques. Their sacrifices dealt heavy blows to Naoki and his allies, but their heaviest toll came from the sustenance they gave their master in their death throes. They also proved impossible to neutralize, and so Naoki found himself fighting harder than he ever had just to stay alive. It was seemingly an eternity before Pale Rider finally yielded, awarding Naoki with the Candelabrum of Majesty.

Finally making it to Mifunashiro after a short rest, Naoki found Futomimi addressing the Manikins about a threat that he had sensed coming from Yoyogi Park. Urging his fellow Manikins to stay strong and work to beat back this encroaching evil, he rallied them towards striving for a world where Manikins were no longer slaves, free from suffering. With that, he returned to his meditation.

Seeking to help them, Naoki made his way to Yoyogi Park, stopping by a new shop that had opened in Asakusa. Much to his delight, the Junk Collector Manikin was there, having decided to finally open his own shop to sell the many items that he had managed to collect. Among these were several powerful Magatama, which Naoki eagerly purchased. However, with a sense of urgency in the air, Naoki decided to hurry to Yoyogi Park, heading for Asakusa Tunnel. On his way there, he encountered a soul that recognized him as a demon, suggesting he visit the nearby North Temple once he had found something called a "Kimon," promising him that he wouldn't regret it. Naoki made a mental note to check up on that, then resumed his journey to Asakusa Tunnel.

Yushima Station, which led to the tunnel, was filled with Manikin corpses. It took much of Naoki's fortitude not to retch - it was quite clearly Sakahagi's handiwork. The tunnel seemed to go on for far too long, and Naoki's sense of urgency continued to build. Emerging at Gaien station, he heard from a passing soul that a wild Manikin had passed through, followed some time after by a human woman. Fearing the worst, Naoki kept on towards Yoyogi Park.

Unlike his first visit to the park after escaping the hospital, it was desolate and quiet. The demons whispered of the fairies going crazy and sealing the park to everyone, attacking all trespassers. With the door to the park locked and reinforced by powerful defensive spells, Naoki began a search to find a way in. This search eventually led him to a room on the outskirts of the park, wherein he saw Yuko. Yuko apologized to him for disappearing, saying that Aradia had forced her. Moreover, while she had indeed lost much of her power during her time in the Obelisk, she was feeling a lot better, and was more ready to participate in the creation of the world. Her voice trembled with anger and disgust as she berated the idea of a world based on Shijima; to her, Shijima wouldn't even lead to anything that could be called a world, just a wasted space with no power and no progress. Despite her feelings, however, she couldn't do anything material, as Aradia had not yet given her a Reason.

That brought her to the reason why she came to Yoyogi Park. The core of the conflict in the park was an artifact called the Yahiro no Himorogi. It was a stone that had soaked up a vast quantity of Magatsuhi, and held the power to bind deities to the owner's will. With the Yahiro no Himorogi in her possession, Yuko felt that she would be able to force Aradia to grant her a Reason. However, there were others who had come to fight for possession of the artifact, and it seemed that one such party had succeeded. This owner of the stone was, she felt, incredibly malevolent and powerful, someone she would surely have no chance against. With that in mind, she presented Naoki the key to Yoyogi Park and implored him to get the Yahiro no Himorogi for her. She even offered him the Magatsuhi within the stone, as she didn't care about it. Once again, Naoki was being asked to be Yuko's strength. He saw no other real option aside from agreeing. Gratefully, Yuko presented him with the key and wished him good luck. Leaving her to wait in the room, Naoki left to brave the wrath of the demons in Yoyogi Park.

While the fairies were not as overtly powerful as many of the other demons, their magic was potent, and the members of their clan who were strong fighters often had excellent allies casting support magic. Furthermore, guardian pixies played havoc with Naoki's sense of direction, moving him this way and that and refusing to leave him alone. His own Pixie, though now powerful enough to have gained the status of High Pixie, was clearly crestfallen at her siblings' horrid behavior. Still, Naoki knew he had to persevere, and so he kept on, his mind racing to counteract the mad fairies' machinations. Eventually, he managed to defeat their illusions and trickery, facing down the one controlling them: Sakahagi.


The violent Manikin complained at Naoki's intrusion, saying that he seemed quite popular as a target for disturbances. He offhandedly mentioned a human girl who had come just a while earlier, seeking Magatsuhi. Cackling, he said that he taught her a lesson and kicked her out of the park. Much as Naoki was concerned about her state of mind, Chiaki was still his friend, and his anger at Sakahagi's treatment of innocent lives was brought to a boil. Before he could attack, however, Sakahagi reiterated his desire to not be used by demons, claiming that the Yahiro no Himorogi's Magatsuhi had allowed him to use them instead. With that, he summoned a servant to kill Naoki for him, the vile demon mount of Mara, Girimehkala.

The elephant demon was fierce and sturdy, but Naoki's allies fought just as ferociously as he did, managing to subdue Girimehkala and banish him. In a fury over his "strong servant" being defeated, Sakahagi then entered the fight himself, but found himself badly outmatched. Naoki found it difficult not to enjoy crushing his adversary so quickly, but left sadism out of his conduct. Yahiro no Himorogi in hand, he made his way out of Sakahagi's chamber and was greeted by the remorseful fairies, led by Titania and Oberon. Apologizing for their behavior while under Sakahagi's control, they agreed to let Naoki have the Yahiro no Himorogi as a token of their gratitude. Oberon then told Naoki about Chiaki's arrival and wounding at the hands of Sakahagi. He confided his fear of her, as he had felt a growing darkness inside her. Troubled by the news, Naoki quickly made his way back to Yuko.

Gratefully accepting the Yahiro no Himorogi, Yuko said that her ideal world was finally within her grasp. Calling Aradia to her, she began to shake once again as her goddess possessed her. Aradia spoke to Naoki once more. Calling him a "fool with the name of Freedom," she said that he would endure great hardship in his quest. She then asked if he feared despair or humiliation.

Naoki thought it over, his face not betraying any of his inner turmoil. Danger...despair...humiliation...he'd experienced all three. Hikawa's triumphs and Yuko's sadness ignited his resolve, not his fear. His answer was a no.

Aradia seemingly ignored his response, calling him a fool once more, then warning him that he would be betrayed by his friends and defeated. She then asked if he feared deception or disaster.

At this, Naoki had to think more. He had a feeling that Chiaki and Isamu were steadily slipping away from him...this was one question he wasn't entirely sure on. Failure to hold onto his friends...failure to see how far his friends would go...he opened his mouth, but much to his surprise he once again said no.


Apparently satisfied with this, Aradia bade Naoki go and scour the world, as the champions of Reason were striving even as they spoke. Without understanding them, he would be unable to follow the path of creation. Whether in cooperation or opposition, his path lay with them. One of them, she said - the greatest of them - was just then rising in Ikebukuro. However, she left with the reassurance that she too was a force of creation. Yuko was left behind this time, fuming at Aradia's resistance to granting her a Reason. Hoping that understanding was all she needed, she prepared to leave in order to see who was building what kind of world. Thanking Naoki but refusing his help as unnecessary, she left.

Naoki made to follow Yuko's path out, but suddenly the flames of his candelabrum once more began to flicker. The Fiend this time was a woman, who laughed at the meaninglessness of Naoki's gift of the Yahiro no Himorogi to Yuko. Naoki bristled at this, but the woman soothingly said that it didn't matter anyway, summoning a great seven-headed beast. The beast, regarding Naoki, proclaimed that he was on the path to becoming a true demon, and asked him if he was still prepared to make the sacrifice required - the last vestiges of his humanity. His mind having turned away from his earlier stance, he shook his head. The woman laughed, claiming that his refusal was a sign of him allowing himself to be pushed along like flotsam. This was just fine, however - either way, she would crush him. Now astride the beast, she revealed her identity as the Mother Harlot, and attacked.

Mother Harlot, unlike the Four Horsemen, did not summon any servants to her side, fighting only as one with the beast. However, she and her beast were more than strong enough to deal blow after devastating blow against Naoki and his allies, backing him into a corner. Moreover, her voice was laced with potent magic designed to turn his allies against each other. It was, in Naoki's estimation, more luck than skill that allowed him to win the fight, but win he did, earning the Candelabrum of Beauty.

Returning to Asakusa, Hijiri congratulated Naoki on ending the disturbance at the park. However, on his end, he failed to pull Isamu out of the Network: he seemingly disappeared. What's more, rumors were flying of Gozu-Tennoh resurrecting and leading a new Mantra in Ikebukuro, but that was doubtful...and meaningless. Somewhat cryptically, Hijiri mumbling something about being able to "end it all anyway" as Naoki left for Ikebukuro to see for himself.

Gozu-Tennoh's chamber was dark and littered with rubble, but Naoki could feel an almost oppressive power thrumming through the entire building. There was something very powerful there, but he couldn't tell what. In the center of the room was one new figure: Chiaki, bleeding and crying out of fury. A disembodied voice then boomed out, startling Naoki both with its suddenness and familiarity. It asked Chiaki why she was there, and why she was so angry. She spoke in a strained voice, wondering if the power emanating from the building was coming from the voice...who she identified as Gozu-Tennoh. The voice confirmed this, saying that his spirit wandered the Network after the Nightmare System destroyed his body. The only thing keeping his spirit in the Vortex World was rage. Chiaki replied that she had sought power, but regardless of how hard she tried, she never managed to get enough strength to change anything. Yet, her Reason refused to change, and so was in danger of dying out. Gozu-Tennoh, seeing a chance for the ideals of the Mantra to be reborn, offered Chiaki his power; as a demon, he was unable to be given a Reason. His resistance against Nihilo and the advocates of silence was, by that measure, useless. However, if he were to infuse his spirit with that of a human, perhaps his vision of a nation built on strength would come to fruition. Chiaki, only somewhat hesitantly, asked if it would give her power. Gozu-Tennoh replied that it would, and praised her Reason of Yosuga, saying it was very similar to the world he wanted to create. With those words, he fused himself with Chiaki, granting her the last of his power.

Chiaki's body shook with demonic energy, her arm expanding outward into a writhing claw, crushing Gozu-Tennoh's statue's head. Her words were drunk with the realization that she now had the power to change things. "I'm beautiful, don't you agree? Strength and beauty are one and the same," was her declaration. The flames in Gozu-Tennoh's chamber now blue, Chiaki laughed as she summoned the followers of Yosuga to her side, ignoring Naoki as he knelt, tears streaming down his face he saw his friend steadily vanish before his very eyes.


Wandering through the headquarters, he found himself in the holding cells of the Mantra base, facing a door that refused to open, even though it seemed to be unlocked. Looking beyond, he noticed a Magatama in the center of the room. Making a mental note to visit again, he began walking toward the exit.

Leaving the headquarters, Naoki heard rumors in passing of another new power rising in Kabukicho Prison, a demon calling itself king. Seeking something - anything - to distract him from the knowledge that Chiaki and Isamu had changed so drastically, he immediately set out for the prison. Making his way through its now-chilly corridors, he fought his way through to Mizuchi's old lair, finding - much to his surprise - Heeho, who had spent all of his time in the Vortex World traveling and training, growing in power until he was able to attain his new form: Black Frost, a dark counterpart to the king of Jack Frosts. Exulting in his power, he attacked Naoki to prove himself. True to his word, Heeho proved an incredibly powerful and resilient demon, taking a surprising amount of effort to subdue. With his defeat, he dropped the Magatama named Satan and lamenting the defeat of someone "as cute and as scary as King Frost."

It was not enough. Naoki took little comfort from fighting. What he needed was rest. Rest at Asakusa.

Rest which would continue to elude him.

Hijiri was still in the Terminal room at Asakusa as Naoki emerged, embracing the Terminal and laughing. He whispered that he knew everything, that the Terminal had told him everything that happened in the Vortex World. He saw a lost temple that housed an immense quantity of Magatsuhi, Hikawa entering the Tokyo Diet Building, Chiaki gaining Gozu-Tennoh's power, and the Manikins stockpiling Magatsuhi in Mifunashiro. However, he decried them all as unfit. He knew everything, and he declared that therefore he should rule instead. Not Hikawa, not Yuko, and certainly not Naoki. Hijiri moved as if to attack, but found himself interrupted by the Terminal activating and beginning to pull him in. Realizing what was happening and cursing Isamu for faking his death, Hijiri vanished.

Swallowing his despair, Naoki raced after him, his thoughts awhirl. Isamu was alive...and Hijiri was insane. As he ran forward, Isamu's voice called out to him, asking him why he went into the Network. Naoki replied that he needed to know what happened to Hijiri. Chastising Naoki for being far too trusting, Isamu revealed that in attacking Hijiri, he had saved Naoki's life. He promised to tell him more when Naoki reached his destination: the lost Amala Temple.

Pressing onward, Naoki almost howled in frustration as the Spectre attacked yet again, seeking to destroy him once and for all, even at the cost of its life. With his patience at its limit, Naoki and his allies attacked with their full power, crushing the Spectre completely. With the threat gone, Naoki made his way to the Amala Temple.

Isamu's voice sarcastically welcomed Naoki to the temple, then instructed him to look outside. Naoki did so, and saw three pyramids, each pusling with Magatsuhi. Isamu explained that the three temples were the homes of three demons, who had discovered the abandoned Magatsuhi and had descended to gorge themselves. If he wanted to see Hijiri again, his task was to kill each of the three demons, then come to the heart of the temple when they were dead. Looking at all three, Naoki strode into the Black Temple first.

The Black Temple was built around darkness, with the barest light to illuminate the way. Fighting his way through, Naoki eventually came upon the lord of the temple, the demon king, Aciel. Aciel resisted fiercely, but Naoki struck him down, his rage at the madness of the Vortex World continuing to burn. The Red Temple brimmed with shadows, different from the darkness in that they struck at Naoki, draining his life. Gritting his teeth, he pushed on, confronting the goddess, Skadi. Unlike her lair, she herself had no tricks, only crushing power. It was strength against strength, and Naoki emerged the victor. The last was the White Temple, which did little to assuage Naoki's rising anger. Its misleading corridors and magical portals frustrated him at every turn, and the resident demons put up a stiff resistance. By the time he met the primordial, Albion, he was aching for a fight to let off some steam. Albion quickly summoned four allies - Tharmus, Luvah, Urthona, and Urizen - to aid him, but against Naoki's power and strategy, stood no chance. Gaining the Magatama named Adama from the battle, Naoki returned to the central temple, and was welcomed into the heart.

