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> Falling Snow
 Posted: May 24 2018, 02:54 PM
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This late in the year, snow on the ground was to be expected in Shimogakure; and so, it was rather odd that none had fallen yet. Instead, as Vivian approached a small town, the last civilian outpost before Shimogakure itself, she walked on gravel and dirt. The air was cold, the sky was grey, and the earth was barren; not the most inviting of places, to be sure.

But that's what made it such a haven for mercenary groups. Few would travel this far, in these conditions, to exact revenge on a group that would likely not be held liable for their actions anyway. The only ones who bothered coming out this far were those who worked with them.

This particular town was a sleepy, lazy place; crops didn't grow in this soil, so this town survived only on the merchants coming through on their way to Shimo; this time of year was always bad for them, since few enough of said merchants wanted to make the trek through the cold.

The people seemed friendly enough, if not overly enthused to have a ninja in their midst; ninja brought violence and trouble, but they also brought money-so, it was a tradeoff most were willing to make, even if they had to grit their teeth while doing so.

This was where the informant from the Snow Blades had agreed to meet with Vivian. Their meeting spot was easy enough to find-a small restaurant, specializing in cold noodles. It was the only one like it in town, the informant had promised in the message. However, it seemed he wasn't here yet; no one was in the restaurant other than a single waitress and the cook.

The mission, however, was on.

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