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Kodogu Zaijorou


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May 1 2018, 08:52 AM
You’ve been selected for this month’s CSL! (Chuunin Spar Lottery)
Randomized location is sealed within.
Best of luck!

Zaijorou twisted the paper between his fingers, flipping it over to stare at the minor seal on the back, sighing aloud as he did so. He hadn’t ever heard of a so-called ”Chuunin Spar Lottery”, but shrugged since it appeared to be legit, he guessed. While he briefly wondered who his opponent would be, hoping it wouldn’t be some moron like one his old teammates, the Kodogu swiftly applied his chakra to the seal which transported him to the aforementioned randomized location. The place he reappeared was on the outskirts of Akarigakure – a large area with dry, wilting grass, no trees, no water, and surrounded by enormous boulders that encircled the makeshift arena for about a mile in every direction. A solitary figure stood in the middle and waved with a bit of enthusiasm, beckoning him forward with an outstretched hand.

You’re the first to arrive,” the figure, dressed in strange looking gear that was vaguely similar to the ANBU’s, complete with a mask that was solid white with only eyeholes, and spoke in a very unisexual voice; their body didn’t even betray their gender, “Please wait patiently.

Raising a brow, Zaijorou nodded curtly before asking, “And you might be…?

Filo. This month’s referee,” the voice replied before falling silent with hands folding behind their back.

Just as his mouth opened, to ask another question, the referee abruptly spoke up, “Please wait patiently.

Alrighty then, he’d shut his mouth and stand there, feeling awkward in the unspoken tension obviously spewing from his aura.
Mar 25 2018, 04:47 PM
Somewhere on the outskirts of Akarigakure, away from the center of the village, in an undisclosed location, was the party of all parties. It was absolutely madness and chaos - young Chuunin and Genin were drunk on saki, probably doing things they shouldn't have been doing, and acting completely insane. Katon users were igniting massive pyres, creating huge bonfires which illuminated the darkness of midnight, Suiton users were playing bartender and infusing alcohol into everyone's drinks, Doton users made Seven Minutes in Heaven locations for the giggling debauchery youngsters, Raiton users manifested fireworks in the starry sky, bursting the obsidian with bright colors of all hues, and the Fuuton users... well, they didn't do much of anything but cheat at Spin the Bottle while keeping a steady blare of music that may or may not have busted some eardrums. Nobody wanted to take responsibility, if anyone was to ask.

Among the party-goers, Zaijorou accompanied his best friend, Aikki, who was super interested in a Houzuki girl that seemed way out of his league but hey, nobody knew whose luck was going to change tonight. As they took drinks, one too many on Aikki's part, while he was over near a hut where more than two people were inside, he hurled several shades of yellow and green, Zaijorou was minding his business with a few friendly faces he remembered from his Genin days. A couple of girls and three guys, all of which were plastered and couldn't properly form a sentence, the Chuunin laughed along with them as the alcohol surged through his own system. One of the girls, by the name of Juniki, an Uchiha with the darkest eyes of silvery onyx, abruptly grabbed Zaijorou by the cheeks and planted the sloppiest, most disgusting kiss on his lips... like ever.

Well, the other Uchiha dude, or dudette, Zaijorou wasn't entirely sure at this point, just wasn't having that kind of stuff while he was around. He didn't know if it was his sister or his girlfriend, they weren't acting very lovingly towards one another so, he wasn't sure. Or maybe they were just friends. Whatever, it didn't matter, but the sucker punch to the moistened left cheek brought him out of his stupor long enough to make him stare wildly for a brief second before falling down. Grabbing at his face and quite possibly broken jaw, he groaned for a minute and felt an anger well up inside him. He'd done nothing wrong and most certainly could have went his entire life without having been molested by a drunken Uchiha that didn't know to properly kiss. Hell, he didn't even get the chance to do it right! That bothered him to no end and as he rose from the ground, someone yelled out, "FIGHT, FIGHT!"

And then, a crowd surrounded them, all chanting the same thing.