The sight that welcomed him was dismaying; Hijiri was strung up in the middle of a flowing web of Magatsuhi, with Isamu standing at the base and mocking him. Hijiri was alive and awake, but seemed more lucid. Noticing Naoki's presence, Isamu turned and thanked him for his help, as the Magatsuhi gathered was more than enough to summon the god of Musubi. Naoki's voice was quiet as he pleaded with Isamu to stop. Isamu responded with disbelief that Naoki could be so naive. The plan he was following was Hijiri's idea, only using one of them as the core to gather the Magatsuhi in one place. Hijiri protested, but Isamu was convinced he had the will to go through with it, and so turned the tables before Hijiri could put it into action. With a final farewell, Isamu released Hijiri into the pool of Magatsuhi, watching with satisfaction as he slowly disintegrated. For a few seconds, nothing happened, but Isamu could feel his guardian coming from the far reaches of Amala. It was set apart from time, almost formless and nameless. Isamu thought a little, and decided to call it Noah, the god of absolute solitude. Fusing with his guardian god and exulting in the coming of Musubi, he and Noah disappeared.

"Ha ha ha...try your best, kid..."
- Hijiri, last words

His spirit exhausted, Naoki dragged his feet as he left the Amala Temple, barely taking notice of two angels passing by, one lamenting that Isamu had summoned his god first. The second reassured the first, saying that Chiaki would bring forth the god of Yosuga in Asakusa soon enough. His psyche reeling, Naoki rushed to Mifunashiro, desperate to save his friends.

Naoki found Mifunashiro the site of a massacre. Manikin corpses littered the sacred banks of the river, the mud marked with dragged footprints and stained with blood. Naoki's brows furrowed in disbelief and despair. Isamu's callous sacrifice was bad enough, but seeing the results of wholesale slaughter of utter innocents almost brought him to his knees with the impact. However, he refused to rest until he found Chiaki and convinced her to stop.

He did find Chiaki, but one look at her convinced him that stopping was the furthest thing from her mind. Laughing as she crushed a Manikin's face with her demonic hand and flung it away, the Manikin's spine crunching sickeningly against the wall, Chiaki berated the Manikins for their ambition and called it a crime for them to dream of becoming strong. Futomimi stood guard over the remaining Manikins, trembling with exhaustion as he fought off demon after demon. Seeing Naoki arrive, Futomimi turned and pleaded for his help, asserting his belief that Naoki had a kind heart unlike other demons. Chiaki agreed, snorting that Naoki was too weak to understand the glory of Yosuga. However, to ensure his noninterference as she began combat with Futomimi, she sent her three strongest servants: three of the great Seraphs, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel. The three fought with the full fury of the heavenly host, but Naoki's intense grief was tempered by his focus on saving Futomimi and the other Manikins. With his allies to aid him, he proved too much for the seraphs to hold for long, but even that time was enough: Naoki cut them down only to find Futomimi lying dead at Chiaki's feet.

"At least he didn't die like a mud doll."
- Chiaki, about Futomimi's last stand

His howl drowned out by the thrum of Magatsuhi, his attempted charge stopped by the arriving god's power, Naoki could do nothing but watch as Chiaki summoned her god: a fragment of power from the Sumerian fertility god, Hadad. Fusing with it and calling the result Baal Avatar, Chiaki departed to create the world of Yosuga, leaving Naoki to grieve over his failure and her chilling betrayal.

There was only one more link left to the way things were: Yuko.

With things developing as they were, Naoki realized that Yuko would have gone to the Tokyo Diet Building to stop Hikawa. Gathering himself up yet again, he departed for Yurakucho Tunnel...and almost punched the ground out of frustration when he found his candelabrum flickering. Striding forward, he found himself accompanied by Trumpeter, who called himself last of the Fiends. It was his task to blow the trumpet at the end of days, and he hoped that Naoki's triumphs over the other Fiends meant that it was close at hand. Seeing Naoki's confusion, Trumpeter confided his hope that Naoki would actually be able to defeat him, then attacked. It was a battle easily as difficult as the previous ones put together. For all his power, Naoki couldn't tear Trumpeter apart fast enough without Trumpeter healing himself, and his trumpet sounded doom for many of Naoki's strongest allied demons. It was some time before Naoki noticed a pattern: Trumpeter's healing and death spells only affected those who were most badly hurt. By playing on this weakness, Naoki managed to triumph and win the Candelabrum of Godliness.

The Yurakucho Tunnel was also host to a curious soul: a treasure hunter by trade, the soul offered to split any treasure he found with Naoki if he lent him one of his demons to help him dig. Shrugging, Naoki offered one and went on his way, hurrying towards the Diet Building.

Much like the rest of his hideouts, Hikawa's control of the Diet Building was composed of several cunning traps and deceptive demons, supported with a good dose of brute force for when subterfuge had disoriented. Naoki found himself pushed to his limits trying to unravel the webs of deception and fight past the enemies he encountered: the fire giant, Surt, the demon of drunkenness, Mada, and the Sumerian god of death, Mot. None stood up to Naoki's almost-frenzied assault, his mind totally fixed on saving Yuko...or at least stopping Hikawa.

Eventually, he found himself in the Diet Building's Senate Hall. Making his way through, he was suddenly stopped by a voice welcoming him to the "Room of Judgement." Revealing himself as Mithra, the Persian god of truth, he said that he was the judge that oversaw the fulfillment of the Scripture of Miroku. Expressing displeasure that a demon was attempting to create the world, he said that it was foretold in the Scripture of Miroku that that was a sign of one who would try to impede the creation. He then questioned Naoki, asking him if he had the body of a demon. Naoki answered truthfully, saying yes. The next question was if he had the mind of a demon. At this, Naoki shook his head, saying no. Mithra thundered that Naoki's lack of acknowledgement meant that he was the one foretold, and thus must die.

The battle with Mithra was brief - his tactics were abysmally short-sighted, and Naoki walked away the clear victor. Pushing his way through to the central tower of the building, he saw Hikawa talking with Yuko, chiding her for her lack of clear vision. The freedom she sought had already existed in the old world, according to Hikawa, and indeed had brought ruin to it. Her insistence on letting her students live also troubled him, and he asked what she expected out of them, whether she thought they could accomplish what was impossible for her, or if she just wanted others to share in her misery. Yuko could only tremble, silent and sorrowing. Hikawa continued, saying that she couldn't find a Reason because she wasn't running towards anything - only running away. At this, Yuko slumped to the ground, more despondent than ever. Aradia then arose, pointing out that Hikawa's wish for Shijima was an expression of freedom as well. Ignoring her words, Hikawa told her that she was powerless inside the barrier he had created, that all she could do was watch as he summoned his god. As he began draw upon the Magatsuhi stored within the Diet Building, Aradia asked Yuko to leave with her, as the Vortex World was soon to be finished. Refusing, Yuko stood up, resolute in stopping Hikawa any way she could. With a hint of sadness, Aradia replied that she would be waiting for Yuko outside the Vortex World, and that hope would lead her there. With that, Aradia vanished from the world.

Seeing Naoki, Hikawa admitted that he didn't feel like fighting him and instructed him to just stay back and watch. Whatever Hikawa's thoughts, Naoki's mind was made up, and he moved to stop him. To rid himself of any interference once and for all, Hikawa summoned his most powerful minion: the Angel of Poison, Samael, who seeded discord and doubt in Naoki and his allies' minds to weaken them. Despite this, Samael proved only to be a method of buying time, as he quickly fell in the face of Naoki's resolve. As was typical for Hikawa, though, buying time was enough, as it had allowed him to summon his god. Splitting the chamber open to reveal a great emptiness, Hikawa called forth Ahriman, god of the void. The newly-arrived god disintegrated the entire chamber as Hikawa fused with him and departed, vowing to create the world of silence.

Naoki blinked and found himself in an empty expanse of light. Yuko was there as well, and whispered to him that the seeds of possibility had been crushed in this Vortex World, but had to have a place somewhere. Giving him the Yahiro no Himorogi, she implored him to hurry to the Amala Temple and open the way to Kagutsuchi. That way, he could try to make a world of his own choosing...hopefully the one she failed so miserably to create. With that, she vanished into dust.

"Naoki...all possibility has dried up in this world, but...there must be a world out there where freedom prevails. I wasn't strong enough, but it seems your will is greater. Use this (the Yahiro no Himorogi) and create the world that you want. Hurry to Amala Temple...this will show you the way to Kagutsuchi. The pilgrimmage to creation ends there. If you so desire...you may create a world of freedom...however you see fit..."
- Yuko, last words

Kneeling limp outside the Diet Building, Naoki wept and screamed. The Vortex World had taken everything from him: his life, his humanity, his friends, and now his mentor. All he had left was despair and rage...and his demonic power.


Stalking to the nearest Terminal, Naoki entered the Labyrinth, seeking to repay the world's cruelty with destruction. Restoring the Candelabra of Compassion, Insight, and Wisdom to their rightful places, he gained access to the Third Kalpa. Within were several doorways that measured his power, and their layout sent him all over the Kalpa, disorienting him. Eventually, he managed to find a way further down, entering a chamber where a soul warned him of an extraordinarily powerful demon rampaging below. Heedlessly, Naoki descended further, and was surprised to see his candelabrum flickering once more. Trumpeter had said he was the last of the Fiends...had he lied?

It was then that Naoki remembered - there was one Fiend who hadn't been killed in his fight with Naoki. The realization struck just as Dante appeared behind Naoki, his pistols at the ready. Saying that he'd found out that the old man wanted the Fiends to fight each other, Dante asked Naoki to leave the Labyrinth, as the old man was just using him. Naoki angrily refused to back down, his mind still lost to his despair. He vowed to gain power from the Labyrinth, regardless of what Dante said. Only a little reluctantly, Dante replied that if Naoki truly wanted that, Dante would kill him first. His annoyance getting the better of him, Naoki attacked, but Dante was too quick. With a lightning-fast lunge, Dante killed one of Naoki's allies and knocked him into the ladder up, stalking away and lying in wait for Naoki to try again. Again and again Naoki threw himself against the troublesome fighter, only to be repulsed just as effortlessly each time. Eventually, Naoki understood that his only chance was to play Dante's game and try to avoid him, and began to run.

As he ran, Naoki vaguely noted that the lower levels of the Kalpa were empty; Dante had driven all the demons away by himself. This only reinforced his understanding that his situation was most definitely not in his favor. He kept running and doging as Dante leisurely ambled after him, peppering him with gunfire to remind him of the danger. On top of it all, that section of the Kalpa was locked by several switches that Naoki had to activate before being able to proceed, forcing him into several close calls. Finally, Naoki found a ladder down and ran for the tunnel that would take him to the Fourth Kalpa, but all to no avail: Dante had beaten him to the tunnel, and stood guard. Seeing no other option, Naoki attacked, engaging Dante in a tense running battle. Fighting alone, Dante still proved a formidable adversary, and dealt several heavy blows in the ensuing slugfest. Eventually, however, Dante drew back, praising Naoki's fighting skill and spirit. He said that despite his desire to continue, he suspected that Naoki's death was something the old man could have used to his advantage, and so Naoki was free to go. Handing him the Candelabrum of Knowledge, he left to once again try to find the whole truth about the battles between the Fiends, wishing Naoki well.

From there, it was a very short trip to the end of the Third Kalpa, and the peephole that awaited him. Seeing the old man and his nurse again, Naoki listened as the nurse praised his resolve and began to tell him about the mysterious goddess, Aradia. Apparently, the reason Aradia didn't grant a Reason to Yuko was because she couldn't; she was the product of a "shadow world," a fictional Vortex World that existed in the space between actual Vortex Worlds. These shadow worlds were the product of the hopes, beliefs, and desires of those inhabiting the worlds nearby, thoughts given an approximation of form. The deities made in these shadow worlds, however, had a chance to become real; if they could grant a Reason to a chosen one and participate in a Vortex World's rebirth, they would attain truth and reality. This was why Aradia, a pitiful false goddess born from the prayers of persecuted witches, came to the world. Her power, however, was too little, and in the end, she was incapable of saving anyone, even those witches who had prayed to her.

The nurse remarked that so many had given their opinions to Naoki - the Fiends, the noble voice, the residents of the Vortex World, and the old man - and urged him to make his own decision about who to believe and who to reject. Her master, however, had waited for an eternity for someone like Naoki to come, and so she hoped that he would continue onward, promising to tell him everything the next time they met. Undaunted, Naoki pushed onwards, placing the Candelabra of Knowledge, Majesty, Beauty, and Godliness on their pedestals and opening the way to the Fourth Kalpa.

If the Third Kalpa measured Naoki's power, the Fourth Kalpa measured his endurance. Much of it was suffused with a powerful curse, sapping his strength with each step. If that weren't enough, there was a strange portal that constantly shifted, sending Naoki to different parts of the Kalpa depending on Kagutsuchi's light. One such place was Hell's Maze, a realm of punishment where souls were trapped, forced to wander for eternity. Two souls in particular, however, stayed still, instead telling their stories to whoever passed by. One was a young, unrepentant serial killer, who privately confided to Naoki that he had always wondered what it would be like to possess real warmth and kindness. The other was an old hardworking businessman, who revealed that some incident had caused him grief and made him want revenge on the world.

Troubled by the man's words, Naoki left, hearing a soul talking in passing about a mysterious "Afterlife Bell" that could raise the dead, which was stolen from Hell's Maze by a Manikin who was "probably in his grave" by that time. Taking the hint, Naoki took a rest in Zoshigaya Cemetary, finding the Bell easily. After taking some more time to heal his wounds and reinforce his allied demons, he went back to the peephole at the entrance to the Fourth Kalpa, hoping that the nurse could tell him more about the strange artifact, since it came from the Labyrinth to begin with. Looking into the peephole, he saw the nurse, who confirmed that the bell had the power to reincarnate lost souls. It was hidden within the Labyrinth to keep it safe, but a Manikin managed to steal it and died upon using it, as the Vortex World was incapable of sustaining human life under normal circumstances.

Seeing the look of curiosity on Naoki's face, the nurse went on to explain what the Manikins were. Born from the remains of humans, Manikins were fragments of desires and feelings that took physical shape. All the former residents of Asakusa were, like everyone else, wiped out during the Conception. Any weak emotions among them died out, but stronger ones remained, and the soul fragments that housed them found a place in the muddy banks of Mifunashiro. Absorbing the souls' energy, the mud formed bodies and gave rise to what Naoki knew as Manikins. They were reflections of what people desired to be in life, or what they feared they could be. These new residents of the Vortex World were, no matter how tenaciously they clung to life, fundamentally cursed, unable to participate in creation and doomed to die with the Vortex World's rebirth. There were some Manikins, however, who had power and strong will. The bell had the ability to reincarnate such souls.

Returning to Hell's Maze, Naoki freed the two souls that spoke to him, and each said one more thing before passing on. The serial killer admitted that in one of his later moments, he vehemently insisted for some reason he couldn't fathom to one of his dying, despairing victims that there had to be true kindness in the world. The businessman confessed that while he worked hard to be respectable, in his later years his family suffered a tragedy that caused him to curse the world and seek to defy its rules. Both wished Naoki well and hoped to see him again, and as they faded away, Naoki saw the truth: the killer's face belonged to Futomimi, the Manikin who wished desperately for warmth and kindness, while the businessman's face belonged to Sakahagi, the Manikin who wished desperately for revenge and destruction. Doubt beginning to grow in his heart, Naoki nevertheless resumed his journey to the bottom of the Labyrinth, thinking it the only path left to him.

