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Yesterday at 06:06 pm

Mount Kasugayama




Genji after years of study and research has finally found a summoning scroll contract to an animal type she favors. However being that it's not common, the scroll was blank, offering no details on who one can summon. After further research, money spent, favors traded she has located the name of the land, Mount Kasugayama, and it's possible location.


Traverse a difficult path to a hidden land, across a mountain to a rumored forest.


Sika - A white stag, currently the head of the pact and a sage.


Kemuri, Genji
May 25 2018, 11:21 AM

Pact Name:





Kazegami - A titanic white horse with red markings, retired head of the pact.
Sika - A white stag, currently the head of the pact and a sage.


Kemuri, Genji

Special Abilities:

Besides being able to run for long periods of time, their carrying capacity is far greater due to being quadrupeds. Unlike some other summons most Shishi-odori aren't capable of handseals, but they can use their limbs and tails as weapon or tool substitutions.


Among the Shishi-ordori there is rumored to be a few mythical beings; most notably a Kirin named Shashinboku, and the Forest Spirit Shishigami.

Mount Kasugayama, also known as the "Mountain of Primeval Forest" and the "Land of Forest God" is a hidden unexplored sage region, a legendary place. It's the main land for evolved Cervidae and Equidae, and is home for huge and small alike. Mount Kasugayama is a rich and beautiful forest land completely surrounded by mountains inside of a crater,
May 23 2018, 09:02 PM
In naruto they had 3 famous sage regions; Mount Myoboku, Shikkotsu Forest, Ryuchi Cave. I can't imagine that every animal that we can think of has a sage region, there just isn't enough space really as those areas seemed quite large. So my question is what are the sage regions of Seichi?

I know we can be sages based off any animal but I think it would be cool to maybe establish which three are the most famous and have their own regions like the above mentioned places.

I also think it would be cool to maybe have summons pacts that are common between the villages. Sort of like adding lore to the site.
May 22 2018, 07:53 PM
Looking for someone to train/socialize with while I find a Genin team and throughout my growth as a Genin.

Looking to master a few jutsu and favor another, plus reach a few personal goals. Those goals are upgrade my Sharingan another rank, gain a summon pack and summon and some jutsu.

My characters end theme is A (Fourth Raikage) + Tifa from FF7 + mixed with Sharingan. She'll be about nintaijutsu and perception.
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