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Jun 17 2018, 01:53 PM
Name: Quick

Rank: C

Jutsu Type: Bukijutsu

Range: Short

Requirements: Iaidou [Way of Iai]; bladed weapon

Description: Similar to Drawing Sword, minus the sheath, this is less a stance and more of a start and finish. For those that don't simply carry their weapons and/or prefer a quick end to a fight this uses speed and agility to take hold of their sword only to take a single slash at any given angle and then return to from whence it came. From an outside perspective it would appear as if the user didn't even move an inch as a charging opponent would naturally keep moving past the user only to drop injured if struck.

-At such high speeds it would be hard to do better but if the user attempts any other sword jutsus they only have time to perform one other before returning the blade. This cannot be removed except through derivatives.

-Without a high perception stat or excellent precision skills this attack can be sloppy, making it hard if not impossible to aim for a lethal strike. This cannot be removed.

-If techniques like Lightning Flash Blade Creation are used then this will consume chakra for all moves used; itself, unsealing and sealing. This cannot be removed.

Creator: Uchiha Lapis

May 28 2018, 07:16 PM
Apocrypha, Mistress of Swiftness





An angel...a demon...a nephalem. Due to unknown personalities, this demon took on sort of a mix appearance to fool those around it, playing their emotions against them. It had the appearance of a fully matured woman with regal garments, leaving very little for the imagination. It adorns four grand wings, two on both sides, one on each side was different color variation. One pair was bright white and let off a light while the other pair was pitch black and let off a dark wisp. It also wears a wreath about its head, pitch black with white stars evenly placed around it. It has dual colored eyes with the right eye being blue while the left eye is red. The clothes that it wears are less an outfit and more separated pieces to symbolize the division of the world and its inhabitants. Across its midsection seems to be what would appear to be a two piece swimsuit but instead attaches behind the back leaving the middle of both the front and back exposed. A sort of corset-dress is attached to the top piece, flowing in the wind and waist long. Along the arms are veil sleeves tied around the shoulder, elbow, and wrist and though its black like the rest of the clothing its actually tied with pure white laces and stars. The thigh boots are much the same, pitch black with white laces and stars. The most prominent feature of it is actually the hair, split color down the middle with the left half being pure black and the right being pure white, following the wing color pattern.

Unlike most Akuma, there isn't hate for the humans of the world, but actual love for them. It actually loves and adores the mortal beings that live in the world and would do nothing to see them slaughtered like most Akuma would. Who would hate and despise...their favorite food. Looking down on humans as nothing more that cattle, Apocrypha seeks to herd them like the cattle they are, acting nice or fooling them to believe a lie to get them to do as they're asked. Talking down to them like beasts and treating them the same, Apocrypha has desires that don't match with others of its own kind, but does hold other Akuma to the utmost respect. So long as they don't take her food without asking, of course.


Strength: 75
Speed: 50
Agility: 75
Perception: 75
Endurance: 50
Willpower: 75
Spirituality: 50
Stamina: 50


Demonic Abilities:

Swift Hands, Twisted Blade:
Your hands are unnaturally agile, they eb and flow with a grace known only beyond the world, they move so precise and perfectly that they carry a power like no other. Alone your hands move in such a way they carry the full speed and agility that your body possesses but together with a weapon, a blade, they dance around with unbelievable power and skill. Despite the type blade you can grant it the power to slice through most things in your way. Using speed and agility together you move the blade so swiftly that it increases the precise sharpness of the blade even without appropriate strength or endurance in yourself or the blade. Cut fast enough and you can slice through rock before the blade's durability gives out. No longer does strength or endurance play a factor in determining the effectiveness.
May 23 2018, 07:48 PM
Name: Reality Check

Rank: B

Details: A small town has been reported out of line. They've stopped checking in and all reports speak of some cult-like behaviors. They perform odd rituals in large groups, chant or speak of a higher calling, and other oddities. Aside from their strange behaviors, the town's people built a large and lavish church in the dead center of town. It seems to be the center of all this "madness" and the goal to be infiltrated. As a normal mission, the village assigns this as a mission or problem to be solved but to one young "Genin" it's a location his studies has led him to. This place is a start to a greater mystery for hunting down the truth.

-Investigate the town.
-Infiltrate the church and unravel the mystery.
-Get the town back to normal.
-(True Task) Seal the threat.

