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Aug 12 2017, 03:23 PM
Name: Origin Of The Afterimage

Rank: D-S

Jutsu Type: Taijutsu

Range: Varies

Element: Varies

Requirements: (Kemptah Only)

Description: The Kemptah Clan has a special ability of creating afterimages which they do by using their superior god like speed + the number of clones they can produce as to how many afterimages can be left on the field at once. These Afterimages are nothing but optical illusions "attacking" victims in different stages making opponents think the user has moved, nothing is actually there the victims brain is simply incapable of processing the speed the clan member possesses and the fact that the user has in fact moved. The Kemptah Clan member Afterimages also cause a motion blur preventing those with time slowing dojutsu without the percepion stat equal to the clan member's speed stat from accurately reading where a users strike will end up while seeing quadruple the amount of afterimages due to the dojutsu playing keep up with the users movements. The afterimages are always produced and move at 15 speed faster than the user. For instance if the user uses 50 speed the user can produce an afterimage which move at 65 speed, another which moves at 80, another which moves 95 speed and so on. With re-trainings it will allow the user to produce more Afterimages that can be tacked onto a set rank of techniques at a lower speed than it is preformed.

Limitations: Rank - #Number Of Afterimages Created - Percption + T.S. Dojutsu Needed To Negate Motion Blur
D-rank - 10 - +5 over users speed stat
C-rank - 20 - +10 over users speed stat
B-rank - 30 - +15 over users speed stat
A-rank - 45 - +25 over users speed stat
S-rank - 65 - +40 over users speed stat

Weaknesses: N/A

Drawbacks: Rank - # of times can be used per topic/day
D-rank - 7
C-rank - 14
B-rank - 21
A-rank - 28
S-rank - 35

Post Duration: N/A

Creator: Silva Kemptah

Cost: D-rank Chakra Per Use
Aug 12 2017, 08:30 AM
Biographical Information

Name: Silva Kemptah

Clan: Kemptah Clan

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Ninja Status: Village Ninja

Rank: D-Rank

Height: 5'4

Weight: 127 lbs

Description: Silva to begin with is a very well built individual who keep himself well groomed to say he is so young, a melanated young originator who's hair is in the stlye of a faded curly afro. His build is muscular which most cant really see due to his new age apparel covering his well crafted body, the gear he is modeling is crafted by the finest tailors in the world. He wears a blue V-neck with a black longsleeve mesh undershirt, his pant are of the same color and material allowing him free range of motion in and outside of combat which he finds very useful and comfortable stamping it his favorite attire. Last but not least is his new age lot top ninja boots that you could find nowhere in this world being his outfits most rarest piece which he rocks with a certain swagger, you can say that Silva is a being of style as well as grace.

Personality: Introducing the Syntheist Silva. When Silva grew up he was taught to be an atheist. However he was a little different. When his parents told him there is no such thing as a God among shinobi in which he looked at it even when he was a child as a “Never hiring” sign. Big laughs he literally at a young age believe that if someone knows something correctly they can create it, thus a mortal can be or become something ascending to his former self. He believed at a young age that he can create a system in which one can learn things so correctly that they can not only create that thing but create a species that thing belong to when it was unknown what class that thing belong to. He did that with fighting style under his guide Kentu, that is why we know Silva is simply a re-originator and only grandiose to people who do not know better. Super Smiles. He is very neutral with what/who he deals with and only moves with his infinite Sciousness aware of almost everything.

Background How shall we begin, well .... Silva was born to two very opposite characters which makes you wonder how they got together. His mom is an overachiever always trying to get his father’s attention in any little way; before she had Silva she was Hunter-nin, one of very few clan members like his father to unlock their Release. From the time he could talk and understand language his father and Overachieving Sannin, how he got there is anybody’s guess because now he is a big ass couch potato who always told Silva to see the world and never be held down by anything, Silva till this day don’t understand what he means by it. They would take vacations across the continent every year for one month , they started this tradition when he was one and still do it. While traveling Silva learned so much about the outside world that Akarigakure was just a blur in the in aiding him in development seeing its rich and dark history and Silva didn’t like being away from it, fed up he begged his parents to ship of to the academy and that’s exactly what they did. Now enrolled into the academy Silva’s mission is to learn all he can and make his parents proud by seeing and changing the world.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: 35


Inventory Ninja Points:


Trait Ninja Points:


Strength: 10
Speed: 15
Agility: 10
Perception: 15
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 10
Spirituality: 5
Stamina: 10

Attribute Ninja Points: 15



Strike Power:
Strike Speed:
Blocking Power:
Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Chakra Control:
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Ninja Points:

Chakra Natures:

Chakra Nature Ninja Points:


Jutsu Ninja Points:

Special Abilities:

Advanced Abilities:

Advanced Ability Ninja Points:

Spent Ninja Points:
Remaining Ninja Points:
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