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Jun 5 2018, 09:54 AM
Character: Onamuchi, Ikoya

Addition: Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai (2 AA) (No Combined element, I'm just adding the AA right now)


Fuuton: Seigyo Hikou [Wind Release: Controlled Flight]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: After throwing a projectile, the user can activate this technique with a single seal. The user can freely alter the wind currents along the path of the weapon to make adjustments to the weapon's path in midair. Skilled use of this technique could even allow for the weapon to make curved, looping flight paths or return to the user should it miss.
Cost: 25 to activate, 5 to maintain


13 NP (7 for the AA, 4 for the element, 2 for the jutsu)


Make sure to alter the AA point totals, Jutsu point totals, and Element totals. Also, my C-ranked Jutsu totals.
May 24 2018, 02:54 PM
This late in the year, snow on the ground was to be expected in Shimogakure; and so, it was rather odd that none had fallen yet. Instead, as Vivian approached a small town, the last civilian outpost before Shimogakure itself, she walked on gravel and dirt. The air was cold, the sky was grey, and the earth was barren; not the most inviting of places, to be sure.

But that's what made it such a haven for mercenary groups. Few would travel this far, in these conditions, to exact revenge on a group that would likely not be held liable for their actions anyway. The only ones who bothered coming out this far were those who worked with them.

This particular town was a sleepy, lazy place; crops didn't grow in this soil, so this town survived only on the merchants coming through on their way to Shimo; this time of year was always bad for them, since few enough of said merchants wanted to make the trek through the cold.

The people seemed friendly enough, if not overly enthused to have a ninja in their midst; ninja brought violence and trouble, but they also brought money-so, it was a tradeoff most were willing to make, even if they had to grit their teeth while doing so.

This was where the informant from the Snow Blades had agreed to meet with Vivian. Their meeting spot was easy enough to find-a small restaurant, specializing in cold noodles. It was the only one like it in town, the informant had promised in the message. However, it seemed he wasn't here yet; no one was in the restaurant other than a single waitress and the cook.

The mission, however, was on.
May 23 2018, 04:24 AM
Name: Yujin: Eikyou Batsu [Yujin: Impact Punishment]

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Thrown

Element: N/A

Requirements: Yujin

Description: While preparing to throw Yujin, the user imbues it with chakra. In addition to flying straighter, more accurately, and with more power than otherwise possible, upon impact, the weapon releases a powerful shockwave capable of breaking bone. This effect is only good for the initial impact. If any elemental jutsu are currently affecting Yujin, the shockwave will be accompanied by a burst of the applicable element.

Limitations: The elemental effect is limited to only the base five elements. This limitation cannot be removed.

Weaknesses: Striking the weapon mid-flight can cause the impact to be lost. If removed, the impact will not be unleashed until the weapon's momentum is suddenly and severely slowed.

Drawbacks: -

Creator: Onamuchi, Ikoya

Cost: 55
May 23 2018, 04:02 AM
Biographical Information

Name: Chai

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Rank: C

Height: 4'6

Weight: 180 lbs

Species: European Rabbit

Description: Chai is a white, adorable rabbit; he is, however, four and a half feet tall. Chai wears a black vest with a circle on the back; within the circle, there is a smiley face with long, rabbit like ears. Chai wears a village headband around his neck like a collar; the metal band is usually facing out from the direction of his belly. Chai has dark brown eyes and a brown spot in the center of his forehead. His claws are black and filed down. He carries a large blade at his hip, which he wields expertly.

Personality: Despite his adorable looks (or, perhaps, due to them), Chai fashions himself as a serious warrior, who will not tolerate your attempts to demean him. His willingness to be pet is, he says, completely separate from that. He is haughty and proud, insistent that he is from a long lineage of powerful rabbits, and that he and his 112 siblings are each fierce, magnificent fighters.

Outside of combat, Chai is relaxed and laid back, though not to the same degree as his summoner.