The lowest part of the Fourth Kalpa was Hell's Hall, a vast expanse of cursed land that forced Naoki to proceed very carefully. At its center was the Wicked King's Hall, the lair of the Fourth Kalpa's ruler: Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. Greeting Naoki cordially, he congratulated him on his resolve to become the New Demon of Chaos. Seeing Naoki's confusion, he laughed, understanding that the old man had kept him almost completely in the dark. He then explained that the New Demon of Chaos was to be the catalyst for the armies of Chaos to rise up, and that returning the candelabra to the labyrinth was the key to do it. Somewhat more reluctantly, Naoki said that he understood, and prepared himself for Beelzebub's test of combat.Beelzebub was by far the most daunting foe Naoki had faced, possessed of sheer brute force that overwhelmed every defense he could think of. If he had fought at full power, Naoki knew that Beelzebub could have killed him easily. However, as it was a test, Naoki was given enough respite to recover and attack with renewed determination, wearing Beelzebub down enough to defeat him. Impressed, Beelzebub granted Naoki free passage to all of the Fourth Kalpa, removing all the curses from the land as he vanished. With anxiety in his heart, Naoki stepped past into the Fifth Kalpa.

At the entrance, the final peephole stood, and Naoki immediately looked in, seeing the old man and his nurse once more. The nurse, after congratulating Naoki on returning the candelabra to their rightful places, agreed to tell him everything, sparing no detail.


First confirming that the candelabra were not stolen at all, the nurse said that her master gave them to those he deemed worthy. There was, however, a reason: an eternal war between the light and the darkness. Demons and humans alike were merely pawns in this cosmos-spanning chess game, and the war continued even as they spoke. One individual - her master - wanted to end the war by creating a new demon of Chaos, one that would inherit his will and act as his general against the forces of light. Many of the Fiends - forms of Death - knew of this plan and hoped that by overcoming them, the demon would bear the fruit of destruction and fulfill the hopes of those cursed by the light. The Fiends and the Labyrinth were tests, meant to measure this demon's strength, and this demon - Naoki - had performed marvelously.

The nurse went on to reassure Naoki that neither she nor the old man could force him to join them. She had said before that the choice was his, and that was the unerring truth. If Naoki wanted to continue on as a human, there was no longer any need for him to return to the Labyrinth. However, if he had any doubts about the laws of the universe, about fate, or about the right of the "Absolute One" to rule, he should visit the very heart of the Labyrinth and see the old man.

As a parting bit of information, she spoke of a human that Naoki apparently knew, one kept alive only by fate. Conjuring an image of this person, Naoki recognized him immediately: Hijiri. As it turned out, he had died during the Conception, but was kept alive out of atonement for his mortal sin. This sin was such that the Absolute One cursed him to eternal existence, forced to view and record all events through the ages, a task as endless as scooping water out of the ocean with a drinking glass. Even lowly humans are allowed to change the course of their next life, but even that was taken from Hijiri. His body perishes each time his life ends, but his soul continues, unsaved, unenlightened. His life is eternal and cursed, just like that of a demon, for what the Absolute One deemed an unforgivable sin. Thus, he appeared in the Vortex World despite having died, with no memory of the truth and a false image of survival. His path intertwined with Naoki's only because Naoki was an important part of the Vortex World, and so as part of his task, Hijiri had to observe him, an unknowing puppet on celestial strings.

Hijiri possessed no memory of his sin, punishment, or death. In the body of a Manikin, he challenged those who would create the world, and suffered accordingly. Even as they spoke, he was being sent to another world to observe, suffer, and die, bereft of any hope of ever attaining salvation. If Naoki wished to avoid that fate, the nurse invited him to visit them.

Naoki, after a moment's thought, agreed. Relieved, the nurse bade him open the door with his candelabrum, the Candelabrum of Sovreignty. With that, the nurse and the old man left Naoki to his thoughts. Doing as they instructed, Naoki entered the Fifth Kalpa.

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Tremere Items

Sired Virus
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: Sired Virus

Creator: Kagemaru, Jashinru

Rank: B

State: Gas/liquid

Delivery Method: Inhalation/into the bloodstream

Poison Effect: First post, the poison is barley starting, and little burn marks as if they had been burned appears all over the face, like a rash, no pain occurs. Secondly, the arms take this effect as well, and now it gets itchy on the face and arm areas, Lastly the target will feel a burning pain on the flesh of thier face, and all three effects continue on for two more posts.

Activation Time: 1 post

Effect Duration:
2nd post: Bumps on face no pain
3rd post: Bumps on arms, with an added itch.
4th post:Excrutiating [feels as though they are burning] pain felt on the face of the target, all three effects occur during the next post.

Chemical/Physical Properties: The gas is a red ish black dry mist made from the cells in Jashinrus blood himself, the very ones that bind him to the Tremere. The Liquid is the same color as the gas, thick like blood.

Mind of the Coven
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Item Name: Mind of the Coven

Item Type: Mirror

Item Rank: C

Dimensions: Cylinder with a radius of 6 inches and a depth of 1 inch.

Weight: 10 lbs

Appearance: A silver mirror

Specialties: A Tremere sits and meditates in front of the mirror for an hour, during which time it is connecting to another mirror. After an hour, the link is established and a two way audio and video connection is created, allowing two people to talk to each other.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Every Tremere Regent has one of these in his or her office in his or her chantry.

Blood Seasoning
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  Item Name: Blood Seasoning

Item Type: Salt

Item Class: Clan Item

Dimensions: A salt, the amount depends on how much they want to carry with them

Weight: Depends on how much the person wants to carry with them.

Appearance: A red, rough salty texture, made from a broken down diluted blood pill.

Description: A Tremere has been plagued to not be able to eat anything but blood, and for any Tremere who didn’t want to get their blood from humans, or animals they’ve had to rely on blood pills, but blood pills they have found to not satisfy for long, because once consume the sudden blood flow leaves the Tremere dizzy, and unbalanced. This item was created to give Tremere the ability to eat actual food again, made from a broken down diluted blood pill.

Specialties: This special seasoning, if sprinkled in a moderate amount on the food of the persons choice, allows them to eat that food, because the the seasoning is diluted, and is in place on the food in a moderate amount there is no sudden rush of blood coming through the body causing no side effects of dizziness, or unbalance. The seasoning seeps into the food, and fills it with blood on a moderate level to make it edible. If sprinkled in more than a moderate amount than what is needed, then they will feel the normal effects of the blood pill so its best not to be a glutton.

This item is not to be used in battle, and must be used on actual food, if used without it will cause a salty blood unbalance, and will cause muscles to spasm and your body to go numb.

Slot Cost: [Optional for Weapons/Items with Special Abilities, Do Not Fill]

Creator: Jashinru Kagemaru

Owner: Tremere Clan

Reaver Steel
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Weapon Name: Reaver Steel

Weapon Type: Tempered steel

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: Variable

Weight: Slightly heavier than steel

Appearance: Grey with a very slight orange tint

Specialties: This steel is used solely in blades, as it has the ability to 'drink' a target's blood. Whenever Reaver Steel comes into contact with blood, a max of one half pint of blood is drained from the source. The blood travels down the length of whatever it is made into and then into the weilder. The blood can be absorbed straight through the skin of the wielder.

Slot Cost: D

Owner: Tremere

Sun Pill
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Item Name: Sun pill

Item Class: Clan Item

Dimensions: Size of a Benedril

Weight: its so small the weight is unknown.

Appearance: A small black pill with a white stripe going around it with the letter S in a cross out symbol in the center of the pill.

Specialties: This pill when taken acts as a bottle of sunscreen inside of the body that hypes up the skin cells of Tremeres and gives them a bit of protection but not as much as a bottle of sunscreen would. (20 posts) This pill will only give them 5 posts. A difference between this and a bottle of sunscreen is that this is more battle oriented. So one doesn’t have to go “Oh wait, I have to rub my self down with this sun lotion.” In the middle of a fight. These are meant for Tremeres only or someone with a absolutely horrible sun tolerance, if anyone other than those two type of people take these then their going to vomit, side effect that was never quite worked out. The second time one of these is taken in the same thread it will only last for 3 posts. 3rd time only 1 post.

Slot Cost: none?
Owner: Tremere clan
Creator: Jashinru Jin E. Kagemaru

Vitae Sensitive Ink/Paper
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Item Name: Vitae Sensitive Ink and Paper

Item Type: Ink and Paper

Item Rank: C

Dimensions: The ink can go in any pen, and is slightly thicker than normal. The parchment is a small bit thicker as well. It just feels like good high quality paper.

Weight: Normal for some ink and/or paper.

Posted Image

Specialties: When something is written with this ink or on this paper, it fades away within just a few seconds. The ink will reappear when touched by Tremere blood. However, it will then disappear again after about fifteen minutes. If something is written with Vitae Sensitive Ink on Vitae Sensitive Paper, only the blood of one of the Councilors will work.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Tremere

Justin's Items

Slagwurm Armor
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Weapon Name: Slagwurm Armor

Weapon Type: Suit

Weapon Class: Iten with Specialty

Dimensions: Tailored to fit the wearer

Weight: 10 lbs

Appearance: This suit consists of several layers of material, all of which are black. Most of this material is smooth and silky in feeling, like latex or a leotard, and some of it feels more like light armor, such as a kevlar vest. It comes in a variety of colors.

The suit covers the wearer's legs, midsection, arms, hands and feet. (not their neck or head) A sample of the upper body portion has been pictured below for reference.

Specialties: This suit is the pinnacle of Starlabs design, after many, many years of careful research in the fields of armor and weaponry. They went through many prototypes in order to generate this final build, but it was well worth the effort. It is, in all honestly, mostly a collection of the other items the organization has made in the past, with some additional enhancements made to the outfit.

The first layer is a full-body leotard made of a very insulative, flame retardant material. Because of this property, the user is more resistant to Raiton, Katon and Hyouton Jutsu while wearing it.. This covers the midsection minus the feet and the upper body minus the hands and head.

There is a second layer of material on top of this first one, which is somewhat resistant to cutting, tearing and piercing. It is by no means indestructible, but it is still capable of defending against weaker attacks of those types.

The chest and hands are protected by a material that converts all cutting and piercing force into blunt force, meaning the wearer still endures pain, but will not get cut open. The attacks can, with enough force, still cause bruising and broken bones.

The boots of this outfit are made to get optimal traction with each step, allowing the wearer to run slightly faster. The belt is a leather belt that has 10 small capsules around its perimeter. Each capsule can have a singular item sealed inside. This set of armor also comes with two bracelets that can seal eight singular small items in each one.

Slot Cost: None

Requirements: RPC must be Genin or higher

Owner: StarLabs

Knight Helmet
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Weapon Name: Knight Helmet

Weapon Type: Helmet

Weapon Class: Unique Item

Dimensions: Sized to fit the user's head

Weight: 2 lbs

Appearance: This is a simple helmet that obscures the entire head just above the neck. It opens down the middle of the sides, clasping firmly shut using a simple locking mechanism on both sides to keep the helmet secure. The helmets are made of a light weight, durable material that is comparable in toughness to an inch of iron.

The visor consists of a small, transparent display screen, though it looks black from the outside.

Specialties: -The digital display provides the current time, humidity and temperature, as well as a small arrow that functions as a compass, which points north. The Arrow has an alternate setting that can locate the nearest Scouter in the area
- The scouter has a built in short-range radio, which can communicate with compatible devices
- If the user pressed a small button on the earpiece, they can bring up a map of the area they are in. These maps are sealed within the scouter, and pressing the button causes the map of the immediate area to pop up. The user must use their own navigational skills to determine where on the map they are, however.
- The lense may act as a camera able to take up to 50 pictures, and has a zoom of up to 5x
- By looking at a target while wearing the scouter and concentrating, the user is able to pull up a display about the elemental affinity of the target. this will only tell them one of the elements, regardless the number the target possesses
- The user can record information in their scouter for later use, such as information on jutsu they see or shinobi they have encountered. They may interface such information with other scouters. They do so by pushing the button on the size. It holds the equivalent of 500 hand written pages of information.
- The scouter also has built into it a failed attempt at a chakra level indication system. Sadly, it can't differentiate between high levels of chakra and low levels. If the user looks directly at a target, the screen will attempt to measure their chakra level, fail, and put up a prompt that reads "Over 9000!!!!"

Slot Cost: None

Owner: The Celestial Knights

Costume Changer
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Weapon Name: Costume Changer

Weapon Type: Belt Buckle

Weapon Class: Unique Item

Dimensions: 6 Inches wide, 4 inches high, 2 inches deep

Weight: 8 ounces

Appearance: This is a simple steel belt buckle that is octagonal in shape. In the center is a circle 2 inches in diameter, which is gold and color and has a symbol of the user's choice on it.

Specialties: This item is capable of sealing/unsealing outfits worn by the user, which are listed in their RPC profile.

In order to do this, the user unclips the buckle from their belt by applying pressure to the golden center, and then holds it in front of them at shoulder level, their arms fully extended. After a moment, the buckle emits a flash of bright light that obscures vision in the area just long enough for the costume change.

The current outfit will be sealed inside the buckle, while the new outfit will unseal, taking the place of the previous one. Only one outfit can be sealed within the changer at a time, meaning only two outfits can be swapped around via this item per thread.

It should be noted that inventories from the two outfits do not swap around. You only get the weaponry you started the thread with. The obvious exception is articles of clothing, such as armor, gloves, boots etc. An outfit change may not result in the user holding more special items than they are legally allowed to hold.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: The Celestial Knights

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Weapon Name: AT

Weapon Type: roller blades

Basic Appearance: The basic AT structure starts out as a regular shoe. From there, the top is extended to cover a larger portion of the leg such that it won’t fall off. As for the bottom, an extra 5cm (about 2 inches) are added on to the bottom of the shoe. On there, depending on the model use, the user either has 4 or 8 wheels. In the case of 4 wheels they are organized in a straight line down the center of the shoe. For the 8 wheels, they make two lines that are near the two sides of the shoe, and equi-distant from the center.

Exterior add-ons: For each of the wheels, they are the same as normal roller blade wheels, but contain small ridges and bumps so as to give better movement capability off roads. This decreases speed if one was to travel on a concrete road, but it allows one to travel through a variety of terrain. At the back of each blade, behind the back wheel(s) there is a piece of rubber shaped like regular roller skate breaks, that serves the purpose of a break, though this is generally only used by beginners.

The inside of the roller blade is covered by a soft fur so as to not hurt the legs of the wearer. The top of the exterior frame is made from carbon fiber (low grade), much like skates in real life. This is softer than skates with aluminum frames and as such slower if powered by the legs, but it is also safer if the user were to fall. The skeleton of the bottom that was attached to the shoes which is connected to the wheels, is made from titanium, and made to be durable. When the wheels are attached, half of them are inside of this.

