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> Squad Creation Rules and Template
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 Posted: Apr 1 2016, 08:05 AM
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Squad Creation

A Ninja’s squad is a very important part of their success, and a potential difference between life and death in the field. These squads are comprised of 3-5 RPCs. All Genin teams are considered squads. The Squad and their leader are conferred a number of benefits:

[1] When participating in a mission, crime or event with your entire squad (as a team, not just physically present), you receive additional Ryu upon completion of the RP. This is on top of the benefits listed in the Mission and Crime Rules. Specifically:

For every Squad Member who is both present and actively RP'd with (other than your own RPC, of course), you gain the following bonus, dependent upon the rank of the mission:
D-rank - 100 Ryu
C-rank - 200 Ryu
B-rank - 400 Ryu
A-rank - 700 Ryu
S-rank - 1000 Ryu

[2] Squads are rewarded for roleplaying together socially. This means threads that are NOT (1) Missions/crimes for rank up (2) Jutsu training/mastery or (3) where they all do their own thing individually but are in the same place. The purpose of this reward is to encourage social behavior.

Once per month, you may submit a character addition application when your team's social thread is complete. At least 2 other team members must participate. For each roleplaying post you posted of three paragraphs or more in that thread, you will receive an additional 100 Ryu.

To create a new squad, please follow the below template:


Squad Name: What does your team call themselves? This can be as simple as “Squad 4” or something more personal, like “Demon Squadron”

Members: Please provide links to your individual team members below.

Squad Leader: For genin teams, this is the sensei. Can be an NPC if it is a jounin sensei.
Member 1:
Member 2:
Member 3:
Member 4:

[b]Squad Name:[/b]



[u]Squad Leader:[/u]
[u]Member 1:[/u]
[u]Member 2:[/u]
[u]Member 3:[/u]
[u]Member 4:[/u]
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