Glancing around, Zaijorou blinked as blood dripped onto his chest, forcing him to look down and see the red substance mark his flesh. Frowning in distaste, his first instinct was to straight up murder this piece of crap but in the back of his mind, his sober mind, he thought better. This was no place to fight and this guy was just protecting what he valued, nothing more, regardless of who was in the wrong. Instead of doing anything drastic, he simply closed his eyes and took the next four, or maybe five, hits to his face and chest. He never budged. Things were fine, totally fine, until this dick decided to use Raiton which he immediately knew was going to do some serious damage, based on the loud sound coming from the closing distance. Gulping aloud, he knew this was the end. He could feel it and as soon as the intoxicated Uchiha neared him, he slid to the side, allowing the Chidori to pass through the uppermost left side of his shoulder, ripping flesh and muscle from his body.

Screams and hoorays echoed from the crowd as he fell to his knees, finally opening his sad eyes to see the girl crying and shaking her head, silently begging for his forgiveness for something she felt was her fault. Of course, it was her fault but hey, this was fine. He was beginning to feel really warm and sleepy as the blood from his new wound coated his upper body and the last thing he saw before passing out was the crowd suddenly dispersing, ranting about something he couldn't quite make out.

"Well, shit," he mumbled, closing his eyes for just a minute, that's all he needed to feel better.
Nov 12 2017, 09:55 PM
I'd rather be a lover than a fighter because all my life, I've been fighting.
I've never felt a feeling of comfort during all this time since I've been hiding.
And I never had someone to call my own, so used to sharing.
Love only left me alone but I'm at one with the silence.

I'm in need of a savior, but I'm not asking for favors.
My whole life, I've felt like a burden.
I think too much, and I hate it.
I'm so used to being in the wrong, I'm so tired of caring.
Loving never gave me a home, so I'll sit here in the silence.

I finally found peace in your violence and you can't tell me there's no point in trying.
I'm at one, and I've been quiet for too long, so here I'll break my silence.

Pages of written heartbreak, pages of words pouring from the soul, pages of untold sorrow; all in the hopes of closing a wound that seemed to never heal. Watermarks streaked the pages, blood stained through the parchment, ink dripped from hesitant penmanship - efforts marking the hardship such words produced from an anguished young woman. Empty and broken, hollow and unfulfilled, a complete loss in every sense of such a solitary word that had so many definitions but to the girl scribbling in solitude, she felt every syllable with authentic emotion. A part of her had be stolen, ripped straight from her very body, and the loneliness she experienced was all too real. If she could have exchanged places with him, she wouldn't have hesitated in the least - to have sacrificed herself in his place even if it would have considered selfish of her to force him to go on living without her. Yet she was here, complacent with the abandonment of her beloved brother whom was part of an unfortunate accident that nobody could have prevented.

With her head against the eastern wall of a dark room, curtains closed and pinned together to keep out any reflection of sunlight, Kammi wept over her loss, cursing the Heavens for taking away something so precious to her. She wanted to believe that it was for a reason, that it was all predetermined somehow, but she couldn't bring herself to believe in such fairytales. It was because of who she was, how her mind worked, how cursed she thought herself to be, and the turmoil only furthered her spiral into madness. It was only a moment after these notions did she remember her promise to Tamotsu - that she would remain sane and refrain from procuring more information about resurrection. He mattered little to her as he was only a temporary figure in her life, soon to exit after teaching what could be taught, and the promise she made had been forged with nugatory words.

Soon, dreary hues of incongruous color closed and she fell into a deep slumber.
Oct 23 2017, 10:18 PM
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Mastery training for Suika no Jutsu [Hydrification Technique].
[1] Remove a Limitation, Weakness or Drawback. Can be taken up to 2 times. - 7 Posts.
[2] The Chakra Cost of the jutsu in question is halved. Any further reductions to chakra cost are applied after this halving occurs. - 3 Posts + 1 Post - May NOT be acquired twice.
Total amount of posts required for Mastery Benefits: 11

Sunlight peered through the window as Kammi slept peacefully, illuminating what little of her face that wasn't covered by the blanket she curled up with. A pair of bright blue eyes watched from the side of her bed, waiting patiently for her to wake up, and as she began to stir, her first vision was that of her older brother who immediately started scolding her.

