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Jun 21 2016, 01:20 PM
Jademoon's Ad stated we get an additional jutsu slot as part of the package. What rank is that jutsu slot? And if it's any, can I save it or do I need to decide right away?
Jun 20 2016, 12:18 PM
Under the Inton entry it states that mixing it with another element increases the destructive potential of the jutsu. Does this require an Advanced Chakra Nature to be created?

An example for the character I had in mind, would I need to created a Advanced Chakra Nature combining Raiton and Inton, or do I just mix in the Inton chakra and increase it's destructive potential? If the latter, does it need to be a jutsu specifically tagged as having Inton mixed into it, or is it done on the fly?
Jun 20 2016, 11:46 AM

Name: Nara, Rayne

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Village: Morigakure

Rank: Academy Student

Height: 4' 7" (1m 39.7 cm)

Weight: 60 lbs. (27.28 kg)

Long black hair, extending slightly passed her shoulders blades, black in the typical Nara color, and is often kept in a ponytail to stay out of the way. Rayne often decorates her hair with a decorative comb kept in it. Rayne's face is oval in shape, and her face is rather equally proportioned. She has dark blue eyes that are often watching everything around her curiously and keenly.

She has what amounts to a an average 8 year old's body type who regularly exorcises regularly. She is seen frequently wearing dark colored clothing, quite frequently long sleeved and with a short-sleeved blue jacket over it. She wears earth colored shorts that extend mid thigh, bandages surrounding her shins. She wears typical open toed boots that extend part way up her shins.

Kind and Playful. Rayne enjoys making new friends, but she also isn't naive either.

2 Kunai [2 lbs]
3ft Wire [.5 lbs]
8 Shuriken [4 lbs]
10 Senbon [1 lbs]
2 Smoke Bomb [2 lbs]


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Basic Enhanced Sight
Description: The user's eyesight improved beyond its normal levels. Additionally, the user's color vision becomes more distinct.
Benefit: +5 to Enhanced Sense (Sight); more distinct color vision
Cost: 1

Description: The user is skilled in the use of projectiles, being more accurate than most.
Benefit: +5 to Ranged skill
Cost: 1

Control Freak
Description: The user’s natural ability to control chakra is greater than the average.
Benefit: +5 to Chakra Control skill
Cost: 1

Deft Hands
Description: The user has practiced extensively with handseals, being able to execute them more quickly.
Benefit: +5 to Chakra Manipulation skill; handseals are faster
Cost: 1

Elemental Harmony
Description: The user has practiced extensively in the art of elemental ninjutsu, and has become more effective with them.
Benefit: +5 to Nature Transformation skill
Cost: 1

Description: Why take a hit when you can dodge it entirely? You are more adept at dodging.
Benefit: +2 to Agility
Cost: 1

[Chakra Absorption] Specialty
Description: The user has shown great promise with the chosen special ability, allowing them to use it more efficiently than others. Can only be taken once, and only applies to one Advanced Ability.
Benefit: The cost of a single stage of an Advanced Ability is reduced by one advanced ability point (Must still cost at least 1)
Cost: 1

[Inton] Specialty*
Description: The user has trained extensively in the use of their chosen element, and can mold jutsu of that element for less chakra than normal. Can only be taken for one element.
Benefit: Jutsu of the chosen Element cost 5% less than normal (Cost Rounded down)
Cost: 1

[Kagemane] Specialty*
Description: The user has trained extensively in the use of their chosen fighting style theme, and can use jutsu of that theme for less chakra than normal. Can only be taken for one theme.
Benefit: Jutsu of the chosen theme cost 10% less than normal (Cost Rounded down)
Cost: 1

Description: The user’s mind is capable of dividing it’s attention between multiple tasks at the same time without losing effectiveness.
Benefit: +5 to Concentration Skill
Cost: 1

Pack Mule
Description: You have dedicated a great deal of training into their ability to carry more weight.
Benefit: Your speed and agility decrease by 1 point for every 10 lbs of inventory, as opposed to 5
Cost: 1

Shape Up
Description: The user’s ability to shape their ninjutsu is a cut above the rest
Benefit: +5 to Shape Transformation skill
Cost: 1

Trait Points from Training: 0
Extra Trait Points: 10 (5 must be Shadow related.)
Trait Points Per Rank: 10
Total Trait Points: 20
Unspent Trait Points: 8 (3 of which are Shadow)