Inner Structure: The interior does not contain “air”. Instead, it contains a chemical that is a gas at temperatures far below zero and a very high constant of permittivity. The gas causes explosive tags to release their stored energy at a controlled rate in a reaction in which it is a catalyst. However, the initial reaction in the process can’t happen without another catalyst. Near the front of the ATs, there is a battery (if you want to get scientific, tis a parallel plate capacitator actually), connected to an electric motor. By pressing down upon the front of the AT, the user enables current to flow through the circuit (by bringing the plates closer together) causing this motor to kick into action, and turn the energy of the motor into work (aka spinning of wheels, aka moving forward). However, this is a time of pretty darn primitive technology so the battery can only store so much energy.

As a means to solve the issue of energy, the current also operates another motor that is used to make the second catalyst touch the top of a stack of explosive notes. Each explosive note is set so that it won’t be set up by heat, impact, or timer. Only the erosion is able to cause them to release their stored energy. This causes the explosive tags to explode at a fast enough rate to supply the energy of the collision (faster the harder you press). The explosion happens near an electric generator (connected via a different wire to the battery) that is constantly recharging the battery when the explosions occur. As a result, after the initial push, the explosive notes act as a fuel, and also recharge the battery once the user stops leaning forward.

Refueling: It is a hard and exacting process to take off the bottom case from the ATs, but this ensures that they won’t fall off unless you really want them to. At this point one can add to the stack of explosive notes without letting out the precious gas, and put it back on. Each explosive note can last the blades for about 15 minutes at a moderate (travel) speed, and 1 minute (6 posts) in a battle at Genin level, half a minute (3 posts) at Chuunin level, and 15 seconds (2 posts) at the Jounin (or above) level, assuming they are moving at full speed. This is due to the fact that one can tune up the level of the AT.

Length/Height: Size of your shoe, plus 5cm layer on bottom plus 10cm more “sleeves” on top.

Mass: 10lb total for 2 on average. Can vary from 8lb to 14lb.

~Breaks may be removed
~Number of wheels
~Size of wheels
~color and designs
~How hard you have to lean


Generally, it is just a regular roller blade that is a bit thicker, and was modified to have off-road capabilities. However, if the user leans forward hard on the blades, an engine on the inside kicks in, propelling the user forward (think ATs from Air Gear). The speed can be adjusted based on how much the user leans forward, and they can use brakes on the back to stop.

You can use kinobori and suimenhokou with these on, but only once you have trained the jutsu to the point where they require no concentration.

Different models (vary by wheel number, and may be tighter), vary how they affect stats

You need to use the engine to be able to jump

These are designed for easy travel, so when traveling (not going at sprint speed just traveling), these use only a little more energy than if one were standing.

Note: When using the engine, the harder you lean, the faster you go. You don't have to go with the full speed of the engine when using it

Different Models:

Race Model:

In this model, there are 4 tires, each between 9.5cm and 11.5cm. The skates are skinnier than normal, making them lighter. Kinobori and suimenhokou take about 20% (1 fifth) more chakra than normal.
Without the engine turned on, the user is able to move faster than normal with these skates. It is very easy to reach the max speed rapidly with these skates, yet their is very little friction between the wheels and the skates. Hence, the brakes are far more important in this model than in the other models. The shoes on these skates are generally tight, else at the higher speeds, it would be impossible to maintain one's balance. As a result, when falling there is a larger chance of twisting one's ankles than normal.
With the engine turned on, a user can go a great deal faster with these skates than normal. They can also jump much greater distances. However, their turns describe much large circles than if they were without skates. This makes dodging harder, and decreases ability. Also, the user's balance decreases when they are in terrain that isn't very flat (user starts experiencing decrease of balance on relatively flat plains). Less fuel than normal, and engine's performance starts to drop when weight load reaches 180lb and stops functioning at 220lb, making these back into regular skates.

Terrain Model:

This model uses 8 wheels that are thicker than normal, with a diameter of 7.5cm to 8.2cm. The skates are thicker than normal, as well as heavier. Kinobori uses about 10% (1 tenth) less chakra with these, and can be used with these on places where the user normally can't go, while suimenhokou takes the same amount of chakra.
This model is designed for travel across a wide variety of terrain. Using these as regular skates, the user can maintain roughly the same speed as if they were running regularly. However, it takes longer to gain speed, and without proper work, the skates stop pretty quickly. This makes the brakes less necessary than normal. Also, it is about as easy to switch direction as without skates. The shoes are generally worn more loosely than normal since speed isn't really necessary so that if one were to fall, they have a very low chance of twisting their ankle. In some extreme falls, the skates can even slide half way off, which again decreases chance of twisting ankles.
With the engine, the max speed is actually less than the max speed at which the user can run. Balance is very good, and easy to maintain across all terrain and weather. Speeding up takes more times with these skates, and jumping capabilities are the same as if one were wearing regular skates. The user can make very tight curves to switch directions. However, these have far more fuel than normal, making them very good for travelin long distances without tiring the user out much. Engine's performance doesn't drop until a load of 320lb, and can keep going until the load reaches 360lb.

Maneuver Model:

The wheels for this model are between 5.5cm and 4.5cm in diameter. There are total of 4 wheels, and both mass and width are of average amount. Kinobori and suimenhokou use about 20% (1 fifth) more chakra than normal.
Without the engine, this model allows a great deal more control for the user, making a variety of tricks easier to perform inside the village. Outside of the village, they help the user maintain their normal agility. The user is also able to run slightly faster than their max speed with these skates. Gaining max speed takes somewhat longer than if they were running, but the skates come to a stop relatively quickly. Shoes are semi-loose, giving a bit more safety in case of a fall.
The engines for this model allows one to go at a speed slightly faster than their sprint. However, acceleration (rate of speed change) and acceleration are greatly increased, allowing for very rapid movemetn changes. Jump distance is decreased, though control over jump direction increases, and balance stat decreases by 1 (...good --> average, average --> bad...). Also, these can't be used if one's balance is below average or worse. Performances starts to drop at 180lb, and engine has a maximum weight load of 200lb.

Civilian ATs:

4 wheels, each is 8cm in diameter. The skates are thinner and lighter than normal, Suimenhokou and Kinobori can't be used with these, and they have not been modified for off road capabilities, so they can only be used inside the village.
Without an engine working, one can reach a max speed that is around their sprinting speed. Balance is worth than without the skates, and agility is roughly unchanged. It takes a moderate amount of time for the skates to stop (more than it takes a runner to come to a stop), and the shoes are worn slightly loosely.
With an engine, the max speed is about that of the average AS jogging speed, so slower than a civilian's sprint. They do not influence balance, jumping ability, agility, and others any differently than the recreational skates one buys in real life. The engine is very fuel efficient and can travel 50% more for the same quantity of fuel. Performance begins to drop at 200lb, and hits 0 at 250lb.

Dragon Dagger
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  Weapon Name: Dragon Dagger

Weapon Type: Dagger

Weapon Class: Unique Item

Dimensions: The blade is 12 inches long, the handle is 8 inches long. The guard across the end of the handle is 5 inches wide.

Weight: 1 lb


The handle is black, the blade is silver around the edges with a green pattern in the center. The dagger has a whistle built into the guard, with the mouthpiece being on one end of the guard and the area for air to exit on the other and of the guard. This whistle is modeled after other, more complex woodwind instruments, in that there is a series of small buttons that can be pushed, allowing the user to whistle in a variety of pitches. All of the whistles's buttons outlined in gold trim. The hollow inside is reinforced so that its structural integrity will not be an issue. The flat of the blade also has small holes on the side that whistle when the blade is swung. Down the center of the green design in the blade, there is a black and gold design. The hole where the music comes out is in the handle part of the blade.

Specialties: This dagger counts as a sound creating weapon and a musical instrument.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Gardener, Gai

Ping Rings
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  Name: Ping Rings

Material: Chakra-Infused Stainless Steel

Weight: 10 grams each

Size: 3.5 cm diameter, unless sized for a specific character

Appearance: The rings bear no specific markings, rather, they are completely plain and ordinary. The only striking thing about them is their unusual color. Each ring is painted either red, blue, or green. Other than that difference, however, they all share the exact same look and feel.


Description: Created by Victor's grandfather at his request, Ping Rings are special rings that are designed to resonate with one another when chakra is sent into them. By sending an E rank amount of chakra into a ring, it will "ping" all other rings within range, signaling your position to other ring owners. The typical range extends across 10 miles. D-rank pings cover 20 miles, and using a C rank amount of chakra can send the ping across an entire village (40 miles), however, this is the maximum range for the rings. Every post a ping is used, the user loses said rank amount of chakra.

The rings were created for Victor to give to members of his organization, the Kinsmen of the Shadows. Each member is given three, a blue one, a green one, and a red one, all attached to a simple chain necklace. They can be worn however the owner sees fit, however, the rings are supposed to be on or near the person at all times.

The purpose of this is simple: by combining pings, messages can be sent between ring wearers via a simple code. In general, the red ping represents danger. A sustended ping indicates danger and a request for immediate help from Kinsmen in the area. A green ping is used as a response to a red ping, to indicate that help is on the way. A blue ping is the location ping. A suspended signal through the blue ring will give your position to all other bearers of a blue ring within range along the shortest straight-line path.

There is also a black ring that, when present, can decline to receive pings if activated within 3 seconds.

The location system works like a "warmer, colder" system. A shinobi can't tell your exact location, only that they are getting closer or further away from that location. This is useful for meeting up, but has little value when trying to organize a tactical operation. A short ping on the blue ring is used to see how many Kinsmen are in the area. A suspended ping indicates a desire to meet with one of them, and only those Kinsmen interested in meeting up need respond.

Yuki's Scythe
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  Weapon Name: Yuki's Scythe

Weapon Type: Melee Weapon

Weapon Class: Item with Specialty

Dimensions: The staff is 4 feet long, the blade 3 feet long.

Weight: 1 lb

Appearance: This looks like a black scythe with a steel blade

Specialties: The user can extend the staff up to 15 feet in length by sending chakra into it. The blade glows. Whosoever wields this weapon will seem funnier to other RPCs. Strangely, if they are a boy they become more feminine and if they are a girl they become more masculine.

Also, the scythe can be fed a small amount of chakra to transform into a frozen squid. It cannot be transformed in mid swing.

Slot Cost:


More of Me
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  Weapon Name: More of Me

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: B

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in chakra, Justin creates clones similar to a Bunshin. However, More of Me doesn't create mere illusion clones. This pin can create clones that are real, and can deal physical damage as well as take a portion of the users chakra into themselves and create their own chakra circulatory system. They disappear after being hit by an attack. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim black light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: B

Owner: Justin Cope

Chill Out
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  Weapon Name: Chill Out

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a C-rank amount of chakra, Justin causes a swirling tornado of cutting shards of ice around himself. It spins at an intense speed delivering a flurry of slashes. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim purple light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: C

Owner: Justin Cope

Shout it Out
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  Weapon Name: Shout it out!

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: D

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a D-rank amount of chakra, Justin can pull a ventriloquist act and make his voice appear to be coming from every direction simultaneously. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: D

Owner: Justin Cope

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  Weapon Name: Hysteria

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a C-rank amount of chakra, Justin can influence the mind of a single target. For two posts, the target will think that everything Justin says is hilarious, and have a difficult time controlling the incredible urge to bust out laughing. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim pale green light. This light serves no real purpose. This counts as genjutsu and is subject to the Genjutsu rules.

Slot Cost: C

Owner: Justin Cope

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  Weapon Name: Tuning

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: D

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a D-rank amount of chakra, Justin can change his voice to anything he can imagine. This can allow him to immitate other people perfectly or sound like an animal. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: D

Owner: Justin Cope

Scorpio Pendant
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  Item Name
Scorpio Pendant

Item Type

Item Rank

The thread that the symbol is on is about 2 feet in length. The metal itself is only an inch in diameter.


Posted Image
Normally worn under Justin's shirt, it is long enough that the pendant normally rests right in the chest bowl.

By touching the pendant directly or through his shirt, Justin envelops it in chakra via his fingertips. This pendant molds the chakra in a manner similar to Bunshin no jutsu, creating images that look exactly like Justin did at the time of activation. These holograms are fake and have no mass yet somehow do manage to cast shadows, nor can they speak. Basically, this is Bunshin.

Slot Cost
Bunshin slot

Justin Cope

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  Weapon Name: Omnitrix

Weapon Type: Watch

Weapon Rank: E

Dimensions: About 7 inches from end to end. The strap is about 3/4" wide while the "watch" part is as large as 3 inches in diameter, sticking out an inch.

Weight: About a half pound.

Posted Image

Specialties: The user slams down the watch, causing it to push down, almost like it was just a button. The user can then use Henge through the watch itself

In place of the normal puff of smoke that signifies a change in appearance, there is a bright green flash of light that is nowhere near the strength of a light bomb, so it can't be used to blind someone.

This watch cannot tell time.

Slot Cost: Henge slot

Owner: Justin Cope

100% Net
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  Item Name: 100% Net

Item Type: Ball

Item Rank: B

Dimensions: Similar to a tennis ball

Weight: 5 oz

This is basically a small net held in ball shape, and one can see through the netting. If a creature has been captured, it can be seen through the netting of the ball.

Despite the appearance, it feels and has the physical properties of a rather heavy tennis ball.

Specialties: The 100% Net is a relatively simple sealing item. One first throws it at a target. Upon contact, it seals a single creature that is not a human, RPC, shinobi pet or summon into itself. Said creature is unsealed upon impact of the ball.

Anything with ninja like skill of a Chuunin or above can easily break free once captured.

Things sealed within a 100% Net cannot be carried between threads.

Slot Cost:

Owner: Justin Cope

Love Serum
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  Name: Love serum

Creator: Kai Kudo

Rank: D

State: Liquid

Delivery Method: Delivered into the blood

Poison Effect: This poison reroutes the flow of blood a little bit. It forces blood to accumulate in the target's pelvic area by siphoning trace amounts away from the rest of the body. This also causes a very mild euphoric effect that is noticeable, albeit barely, and has minimal effect on the target.

Activation Time: 2 posts

Effect Duration: 3 posts.

Adam's Root Beer
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  Weapon Name: Adam's Root Beer

Weapon Type: Root Beer

Weapon Rank: D

Dimensions: A standard 12 fl oz (355ml) bottle.

Weight: 12 fl oz

The only flaw in the above picture is that the cap of the bottle is purple, not red.

Specialties: When consumed, Adam's Root Beer revitalizes and hydrates a person as if they had just consumed a food pill and a water pill.

Owner: Andras Kurokin

Double Agent
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  Item Name: Double Agent

Item Type: Earmuff

Item Rank: C

Dimensions: They are form fitted to Justin's head. The over ear part is 40mm in diameter.

