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Jul 17 2018, 03:21 PM
I need to take a short hiatus from the site to take care of a few things, I will post when back.
Jul 11 2018, 06:33 PM
Suiken [Water Fist]
Description: The fighting style of Suiken was created by Genji, Kemuri by studying the fighting styles of other martial arts and blending them into one style that fit her best. The Suiken style is mostly fluid and graceful, acting in concert with the body and chakra energy. As such the Suiken style deals with the flow of energy; letting their defense become their offense, turning their opponents' own forces against them. Even when an attack stance is taken, their moves always appear to flow from one to the other. It is basically linear, and it uses mostly vertical strength and the closed fist, but the movements are so smooth they are impossible to predict. The body is completely relaxed--one might compare it to a coiled snake that is completely relaxed yet ready to strike like lightning in a flash.

The core principle of Suiken is controlling ones body and the chakra within. One could say in comparison that while the Jyuuken style is about assaulting the chakra pathway system, Suiken is about defending it. Suiken training relies on body training, but more than that spiritual training that strengthen one's control over their chakra. Regular practice will smooth the flow of one's chakra. The user does this via four key practices. First one must learn to focus the mind, reflect upon the self and determine the goal. They then must put it into words. After that the user will intensify their will. Last they will put it to action.

Benefit: While fighting in the above described fashion, abilities that predict the user's movements do not function against the user. Additionally, the users chakra is perfectly calm, as if not flowing, but in truth it flows steadily without ripple. This allows the users Spirituality stat to act as a defense stat against attacks that would harm one internally or disrupt and/or harm their chakra system.
Cost: 4
Jul 11 2018, 07:41 AM
How would people feel about the idea of introducing event based jutsu? Right now we already have some higher rank jutsu that have clauses that they can be used once or twice a thread due to the strain, but what about something greater than that, When I think of this I think of how Pain brought everyone back to life in one go, if I'm remembering right.

They could count as a restricted jutsu with mod approval
Only once a event may the jutsu be used
Some sort of serious recoil that makes you wonder if you should even use it maybe?
Jun 14 2018, 04:43 PM
Name: Kagemane: Sharingan [Shadow Imitation: Copy Wheel Eye]

Rank: C - S

Jutsu Type: Dojutsu

Range: -

Element: None

Requirements: Sharingan; Eye Contact, Kagemane no Jutsu

Description: With Sharingan active, the user makes eye contact with a target, which then affects them in a unique way. This dojutsu allows the user to better intrap those caught by Shadow Jutsu by lowering the willpower of those jutsu are used on. This Dojutsu can be taken as any rank, allowing for more powerful hindrances, but requires the rank preceding it.

Debuff Amount:

C-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 15 points.

B-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 35 points.

A-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 60 points.

S-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 90 points.

Limitations: The Willpower lowered is only in relation to defense against various Kagemare jutsu. This limitation can't be removed.

Creator: Genji

Cost: 30 as C-rank; 30 additional for every rank above C ; 10 to maintain, 5 additional for every rank above C
Jun 9 2018, 07:31 AM
Extra Sense: Seikūken [Control of the Air Sphere]
Description: Genji has some strange sense that acts as a barometric pressure sense. This sense involves a short ranged radius around her.
Benefit: Detect any movement and change of pressure within the small area of effect.
Cost: 7

Trait Type: A
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