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Dec 3 2017, 10:22 AM
Cursed Seal Name: Cursed Seal of the Lost Ones

It was originally the Clawed Seal, symbol of the Ikeda Clan. On the night that the village was consumed by an inferno, the clan members' regrets and sadness gathered to a massive point of negativity which then twisted and deformed the Clawed Seal's chakra, thereby cursing it.

Its sole purpose is to remain "alive". Bound to the doll Nekokaburi, now known as Koka Ikeda, it directs the doll's actions. No act is too cowardly, no sacrifice is too great: the Cursed Seal will keep Koka alive as a beacon until the doll's owner returns.

Seal Appearance:

Cursed Seal - Passive State: This is permanently active. It keeps Koka "alive" at the expense of using most of her chakra to keep the doll's body together as a container for the Seal, and to make her function similarly to humans. The Seal is encased within Koka's porcelain head.

Cursed Seal State One: The Seal appears on Koka's forehead and its repeating pattern is all over the doll except for her face. [Activation Requirements]

Cursed Seal State Two: The Seal overlaps her whole body, including her face, which makes her jet-black all over. Her eyes become blood red. [Activation Requirements]
Dec 2 2017, 11:29 AM
Biographical Information

Name: Ikeda, Koka

Clan: none

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Ninja Status: Village Ninja (Akarigakure)

Rank: Academy Student

Height: 1.22m (4 feet)

Weight: 25kg (55.16lbs)


Koka wears a thick coat, gloves and boots everywhere. Her skin is ashy and its temperature rises in hot weather, and becomes deathly cold in cold weather. The thick and heavy clothes hide her ball-jointed doll features. Her mouth does not move or open when she speaks.

Koka is not human. However, anything that affects a normal human will have the same effect on her. She can be burned, drowned, suffocated. The cold affects her slightly less than normal due to her Cold Resistance trait. If she is wounded, chakra will leak out instead of blood. It will have the same effect of weakening and eventually killing her if the wound is not tended to. Punches and kicks won't be repelled despite her body being made of porcelain-like material. It may take a bit more pounding to dent her due to her Endurance, but cracks and dents will appear on her body where bruises should. Areas that are heavily hit will chip off and must be healed.

On record, Koka is a 10 year old female. Being a doll, however, she feels no attraction towards anyone and does not have biological functions. Her reactions are mimicked from human females of her apparent age. Although long-lived, she had been isolated from society and only knows about things that involved her dead clan.


Koka is melancholic due to the deaths that she has seen through the ages. She speaks little but is good at listening. She tries very hard to be sympathetic; unfortunately her painted face can make few expressions. Does a doll even have emotions though?


Nekokaburi's owner vanished decades ago after coming in contact with strange beings. The doll crossed the ocean to return to the mainland and eventually made its way to the Ikeda Clan in the mountains of Hyouga, directed to that place by the Clawed Seal which was basically its soul. Months passed, seasons changed, for years the doll waited for her owner. Natural disasters and climate change affected the clan severely and yet the doll was powerless to do anything. Without her owner, Nekokaburi could not use any jutsu. Her clawed hands were weapons. They were unfit to take care of the sick nor to bandage the injured. They were unfit to do housework nor to repair damaged buildings. All the doll could do was watch as the clan members died one by one. When a severely contagious disease struck their village up in the mountains, the clan members were worried that the illness would be carried downwind or through the waters downstream. That night, the Ikeda Clan died out in a blaze of glory. Nothing was left of the village but their ashes.

Just then, the Clawed Seal whispered to the doll. The clan would live on through her, their legacy of fashioning weapons and items would be within her. Nekokaburi let go of her blades and trained so that she may use her chakra strings on her own. Years passed. Soon, decades. On the site of the dead village, the doll worked day and night until she fashioned for herself a new body. The materials? Clay and the ashes of the clan members, crafted into something that resembled porcelain. Her eyes were made of glass that seemed to reflect the souls of the clan. But her work was not over. The doll spent even more years to control the new body so that it would move properly. When she finally mastered it, Nekokaburi found that her strength had been reduced to that of a child. Keeping the new body together took all of her effort, concentration and whatever chakra was flowing within her.

Koka took the nickname that her owner had given her and attached the dead clan's name to it. She descended from the mountains and mingled with humans. She observed them, emulated them. The doll would live for one purpose: as a beacon. For what? That's the wrong question. Ask: for whom?

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: 35


Inventory Ninja Points: 0

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Kunai - The kunai, along with the shuriken, is one of the most common ninja tools. It is a black dagger with a handle wrapped in bandages and a small ring attached to the end of it. The kunai is designed for thrusting and stabbing, though it can still do some damage if thrown despite not being designed for it, and is about the length of one's hand. The mass-produced Kunai are made of iron. - 1 lb (Free)

Shuriken - Shuriken, like kunai, are one of the more basic weapons seen. They are sharpened, four-pronged metal stars, useful for throwing. They can also be used for close combat, but not very efficiently. Although small, they can be used to distract, pin down enemy shinobi, or if accurate enough, can kill or incapacitate an enemy. They have an open circle in the center, useful for grabbing with a finger, to avoid cutting oneself, or to put thread through. The circle is also beneficial to the weapon's overall aerodynamics, ensuring more accurate trajectories. The mass-produced Shuriken are made of iron. - .5 lb (Free)

