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Jun 15 2018, 04:19 AM
Name: Secret Tactics: Dance of the One Thousand [Onmitsukidō: Sen no Mai]

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Nin-taijutsu

Requirements: FTG, Warpstrike

Description: Moving to their opponent in a fashion that satisfies the conditions for Warpstrike, the practitioner launches an attack at a speed 40 points higher than the user would normally be capable of with the bonuses from Warpstrike being applied on top of this. The user then repeats this sequence for as many opponents as they wish that are within range. Each attack is done in such rapid succession that the user leaves behind a trail of afterimages at the location of every sequence, with each attack happening almost simultaneously.

Limitations: The user may attack each opponent only once.

Weaknesses: Interrupting the user early on in their series of attack in such a way that prevents them from continuing on disrupts every following attack and prevents them from occurring, this may not be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: Cost of Space Time technique + 25 per sequence
Jun 15 2018, 03:39 AM
Name: Secret Tactics: Flash Blossom [Onmitsukidō: Senka]

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Nin-taijutsu

Requirements: FTG, Silent Killing, Warpstrike, Fist of the Wild, Snake Tongue

Description: Moving to their opponent in a fashion that satisfies the conditions for Warpstrike, the practitioner attacks in a rapid thrusting attack capable of punching holes in all but the most resilient of materials. The user's hand is coated with chakra expelled from their tenketsu to make it more durable so as to survive the actual impact of the strike without destroying itself as well should the user hit something that they might not wish to hit with an unprotected limb. The attack portion of this jutsu is done at a speed 40 points higher than the user would normally be capable of, and the bonuses from Warpstrike are applied on top of this.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: Cost of Space Time technique + 95
Jun 15 2018, 03:01 AM
Name: Secret Tactics: Dance of Shadows [Onmitsukidō: Kage no Mai]

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Requirements: FTG, Silent Killing, Shadow Clones

Description: The practitioner teleports to avoid an attack, leaving a shadow clone in their place to take the damage. They may use any solid clone variant they know for this jutsu. The jutsu does not require handseals but is instead bundled together with the practitioners initiation of their space-time jutsu and must therefore obviously be declared simultaneously.

Limitations: The clone lasts as long as it normally would taking into consideration what type of clone it is (the user may use any type of clone from basic to more advanced elemental versions). This jutsu does not provide additional durability, so sustaining the illusion requires additional effort from the user. As the clone is practically guaranteed a hit due to the nature of this jutsu their longevity is unlikely. These limitations cannot be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: Cost of space-time jutsu + 40 (note that the clone is created with the minimum amount of chakra for its type, which is then treated normally for its type upon dispersion)
Jun 13 2018, 02:44 PM
Name: Regulation

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Element: Koton, Katon

Requirements: Hagane no Noroi stage 1 or greater

Description: Although the Kodogu bloodline gives a powerful defense against conventional attacks, the user is still limited by their biology. Temperature changes can still cook or freeze the user if they are not careful to avoid it. This jutsu allows the user some defense against that. The way it does so is two-fold. First, if the user is overheating they may expel excess heat in concentrated form through their pores as highly heated water vapor. Doing so does not harm the user, although anyone else coming into contact with the vapor can still suffer injury. Additionally, repeated use over a prolonged period of time can still dehydrate the user. Second, if the user is too cold they may increase their body temperature by infusing their skin with katon chakra. They can only use this feature to bring their external temperature up to slightly higher than normal body temperature, and so this feature cannot be used offensively. Regulation does not require handseals.

Limitations: This jutsu does not offer the user any additional durability beyond what Hagane no Noroi already provides. It only provides relief from temperature based attacks that their bloodline can withstand the initial shock from.

Creator: Kodogu

Cost: 50 chakra to use, 15 to maintain.
Jun 4 2018, 02:15 PM
Description: The practitioner has trained extensively in the use of their jutsu that allow them to relocate at faster than normal speeds. The focus of Warpstrike is very similar to Iaidou in that the core mantra is "He who strikes first wins" with an emphasis on precision and control.
Benefit: The very first attack made after using a translocation jutsu on oneself is done with an increase of 70 to speed as long as the attack is made immediately after the jutsu completes its work. If multiple instances of translocation take place this benefit may be gained after every instance, but again only for the first attack after each instance.
Cost: 10 (S)

Trait Type: Personal Fighting Style
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