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Yuzuru Kodogu


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Jan 13 2018, 03:58 PM
It was a quiet day at Yuzuru's favorite training grounds. The sun blazed high above telling him it was some time early in the afternoon yet still there was no racket disturbing the peace. Considering by this time he would have usually had his first bout training it was an odd feeling to find himself with nothing better to do. Even though he had the morning off however he still didn't want to wander too far. Soon his training partner would arrive, some distant cousin from the Uchiha clan. With his usual instructors out on a mission he was going to be left to his own devices for the next little while. Well, sort of his own devices. Training partner after all.

He knew very little about this Ninigi. In fact it should be more accurate to say he really knew nothing about him at all, as knowing he was an Uchiha really didn't count. Yuzuru grimaced as irritating memories surfaced. Hopefully he wasn't overly hot-headed like many of that clan were known to be. It felt odd to think of them that way as he technically was a part of that same group, but he liked to think their trademark nature didn't much manifest itself in him.

Enjoying the shade under one of the trees in the sidelines Yuzuru meditated as he waited for the appointed time. There was much to think on, the freshly appointed genin still uncertain about the direction he wanted to take his life in. One way or another the life of a shinobi was going to be his whether he liked it or not. That much at least seemed to be the consensus among the various factions vying for control of his life. The question was where exactly that meant he was to go. Would he end up following the path of fire, or steel?
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