Town's people-Basic citizens
Town guards-Varying levels
Guard Captain and Cult Leader-Boss
Apocrypha-Chuunin Akuma (True boss)

Uchiha Lapis

*Open if others wish to join*
May 18 2018, 12:40 PM
Biographical Information

Lapis Uchiha


12 years old


Ninja Status:
Village Shinobi

Genin (IC)
Chuunin (OOC)


95 pounds


Characteristics: He is a young boy who seeks only the finer things; fine clothes, upright behavior, best trainers, best techniques, and the most knowledge. His outfit always fits that of a high classed boy, kept to clean perfection and very neat while his hair is washed daily and still not dried out. He's not known for getting his hands dirty so he'll wear clean white gloves but still won't dirty them anymore than he'd do his hands. His skin borders on pale but still retains some light coloring.
Hair: Short silver-white hair, no longer than neck length.
Eyes: A deep crimson red.
Clothing: His clothing is a mixture of dark purple and silver color scheme. He wears a dark purple styled trench coat with the top three buttons fastened on his right side while the lower area remains unfastened allowing him easy maneuverability. Though it has a high turtle neck and large puffy furred sleeves he still wears a cloaked cape with even more fur while the shoulder area of the cape has steel metal plating which keeps it over his shoulders. The cape is tight around his neck, snapped onto the fur collar by a silver broach and a long red ribbon. He also has a large belt with a steel buckle and plate that sits over his right leg though the trench coattail rests more over his left side with a ruby jeweled link connected to the buckle. The belt wraps one strap over around his right side but then splits into two when it comes around his left side with another steel plate like on his right hip. However, underneath the trench coat, he wears a silver vested shirt with long sleeves that has three shirttail pieces, one large one in back and two in front over both his legs. He has long dark purple pants tucked inside his knee high steel boots with large knee plates.
Accessories: He has his village headband but stores it out of sight because it's nothing but a burden.

A very uptight boy who only expects the best for himself, he sees himself on top of the world seeing everything there is, knowing one day he'll hold it all. Or so he believes. He's very arrogant or at least only sees what he has to gain from the choices placed before him. He prides himself on knowing everything there is to know that is important enough for him to care about though less caring about people and more how the world is moving and which way its heading. He became very sensitive to knowing the ways of the world, deciphering the meaning of existence, he says he sees what resides behind the lies and truth. He speaks in a tone that seems disconnected from the world, or people, around him while speaking in a manner far above his age. It has made him more than a little antisocial as everyone is but a fleeting speck in the vast tapestry...an imperfect speck. Seeing people this way is why he seeks to study and understand the Akuma that came to their world, he has an unhealthy draw to learn more about them, or just as importantly the world they come from. Before he became so interested in demons he studied Space-Time and its existence at the young age of five, wanting to know all that exists in this world and those beyond. In short; a high and mighty arrogant boy with a strange attraction to learn about Space-Time and Demons, seeing everyone beneath his notice as nothing more than something to study and toy with until he's bored of it. While he keeps his composure at all times, he will break it only to smile, to glee at his rise to success while those around him fall to failure.


Origins of Birth
A difficult childhood is one way to put it,
a rough upbringing is also another good description, or simply just complicated. Lapis was born from two parents who had no love for anyone not even each other, yet having a child wasn't an accident on either of their parts. They both led bandit groups against the world and especially each other, one favoring raids to simply cause damage and be recognized while the other favored plundering for money though neither was shy about taking a life. They both took many and never felt anything for it. Their different styles in their bands surely brought them into conflict but since they were vying for territories from more than each other it caused real tension. Since they were at odds with other groups and doing what they could before the Akuma set in they didn't take time for pleasantries. They fought and killed each other on sight and departed just as quickly when the demons got close, they both knew the true threat and weren't going to risk everything but nor were they going to miss a chance to wipe each other out.

When things got real bad between the two bandit guilds, making things worse when the demons pressed harder the two leaders called for a mutual ceasefire. Kinzoku was the first to announce the truce and the first to show up at the neutral ground for the meeting and soon enough Suraisu showed up with her people. The two laid down their weapons for the first time in their many decades long conflict and occupied a secluded tent on top of a hill, above the smaller ones around the walled in fort. The two guilds didn't fight on orders from their leaders and instead watched out for any move against them by the demons, so many in one place was bound to attract their attention. The two talked for hours or rather Kinzoku did while Suraisu interjected when she didn't agree, she wasn't the talkative kind. Their discussion got heated plenty of times to the point furniture was just in the way, tossing aside tables and barrels and their own chairs in favor of more breathing room. They may have agreed on a ceasefire but that didn't mean they didn't come armed.