"You've overslept, again, Kammi. I can't wait for you -"

Holding out her hand to silence him, she furrowed her brows while groaning, "It's just now daybreak, Onii-san."

"Yeah, now, I have to wait for you to get dressed, eat breakfast, et cetera, blah blah blah. We were supposed to meet Tamo-sensei at daybreak, don't you ever pay attention?"

"I will just skip breakfast," she softly snapped back at Kaigetsu, forcing herself out of bed to stand next to him, "I'll be ready in five minutes... if you'd be so kind as to leave."

Huffing while shaking his head, Kaigetsu quickly exited her room as she dressed herself and met him at the door wearing her training attire that consisted of a pair of black shorts, a short black top that only covered her chest, and several bandages. Her hair was pulled back into a messy bun with the two wrapped strands hanging freely at the sides of her face. The twosome made a hasty exit and while on their way to the training grounds, Kaigetsu was sure to provide Kammi with an apple and water for breakfast.

"You'll have to stay hydrated, you know," he nodded as he turned to walk backwards to face her, watching her gnaw away on the apple, "I'll help you with the first bit but Tamo-sensei will do the harder bits."

A small blush appeared on her cheeks at the mention of Tamotsu, a man that Kammi had briefly met once before when he was Kaigetsu's sensei during his Genin tenure. She had been enamored by him but had never spoken to him other than the formal greeting of one time and couldn't help but to be excited to actually be trained by him. The blush hadn't went unnoticed, however, Kaigetsu wasn't particularly worried as it was simply a school-girl crush that would surely pass with time. Most girls were enraptured by Tamotsu. Afterall, he was an Uchiha and the Clan as a whole was beautiful, especially the women. Pondering his own thoughts, Kaigetsu rolled around to walk next to Kammi as she finished the apple and the two were exactly where they needed to be - the dual training grounds. It was here that they were extensively trained in their respective arts while younger and where Kammi had trained harshly with her father for four years.

The dual training grounds were exclusive to the Kaguya/Houzuki siblings but not necessarily under high security. There was a rather large pond in the middle of the stretch of land and hugged by several trees, dummies, a small shed with access to weaponry, and a patch of grass for sparring. Tamotsu waited by a nearby tree, reading a book, minding his own business when the two finally announced themselves. Or rather, when Kaigetsu apologized for being late.

"I'll observe for now," he casually spoke, returning his line of sight back to the book.

"Alright, Kammi. You already know the base for Suika, so, yeah, let's see what you can do right now," Kaigetsu smiled as he abruptly threw a bottle of water at her which smacked her right in the forehead.

"What the hell?!" she whined, rubbing the mark on her head, "You're literally a foot away from me. Did you expect me to dodge that?"

"Look, this needs to come as a second nature. I know you're not as skilled with Suika as I am but I'm trying to teach you a better way of doing it. By the end of our training, you should be able to dodge nearly everything, including a boot to the head. The Chuunin Exams are coming up... I don't want to see you fail."

"I have other strengths," she retorted sheepishly.

"But your opponents may be able to avoid Shikotsumyaku. Suika will aid you during AoE attacks while your bloodline is primarily for CQC," Tamotsu noted aloud.

Blushing at the realization, Kammi stanced herself and nodded, signaling Kaigetsu to try again and when he threw another bottle at her feet, they went into a liquid state and the bottle passed straight through, rolling to a stop a few meters away. She reconstituted her feet but the entire process wasn't fast enough, not yet anyways, and so, Kaigetsu began throwing bottle after bottle, at different areas. One would pass through water while another would hit her during each throw until she nearly passed out from chakra exhaustion. Sitting down, Kammi breathed heavily as her brother knelt down next to her, patting her head with a soft touch, "That's something else we have to work on. Suika is too taxing on your chakra but with more training, it'll decrease. So, take a few minutes to gather more chakra and when you feel up to it, we'll try again."
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