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> The Time Scale and Multi-Threading
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 Posted: Nov 8 2014, 08:47 AM
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Time Scale

Welcome to World of Ninja. I'm sure you're eager to get to playing, but there are some things you should know first-and this time, we're going to talk about the time scale.

As in many things, timing is everything. World of Ninja uses a constant time scale that correlates to the real world. This allows events to happen at about the same pace for everyone-you wouldn't meet someone when they're five, and then a year later, run into the same character after a rank up and find that it is now fifteen.

Essentially, every 2 real-life months equate to a single year in the game. If your character met another in January, and then they met again in March, from those character's perspectives, they have each aged one year, whether their applications were updated or not. For the most part, we ask that you keep track of your own character's age, and try to RP accordingly-your five year old won't act like a five year old anymore in ten months.

Note that a thread may be created with the condition that it is occurring a set time after another. In this case, all time-related rules are thrown out, though everyone must keep in mind which profiles applied at that time.

There are a few details to keep in mind regarding this system.

- Characters can definitely grow old and die. Would it be likely to happen? Not for most-but if a character's been around for 7 real life years, you may want to think about retiring him-assuming he was twelve when you made him, he's now 96. Certain clans or abilities might make this less of an issue-the Uzumaki and Senju, for instance, have extended lifespans, and many forbidden jutsu potentially prevent death from aging. Just keep your age in mind.

- If you are already in one thread and want to join another, go for it! Just keep something in mind; if a thread was created on the same day as another, they're likely taking place within a few weeks of each other at most, and simultaneously at worst. Barring some method of traveling extreme distances in a very short period of time, you probably won't be on opposite coasts within two IC days-we don't have cars, after all. If you have lots of plans for RP, consider spacing the threads out a few days to give you enough time to get there.

- When a thread is created, as a general rule of thumb (but not a required rule), the later in the span of a two month period it occurs, the later in the year it occurs. A thread taking place on June 30, for instance, could probably be assumed to be happening in Winter. Generally, every "odd" month (January, March, May, etc) is the early part of the year, while the "even" months (February, April, June, etc) are the later parts of the year. The exception is if a thread is explicitly described as occurring shortly after another.

- When a thread is created, its point in time is set-unless explicitly stated to not be the case, everything that happens in that thread from that point on happens on the same day, even if it takes a real life month for the thread to finish in real life.

- As I'm sure you've gathered by now, you ARE allowed to RP in multiple locations at once, with respect to the timeline. However, if you choose to RP missions at once, bare the following in mind-if you die in one mission, all progress made in any missions made after the one you died in was made is erased; if you knock out 5 missions in a month, but that first one took longer than expected and then, you actually died during it, those other 4 missions never happened for you. Multi-mission at your risk. However, there IS a restriction-you may not be in more than 3 missions at the same time. This is to keep you from shooting through the ranks too quickly.

- If you possess the Kage Bunshin jutsu, any variants of Kage Bunshin, or any other technique that would conceivably allow you to be in two places at once, you have no limit on how many missions you may participate in at once, nor do you have to worry about distance between threads, since it is conceivable that you could have covered all of that distance.

- Other than distance and time considerations, there is no limit to how many threads you may participate in at once. Obviously, since your village is a relatively small place, this means you could participate in an unlimited number of non-mission threads in your village, for instance.

- Any thread may be created to take place at some point in the past, relative to the forum's current time, as long as all participants had a character at that time. Characters will use whatever profile was appropriate to the time frame for that thread.

- As of January 1st, 2018, the present year is 82 AF (After the Fall).
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