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Jun 14 2018, 04:43 PM
Name: Kagemane: Sharingan [Shadow Imitation: Copy Wheel Eye]

Rank: C - S

Jutsu Type: Dojutsu

Range: -

Element: None

Requirements: Sharingan; Eye Contact, Kagemane no Jutsu

Description: With Sharingan active, the user makes eye contact with a target, which then affects them in a unique way. This dojutsu allows the user to better intrap those caught by Shadow Jutsu by lowering the willpower of those jutsu are used on. This Dojutsu can be taken as any rank, allowing for more powerful hindrances, but requires the rank preceding it.

Debuff Amount:

C-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 15 points.

B-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 35 points.

A-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 60 points.

S-ranked Techniques - Decrease Willpower attribute by 90 points.

Limitations: The Willpower lowered is only in relation to defense against various Kagemare jutsu. This limitation can't be removed.

Creator: Genji

Cost: 30 as C-rank; 30 additional for every rank above C ; 10 to maintain, 5 additional for every rank above C
Jun 9 2018, 07:31 AM
Extra Sense: Seikūken [Control of the Air Sphere]
Description: Genji has some strange sense that acts as a barometric pressure sense. This sense involves a short ranged radius around her.
Benefit: Detect any movement and change of pressure within the small area of effect.
Cost: 7

Trait Type: A
Jun 9 2018, 12:35 AM

Kenmuri, Genji


[center[Character Edit[/center]

Removing Senju (Father) and replacing it with Nara (Father)

[url=http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=82&view=findpost&p=125]Nara (Father)[/url]

Changing Chakra from Chakra: 696 to Chakra: 630 as a result of losing Senju.

[b]Chakra:[/b] 696 (+200 Attributes, +15 Physical Chakra, +15 Spiritual Chakra, +66 Senju, +100 Energy of the Sage)

Removing In addition to possessing a greater life force for abilities that rely on it, members of the Senju and Uzumaki clans gain 1 additional point of Chakra for every 3 Attribute Points they possess. and adding Nara Special Ability.

The Nara clan has a special chakra that is especially suited for the use of Yin chakra; all members possess a limited version of Inton for free, though their usage of it differs from most-they can use it to create shadows that do their bidding. This unique use of Inton cannot be copied by others. To acquire other methods of using Inton, the clan member must purchase it as normal.

Removing Body of the Sage (Energy of the Sage) - 2 as a result of losing Senju and replacing it with Sharingan (Double Tomoe) - 2


[url=http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=56&view=findpost&p=71]Sharingan (Single Tomoe)[/url] - 2
[url=http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=56&view=findpost&p=71]Sharingan (Double Tomoe)[/url] - 2

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 10[/code]

Character Additions

Bought 7 NP

Adding D rank Jutsu Inpei [Hiding]
Adding C rank Jutsu Kagemane no Jutsu [Shadow Imitation Technique]
Adding C rank Jutsu Name: Kageyose no Jutsu [Shadow Gathering Technique]


Inpei [Hiding]
Rank: D
Requirements: Shadows nearby
Description: The user steps into shadows and remains very still. Their body will become darker until they match the shade of the area, and their skin and clothes will develop patterns to better blend into the background. This technique ends if the user moves. This technique does not require handseals.
Limitations: It takes a full post to assume the appropriate disguise.
Cost: 15 to activate, 3 to maintain

Kagemane no Jutsu [Shadow Imitation Technique]
Rank: C
Description: The user performs a single unique handseal, then takes control of their own shadow. They can extend their shadow across any surface, vertical or horizontal, and even across water. On contact with another individual's shadow, the user exerts his will upon the target, forcing it to perfectly mimic his own actions. In order for the binding effect to work, however, the user must possess a greater Willpower than the target's Willpower. If the binding does succeed, it lasts 1 post for every 10 points of Willpower the user possesses. This technique may be split up to hit multiple targets, but each additional target adds 10 to the requisite Willpower to maintain the technique (3 targets is 1 post per 30 points of Willpower, 5 targets is 1 per 50)
-The user's shadow must actually exist to use this technique; therefore, it is ineffective without a light source of some kind. This limitation cannot be removed.
-This technique is very tiring to use; when ending the technique, the user will be exhausted.
-If the target is injured while captured by this technique, the same injury is applied to the user. This drawback cannot be removed.
Chakra: 40 to activate, 20 to maintain

Kageyose no Jutsu [Shadow Gathering Technique]
Rank: C
Description: The user solidifies their shadow, allowing it to be moved through the air. When using their shadow in this fashion, the user can wrap it around objects to physically lift them. While this technique isn't very strong, only being capable of lifting weapons such as kunai or shuriken, it is very precise, allowing the user to attack from odd angles with a great deal of accuracy.
Chakra: 30 to activate; 5 to maintain

Jutsu Ninja Points: 13


Spent Ninja Points: 85
Remaining Ninja Points: 2


Was told by Burning that I could do this since it's early.
Jun 8 2018, 09:24 AM

Caravan Travel




Escort mission from the village to a outside farm community that needs supplies and has had problems with bandits on the roads.


Make sure Firion, the scroll keeper, makes it to the farm community so he can unseal his scrolls and give them their supplies.


Firion - Scroll Keeper


Uchiha, Ninigi
Kemuri, Genji

Edit: I suppose we need someone to run the mission as well http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
Jun 3 2018, 07:46 PM
Looking for someone to do a C rank mission with. 1 or 2 active people http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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