It wasn't long before the Akuma set in and started attacking the wooden walled fort but the two guilds kept them back, they were under two orders. No fighting each other and no one was to disrupt them until at least one of them walked out but if only one did then the truce was over of course. They talked for what seemed like hours, either not noticing or caring about the outside world, and finally they got somewhere but it was with weapons drawn. After arguing it ended with Suraisu having her sword against a pinned Kinzoku who was leaning against a flipped table. The two exchanged a few silent words before their fight broke into a fiery passionate romance. Suraisu was drawn to the burly man who wasn't just all talk and backed it with more than just action while Kinzoku was entranced by the woman of a different kind of action than he was accustomed to. They found what they respected most but to a much greater extent in each other and went with their passion. When they finally emerged from the tent together they joined the fight against the demons and slaughtered them all but didn't turn on each other. The two bands went their separate ways without exchanging any words.

New to the World
The two saw each other in private a few times to see if there really could be cooperation between their guilds but there was also another reason. Suraisu gave birth to a son. For once the two shared in a small happiness that individually they never knew. Growing up in secret, known to the band as a demon victim and future trained member, Lapis spent his first few years with his mother but after that he was given to his father to see the other side of the life. The guilds never knew who Lapis truly was but they also never questioned it, they seemed to actually take a liking to the boy in fact, teaching him their ways. He seemed closer to his father, he spent the most time with his son and surely talked more, but he loved his mother too though she always seemed distant to him. While with her the little boy found knowledge really alluring, spending his time reading about the world and even its history.

Time he spent with his father was filled with everything else from fun and adventure to training and practice in his heritage. They weren't trained shinobi but they knew enough about fighting and their shared bloodline in the clan to teach him what he needed to know. By the age of five he knew how to fight and use his Sharingan but he didn't get much in terms of actual practice except from his mother who didn't hold back and really pushed the child hard to get better since that was the only way he'd survive the world. Of course Kinzoku didn't too kindly to his son being beat up or worse by his quote unquote mother and quite honestly he was getting sick of this back and forth he was doing with her. He was starting to get selfish and wanted his son fully and if Suraisu wasn't part of a package deal with Lapis then he was more than happy with that. Unfortunately she was thinking the same way but for much longer than him.

It had only been going on for five years but they were both done with this little exchange and decided on a solution that would benefit one or the other. If they were going to be an actual family together they would have done so from the start nor would it have taken this long if there was even a slim chance. They had enough of each other and decided to fight for the boy, even over giving him the choice of choosing a parent, either from not wanting to put him through that or thinking he wouldn't know any better. The two met one last time with Lapis and fought it out, understanding that the victor would take more than just the boy but end the other guild too, something they both longer for on both.

The Beginning of the End
Lapis was scared, he was only five but he had never seen such murderous hate before. Watching his parents do this was horrifying for him but he didn't look away once and a few times he almost forgot to blink. The fight took hours but in the end the two of them were both left in a near death state, bleeding out and nearly unconscious, and Lapis couldn't stand seeing it as the pain was too much to bear and as he turned to run away his eyes welled up and tears flowed out like a river. He ran, ran as fast as he could, through the pain and tears he ran, ignoring trips and falls he kept running, he didn't want to stop until finally someone grabbed the small child. He flailed his arms like crazy and kicked his feet as hard as he could to try and get away from them but it wasn't until he opened his eyes that he saw it was neither of them. A stranger was standing before him, looking at the crying child in his hands and trying to calm him down. Looking closely at the crying child the man noticed the major thing that popped out, a Sharingan was staring back at him from behind the tears. He finally stopped and buried his face in the arms of the stranger who just held him tightly, looking around to see what upset him, or if his parents were nearby.

