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Serenity Frostfire


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Jan 6 2018, 09:43 PM
It had been at least 9-10 months since her mission occurred she had the luck of the devil. She had been stabbed so many times she blacked out and her body was found beaten and thrown in the desert. It was a miracle she was even alive now. What she had learned about a demon worshiping cult would be valuable but since she had been unconscious for so long it would be a miracle if they were even still there. But the kage wanted to speak with her about the mission and the chunin exams over all.

She had awoken to a multitude of flowers and a fresh bowl of ramen from her parents. She had scarfed it down and even had them prepare a second and third to sate her hunger. The fear and exhaustion from that night wore heavy on her but she was happy she managed to get back to see her family again. She would be able to see her friends again too.

She was quite nervous but honestly she just felt happy to finally be awake and honestly Alive...that was the greatest feeling of all. So she sat in front of his office as she was too weak to stand for prolonged times. She'd be sitting gaining her strength as she awaited for her meeting. She knew she would have to stand during it and frankly hoped she would get off the hook quickly.

OCC: Short post is Short.
Dec 7 2017, 01:43 AM
Serenity was given a scouting mission, she simply had to find information on a group of individual missing persons cases. It all starts with a cult leader it seemed. There was something strange about this entire mission, and it wasn't just the cult leader. Reading over the scroll repeatedly Serenity would slowly make her way to the town said to be the projected destination of the cult leader.

Serenity, we need you to check out a few missing person cases. You are the most suited for this with your specialty being genjutsu. You can keep your self hidden while gathering information.

She was remembering the select words the kage said to her. She should have already known they knew about her ability with genjutsu. But what followed is what truly scared her, they even knew of Mirage. Though they didn't say it directly, they knew she was able to hide using it...it meant they were watching her more closely than she thought.

The thought sent a shiver down her spine as she continued making the way to the village. Choosing to refocus on the mission she'd wonder what exactly her first few questions would have to be to truly be pointed in the right direction.

Since no combat was truly required she decided to leave her Scythe behind in favor of a few solider pills to keep a good supply of chakra. Genjutsu would have to be her method of fighting this time around. This mission needed discretion to some extent.
Oct 29 2017, 11:51 AM
Straight to the point, Serenity was sitting down at home working on her studies. How the human mind work and different things that effected how people reacted to certain mental stimuli. Her head phones where on and she was listening to a popular pop song (any idc which) as she read her text book doing mental training with her genjutsu.


A jutsu made on the principal that people see what they want when faced with lots of stress or even intense heat. The desert was a huge help to this and Serenity wanted to take this just a small step forward.

The object in her mind was a small red ball, mirage would essentially duplicate this ball making the fake appear to the opponent while hiding the real one. A mirage. Focusing on the hiding aspect of the genjutsu she would do this exercise several times of the course of two songs, one ball turning into two as it was suddenly turning into two ones form more real than the other.
Aug 24 2017, 08:34 AM
Serenity was sitting on one of the benches in a local park of the village. She had been training a bit today and decided now was a better chance than any to take a break, to enjoy a sandwhich. Not much could really be done in the way of socializing but she didnt mind the solitude made lunch more relaxing.

She had forgotten that she was meant to meet up with someone earlier before she started training. By now it was a distant memory long forgotten and she bit into her sandwhich once more, watching the people interact with one another.

The park resembled something of the real worlds central park in new york for those who needed more visualisation.
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