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> Rescue Princess Peach [ANBU Mission]
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 02:47 PM
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Gopher Tuna

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Promptly at seven in the morning, Vivian was to meet with her superior, Otohiko – a tall, slender Jounin with dark yellow hair and exhausted eyes of lackluster purple. Assuming Vivian was punctual, he would explain the objectives of this particular mission with little to no enthusiasm, almost as if he were brushing it off or had zero interest in the fact that a young girl was missing. Once he finished with the necessary memos and whatnot, he then instructed her to meet with another ANBU, an Uzumaki boy with fiery red hair and cinnamon-colored hues, who was quite the opposite of their superior. He talked. A lot. Mostly about random weather patterns and how excited he was to get to use his brand-spanking new fuuinjutsu on today’s guinea pig, Vivian. Or as he explained it, today’s volunteer. Regardless of what she was or was not, he told her what the seal would do and that he would be her liaison that would keep tabs on her while she was out in the field.

You’ll be able to communicate with me and vice versa while out on mission. There might be some negative effects, but then again, there might not be. Not entirely sure, however, I’ll be able to help you as much as possible and if you get in trouble, I can have you extracted. Savvy?

With a bright and genuine smile, the Uzumaki boy placed the small seal behind her right ear where she could hear him and he could hear her; this would be tested and successful for the time being. No cost would be imposed on Vivian as he would take all costs for the duration of this thread, in case anyone wanted to know. Anyways, with a quick goodbye and a good luck, Vivian was dismissed with a singular piece of paper that had a few scribbled instructions on it:

Kawakagure –  Ask for the River Guardian.

Thus Vivian’s journey would begin in Kawakagure.

Let me know as soon as you arrive there,” she would hear inside her head, the resonating sound of the Uzumaki’s voice.


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