Weight: 2lbs

Posted Image

Specialties: These tap into the brain pattern of the wearer and produce quality and generally pleasing sounds.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Justin Cope

Head Shot
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  Weapon Name: Head Shot

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: B

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a B-rank amount of chakra, Justin hardens his hair to the sharpness of senbon, then launch it out of his scalp towards his opponent The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: B

Owner: Justin Cope

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  Weapon Name: Multishot

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a C-rank amount of chakra, Justin charges two Swiss Army Kunai with chakra. After a brief moment to aim Justin will then launch his projectiles simultaneously, moving silently. The weapons will cluster, spinning vertically around each other. Behind, and slightly in front, of them there will be a "blurring" effect, making the form seem a bit shapeless Upon getting closer to the enemy they will speed up, the added momentum opening the latches built into the weapons to loosen, releasing their contents in a spray, moving forward. Due to the unique design of the compartment containing the scroll, that particular compartment will be unaffected.

The materials of those compartments will leave the weapons, moving in a net-like pattern. The notes will detonate shortly after being released, due to the sudden impact that occurs when moving from the closed environment of the interior of the weapon to the rough outside.

The pin and Swiss Army Kunai must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: C

Owner: Justin Cope

Heat Vision
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  Weapon Name: Heat Vision

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: B

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a B-rank amount of chakra, Justin can see heat, rather than see normally for a post. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: B

Owner: Justin Cope

Fear Itself
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  Weapon Name: Fear Itself

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a C-rank amount of chakra, Justin causes the target to see and experience whatever it is they fear most for two posts. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose. This counts as a Genjutsu and is subject to the Genjutsu rules.

Slot Cost: C

Owner: Justin Cope

Forced Empathy
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  Weapon Name: Forced Empathy

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin, as well as an instrument of choice, in a C-rank amount of chakra, it allows the target to “hear” the thoughts of the user, as if they were performing a case of mind reading for two posts. Of course, as this is only a one way deal, conversation is impossible. Also, as the target can’t block out the sound of the user’s thoughts, in the hands of a true psychopath, this can be a very destructive technique.

The pin must be touched to be used, as well as the instrument made musical. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose.

Slot Cost: C

Owner: Justin Cope

Sleep Tight
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  Weapon Name: Sleep Tight

Weapon Type: Pin

Weapon Class: Item with special abilities.

Dimensions: A circular pin that can be attached to clothing by a needle in the back. The pin is about an inch in diameter.

Weight: Like..less than an ounce? Ridiculously low.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: By enveloping the pin in a B-rank amount of chakra, Justin summons numerous white feathers to litter the area. All who see the feathers will fall into a deep slumber. The pin must be touched to be used. When it has chakra flowing through it, the pin glows with a dim yellow light. This light serves no real purpose. This counts as genjutsu and is subject to the Genjutsu rules.

Slot Cost: B.

Owner: Justin Cope

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: Vasquez

Species: Prinny

Gender: Male

Height: 4'8"

Length: 1'? I dunno.

Weight: 100 lbs

Appearance: A Prinny is a large penguin like creature. Where a normal penguin is black, this one is blue. The Prinny appears to be sewn together, as there are stitches along the color change from white to blue on it's torso. It does, however, have hands like a human. It carries a small pouch on its waist that holds bombs, exploding tags, and two knives.

Rank: A

Language: Common, Rikuhuu, Sati. All have a heavy Prinny accent, even though Prinny isn't a language.

Element: Katon

Fighting Type: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu

- Sealing pouch. This works just like a sealing scroll, except in pouch form. All the Prinny's items are stored inside unless in use.
- Two 1'3" titanium knives that are sharpened on both sides.
- 10 explosive bombs. 4 A1 exploding tags line the inner surface of the bomb. These tags are modified to be more sensitive so they will detonate from the impact of the bomb hitting it's target.
- 40 A1 exploding tags.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Physical Strengths
Incredible dexterity
Excellent strength
Insane levels of swordsmanship

Physical Weaknesses
Explodes when thrown
Low flexibility
Nearly no chakra control

Mental Strengths
Ignores pain. It will fight as if healthy until it dies.
Can see reality. (immune to sight related Genjutsu of B rank or below)

Mental Weaknesses
Mind of a 5 year old
Disloyal. Unless smacked into submission, a Prinny will usually act on its childish impulses.

Prinny Barrage
Rank: A
Description: Vasquez leaps into the air, attaching one exploding tag to each of his two blades. At the peak of the jump, he hurls one blade at the target. Once the tag explodes, he launches the other one. After the explosion, the blade flies back to Vasquez. He will catch it, attach another tag, and hurl it back. Alternating knives means there is almost a constant string of explosions. This continues until the Prinny has used up ten explosive tags.

Yanagi no Mai [Dance of the Willow]
Rank: B
Requirement: Two Blades.
Description: To perform this technique, the user must have two blades in their hands. The user can then use these blades to stab, slice, or even impale their target in the movements similar to that of dancing. With quick movements and fast jabs, this is a formidable dance.

Boushi [Spinning]
Rank: C
Requirements: Good on feet.
Description: This move is similar to Tsuuga, but instead of spinning in the air, the user spins on the ground, similar to the cartoon Tazmanian devil. The user then becomes disoriented and dizzy after this jutsu.

Skull Crashers
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  Item Name: SkullCrashers

Item Type: Headphones

Item Rank: B

Dimensions: The bar between phones that extends over the head is adjustable. It can range from 11" to 14" by adjustable sliding bands. This bar is slightly less than an inch wide and about 1cm thick. The earphones themselves are elliptical. At the center from left to right, they are 5cm long. At the center from top to bottom, they are 10cm.

Weight: About 2lbs.

Appearance: Posted Image

Specialties: Like their predecessor, Double Agent, these headphones tap into the mind of the user and create sounds based on what the user would prefer. However, unlike Double Agent, the sounds are not simply pleasing. They are aggressive and meant to get the user's blood and adrenaline pumping.

Bass Amplified Subwoofer: This new feature makes the sound heavier and more 'punchy'. In most instances this increases the effect of the sounds on the user. However, when this feature is activated the headphones become 100% sound canceling.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Justin Cope

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Item Type: Hole

Item Rank: B

Dimensions: No

Weight: No

Appearance: Also no

Specialties: This little pocket dimension is always attached to just behind Justin's back, and cannot be moved. It is spaced just far enough away that it can be utilized with normal clothing on, but too close to be used when he is in Slagwurm Armor.

Simply put, it stores his stuff. The entire purpose is so Justin can reach behind his back and pull out tools. All items inside the hole still weigh Justin down as if they were kept on his person. In addition, this only stores items on his profile.

Slot Cost:

Owner: Justin Cope

Normal Ninja Items

Da Chair
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  Weapon Name: Da Chair

Weapon Type: Puppet

Weapon Rank: C


Full Height: 50 inches (Seat to ground: 25 inches, Back of chair: 25 inches)
Seat Dimensions: 3x3 feet
Wheels: 3 foot diameter on big wheels, 4 inch diameter on small wheels
Handles: 6 inches long, 4 inches in diameter
Foot holsters: 7x7 inches

Weight: 30 lbs

Appearance: This looks like a wooden chair, only with large wheels on the side and wooden handles attached to the back of the chair. The wheels in the back are very large with wooden spokes, while the ones in the front are smaller, more like metal discs.

The seat is padded, as are the handles. The chair handles have hinges on the sides of them (explained later). On the underside of the chair is a small motor, which connects to the back wheels via a few strands of wire.

It also has cupholders.

Specialties: By sending a small amount of Raiton chakra into the chair, the user can charge the motor, allowing the wheels to turn. By manipulating the raiton chakra sent into the chair, the user is able to control whether the wheels roll forward or back, and can also make the front wheels turn, causing the chair to turn left or right. The chair moves at average speed for the rank of the user.

On jutsu related notes, this chair can also be controlled using techniques such as wire manipulation or kugutsu, and can have chakra channeled into it for technqiues that typically require the user's feet, such as kinobori and suimen.

It can hold beverages in a socket for bottles and other containers for drinks. Basically, cupholders.

Weapons and Devices: The chair handles can each be opened to reveal senbon launchers, each of which holds 30 senbon. Senbon are launched forward by a spring mechanism, with the trigger being the handle itself. However, the can only fire directly ahead of the chair.

Cupholders. It has them.

Owner: Andras Kurokin

Swiss Army Kunai
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Weapon Type: Kunai

Weapon Rank: D

Blade Material and Description: Regular kunai with compartments (see specialties)

Handle Material and Description: Regular kunai with compartment (see specialties)

Length/Height: Normal kunai.

Weight: A bit heavier than an actual kunai depending on what is inside.

Appearance: At a glance, it is just a normal kunai. Upon inspection, it has 5 tiny compartments on the blade that are made to store specific items. Also, the bottom can unscrew and reveal another compartment in the handle.

Specialties: There are 5 compartments on the blade that fold open upwards made specifically to hold the following:
- 5 senbon, 2 if wrapped in exploding tags
- a small 2" knife for cutting soft objects
- a small pair of scissors
- a nailfile
- 10 toothpicks

The end of the handle unscrews revealing a hollow handle that can hold a single scroll.

Drill Kunai
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   Item Name: Drill Kunai

Item Type: Kunai

Item Rank: E

Dimensions: Same as a kunai

Weight: Same as a kunai

Appearance: The 'blade' of Drill Kunai are more rounded and threaded, much like a drill.

Specialties: These Kunai are the drills that will pierce the heavens.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Kai Kudo

Mercury Ignition Bolts
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  Weapon Name: Mercury Ignition Bolts

Weapon Type: Crossbow Bolt

Weapon Rank: D

Dimensions: 16" long, 1cm thick

Weight: Slightly less than a normal aluminum bolt, so not much at all

Appearance: An aluminum crossbow bolt that has been tinted red in color

Specialties: These bolts are hollow and contain a single exploding tag set to impact rolled up as tight as possible inside each one

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Justin Cope

Torpedo Bolts
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  Weapon Name: Torpedo Bolts

Weapon Type: Crossbow Bolt

Weapon Rank: D

Dimensions: 16" long, 1cm thick

Weight: Slightly more than a normal aluminum bolt, so not much at all

Appearance: An aluminum crossbow bolt that has been tinted blue in color

Specialties: These bolts are designed so they retain their original velocity when moving from air to water.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Justin Cope

Mirror Bolts
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  Weapon Name: Mirror Bolt

Weapon Type: Crossbow Bolt

Weapon Rank: C

Dimensions: 16" long, 1cm thick

Weight: Slightly more than a normal aluminum bolt, so not much at all

Appearance: An aluminum crossbow bolt that has had a 95% reflective coating placed on it.

Specialties: Due to the reflective surface these bolts, while not anywhere near invisible, are a bit more difficult to see.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Justin Cope

Luminescent Bolts
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  Weapon Name: Luminescent Bolt

Weapon Type: Crossbow Bolt

Weapon Rank: D

Dimensions: 16" long, 1cm thick

Weight: Slightly more than a normal aluminum bolt, so not much at all

Appearance: An aluminum crossbow bolt that has been tinted a very pale yellow in color

Specialties: These bolts are designed to glow with ambient light, similar to the Lightbulb jutsu. Said light actually hangs in mid-air once the bolt has passed for about ten seconds, creating a line of light. Also, these bolts can follow a path predetermined by the user prior to firing, assuming turns do not exceed ten degrees over twenty feet.

Slot Cost: D

Owner: Justin Cope

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Weapon Name: Ectoplasm

Weapon Type: Material

Weapon Class: Item w/special abilities

Dimensions: Varies

Weight: Equivalent to iron, exact value varies depending on dimensions

Appearance: Opaque, white, and constantly shifting, like looking at smoke as it rises, except it retains the shape it was molded into.

Specialties: Ectoplasm is a type of chakra-based material that has no solid form. Rather, it is designed to only be wielded through the use of chakra, and has the unique property of being able to strike targets with no physical substance, while being completely unable to hit a target that possesses a physical substance.

Thus, if a regular iron sword and an ectoplasm sword clashed, they would pass through each other. The iron sword would strike true, but the ectoplasm sword would slide right through the intended target. However, ectoplasm can be used to attack targets that are using jutsu that remove their physical substance through some means, or targets with a non-physical aspect to them, such as Leech All Creation, Fake Illusion, and any type of chakra-based attack or barrier. As usual, breaking a barrier requires sufficient force, so you can't *just* swing an ectoplasm sword and cut open Eien. For any barriers or maintained jutsu that are affected by this, they regenerate back to normal within one post.

When not in use, ectoplasm retains a seal that sustains it. Before it can be used in battle, the sustaining seal must be removed. At this point, each ectoplasm item must be fed a D-rank amount of chakra per post (at C-rank concentration) to keep the ectoplasm from dispersing into nothing and vanishing into thin air. Thus, the ectoplasm weapon must maintain contact with the user at all times.

Any item can be made of ectoplasm, from swords, to wire, to armor, to sunglasses, to frozen squids, so long as the above rules are followed. Ectoplasm is equivalent to iron with respect to weight and durability. In case it has not been made clear thus far, this is a type of metal, and can be used with jutsu such as Wind Layer. There can be no half-ectoplasm, half-other-substance items. An item must be made entirely of ectoplasm, and applied for as such.

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Black Market Omar

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  Item Name: Protoplasm

Item Type: Material

Item Rank: B

Dimensions: Varies, its a material

Weight: It has roughly the same density as steel. Weight varies by what's made of it.

Appearance: A translucent green.

Specialties: After frivalous hours of studying a sample of Ectoplasm provided by ally organization the Black Market Omar, Starlabs was able to improve upon their ectoplasmic formula.

Specifically, items made of protoplasm will be intangible to anyone but their owner and someone who is themselves intangible. This does not require contact with the protoplasmic item as its predecessor did. However, like ectoplasm, an item cannot be made of a composite of protoplasm and a solid material.

Slot Cost:

Owner: Starlabs / The Black Market Omar

Adhesive Arrow
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  Item Rank: C

Appearance: This is a nromal wooden arrow, with a small white bulb where the sharpened head would be.

Specialties: When this arrow impacts, the white head unseals a specially made adhesive that coats the object impacted (Even if it were to strike a person, it would coat the article of clothing struck, vs covering the entire body if it hit bare skin).

This adhesive hardens almost instantly, but is weak. it crusts whatever is struck, making it heavier and inflexible. As such, if it hits a target, it temporarily immobilizes the afected area. Even meager strength can break out of this adhesive in a short period of time, however. The arrow was meant to slow targets, not cripple them.

Slot Cost: None

Corrosive Arrow
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  Item Rank: B

Appearance: This is a normal wooden arrow with a rounded green head rather than a sharpened point.