Strength: 5
Speed: 10
Agility: 12 (10 Passively Altered.)
Perception: 10
Endurance: 10
Willpower: 10
Spirituality: 10

Attribute Points from Training: 0
Extra Attribute Points: 20
Attribute Points Per Rank: 50
Total Attribute Points: 70
Unspent Attribute Points: 0

Chakra: 244


Strike Power:
Strike Speed:
Blocking Power:
Chakra Manipulation: 15
Shape Transformation: 15
Nature Transformation: 15
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons: 5
Chakra Control: 15
Enhanced Sense (Sight): 5
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Concentration: 15
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Points from Training: 0
Extra Skill Points: 0
Skill Points Per Rank: 50, 35 passive
Total Skill Points: 50
Unspent Skill Points:

Elements: Inton/Raiton


Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Name: Kagemane no Jutsu [Shadow Imitation Technique]
Rank: C
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Mid
Element: Inton [Yin]
Requirements: None

Description: The user performs a single unique handseal, then takes control of their own shadow. They can extend their shadow across any surface, vertical or horizontal, and even across water. On contact with another individual's shadow, the user exerts his will upon the target, forcing it to perfectly mimic his own actions. In order for the binding effect to work, however, the user must possess a greater Willpower than the target's Willpower. If the binding does succeed, it lasts 1 post for every 10 points of Willpower the user possesses. This technique may be split up to hit multiple targets, but each additional target adds 10 to the requisite Willpower to maintain the technique (3 targets is 1 post per 30 points of Willpower, 5 targets is 1 per 50)

Limitations: The user's shadow must actually exist to use this technique; therefore, it is ineffective without a light source of some kind. This limitation cannot be removed.
Drawback: This technique is very tiring to use; when ending the technique, the user will be exhausted.
Creator: Nara Clan
Cost: 40 to activate, 20 to maintain

Name:[/b] Kageyose no Jutsu [Shadow Gathering Technique]
[b]Jutsu Type:
Range: Mid
Element: Inton [Yin]
Requirements: Kagemane no Jutsu

Description: The user solidifies their shadow, allowing it to be moved through the air. When using their shadow in this fashion, the user can wrap it around objects to physically lift them. While this technique isn't very strong, only being capable of lifting weapons such as kunai or shuriken, it is very precise, allowing the user to attack from odd angles with a great deal of accuracy.

Creator: Nara Clan
Cost: 30 to activate; 5 to maintain

Extra Jutsu Slots: 1 C-rank
Jutsu Slots per rank: 2 D-Rank, 1 C-Rank
Total Jutsu Slots: 2 D-Rank, 2 C-Rank
Empty Jutsu Slots: 2 D-Rank

Advanced Abilities:
[1 AAB] Chakra Absorption

[1 AAB] Shadow Specialized
+1 Favored Skill, +5 Trait Points (Marked with * if used.)

Rayne was born to a family of ninja. Her father is Daisuke, a member of the Nara Clan by birth, and specializes in the use of Clan jutsu as well as Kenjutsu. He met Rayne's mother during his early days at the Academy, though he didn't notice her until many years later, eventually marrying her and settling down together. Rayne's mother, Nagisa Kenchi, was a Kunoichi of little renown, with only a mild amount of talent in Shurikenjutsu. Rayne grew up knowing her mother only for five short years, before she was diagnosed with a terminal disease and dying only a few short months later.

Despite the loss of her mother at an early age, Rayne was able to overcome the despair of losing one's parent, moving on to train with her father in the ways of the Nara Clan, as well as training with other members of the Clan when her father was away on missions. She frequently tends to the deer of the forests, bringing them special treats on occasion, though she isn't quite friendly enough with them yet to get close to them. While she is happy on her own, she enjoys being in the presence of friends a great deal more, and due to her frequent being on her own due to her father's absence she frequently tries to spend time with her peers to keep her from becoming too lonely.

Upon entry to the Academy, Rayne is already capable of utilizing her Clan's specialty, the Kagemane no jutsu, with skill. With this jutsu already learned, Rayne shows off her fine chakra manipulation and control, as well as her Nature transformation of her chakra. Rayne has promising skill in ranged combat in addition to Ninjutsu in general, though she lacks greatly in Genjutsu as well as Taijutsu, she shows great promise with Ninjutsu already.

Protected Status: No

Note: Please Edit name of Post to express the change in Clan request.
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