Background Chai is the 113th child of a proud warrior rabbit, Daisagi. From that lineage, Chai takes great pride himself, striving to become the greatest warrior bunny the world has ever known. He was aligned, however, to Ikoya as his first summoner. Ikoya is...well, lazy. While he is strong and talented, Chai can't help but constantly chide Ikoya for his lackluster attitude regarding his duties as a ninja.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points:

Inventory: - Katana - 3 feet long, worn on Chai's hip. 3 lbs

Inventory Ninja Points: 1


D-ranks (1)
Description: You are better able to perform outlandish moves like flips, spins, and rolls without error. Dodging becomes easier as well.
Benefit: Can justifiably perform acrobatic feats listed above

C-ranks (0)

B-ranks (0)

A-ranks (0)

S-ranks (0)

Fighting Styles (0)

Trait Ninja Points: 1


Strength: 20
Speed: 15
Agility: 25
Perception: 25
Endurance: 10
Willpower: 10
Spirituality: 10
Stamina: 15

Attribute Ninja Points: 26

Chakra: 360


Strike Power:
Strike Speed: 20
Blocking Power:
Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Bladed Weapons: 30
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Chakra Control:
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Ninja Points: 5

Chakra Natures: Katon

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: -


Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
Rank: E
Description: The user creates a clone of themselves. The clone looks just like the user in every way, to include current injuries and damage to clothing. The clone can be controlled mentally by the user as long as the user can see or otherwise detect what the clone is doing. Multiple clones can be made simultaneously, but each must be maintained separately as a distinct jutsu use.
- The clone is intangible, being made entirely of chakra. This limitation cannot be removed.
- It cannot harm anything, though it does not necessarily disperse as soon as contact is made. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This type of clone has no consciousness of its own and cannot make its own decisions.
- This clone has a range limit of 100 feet from the user. This limitation cannot be removed, but can be extended.
Cost: 5 Chakra per Clone

Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
Rank: E
Description: The user alters his or her appearance to look like something else. This transformation looks and feels real.
- The transformation cannot be unreasonably different in size to the user. They may, for instance, transform into a puppy or a large piece of furniture such as a bed-however, insects and objects much larger than a bed are not possible. This size limitation varies depending on the user's natural size. This limitation cannot be removed.
- Transforming is only skin deep-the transformation may feel real, but transforming into a metal object does not make you extra durable, nor does changing into a bird let you fly, etc. This limitation cannot be removed.
Weaknesses: Any physical damage done to the user immediately dispels the illusion, as well as any reasonably distracting event. This weakness can only be removed by obtaining the Trait that allows for it.
Cost: 5 Chakra to create the Henge, 1 Chakra to maintain it

Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
Rank: E
Requirements: Nearby debris roughly the size of the user
Description: With this technique, a user replaces their body with an inanimate object the moment an attack lands. This is done to evade an attack at the last second, making the opponent think the attack landed when in fact, it did not.
- This technique has a range limit of 25 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only expanded.
- The object the user replaced themselves with must be of approximate size to the user. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique must be prepared a full post before it is used, and if no occasion comes about to use the technique, the chakra and handseals are wasted.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
Rank: E
Description: This technique allows one to escape from ropes and wires tied to prevent their escape. This is done by using chakra to physically loosen or to sever the ropes. This technique does not require handseals.
Limitations: This technique does not work on heavy restraints or those made of chakra. This limitation cannot be removed.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Fuuin Kai [Seal Release]
Rank: E
Requirements: Scroll
Description: The user places their palm on a scroll or similar object that contains a seal. Using chakra, the user can unseal the scroll, obtaining whatever was hidden within.
Cost: 5 Chakra per object unsealed

Shuriken Boujou [Shuriken Intercept]
Rank: E
Description: The user throws a projectile in such a way that it strikes another projectile in midair. Skilled users of this technique can even throw their projectiles in such a way as to purposefully change the direction of both projectiles.
Cost: -

