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> Technology Guide
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 Posted: Jan 23 2015, 03:38 AM
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Technology in the World of Ninja

Seichi is a land of fairly disparate technology levels. While in most cases, technology is about analogous to that of the real world, there are some important exceptions. If you wish to include technology in your roleplay, keep the following in mind. If you are interested in a particular type of technology that is not covered here and whose status you are unsure of, ask a staff member. They will be able to get you an answer fairly quickly. As a general rule, technology is more advanced the closer one gets to one of the Hidden Villages, as these are the only places that can adequately defend their advancements from opposing ninja and demonic entities.

Information Technology - Computers and radios exist and are fairly widely used. Television and movies exist, though are somewhat restricted to the wealthy-even then, don't expect to see any flatscreen tvs. Wired connections, such as internet and phones, do exist, but are only reliable within the same village, as there is no way to protect the lines from demons between villages. Satellites and any technology that depends upon them does NOT exist.

Transportation Technology - While the technology for combustion engines exist, they are typically regarded as too easily destroyed with ninja and demons around to be considered worth their cost-there may be trains or cars within a single village, but international travel is far too dangerous to make the technology commonplace in the country. Steam powered ships are more common, but cheaper methods of construction are still preferred. The most advanced flying machine would be something similar to a zeppelin-don't expect to see planes and helicopters buzzing around, for much the same reason as other technologies-they are simply too expensive and easily destroyed to be worth what little benefit they would provide.

Military Technology - Crossbows are typically considered the most advanced weapons out there. Some exceedingly rich nobles have unique weapons, such as a repeating kunai thrower, or something like that-but guns are strictly a no-no. Cannons exist, but most would rather hire a ninja than own a cannon. Bombs exist, but are generally chakra based weapons, utilizing complex fuuinjutsu to achieve their desired effect, rather than gunpowder or other accelerants. While the technology for more advanced weapons does conceivably exist, the ninja population as a whole has stifled the mass production of these dangerous weapons. Don't expect to see or use one of these.

Medical Technology - Medical technology is the one area that has kept up with jutsu-it is possible to create imperfect clones of an individual, to alter the genetics of an individual after their birth, and to transplant complex organs, such as eyes or hearts. These actions are, of course, still assisted greatly by the use of jutsu, but a civilian doctor with a great deal of expertise is capable of performing these miraculous operations without chakra. For rapid healing, however, jutsu are still the best option.
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