Not too long later Kinzoku and Suraisu arrived, barely standing, but stayed out of sight and watched what was happening. It wasn't until the man nearly spotted them that they noticed and recognized the man as an Uchiha from the village, Kuzuo Uchiha no less, leader of the clan. They weren't in any shape to stop him from taking the child and as the man walked off they simply let Lapis go and have a chance at a normal life away from this bandit lifestyle that was forced upon him. When they were out of sight Kinzoku and Suraisu took a long deep look at one another and simply walked off, not saying a word to the other, and returned to their guilds to inform them that the other side killed Lapis. This renewed their conflict in full against one another and the two never spoke to one another again. To this day the two guilds still fight over what territories haven't been claimed by the other or ruined by the demons but still seek to destroy the other and take what they have. They've even stuck with allying with smaller, less organized groups to extend their reach and influence to best the other.

Shinobi Life
For the next few years Lapis grew up in the hidden village and entered the academy to learn how to become a shinobi. However, the trauma he had been through had changed the once bright-eyed child into a real coldhearted and emotionless boy. He didn't look for a quiet and secluded corner of the classroom, no, he found a center seat and sat up front where he could be seen and addressed. He just didn't. He quickly and efficiently excelled at the academy, besting everyone who thought they could stand up to him, he just cared for none of the kids around him nor the instructors. Of course being so anti-social to everyone made him no friends but plenty of enemies though the proper term is bullies.

Finding him the easiest to pick on, a trio of young students grabbed their Genin senpai and brought him to Lapis and wanted him to teach the arrogant kid a lesson in humility and all that good kid stuff. The problem was that Lapis just had no time for these brats and just kept walking or rather tried to but the Genin wanted him to understand his place, a student should respect a higher ranked shinobi. He brushed the Genin off and kept walking but the boy kept pushing until finally he snapped, but not Lapis, the Genin's legs. His legs were shattered and was screaming in pain which frightened the students but they were busy with their own problem as they were stared down by a demon who kept saying that they were going to be gutted for some blood ritual. The four screams brought an instructor running only to see them spread out on the floor with Lapis facing away from them only to turn around and reveal he had hit them with a Genjutsu to teach them a lesson. The look he had on his face nearly frightened the instructor, a face that just didnt care, but he shook off the nerves and demanded that it all ends.

After that Lapis was never bothered again but the higher-ups were very unhappy with him to say the least. His punishment wasn't what one would expect. His promotion to Genin wasn't denied when the time came but it was mostly to get him under constant supervision by a Jounin. Lapis knew this, it was clear to the boy and he didn't care, but the alternative was something much more irritating. He agreed to remain by the Sensei and never go off on his own with others but he did so with a silver tongue, he had no intention of doing so personally. These people thought they had any authority over him and he was going to let them believe that until an opportunity presented itself. He truly planned to manipulate the whole team, even the sensei, so this punishment could be done and over with. His adoptive father, leader of the Uchiha, put him under careful watch and even got his own biological son close to him to keep a friendlier eye on him. To Lapis it was also an irritating eye. Nevertheless he went along with it all just to have his way.

Genin Career
The time Lapis spent as a Genin was pretty uneventful, spending most of his time studying and preparing for what was to come. He spent most of his time at the library and academy, he blew through the student rank so fast he never really went, studying on missions and training techniques but mostly to compare to his own which resulted in his boredom. They were nothing he saw as successful or even competent, least of all things he would use himself. Other moments were spent in forced situations with people like the time with his older brother, not biological, Ninigi who tracked him down shortly before his rank up to Genin. He was older but far behind. The truth he kept was that he'd already received Chuunin promotion but choose to hold off. To put him down was beneath Lapis or so he said to himself. Their brotherly time spent together ended when Lapis was fed up with talking and decided to chase the fool off with some insulting and disrespectful intentions though they meant nothing to him other than a tactic to play his brother. He fell in way too easily.

After chasing his brother off, using his arrogance for brother ranking against him, Lapis made his way towards the library one last time. He was intent in going out into the field soon but first he wanted to learn from the mistakes of fools and imbeciles. Luckily people loved to categorize and document their failures as well as their successes. What he found made him wonder, however, that the Akuma threat was a ploy that they were given victories only for the demons to come back with something better and life crushing. As he studied more a girl just older than him crossed his path and practically forced her way into his attention. When he set himself to get rid of her like he did his brother, calling her nosey, she quickly took the bait and snapped. It was almost a shame as he was starting to get intrigued in her, aside from her intentionally stepping into his path to get involved with his business, his Sharingan showed as much from her walking direction. Despite this girl sharing a topic in demons like him, her quick snap and words killed the mood and he left for the field. Best to study his targets in their natural habitat.