Specialties: When this arrow impacts, it bursts into a green corrsive liquid that obliterates textiles, drastically deteroriates stone, wood and metal, and painfully burns human flesh.

Slot Cost: B

Potshot Arrow
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  Item Rank: B

Appearance: An arrow with a red bulb where the sharpened tip would be.

Specialties: When fired, this arrow spawns twenty identical arrows around it in midair. Each of these arrows explodes on impact.

Slot Cost: B

Feedback Arrow
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  Item Rank: C

Appearance: This looks like a normal arrow with a purple rounded head instead of a sharpened one.

Specialties: When this arrow impacts, a painfully highpitched sound is emitted in the area. This is quite painful to hear.

Slot Cost:

Glass Wire
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  Item Name: Glass Wire

Item Type: Wire

Item Rank: B

Dimensions: Thicker than normal ninja wire, about 1mm in diameter.

Weight: 1lb/sq foot

Appearance: Normally the wire has an opaque blue tint.

As flexible as ninja wire
Very fragile

Slot Cost: None

Owner: Ryuuko Clan

Thousand Bolts
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  Thousand Bolts

Item Type: Crossbow

Item Rank: B

Dimensions: The crossbow is about 25 inches long and about an inch and a half wide, except at the bow, which is 18 inches wide. From the bottom of the handle to the top of the crossbow is about 6 inches. A spring loaded clip containing ten bolts inserted into the bottom is about 5 inches high.

Weight: 12 pounds

Appearance: This durable crossbow is made of dense red oak and pained black. The trigger is far from a hair trigger, and actually fires upon release as opposed to pull. Pulling it back half way maneuvers the strings to set the bolt in place. The spring loaded clips allow the next bolt to be loaded almost instantly after the first is launched.

Specialties: If the trigger is pulled back all the way, this siphons two A ranks of chakra out of the wielder and into the currently loaded bolt. About a sixteenth of a second after being launched, the magick begins. Around this one bolt forms nine hundred ninety nine more bolts just like the original. Anything attached to the original does not copy over. These bolts are all spread apart by about one to three centimeters, so the swarm covers about three square meters.

Slot Cost: A

Owner: Justin Cope

Ring Weapon
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  Needs to be recreated since my original design doesn't exist anymore.

Swiss Army Sword
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  Also needs to be recreated. I hate my original vision.

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Tremere Jutsu

Levinbolt: Spark
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  Rank: D

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Offensive

Range: Touch

Element: Raiton

Village Origin: The land where Konoki now stands.

Description: Spark allows one to build up a tiny static charge, enough to make a noticeable snap with a touch. Such a discharge poses little threat to healthy targets, though the energy can ruin delicate electronics or stun an unlikely victim.

Creator: Tremere and the Council of Seven (Collaborative effort)

Training Time: 15 days.

Call of Vitae
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  Call of Vitae

Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Passive

Range: Mid

Village Origin: Hyouga

Description: Kai has such great control over his Tremere blood that he can use it even if it has been spilled previously. Kai can draw on the power of his or another Tremere's blood that is outside his/their body to utilize any effect he could normally do with his own blood.

Only blood that has not already been used for a Tremere ability can be used with this style.

Creator: Kai Kudo

Training Time: 5 days

Soul Reaver
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  Name: Demonic Blade: Soul Reaver

Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Enhancement

Range: Self

Element: N/A

Clan Origin : Tremere

Requirements: Reaver Steel

Description: The user completes the needed handseals, channeling chakra into the Reaver Steel. This causes a blade expansion wherein a chakra blade forms around the original. This seems to glow, the color of the glow varying by the user’s preference.

This chakra blade effectively doubles the thickness and length of the Reaver Steel weapon, and gives it some useful enhancements. First and foremost, the chakra blade can pierce things that a normal Reaver Steel Blade cannot. This is because the chakra blade doesn’t so much cut through what it impacts as it does pass right through it and cause damage to the area.

What’s particularly nifty about this is that while the Soul Reaver Is active, all Reaver Steel is capable of drawing twice as much blood as it normally can on impact.

Post Duration: Indefinite, be mindful of upkeep.

Creator: Uehara-Ronin, Axel

Training Time: 5

Levinbolt: Illuminate
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  Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Offensive

Range: A few inches

Element: Raiton

Requirements: Levinbolt: Spark

Village Origin: The land where Konoki now stands.

Description: This is referred to as the "40-watt Tremere". The Tremere summons enough electricity to cover his or her hand or arm in arcing bolts. This power can charge a battery or briefly run a small device, or even leave a nasty burn on a touched subject.

Creator: Tremere and the Council of Seven (Collaborative effort)

Training Time: 17 days

Thaumaturgical Wires
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Thaumaturgical Wires





Fighting Style]]



Short, but extends as long as the wire.




Must have Tremere blood in their body.

Village Origin]]

Nagare, probably. Unless I decide to train elsewhere for whatever reason.


This is an extension of Wire Manipulation Jutsu. When performing Wire Manipulation, the ends of the wire are made into a fine point, allowing the wire to dig into most any ground with ease. Although not its intended purpose, this also makes the wire a small bit more deadly, since it can now puncture.

If used without Wire Manipulation, the ends of the wire still come to a point, but it doesn't allow any greater control over the wire. This technique does not require handseals.


Andras Kurokin. However, after he creates it, it will be stored in the Tremere archives, so anyone with access can learn it from a scroll.

Training Time]]

5 days.

Vitae Clone
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  Vitae Clone
Chi Bunshin no Jutsu
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Fighting Style: Passive
Range: Long
Village Origin: Multiple (see creator)
Requirements: Must have attained Initial Mastry
Description: Using his or her own blood as a base for this jutsu, the user creates a replica of himself with physical properties which allows for the clone to actually interact with its environment. The power of the Vitae Clone is 1/10 of the power of the user. This includes the weapons, power, speed, endurance and etc. One hit will destroy the bunshin, causing it to revert into an explosion of blood.
* Special Notes *
- User must have an open bleeding wound to use Vitae Clone
- Each bunshin takes 1/10 of your chakra pool and 1 pint of blood to make.
- Bunshin can only travel a moderate distance from the user
- Bunshin have 1/10 the power of the user. This includes weapons, items, powers, speed, reaction speed, etc.
- Vitae Clone can perform taijutsu, non-elemental jutsu, Tremere clan jutsu, and E/D ranked elemental jutsu that the user knows. Note however, that a Vitae Clone only has as much chakra as the user gave it, and some of it is used to maintain the clone. Attempting to use a jutsu the clone no longer has enough chakra for will cause the bunshin to burst without the jutsu being performed.
- Will disperse after a single hit or upon the user's command.
Creator: Many Tremere have 'invented' this jutsu independently of each other due to it's similarities with normal elemental clones.
Training Time: 5 days

Levinbolt: Power Array
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Rank: B

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Offensive

Range: Touch

Element: Raiton

Requirements: Levinbolt: Illuminate

Village Origin: The land where Konoki now stands.

Description: Like a looming thundercloud, the Tremere holds the waiting fury of lightning. Although the user cannot create or direct a charge strongly or accurately enough to launch actual bolts of electricity, he or she can conduct power through other substances or even absorb nearby energies.

Creator: Tremere and the Council of Seven (Collaborative effort)

Training Time: 20 days

Levinbolt: Zeus' Fury
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  Rank: A

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Offensive

Range: Four meters

Element: Raiton

Requirements: Levinbolt: Power Array

Village Origin: The land where Konoki now stands.

Description: Accomplished Tremere can not only absorb electrical power, but shape and redirect it. The user may arc lightning from his or her body to nearby targets or hold a potent charge that raises hair on end and sparks with suppressed energy.

The Tremere is holding the electrical power equivalent of a single bolt of lightning in his or her body. This energy can be discharged in any ratio split between four bolts of electricity.

If all the energy has not been expended within five posts, the remaining electricity is fed back into the Tremere's body and damages them as if struck by a bolt of the remaining energy.

Creator: Tremere and the Council of Seven (Collaborative effort)

Training Time: 25 days

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  Name: Bloodgrass

Rank: A

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Physical

Range: Close

Element: None

Village Origin: Sato

Requirements: Grass Seeds, Thaumaturgy: Path of Blood

Description: This is a technique designed specifically for Jashinru Kagemaru, after the Omar dissected his body in search for anomalies. They discovered that his blood had unique traits that warranted investigation. Further study of a blood sample allowed them to create this technique.

By using the Tremere bloodline, a Tremere can sprinkle chakra-enriched blood on some seeds of grass. Then, after finishing the required handseals, the grass seeds turn a deep red hue.

At this point, the actual jutsu is complete. The enchanted grass seeds are now classified as "blood grass". The enchantment only lasts for one thread, meaning that the enchantment must be done in the same thread as the seeds are used, and will fade if the thread is left for any reason.

The grass seeds have a unique property. When placed on the wound of an opponent, even a small one, they will grow at a rapid place, feeding off the opponent's blood supply as their roots literally grow into the target's veins. This is not only painful, but will drain the target's blood supply. This obviously occurs faster when more grass is inserted into a wound. Only ten seeds can be enchanted for an A-rank. Any more require another A-rank. The roots only extend a half-inch into the vein, so that ripping out the grass will not cause the person to bleed out extremely quickly, though they will still need to tend to the wound to avoid losing too much blood.

Creator: Black Market Omar Agents

Training Time: 11 days

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  Name: Corrode [Kusareru]

Rank: A

Element: None

Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Very Short

Requirements: Rotten Hands [Kusattate]

Description: By channeling an exponentially larger amount of chakra when performing Rotten Hands [Kusattate], the user of this jutsu is able to reach incredulous degrees of corrosion; being able to decompose wood into fine dust the smallest amount of seconds and being able to turn iron into rusted debris as well. Being an advancement in Rotten Hands [Kusattate], the knowledge of this technique allows it and its predecessor to be performed like Kinobori; i.e. with any part of their body.

Training Time: 9 days

Creator: Bacchus [Tremere Clan]

Seal of Essence
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  Name: Seal of Essence

Rank: S

Element: None

Organization of Origin: Tremere

Description: This is not a seal one can place on themselves. Rather, it is a seal used by the Tremere to seal a portion of the target's soul within themselves.

This technique can only be performed on someone who is near death, typically from the user or another Tremere having fed from them first. The body weakened in a near death state, the user is able to perform handseals, slicing their hand and placing the cut hand upon the neck of the target.

The blood is infused with the user's chakra, which is used to form the seal on the neck. The placement of this seal generates blood within the target to return them to sustained life. However, this comes at the price of a portion of their soul, which is sealed within the Tremere who placed the seal upon them. The user, then, bears a similar seal over their heart, which is where the imprisoned souls are sealed.

Any creature whose soul is sealed using this technique becomes indebted to the user. They must obey their every command and never take a course of action that would cause their master harm.

The target may willfully avoid the seal being placed upon them by choosing instead to die, and may also choose to, rather than obeying their master, instantly drop dead.

Creator: Ryuuko, Raphael

Seal: Two red marks that look like scars from puncture wounds

Training Time: 13 Days

Levinbolt: Eye of the Storm
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  Rank: S

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Offensive

Range: Ten meters

Element: Raiton

Requirements: Levinbolt: Zeus' Fury

Village Origin: The land where Konoki now stands.

Description: The Tremere becomes a shifting, sparkling pillar of electrical power. The merest glance can prove dangerous, the touch especially fatal. The energy channeled by Eye of the Storm can tear apart the body of one who does not practice Levinbolt or spectacularly detonate all but the most heavily shielded electrical components. Wood, metal, plastic and similar materials combust dramatically with contact, burn or even sublimate.

The sparking, glowing form of the Tremere becomes a veritable halo of energy, and onlookers suffer from the excessively bright light and flashing afterimages.

Creator: Tremere and the Council of Seven (Collaborative effort)

Training Time: 30 days.

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  Name: Repentance

Rank: S

Type: Medical Ninjutsu/Kinjutsu

Range: Touch

Element: N/A

Village of Origin: Hyouga

Requirements: Healing hands; Tremerian Bloodline Path of Blood

"With this I give back the Blood I take"

Description: Using this technique, the user makes a slit across each of his palms placing there hands on a place of healing, exactly as one would do with healing hands. The place chakra into the now running blood from there hands. Using this technique the user gains the power to restore target body part back to a time of good health. For instance using this technique, one could re-make a muscle that was lost to an arm to restore its movement capabilities, also using this one could restart a non beating heart, or restore cells that a poison destroyed. (However it is not capable of removing poison)

How this works: The user makes the cuts across there hands, and forms chakra within the cuts themselves, however its the same chakra as healing hands. Only now its merging with the Tremeres blood, and forms a red aura of healing. By moving this Aura of healing much like one would with healing hands, it restores that body part back to a time of good health. However doing this has a major draw back on the user. .7 pints of blood are being siphoned from the user every post this is in use.

The user however can do this without having their hands cut, by merely focusing blood and chakra at that point of the body, where it needs to be healed.

As a side ability, one may slice the hands of others and place them under the hands of the user, in order to help pay 1/3 of the cost, from the user. However it can only be done with that persons permission, because they LET your chakra overcome and take control of theres to do this.

Clause: One must use an entire bodies worth of blood to bring a dead body back to healthy/living status.

A-rank upkeep per post.

Training time: 15 Days

Creater: Kagemaru Jashinru

Justin's Jutsu

Tooth Extraction
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Tooth Extraction

Rank: E

Requisite: Kinobori training.

Type: Taijutsu

Fighting Style: Medical

Range: Touch

Village Origin: Rikuhi

Description: This jutsu is rather simple. The user merely sticks their hand inside the target's mouth and grabs a tooth. After obtaining a grip by a light application of Kinobori, the user pulls back as hard as possible to remove the tooth.

Creator: Justin Cope

Training Time: 1 day

Splint Creation
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  Splint Creation

Rank: E

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Medical

Range: Touch

Element: Mokuton and Doton. Justin taught himself the Doton version.

Village Origin: Rikuhi

Description: The user plunges his or her fingers into the Earth (or tree for Mokuton users) and pulls out two long earthen or wooden bars. These bars are fragile and can take little strain.

Creator: Justin Cope

Training Time: 1 day

Bone Setting
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  Bone Setting

Rank: D

Type: Taijutsu

Fighting Style: Medical

Range: Touch

Village Origin: Rikuhi

Description: By lightly tapping near a broken bone, the user sends out a 'ping' of sorts. When he or she feels the ping return, they can tell how far away the bone is. By doing this all around the broken limb, they can tell exactly where and how the bone is broken. Once a mental image is established, the user forms an open palm above his or her head and slams it down in a quick strike to the broken bone, applying the exact correct amount of pressure and force to shove it back into place to heal correctly.

