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Sep 7 2017, 02:52 AM
Welcome to the NPC Bank. This Bank is used to store all recurring NPCs that are available for public use. If an NPC is placed here, you may use said NPC for any future threads you wish. Additionally, you may create an NPC via the normal creation system to be placed here. There are, however, a few rules regarding the NPCs placed here.

- An NPC cannot be Jounin captain to two teams at once. If a Jounin NPC is claimed, such information will be edited into that NPC's post, indicating who is in the team this NPC is teaching.

- An NPC placed here cannot be killed or permanently maimed by anyone other than the original creator of the NPC, unless the creator of said NPC has given express permission. If a situation will logically cause death or maiming, the NPCer is expected to find some way to make the NPC both survive the encounter intact and be removed from the fight.

- When creating an NPC, all custom additions to said NPC should be applied for within the same post as the NPC itself.

- An NPC may have more NP than their base limit. They may not have as enough NP to reach the next rank above them. When calculating NP, keep in mind how many NP they would have due to previous rank ups, as well as the NP they should have due to their rank.

- Sei Jounin NPCs may only be created by staff. NPCs with special ranks that are limited in number, such as Kage, may also only be created by staff. Limited Rank NPCs may only be NPC'd by staff or users who have been given explicit staff permission. Otherwise, there is no rank limitation.

- If you create an NPC to be submitted to the bank, you are consenting to let ANYONE use the NPC. The second rule listed above is designed to protect against spiteful destruction of your work, but keep that in mind-if you choose to put your NPC in this bank, you do not have control over who uses it. If you would prefer having an NPC for personal use only, consider creating a minor ninja.

- NPCs placed here follow all rules of Minor Ninja unless this post contradicts a rule. In the instance of a rule contradiction, this post takes precedence over the Minor Ninja rules.

NOTE to Staff NPCers - NPCs that are important to the site's plot, such as recurring villains, should not be placed in this thread.
Jun 16 2016, 04:26 PM
Bulk Global Advanced Ability Jutsu Submission Event

To celebrate our forum launch, and in order to better fill our global lists so new members can explore a more diverse set of ideas and character builds, we are holding on final round of global submission promotional events.

From the period of 5/27/16 until midnight US Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, June 30, you may submit Global Advanced Ability profiles in bulk as responses to this thread. This is one of several threads holding this type of promotion, all of which have their own rewards.

Quick Note:

While we appreciate the effort, rewards will only be given for Original ideas. Copying and pasting from one jutsu list and converting the language to be appropriate to another (Such as converting a normal Lightning element technique to proton element) may be able to be placed on the global list, but the purpose of this event is to diversify available forum concepts. While such submissions may be added to the global list, you will not receive any ryu for such submissions, and they will not count toward your total submission count.

Participating in this promotion will net you a number of possible rewards. First of all, everyone who submits at least ONE idea between ALL the bulk submission event threads will receive a “Full Jutsu Reset” token and “Full Trait Reset Token”

In addition, you will receive Ryu for each idea you submit. The more you submit, the higher the rewards! All rewards will be paid out on Friday, July 1. Each individual promotion thread has its own tiers and rewards, separate from one another. Please see the tiers below to determine your prizes:

1-5 submissions: 25 Ryu each
6-10 submissions: 50 Ryu Each
11-25 submissions: 100 Ryu Each
26-50 Submissions: 150 Ryu Each
51 or more submissions: 200 Ryu each


When posting your ideas, please use the following template to format them for global use. Also, please organize them by list type for easier installation.

Jutsu Name
Jun 14 2016, 03:25 PM
We have noticed that the village populations of Tani and Kouri have fallen behind Mori and Nohara a bit. As such, the staff are offering a small incentive to anyone who makes an academy student or genin from either of those two villages.

If you make an academy student or genin from Tani or Kouri, that RPC receives one of the following:

1 Advanced Ability Point
5 Trait Points
15 Stat points
1B, 1C and 1D ranked jutsu slots

If you made a new RPC in those villages of those ranks any time May 27 or later, you may post a reply to this thread to claim a prize retroactively. Please include a link to your approved Tani or Kouri RPCs.

All others, please post a reply to this thread with a link to your Tani or Kouri RPC still in creations for us to approve your bonus stuff.

This promotion will only be going on until such time Kouri and Tani have more sustainable village populations.
Jun 10 2016, 09:57 AM
NPCing Rules and Rewards

NPCing is the action of controlling all non-player characters in an RP scenario, especially missions, crimes and events. Outside of those, normal users can typically use NPCs to fill out non-combat roles in their own personal stories (Family, friends, significant others, etc.) In missions, crimes and events, however, NPCs may be capable of combat.

NPCing Missions and Crimes

The rank of a mission or crime determines who may and may not NPC it:

B rank and lower missions and crimes may be NPC’d by anyone. Yes, you can even npc them for yourself. However, bare in mind that a staff member will review the mission regardless who npcs it and determine if it was sufficiently difficult and/or sufficient effort was put into completing it.

A Rank and above missions and crimes may only be NPC’d by staff members. This is to ensure that they are of sufficient difficulty and up to forum standards.

Events likewise, can only be NPC’d by staff members or by members given EXPLICIT permission to do so by the staff as a whole. This is to make sure that the events follow the forum’s intended storyline.

NPCing Rewards

If you NPC a mission or crime, you may be eligible for a Ryu reward in addition to the ryu you received for your actual posts. This is 100 Ryu per NPC post OR half the reward the highest paid RPer received for the same mission/crime, whichever is higher. Rewards can only be claimed on missions/crimes that have been RP’d to completion, or have been completely abandoned by their RPers (More than 30 days without activity). You CANNOT claim an NPC reward for a mission of your own that you NPC'd for yourself, whether it was solo or with multiple people.

To claim a reward, post a new thread in the mission and crime area using the template below. Your thread should be titled in the format “[NPC reward] User name (Mission/Crime Name)” Example: [NPC Reward] Jademoon (Bonfire of the Vanities)

Mission/Crime Thread: Please provide a link to the actual mission or crime profile (Not the RP thread)

Number of NPC posts: How many NPC posts did you perform?

Total Reward: This is either 100 Ryu per NPC post, or half the highest reward RPers received, whichever is higher.

[b]Mission/Crime Thread:[/b]

[b]Number of NPC posts:[/b]

[b]Total Reward:[/b]
May 27 2016, 07:38 AM
Animal Companion

This Advanced Ability simply unlocks access to Animal Companions, better known as pets. For more information about Animal Companions, see the full guide in the Creation Rules section. This Advanced Ability requires a single Advanced Ability Point. It is possible instead to have access to Animal Companions as a clan's special ability, in which case, this Advanced Ability is not necessary. This ability may be taken more than once; each instance of this ability allows for 2 pets.


This Advanced Ability simply unlocks access to Kuchiyose. For more information about Kuchiyose, see the full guide in the Creation Rules section. This Advanced Ability requires a single Advanced Ability Point. This Advanced Ability is required to access Sage Mode.


This Advanced Ability simply unlocks access to Insects. For more information about Insects, see the full guide in the Creation Rules section. This Advanced Ability requires a single Advanced Ability Point. It is possible instead to have access to Insects as a clan's special ability, in which case, this Advanced Ability is not necessary. This Advanced Ability provides access to Konchuu Su no Jutsu for free.
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