He spent much of his Genin time studying less after those days, more time was spent doing missions that took him far from the village. Eventually he qualified to become Chuunin and even got approval, but after only a moment of pondering, refused the rank up. He truly hadn't felt he gained what he wanted from all his time spent as a Genin and worse yet becoming Chuunin was seen as beneath him. He wanted to reach the top in one enormous leap or at least a Jounin.
With that point made he continued on his goal to track, hunt down, and acquire greater power than any of these lesser Genin and even Chuunin to prove to all his supremacy as a prodigy.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points:
110 (+44)

Instead of a pouch he uses a technique to seal away all his items, allowing him access to whatever he needs only to avoid slowing himself down with all that peasant weight. If he trusted people enough he'd make someone carry it but this way is so much easier:
Sealing Stone - Shard (Embedded into ribbon)
2-Katana (3 feet blade)(sealed in each sleeve)
10-Kunai (sealed in right glove)
10-Shuriken (sealed in left glove)
10-Senbon (sealed in right glove)

Inventory Ninja Points: 1


Knowledge [Akuma]
Description: You know more about a specific topic than those unstudied fools around you.
Benefit: Can justifiably know non-general knowledge about the chosen topic. The topic must be approved by staff.
Cost: 1

Knowledge [Space-Time]
Description: You know more about a specific topic than those unstudied fools around you.
Benefit: Can justifiably know non-general knowledge about the chosen topic. The topic must be approved by staff.
Cost: 1

Iron Lungs
Description: You are capable of holding your breath for extended periods of time, making you more effective at swimming or navigating areas with smoke or other irritants in the air.
Benefit: You can hold your breath for extensive periods of time
Cost: 1

Heat Resistance
Description: You have developed a tolerance to inclement weather, allowing you to function normally even in the most uncomfortably hot conditions.
Benefit: You are unaffected by warm weather or feeling hot, +6 stamina in warm weather conditions. Genjutsu effects that create heat affect you normally, as if you did not possess this trait.
Cost: 1

Emotionless Chakra
Description: Your chakra is completely disconnected from your emotions, making it impossible to discern your mood simply by viewing your chakra. This trait is incompatible with Emotive Chakra.
Benefit: Your chakra takes on a more static feeling than normal people. While this makes your chakra easier to identify, it also prevents anyone from guessing your true intentions or motives based on your chakra alone.
Cost: 1

Cold Spirit
Description: As a result of your distant, even cruel, personality, your chakra has taken on a permanent coldness that remains even when you are feeling happy or relaxed. This trait is incompatible with Warm Spirit.
Benefit: Your chakra has a permanent "cold" sensation, or an equivalently unpleasant sensation applicable to a specific mode of sensing. While this makes your chakra easier to identify, it also makes any enemies who can sense it feel more nervous.
Cost: 1

Altered Element (Crimson Red-Black Flames)
Description: Your jutsu of a particular element take on a strange appearance; your fire might be blue, or perhaps any dirt you produce has glittery particles within it. When taking this trait, please explain the specific change. Note that this trait is passive, and cannot be turned off-all jutsu that use that material will carry the effect.
Benefit: You can aesthetically alter the jutsu of a particular element or substance. These alterations must not have a significant battle potential.
Cost: 1
Fighting Styles:

Iaidou [Way of Iai]
Description: Iaidou refers to a specific style of Kenjutsu concerned with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking the opponent, removing blood from the blade, and replacing the sword in the scabbard. The practiced motion and force applied to the sword result in slashes that are faster and stronger than one might expect. The movements to this style are quick and precise, almost always slashes, and very controlled. An emphasis is to be placed on keeping ones composure when utilizing this style of combat.
Benefit: +10 Strength and Speed using a sword in the manner described.
Cost: 2 Ninja Points

Dark Slayer
Description: A finite style, similar to Iaidou, that puts emphasis on speedy sword strikes by putting agility and speed before strength, this style aims for continuously slicing fast and quick to cut better than strength. When wielding a sword(s) the user slices at a faster speed than the predecessor as they continue the attacks. Where Iaidou strikes straight from one's scabbard this style can be used as a follow up, not needing a scabbard, from the moment the user takes the blade in their hand to make lightning quick movements. It can also be used on it's own. The speed and agility of these strikes are extremely difficult to follow causing them to appear blurred. As an improved version, this requires Iaidou [Way of Iai].
Benefit: While fighting in the aforementioned style the user's speed and agility gain +20 but also negating the strength bonus when initiating Iaidou.
Cost: 4