Creator: Justin Cope

Training Time: 2 days

TK Lite
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: TK Lite

Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Survey

Range: Short

Element: None

Village Origin: Rikuhi

Description: After the necessary handseals, the user reaches out their hand and 'touches' an object within eyesight. They can feel the texture of this object, as well as any heat and anything else they would feel were they actually touching it. However, the thing being touched makes no indication that it is being touched. Fabrics won't move, and people won't feel anything. Beyond knowing how something feels, one cannot interact with objects via this jutsu.

Post Duration: 1

Creator: Justin Cope

Training Time: 5 days

Air Hike
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: Air Hike

Rank: A

Type: Ninjutsu

Prerequisites: Mastery of Kinobori and Suimen Hokou no Gyou

Fighting Style: Transportation

Range: Personal

Element: None

Village Origin: Rikuhi

Description: Kinobori allows young ninja to stick to surfaces. Adding more chakra causes them to detach at high speeds. Suimen allows the same thing, but on water. Air Hike expands on this, and allows one to stick to gases. However, due to the natural properties of gas, it is impossible to actually stand on them. Thus, this can only be used for the other purpose of jumping. It takes a B rank amount of chakra per 'jump' and does not require any handseals.

Creator: Justin Cope

Training Time: 10 days

Regular Jutsu

Chakra Coat
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  Name: Chakra Coat

Rank: D

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Support

Range: Self

Element: none

Organization of Origin: Knights o the Old Republic

Description: The user focuses their elemental chakra, causing a thin coating of it to form around their body and weapons. This can only utilize three potential elements: Raiton, Fuuton and Katon. The chakra causes some slight differences in the user's appearance, depending on what elemental chakra the user has available for use.

Katon: The user's body will look as if it has burst into flames. However, these flames do not actually have any heat to them, they just look cool. Their footsteps will also seem to leave a trail of flames that diminishes after only a few seconds

Raiton: The user's body seems to emit sparks in all directions, though these sparks have no real electrical conductivity and just look cool.

Fuuton: the wind will seem to kick up around the user, making their hair and clothes flap around dramatically. Again, this just looks cool/intimidating.

On a more practical note, this coating of chakra grants slight augmentation to any bladed weapons the user attacks with. The visual aesthetics of the field also carry over. However, the blade will be hot (enough to cause the mildest of burns) for katon, somewhat shocking (akin to a normal static electiricty shock) for Raiton, or just be a tiny bit sharper than normal for fuuton

This coating requires a D rank amount of chakra per post

Post Duration: Indefinite, but a D rank amount of chakra must be paid each post

Creator: Long Since Forgotten. Legend has it that a member of the tremere clan helped in its design, however.

Training Time: 4 Days

Controlled Kinobori
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: Controlled Kinobori

Rank: B

Type: Special Ability

Fighting Style: Passive

Range: Personal

Village Origin: Hyouga

Description: It is common knowledge that applying the incorrect amount of chakra when utilizing Kinobori can have rather disastrous effects. Through liberal use of this unorthadox technique, Justin has learned how to harness the power of the so-called 'Reverse Kinobori'. When using Kinobori, Justin knows how much extra chakra to add to throw himself off, and can set his flight path prior to launch. Also, he can put too little in and slide across surfaces with practiced ease.

With even greater control and concentration, he can utilize this force backwards, forcing objects touched away from him instead of him away from it.

Creator: Justin Cope

Marionette's Counterfeit Wiring
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: Marionette's Counterfeit Wiring

Rank: B

Type: Active

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Requirements: Puppetry Jutsu and Wire Manipulation

Range: Long

Village Origin: Hyouga

Description: The user is able to manipulate how tangible the chakra strings used by Kugutsu and other related jutsu are. While a jutsu which requires chakra puppet strings is in use, the user may choose to make one or more strings solid and visible. When tangible, these strings are counted as a kind of wire the user has on his or her profile, and can be used with wire related jutsu. However, it is still Kugutsu or a related technique controlling the solid strings, not wire manipulation. Thus, the normal concentration of that technique applies.

Creator: Kai Kudo

Training Time: 9 days

Tensei Kekkai
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Name: Tensei Kekkai

Rank: A

Type: Ninjutsu

Fighting Style: Defensive

Range: 50mx50mx50m

Village Origin: Sato

Description: The user creates a visible cube in the palm of their hand that expands outwards to a massive cube 50 meters on each side, with the user at the center. Only things inside the barrier upon creation are able to see the barrier. If someone not originally in the barrier passes through, they will walk through it as the area was when the barrier was first created. This means that any damage done to the area since creation will not be visible to those pasing through, nor will the people originally inside the barrier be seen.

The main purpose of Tensei Kekkai is to prevent collateral damage. Upon releasing the barrier, the area will return to exactly the state it was in the instant before the barrier was erected. This can only be done if the user willfully releases it, though. If the user is killed or incapacitated, the barrier will dissolve and all damage done to the area will be made real. Members of the animal kingdom will not be returned to their original states.

This takes incredible concentration to erect and release, but minimal to sustain. Even with that, the barrier can only remain stable for an hour. If the barrier is not released within that time period, it dissolves and all the damage is made real.

Creator: Kinsmen and Tremere collaboration.

Training Time: 12 days

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  This is the release of a massive amount of pure chakra from not only the user, but two other EJ+ ranked ninja and the surrounding environment. The two secondary users must push as much of their own chakra into the primary user as possible and help him/her focus it through the primary user's hands and arms. Each caster must supply 1 S and 1 A rank worth of chakra that the primary user puts into a single spot in front of them. Keeping this under control takes incredible concentration and the primary user cannot be concentrating on any other actions or jutsu while performing ARE YOU KEN?!!! The other two users must draw in an additional 7 A-ranks worth of chakra from the surrounding environment. Grass will wither and die. All life except for humans (and shinobi pets/summons for balance) within 15 feet of the users will die as the energy needed for this technique is drawn in.

After the full SS amount of chakra is gathered at a single spot, the primary user pushes forward, unleashing a horrible blast of pure chaotic chakra that will devastate anything and everything in it's path. This does not burn, it only destroys at the cellular level. If hit with this, nothing can survive. Period.

Seal of Doom
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  Name: Seal of Doom

Rank: B

Element: None

Organization of Origin: The Manhunters

Description: A relic from the old mission of the Manhunters, this seal was originally designed to separate the Yin and Yang of the bearer upon activation, sealing away the Yin to make a darker, more formidable warrior. Yin is sealed away, while the other becomes dominant in the appearance, personality and abilities of the bearer.

Upon activation, The bearer's flesh becomes darker, and their hair either becomes pure black or pure white. Their body will seem to emit a purple aura, which looks as if their body is emitting electricity. This aura is a physical manifestation of the bearer's dark energy, causing anything within 3 inches of the user's body and any weapons they are wielding (More or less the extent of the aura itself) to sustain damage and pain that increases the longer they are exposed. Their personality becomes more cynical and prone to anger.

It costs a C rank amount of chakra to activate the seal. It costs a C rank chakra and concentration per post to maintain.

Creator: Manhunter Jutsu Team

Seal: A circle which is half white, half black, with a dot of the opposing color on each side.

Training Time: 4 Days

Booster Seal
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  Name: Booster Seal (Fuuin No Bu-sata)

Rank: C

Element: None

Village Origin: Konoki

Description: The user completes the needed handseals, then positions their hands over the area they desire to place the seal. They then release chakra, allowing it to disperse into the skin of the target.

Anyone who bears the seal becomes more resilient to injury (Though not to pain or damage). Their bones are significantly denser and harder to break, and their skin is much harder to cut and bruise. They even experience the symptoms of poison infection to a lesser degree.

The degree to which they become damage resistant is such that the bearer gains the additional damage resistance of a genin on top of that of their current rank.

Creator: Jinnu, Jun

Seal: This seal takes the form of a red "+" sign.

Training Time: 4 Days

Telepathy Seal
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  Name: Telepathy.

Rank: C.

Type: Ninjutsu.

Element: None.

Requirements: [Thread=57704]Rokukan [Sixth Sense].[/Thread]

Description: This technique was designed for covert communication, and as such does not require handseals. As its name suggests, this technique allows the user to telepathically communicate with another by bending wavelengths through the Sixth Sense. Communication is performed through telepathic thoughts and can be used with Animal Speech. The recipients must be within the range of Rokukan however, or this technique will fail. These thoughts can subconsciously be blocked out by those who do not wish to hear them.

Creator: Yuichi.

Training Time: 5.

Energy Seal
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  Name: Energy Seal [Fuuin No Konki]

Rank: B

Element: None

Organization of Origin: Knights of the Old Republic

Description: The user performs the needed handseals, and then clasps their hand over the part of the body where they would like to place the seal.

This seal allows the body to convert external energy the body is exposed to into small amounts of chakra (A D rank amount per post per energy source). Specifically, they can recover from exposure to sunlight, heat or electricity. The following is a list of the most common examples:

1) The bearer recovers 1 D rank amount of chakra per post while under sunlight
2) The bearer recovers 1 D rank amount of chakra per post while in extreme heat (Being in the Sun Country or a burning building, or being struck by a katon jutsu of C rank or greater. This does not work for genjutsu that make them feel hot, however)
3) The bearer recovers 1 D rank amount of chakra in any post where they are struck by a raiton technique of C rank or greater)

The bearer cannot, of course, recover to a point where they have more chakra than they would naturally.

Creator: Long Since Forgotten

Seal: Three arrows forming a swirling circular pattern


Training Time: 5 Days

Seal of Quality
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  Name: Seal of Quality (Fuuin no Tane)

Rank: B

Element: None

Organization of Origin: Knights of the Old Republic

Description: The user completes the needed handseals, placing their hand on the area they intend to place the seal on the target RPC. They then expel chakra outward from their hand, causing the seal to form.

The bearer of this seal has the ability to increase the potency of their jutsu. Specifically, ranged jutsu will have longer range, offensive jutsu will have more power and defensive jutsu will be able to endure greater damage.

However, this effect does come at a price. The bearer can double the potency of a jutsu by paying double its chakra/stamina cost. It cannot be used to enhance seals.

Creator: Long Since Forgotten

Seal: This is a green circle with a diamond in the center and two arrows on the sides pointing towards the center.

Training Time: 7 Days

Naval Seal
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  Name: Naval Seal [Fuuin no Kaigun]

Rank: B

Element: None

Type: Fuuuinjutsu (Ninjutsu)

Organization of Origin: Knights of the Old Republic

Description: The user performs the proper handseals, placing their hand upon the target's stomach. They send chakra into the stomach, causing the seal to form around the belly button.

The seal may be activated by the bearer for a C rank amount of chakra. The seal acts as a conduit, allowing the bearer to directly convert their physical abilities at the expense of the chakra spent. The bearer can flip the values of specific strengths and weaknesses. (If they had horrible endurance and great reflexes, they would then have horrible reflexes and great endurance, for instance)

Only certain attributes can be flipped in this way, however. Specifically: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Reflexes, Ranged Accuracy and Agility. The seal must be activated once per flip. (so, if you flip 3 values, you must activate the seal 3 times.) You can't unflip / reflip the same attribute twice in the same post.

If you are not a taijutsu specialist, you may not make a flip that results in your RPC possessing both strength and speed as physical strengths at the same time.

Creator: Long Forgotten

Seal: The seal takes a form of a jagged circle around the belly button.


Training Time: 6 Days

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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When Arashi had taken office, she noticed one thing right away: A distinct lack of religious practice. At least that's the reasoning she gave the public. Using this guise, many churches and temples were erected to various religions. Rupertism, Scientology, whatever it was that people wanted. Using her massive contact network, many contractors were hired for relatively nothing to construct the buildings in a short amount of time.

One structure, though, Arashi had handpicked the builders for. To most people, it would be a pathological temple, sanctuary to everyone, regardless of belief system. In truth, this was Arashi's own chantry. Since recently becoming a Regent, she was entitled to one of her own. And now it was time to start expanding back into the land of Horizon once again.

From the outside, the Chantry was fairly unimpressive. Just a large brick building with double doors as the only entrance. On the double doors were two silver Tremere symbols. Stained glass windows lined the building at regular intervals, each depicting the symbol of some religion. Other than that, the structure looked rather plain.

Once one stepped inside, they would be greeted with two hallways. One to the left and one to the right. In front of them would be two almost always open doors into a moderately sized chapel-like room. Services would rarely ever be held here, but it was a place where people could come to pray or meditate or whatever it was they needed to do.

Down the right hallway are numerous single bedrooms for those in need of sanctuary for a night. It was a simple room, with only a single small bed and a table with two changes of plain white clothes. The doors could be locked from the inside and only Arashi herself had the keys

Further down the hall, it would turn left and had numerous locked rooms lining it. However, it wasn't a normal keyhole in the door, but a hole. Once something was inserted into the hole, a needle would shoot up and pierce whatever it was. If a Tremere put their finger into it, the needle would draw blood and, using the latent power of all Tremere blood, unlock the mechanism. Inside each of these rooms was a small yet well equipped lab. Each one was designed by a different member of the Tremere construction crew that built the Chantry. This assured that almost any Tremere could do their work here, no matter what it might be.

The left hallway had only one door on the right side that lead into a gigantic library. Every single book on anything even remotely related to any religion that Arashi could get her hands on was located here, kept organized by volunteers. In the back of this library was a door with a mechanism identical to those locking the labs on the other side of the building. Behind this was another massive archive. Thousands of books on science and journals made by other Tremere could be found here. It was a gigantic compilation of knowledge that any aspiring Thaumaturge could appreciate.