Senbon - Senbon are metal needles with a point at both ends. They often serve a medical purpose, being used to pierce acupuncture points. They have little killing power, but can be thrown with great accuracy. To make these needles more effective, the user can poison the tips of the senbon. An added benefit of throwing these at the enemy is that these are smaller than a kunai or a shuriken, making it harder to see and dodge. The mass-produced Senbon are made of iron. - .1 lb (Free)


Trait Ninja Points: 10

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Animal Affinity
Description: You are closer to animals than you are to people. Wild animals will not attack you unless provoked, and peaceful animals will allow you to approach them. People feel uneasy around you, however.
Benefit: Cannot be attacked by wild animals unless provoked; You do not disturb wildlife.

Cold Resistance
Description: You have developed a tolerance to inclement weather, allowing you to function normally even in the most uncomfortably cold conditions.
Benefit: You are unaffected by cold weather or feeling cold, +6 stamina in cold weather conditions. Genjutsu effects that create cold affect you normally, as if you did not possess this trait.

Cold Spirit
Description: As a result of your distant, even cruel, personality, your chakra has taken on a permanent coldness that remains even when you are feeling happy or relaxed. This trait is incompatible with Warm Spirit.
Benefit: Your chakra has a permanent "cold" sensation, or an equivalently unpleasant sensation applicable to a specific mode of sensing. While this makes your chakra easier to identify, it also makes any enemies who can sense it feel more nervous.

Flash Protection
Description: The user's eyes have been trained to resist bright flashes of light. Any effect of sudden introduction of light to the user's eyes only last half as long as they would otherwise.
Benefit: Protection from flashes

Internal Compass
Description: You instinctively know which way is North, East, West, and South. You also are instinctively aware of going the wrong direction, even when under an illusion.
Benefit: You know the cardinal directions by instinct, and instinctively know when you're going the wrong way.

Iron Lungs
Description: You are capable of holding your breath for extended periods of time, making you more effective at swimming or navigating areas with smoke or other irritants in the air.
Benefit: You can hold your breath for extensive periods of time

Knowledge [The Village of Hyouga, the Ikeda Clan, the Sannin Yukari and the Elite Jounin Raiyu]
Description: You know more about a specific topic than those unstudied fools around you.
Benefit: Can justifiably know non-general knowledge about the chosen topic. The topic must be approved by staff.

Light Step
Description: As long as you are wearing light materials on your feet, your footfalls are silent. Objects you touch still make noise, such as broken twigs or kicked rocks.
Benefit: Silent movement when wearing D-class material or lower on feet.

Description: You work better on your own. While alone, you receive an enhancement to multiple Attributes. This cannot be owned alongside "Team Player".
Benefit: +6 divided as the user chooses among Strength, Speed, Agility, or Perception while working alone.

Description: Emotions can be a wonderful thing, but can also be a burden on conscientious shinobi. Through diligent training these emotions can be temporarily dealt with to allow the shinobi to deal with the task at hand.
Benefit: In situations where the users emotions would usually get the better of them they have trained to repress those emotions and carry out their task in a calm and logical fashion.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Strength: 5
Speed: 5 (11 while working alone)
Agility: 10
Perception: 10
Endurance: 20
Willpower: 5
Spirituality: 5
Stamina: 15 (21 stamina in cold weather conditions)

Attribute Ninja Points: 15

Chakra: 250

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Chakra based on Traits:
256 (working alone)
256 (cold weather)
262 (working alone in cold weather)


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Strike Power:
Strike Speed:
Blocking Power: 20
Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Resilience: 20
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Chakra Control:
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Ninja Points: 4

Chakra Natures: Katon

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0


Jutsu Ninja Points: 3

-- Taijutsu --

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Uke [Block]
Rank: D
Requirements: None.
Description: The user raises or lowers their arm as appropriate, catching an incoming strike with their forearm. This has the effect of dissipating or halting the attack altogether, but if the caught attack is too powerful, the user's arm may be broken by the impact. This same principle can be applied to the user's shins as well.
Cost: -

Zutsuki [Headbutt]
Rank: D
Requirements: None
Description: The user slams their forehead into the target's face, ideally aiming for smaller, weaker bones, such as the nose or cheek.
Cost: -

-- Ninjutsu --

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Katon: Kemuridan [Fire Release: Smoke Bullet]
Rank: D
Requirements: None
Description: After a series of handseals, the user expels a single marble sized fireball from their mouth. While this doesn't offer much offensive power, when it strikes an object, it creates a bright flash and leaves behind a small amount of white smoke, allowing it to hide the user's movements for a short period of time.
Limitations: The smoke is thin and sparse; it will completely fade after about a single post. This limitation may be extended to two posts via favoring.
Cost: 15

Special Abilities: none

Advanced Abilities: Cursed Seal of the Lost Ones - Passive State

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 3

Spent Ninja Points: 35
Remaining Ninja Points: 0
Nov 26 2017, 09:37 AM
Ikeda Koka

Approved Profile: [ LINK ]
Rank: Academy Student


Dreams of war
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