Description: Standing your ground, you draw your blade(s), your presence holds strong against all that oppose you. This style removes all meaning and purpose of speed with quickness, increasing one's agility to strike out in all directions, altering the direction of one's attack so quickly it all happens in a flash while the user hardly appears to move an inch as each strike becomes harder and harder to track even with well trained or talented eyes. The quickness that they change their direction carries their sword attack to move at that same momentum which make them just as hard to track. This can be employed with Iaidou and Dark Slayer but at the cost of the strength bonuses and altering speed to agility, however, as an improved version, this requires both regardless.
Benefit: Alters one's style of wielding a blade(s) in the aforementioned manner and boosting their agility by 40.
Cost: 7
Negative Traits:

Description: You revel in causing pain to others. You may delay delivering finishing blows in order to extend the process of your victim's suffering. When brought to light, this character trait is rarely accepted by your peers, even if it works in their favor.
Penalty: You focus more on causing suffering than on effective fighting or strategy.

Pure Blooded
Description: You come from two parents of the same clan, they gave you your great abilities, but through some strange occurance this is a hindrance. How so, you're whole body reacts aggressively against any foreign DNA, destroying it and causing whatever transplants to vanish completely.
Penalty: Cannot take any form of transplants from other clans; even traits that grant you the ability too are null and void. This is irreversible.

Description: You have difficulties making connections with people, usually coming across as callous or anti-social. This anti-social quality you have makes it more difficult to work with others.
Penalty: - 5 to Willpower and Spirituality when working with others

Description: Evil and wrong-doings don't necessarily come naturally to you, but it doesn't exactly take much effort to convince you to do bad.
Penalty: Easily convinced to commit crimes, even if not a Rogue Ninja. If a Rogue Ninja, this trait provides no points.

Trait Ninja Points: 20


Strength: 20
Speed: 30
Agility: 50
Perception: 50
Endurance: 20
Willpower: 40
Spirituality: 50
Stamina: 20

Attribute Ninja Points: 56



Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Resilience: 20
Bladed Weapons: 50
Chakra Control:
Enhanced Sense (Sight): 40
Enhanced Sense (Hearing): 40
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):

Skill Ninja Points: 15

Chakra Natures:

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0

Basic Jutsus:

Chouyaku [Leap]
Rank: E
Description: The user focuses chakra to their legs, allowing them to leap higher and further than they'd naturally be capable of. Using this technique, a ninja can easily leap to the top of a light pole, or jump across a wide road. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Sakki [Killing Intent]
Rank: E
Description: The user employs chakra to project an air of intimidation to those around them. An especially high difference in ability results in a greater effect, potentially terrifying a target into paralysis. This technique does not require handseals, but typically requires eye contact.
Cost: 3 Chakra per target

Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
Rank: E
Requirements: Nearby debris roughly the size of the user
Description: With this technique, a user replaces their body with an inanimate object the moment an attack lands. This is done to evade an attack at the last second, making the opponent think the attack landed when in fact, it did not.
- This technique has a range limit of 25 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only expanded.
- The object the user replaced themselves with must be of approximate size to the user. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique must be prepared a full post before it is used, and if no occasion comes about to use the technique, the chakra and handseals are wasted.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By focusing chakra to one's feet, a ninja can adhere themselves to sheer surfaces, such as trees, walls, cliffs, and can even walk upside down. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain

Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By emitting a constant stream of chakra from the user's feet, the user may walk on the surface of water as if it was solid. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain

Genjutsu Kai [Mind Technique Release]*Halved Chakra*
Rank: C
Description: While holding the Rat seal, the user forcibly halts their chakra flow, then rapidly rushes a greater amount of chakra to their head. This process disperses the chakra causing a Genjutsu to occur, and can break it in such a fashion.
- You must be able to form the Rat handseal.
- You must break every Genjutsu effect on a single genjutsu at once, though if you are affected by multiple Genjutsu, you may choose which Genjutsu to target.
- You do NOT need to break an Aftershock effect.
- You do NOT need to break effects that your stats are allowing you to ignore the cost of.
- Even those incapable of learning Ninjutsu or Genjutsu can use Genjutsu Kai.
- Genjutsu Kai may be used on another individual by contact. Other than the required handseal, all rules for Genjutsu Kai must still be followed while using it in this way.
Cost: The cost of the Genjutsu being countered + the cost of any active side-effects + 5 chakra for the base effect and any unaffected side effects

Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]*Halved Chakra*
Rank: C
Description: The user holds a single seal and focuses their chakra for a few seconds. The user immediately moves to a new location, moving so fast that they appear to teleport. This is just chakra-assisted movement, however. This technique usually employs some sort of cover to further hide the user's movements. This technique may be used to move vertically, but it must begin while the user is on a surface they can push off of.
- The user cannot change direction once their movement has begun.
- The user cannot react to threats during their movement. This limitation cannot be removed.
- There must be no obstructions between the user and their intended end location. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique has a range limit of 20 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only extended.
- If no cover is used, the opponent may see the user leaning in the direction they intended to go.
Cost: 25 Chakra
D-Ranked Jutsus:

C-Ranked Jutsus:

Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu [Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: The user expels a large amount of fire from their mouth after a series of handseals, the flames taking on the shape of a perfect sphere at the far end of the blast. The fireball is launched at a distant target to burn it. Note: This technique, while not exclusive to the Uchiha, is a coming of age technique for them-as such, every Uchiha is expected to know this jutsu before being promoted to Chuunin.
Cost: 40

Katon: Onidourou [Fire Release: Demon Lantern]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: This technique releases many floating fireballs around the user, which take the shape of ghosts. After performing the required hand seal, they swarm around the user creating a dome of defense before it dissipates.
Limitation The user must remain in position for this to work as to not get burned themselves. This limitation can't be removed.
Cost: 40
B-Ranked Jutsus:

Raikou Kenka [Lightning Flash Blade Creation]
Rank: B
Requirements: Appropriate equipment
Description: This technique allows the user to place a sealing mark on their clothes, which can then be used to seal weapons within. The weapons sealed may then be rapidly unsealed into the user's waiting hand simply by touching the seal and imparting the necessary chakra. Anything from a shuriken to a massive sword can be sealed within the user's clothes. Any weapons sealed in this way must be listed on the user's profile, and the seal's location must be noted as well. Up to 200 lbs of weapons can be sealed into a single seal. This technique can seal objects as well as unseal them, without requiring another Fuuinjutsu.
Cost: 10 to seal/unseal a single weapon
A-Ranked Jutsus:

S-Ranked Jutsus:


Jutsu Ninja Points: 8

Special Abilities:
All Uchiha clan members are born with an affinity for Katon element; therefore, all Uchiha clan members are born with 2 primary elements, one of which must be fire. Any subsequent elements must be purchased as normal, starting with the cost one would pay for the third element and then proceeding as normal.

Advanced Abilities:
[6] Sharingan (Fully Matured)
[3] Unique Item

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 45

Spent Ninja Points: 145
Remaining Ninja Points: 9
May 11 2018, 03:49 AM
Name: Shard: Daedric Contract

Rank: S

Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu

Range: Self-Contact

Element: None

Requirements: Shard; unsealed Akuma; some measure of control; Summoning Technique

Description: Not a physical seal, more of a spiritual one between chakra, the user can use the demon artifact to create an everlasting bond with an Akuma for use in summoning them like through the Summoning Technique. In order to do this it must be with an unsealed Akuma that the user has gained control over by dominating it with their power or by personal terms; it must submit by choice or force. Once contracted they are sealed within the item until they are summoned, capable of understanding one another through their link almost like mental communication. They can be summoned and sealed based on the user's whims so long as they hold the Shard in their possession though losing it risks everything.

-The targeted Akuma, contracted or otherwise, might be one with the user but they do not count for any Jinchuuriki requirements nor can they share their power like how they do with their host. This cannot be removed or altered in any way.
-The user can control one Akuma at a time for every 10 points of willpower they possess; 40 for A-Ranked. This cannot be removed.
-This cannot be used for S-Ranked Akuma. This cannot be removed unless the user is Sei Jounin and only 1 at a time.

-Without the Shard in their possession the user cannot summon or control the Akuma; risking their betrayals or whims. This cannot be removed but control can be covered with other forms of manipulation but they still cannot be summoned by any other means.


Creator: Uchiha Lapis

Equal to half the summoned Akuma's chakra to summon
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