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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To Do List

1. Worship the Gnomish god of heavy artillery.
2. Use Synchronized panicking as a proper battle plan.
3. Use jutsu to do the dishes.
4. Find the cookbook How to serve Dragons.
5. Talk out of sync with own lips.
6. Berserk for the hell of it, hopefully during royal masquerades.
7. Murder canon NPCs in their sleep, no matter how cliche they are.
8. Find out if Ogres are kosher.
9. Make Plan B is automatically twice as much chakra as Plan A.
10. Beat Tomb of Horrors in less than 10 minutes from memory.
11. Have the alternate identity of Collateral Damage Man.
12. Hand over a sword blade first when surrendering.
13. Find a Gnomish Pygmy War Rhino.
14. Get a sensitivity training center named after me.
15. Make a jutsu to summon 50,000 Blue Whales.
16. Buy any animal in a group of 100 or over.
17. Gain the strength 'improvised cooking'
18. When investigating evil cultists, just torch the decrepit mansion from the outside.
19. Set Missing Nin propaganda music to a snappy disco beat.
20. Use thermodynamic science to asphyxiate the cave instead of exploring it first.
21. Play Inna Godda Davida on marachas.
22. Pimp out a teammate
23. Buy 10,000 marbles after saying please.
24. Call my bo staff the Ceremonial Whoopass Stick.
25. Use artistic license while translating.
26. Become liquid metal.
27. Accept a challenge for a duel, but then don't allow the opponent a chance to find his weapon.
28. Never obtain the weakness "Dark Secret: Not Gay"
29. Use a wet towel as an improvised weapon.
30. Find and/or open a weapon shop named "Bloodbath and Beyond"
31. Invent Speed Polka.
32. Pave something
33. Gain weapon proficiency in cat.
34. Take a coffee break during the final super villain showdown.
35. Insert the words "Kill Phil, Sorry Phil" into a list of instructions.
36. Name my ship The Antidisestablishmentarianism.
37. Demand payment in electrum, backrubs or bubblewrap.
38. Develop a scorching case of lycanthropy.
39. Give a 4 year old a sugar rush.
40. Obtain pleather armor.
41. Create recreational drugs in suppository format.
42. Make whatever shinobi we just killed to be tonight's dinner.
43. Quote Shakespeare.
44. Figure out the actual plot and kill the villain five posts into the thread.
45. Tourretes is a weakness. Make it so.
46. Duel wield small animals.
47. Steal my own soul.
48. Have background contain two of the following words: Slavic, Tonedeaf, Karaoke, Musician.
49. Take on the mannerisms of Macho Man Randy Savage.
50. Introduce my companions as just "The Other Guys".
51. Monologue.
52. Spontaneously check to see if teammates can take a punch.
53. Recreate a scene from Dr. Who in Neo Horizon.
54. Kill a slug summon by pouring salt on him.
55. Remember to RP in the first person.
56. Hum the soundtrack.
57. Surprise some AS with surprise games of dodgeball (Chuunin+ only)
58. Get emotionally attached to a generic nondescript unnamed NPC.
59. Laughter is the best medicine. Use it to cure fallen allies.
60. When asked for advice, offer "don't wet yourself."
61. Use Henge, Voice manipulation, and a fake name to impersonate the sensei.
62. Wear clown shoes on an A or S ranked mission.
63. Convince someone that Sprechen Sie Bang-Bang? is real German.
64. Gain "well hung" as a physical strength via medical procedure.
65. My life long foe is the first person I interact with as a Genin.
66. Become pope of the Hobo Warriors.
67. Use 'Now young Skywalker you will die' as a battlecry.
68. Convince the team that my sister represents the Lollipop Guild.
69. Have an imaginary friend pet and/or summon.
70. Make a jutsu to control 20,000 pigeons and use them as flying piranha.
71. Get married to another RPC without their consent.
72. Become proficient wielding Academy Students.
73. Create a jutsu Power Word: Beer Me.
74. Use "Round 1: Fight!" as a battlecry.
75. Use excessive firepower to force the plot along.
76. Flash a Kage.
77. Gain the Nickname "Tim the Bardbarian"
78. Ask someone with pointy ears to put in a good word with Santa.
79. Use voice manipulation techniques to make allies think their weapons talk.
80. Give items super easy commands words like 'is' or 'the' and activate when you say them.
81. Find a conceivable use for industrial lubricant.
82. Enter up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, Start to do random shit.
83. The first rule of TSU is "Never talk about TSU."
84. Shoot a foe in the middle of a long-winded speech.
85. Henge into a singing telegram.
86. Liven up the RP with a snappy musical number.
87. Wield a butter churn filled with bees.
88. Create a plan that hinges on the invention of Velcro.
89. Create a battle plan that includes the words "and hope they miss a lot."
90. Give someone the nickname "Stumpy McLuger."
91. Bribe the NPCer with chocolate so he'll go easy on us.
92. Find the upper limit on the number of people a bolt will go through.
93. When told to be subtle, Henge into a foul mouthed chain smoking squirrel.
94. Create a Styrofoam golem.
95. Accordion practice will take place during 1st watch.
96. 3rd Watch is clothing optional.
97. Make up any strange hobbies just to get out of taking watch.
98. Supply my own canned applause.
99. Tai Chihuahua is a good concept for a pet.
100. Ij wjill tjake ljibejrtijes wjith tjhe rjunijc ajlphajbjet.
101. Get someone so drunk they become an alcoholic.
102. After a successful battle, make a carnage angel.
103. Give a fighter in an arena the nickname Minimus.
104. Shoot someone's self esteem with a crossbow or projectile.
105. Somehow manage to dual wield party members
106. Make infiltration easier by opening a rival company and hiring away all his guards.
107. Carve a mountain into something.
108. Bind a powerful creature to my will just to have it do household chores.
109. Get a "What Would Rupert Do?" bracelet.
110. Make someone jewish with a really accurate shot.
111. Invent rectomancy as a jutsu style.
112. Pimp out a Kage mansion.
113. Taunt an AS with "Mighty bold talk for a guy with only 4HP."
114. Make a jutsu that on a scale from 1-10 is a 7. This scale is also the Richter scale.
115. Dual wield whips.
116. Somehow end up waking up duct taped to the team Sensei.
117. Tell the team about the time I woke up duct taped to the Sensei.
118. When asked 'who's got point?' fireball is the correct answer.
119. Have a close call with a mimic then attack every door I come across for the next five threads.
120. Henge into a Dire Gummi Bear.
121. Use voice manipulation techniques to trick an old man into building an arc.
122. When asked to choose a weapon for a duel, choose the opponent's main weapon.
123. End an argument with the statement 'Alright, we'll settle this like penguins!'
124. Use enough moose to give my hair some resistance to damage.
125. Use a crayon to create a forgery.
126. Create and teach a Shunshin that doesn't teleport pants, too.
127. When playing a game of chicken, Henge into an actual chicken.
128. Take the "un" out of "undead"
129. When told to search the old castle, make things simpler by leveling it and then digging through the rubble.
130. Create a plan that hinges on the critical step of strapping puppies to someone's armor.
131. Create The Banana of Disarming.
132. Obtain all information on an info gathering mission from a pub or brothel.
133. Make a post where almost all the words start with the same letter.
134. Invent the strip joint.
135. Give retroactive warnings.
136. Include the implied line "And then stab them a lot," in combat plans.
137. Include the line "And then stab them a lot," in peacekeeping mission plans.
138. Retroactively challenge someone I just shot to a duel.
139. Make an ANBU mission easier by sending a stripper to the guardroom.
140. Overload Yuki's choker.
141. If going med nin, take a toad for a pet due to pharmaceutical properties.
142. Forge the 1.1 ring.
143. Slip some ritalin in some calm kid's drink.
144. Enforce happiness.
145. Make 3 stooges sounds in CQC.
146. Use "You take the scary one" as our default battle strategy.
147. Settle a dispute with Rock-Paper-Scissors.
148. Challenge someone to a dance off to the death.
149. Run up a bar tab and leave, forcing the staff's uber NPC to foot the bill.
150. Complete a mission early by throwing exploding tags into a well.
151. Send the tank into battle via catapult.
152. Set a new fashion trend at a funeral.
153. Feed a man-eating plant some peanut butter for hours of entertainment.
154. If I go Med-nin, my doctor's bag will contain just a bonesaw and a bottle of whiskey.
155. Combine thermodynamic sight with a weapon that shoots through walls.
156. When entering a new place for the first time, convince the party to all Henge into the same person.
157. If going med-nin, request to see proof of insurance before offering any service.
158. Replace a summoning ritual with Jitterbug instructions.
159. Create a diversion by blowing off the top twenty stories of a building.
160. Hum the James Bond theme while on recon missions.
161. When escorting a high priority target, convince the entire team to Henge as her.
162. Justify actions with "The power of Christ compels me."
163. Obtain a harem is a reward.
164. Use Henge to pose as sextuplets.
165. Use the town drunk for all mission information.
166. Invest in a Tequila Golem.
167. Develop a skill of disabling plot devices.
168. Use "Kiww the Wabbit" as a proper battlecry.
169. RPers who take the RP way too seriously will earn the nickname MinMaximus.
170. Use expressive dance to counter language barriers.
171. Lay siege to Cinderella's Castle.
172. If we get a new genin mid-way through training, make him pass a drug test.
173. Kuchiyose:Jury will be a jutsu.
174. Gut every animal we kill to see if they have treasure inside like in video games.
175. Overdose on Rogaine so I can disguise myself as a wookie.
176. Instead of infiltrating the foe's lair, I will just wait outside his favorite bar.
177. Reroute a river to take out a mansion. Then pan for gold in the resulting river.
178. Speak in leet for a thread.
179. There is no limit to the amount of innuendo that can be put into one post.
180. Begin a thread on fire.
181. If our mission is to rescue the princess, I will call it the mission to bring Sexy back.
182. End a thread with a public service announcement.
183. Ask an NPC how much XP they are worth.
184. My role in the party is smartass.
185. Missions are clothing optional.
186. In the event of my death, I will filibuster a 10 page speech.
187. Become famous for not being famous.
188. Disarm someone in melee with a crossbow.
189. Use only one body part to attack in a spar.
190. Fence with a katana.
191. Use ATs and a high recoil jutsu as a mode of transportation.
192. Speak only in metaphors for a thread.
193. Chase a foe through all sub-forums of the World of Seichi.
194. If another RPC is known as The One, I will become The Two.

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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Chakra Thread mastery

[1] The size of a jutsu can be doubled or halved (Depending on preference) - 5 Posts - May be acquired up to twice
[2] The jutsu counts as a jutsu of the next lowest rank for purposes of concentration. - 7 Posts - May NOT be acquired twice
[3] The Chakra Cost of the jutsu in question is halved. Any further reductions to chakra cost are applied after this halving occurs. - 3 Posts - May NOT be acquired twice
[4] This jutsu is superior to a similar jutsu, assuming all other things are equal. - 3 Posts - May NOT be acquired twice

Training Posts (3 Paragraphs)

Combat Posts (1 post/5)

Manipulate Advancing Blades Mastery

[1] The Chakra Cost of the jutsu in question is halved. Any further reductions to chakra cost are applied after this halving occurs. - 3 Posts - May NOT be acquired twice
[2] A Jutsu that increases or decreases attributes affects each related attribute by an additional Point per rank [So a D rank is +1, C +2, B +3, etc) (Can be taken up to 4 times) - 4 Posts
[3] Jutsu that attack at a range may have their range doubled - 5 Posts - May NOT be acquired twice
[4] The jutsu counts as a jutsu of the next lowest rank for purposes of concentration. - 7 Posts - May NOT be acquired twice

Training Posts (3 Paragraphs)

Combat Posts (1 post/5)

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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Kai Kudo
Don't leave me outside rusting on my own.
This is your fault. Yours and yours alone.
Rules are irrelevant. Teams are irrelevant. Disk are irrelevant. Kai was here to make sure that these genin were given the same lack of opportunities that he was, all those years ago. None would pass. However, that didn't mean that he had to take everyone out on his own. In fact, the most efficient thing to do would be to get to the top first and wait for others to arrive. Tired and beaten up from their trials and tribulations in this game of Keep Away, those who managed to scale the peak should pose little threat, and there would be fewer of them. To that end, Kai would begin scaling the mountain the instant their teleportation completed.

Two chakra threads would be attached to two drill kunai. One would embed itself in the side of Hyougayama and push with downward force, essentially launching Kai upwards. The second would do the same at a higher point at the same time the first removed itself from the mountain. It would be slow going for the first couple 'throws,' but soon he would be rocketing himself towards the peak at high speeds with minimal effort. At least that was the plan, but the girl he started near launched a few jutsu that put a minor hitch in his plan, though not something that couldn't be dealt with in an instant.

By the time Kai heard the words "I'm Setsuka," he would already be a few dozen feet off the ground. This, however, wouldn't be far enough to fully escape her Spider Web with additional Clingy effects. The jutsu would hit Kai's kunai, but not himself since he wasn't in contact with a surface. The cling would keep the kunai in place. However, the instant Kai felt more resistance that he should on that kunai, he detached the chakra string and moved it to a third drill kunai and resumed his ascent, leaving the one behind stuck in the surface. All in all, it lost the boy a negligible amount of time. It seemed the target wasn't him, however, and instead the unlucky third contestant. Well, she was doing his work for him. Too bad she would be just another victim in the end.

Hyougayama, it had been a long time. Kai had scaled this peak before, back when the land was actually called Hyouga, in search of solitude. It felt like several lifetimes ago, and the mountain had changed much. By no means could he say he was intimately familiar with the mountain to give him any sort of advantage in that respect, but simply being here did make him feel a slight tinge of nostalgia.
Chakra: ## || C-rank Rogue

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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" When you're drowning in tears
and your heart is a-rent
bring back your cheer
with a round of Shent. "
  • Clan



    Ninja Status
    Village Ninja



    125 lbs

    A rare combination of recessive genetic traits has given Jerald a few interesting features in his thick silver locks and dull yellow eyes. As such, he is almost always noticed

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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 Posted: Feb 4 2018, 08:13 PM
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Item Name:
Trump Belt and Deck of Many Akuma

Item Type:
Belt and deck of cards

Dimensions: The actual length of the belt is variable, changing based on the waist size of the user, though it is always five inches wide. The 'buckle' part is huge, measuring thirteen inches long, ten inches tall, and three inches deep.

The cards are a normal sized deck of 54.

Weight: 2lbs in total

user posted image
user posted image


The Deck of Many Akuma has 52 blank cards and 2 special cards. The two special cards are Release and Final Ride.

Blank Cards
When a blank card comes in contact with a sufficiently weakened Akuma, its life essence is absorbed and the body destroyed. This will replace the blank card with an Akuma Card specifically based on the Akuma absorbed. These cards must be applied for individually, but their cost is already paid by this item.

Akuma Cards
When placed in the belt, these cards will transform the wearer into an armored form based on the Akuma inside. This form will be on the individual card application.

This card, when waved in front of the scanner on the front of the belt, terminates the current transformation.

Final Ride
Each applied Akuma Card will have a unique Final Ride ability meant to be a powerful finisher. Swiping this card in front of the scanner on the front of the belt activates this ability.

Trump Belt
When not worn, the belt is just the 'buckle' piece. The actual belt unseals and wraps around the wearer when placed placed on their waist, adjusting to their size.

The sides of the buckle, when pulled apart, cause the middle bit to rotate 90 degrees, revealing a card slot. When an Akuma Card is slotted in and the wearer turns the buckle back to its default state, the life force inside the card manifests itself by transforming the user into an armored humanoid with design and abilities based on the Akuma the life force once belonged to.

Costs: 5 AA

Owner: Jerald River

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 05:18 PM
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Mauris blandit dictum mollis. Morbi sollicitudin nisl nec est porttitor, id pulvinar justo efficitur. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nunc ut purus in est semper tristique non eu felis. Ut ut augue orci. Duis sit amet egestas odio, ut suscipit purus. Vestibulum ipsum elit, pellentesque at lectus non, imperdiet mattis ex.

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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 11:28 AM
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QUOTE (Kennyrules)
It's a bit refreshing to see this, honestly. I see a bunch of "well, if the user is able to handle it, why not" answers here. I love it. Common sense should reign supreme, not hard and fast rules that need to be enforced. Thank you staff. We of the userbase love you <3
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