Chouyaku [Leap]
Rank: E
Description: The user focuses chakra to their legs, allowing them to leap higher and further than they'd naturally be capable of. Using this technique, a ninja can easily leap to the top of a light pole, or jump across a wide road. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Kakuremino no Jutsu [Cloak of Invisibility Technique]
Rank: E
Requirements: A cloth of similar design to the background.
Description: The user hides behind a cloth, using chakra to make it blend in even better to the background, removing any apparent edges or folds on the cloth. This could render the user completely invisible if used with a cloth with an appropriate design.
- This technique must be used with an appropriate cloth. This limitation cannot be removed.
- Only very slight movements can be made while this technique is active. This limitation cannot be removed.
Weaknesses: Viewing the user from any angle that the cloth does not obstruct the user from the viewer's line of sight renders the technique useless. This weakness cannot be removed.
Cost: 5 Chakra to create effect, 1 Chakra to maintain

Kage Shuriken no Jutsu [Shadow Shuriken Technique]
Rank: E
Requirements: 2 similarly sized shuriken
Description: The user throws two shuriken at once, hiding one shuriken behind or beneath the other. Chakra is used to ensure the second shuriken follows the first in such a fashion that the target cannot easily detect the second shuriken.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Sakki [Killing Intent]
Rank: E
Description: The user employs chakra to project an air of intimidation to those around them. An especially high difference in ability results in a greater effect, potentially terrifying a target into paralysis. This technique does not require handseals, but typically requires eye contact.
Cost: 3 Chakra per target

Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By focusing chakra to one's feet, a ninja can adhere themselves to sheer surfaces, such as trees, walls, cliffs, and can even walk upside down. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain

Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By emitting a constant stream of chakra from the user's feet, the user may walk on the surface of water as if it was solid. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain

Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]
Rank: C
Description: The user holds a single seal and focuses their chakra for a few seconds. The user immediately moves to a new location, moving so fast that they appear to teleport. This is just chakra-assisted movement, however. This technique usually employs some sort of cover to further hide the user's movements. This technique may be used to move vertically, but it must begin while the user is on a surface they can push off of.
- The user cannot change direction once their movement has begun.
- The user cannot react to threats during their movement. This limitation cannot be removed.
- There must be no obstructions between the user and their intended end location. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique has a range limit of 20 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only extended.
- If no cover is used, the opponent may see the user leaning in the direction they intended to go.
Cost: 25 Chakra

D-ranks (1)
- Shizuku Keri [Drop Kick]
Rank: D
Requirements: None
Description: The user jumps up in front of an opponent, bringing their knees in tight to their body. The roll back away from the target in midair and rapidly extend their feet, delivering a powerful kick with both legs at once.
Cost: -

C-ranks (6)
- Omotegiri [Front Beheading]
Rank: C
Requirements: Sword
Description: This is simply a one handed slash made from the front; however, it is performed with such speed that it seems to leave an afterimage behind it, making it quite difficult to avoid.
Cost: 25

- Hanpatsugeki [Rebound Attack]
Rank: C
Requirements: Vertical surface or upside down
Description: The user flows chakra to their legs, allowing them to push off of the wall to reach the ground or their opponent faster than gravity might allow. This can also be used on midair objects to jump to higher levels.
Cost: 40

- Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu [Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: The user expels a large amount of fire from their mouth after a series of handseals, the flames taking on the shape of a perfect sphere at the far end of the blast. The fireball is launched at a distant target to burn it. Note: This technique, while not exclusive to the Uchiha, is a coming of age technique for them-as such, every Uchiha is expected to know this jutsu before being promoted to Chuunin.
Cost: 40

B-ranks (0)

A-ranks (0)

S-ranks (0)

Jutsu Ninja Points: 7

Advanced Abilities: -

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: -

Spent Ninja Points: 40
Remaining Ninja Points: 0

Cost: 60
May 23 2018, 03:32 AM
Pact Name: Ikoya's Rabbits

Species: Rabbits / Hares

Members: Chai

Summoners: Ikoya

Special Abilities: All members are capable of leaping to relatively great heights, without jutsu assistance. All members have enhanced senses of smell and hearing. Due to the positioning and size of a rabbit's eyes, they can also look in almost any direction without moving their heads. Members are capable of using handseals, with slightly deformed paws allowing the motions.

Notes: -
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