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Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 1 2018, 02:07 PM
Mission Details
Name: Reality Check

Rank: B

Details: A small town has been reported out of line. They've stopped checking in and all reports speak of some cult-like behaviors. They perform odd rituals in large groups, chant or speak of a higher calling, and other oddities. Aside from their strange behaviors, the town's people built a large and lavish church in the dead center of town. It seems to be the center of all this "madness" and the goal to be infiltrated. As a normal mission, the village assigns this as a mission or problem to be solved but to one young "Genin" it's a location his studies has led him to. This place is a start to a greater mystery for hunting down the truth.

-Investigate the town.
-Infiltrate the church and unravel the mystery.
-Get the town back to normal.
-(True Task) Seal the threat.

Town's people-Basic citizens
Town guards-Varying levels (Student and Genin)
Guard Captain and Cult Leader-Boss (Genin)
Apocrypha-Chuunin Akuma (True boss)

Uchiha Lapis
Uchiha, Ninigi
Aburame, Mai

Quiet, isolated, solitary. The town of Duskrose was just that and very little more, quite some ways away from Eda. In size it wasn't even that big, no larger than a couple hundred yards or give a few, though in truth the largest thing about it was in the center. A massive old church. From atop a hill, a path leading to the front gate, our three brave heroes came to answer a mysterious call from someone within the town and it was here where they lost all contact. That was over a week ago. Coming from within the forest, they would see the town ahead, the sun slowing setting with an ominous glow. There was something really wrong with this place as any instincts would be shouting long before they even arrived.

From atop the hill very few details could be made out. The town had only medium sized buildings, the church not included, standing only a story high with a few more inches. They were an old eastern style of tiles and wood yet sturdy enough to stand the test of time. A very traditional look. A few people could be made out but very little else if anything at all from such a distance but the people looked strange from even this far away. Only getting closer would make out any other details. What would our heroes do to see this through.

Posted by: Uchiha Lapis Jul 1 2018, 02:16 PM
This was just like any other day for the young Uchiha prodigy. Lapis wanted to start making a name for himself and actually get what he wanted in life but this mission wasn't what he really thought he needed. A certain couple of people convinced him it would be enough to sate him. As always his Sharingan was already activated and he kept his eyes closed for the time being until it was necessary for him to open them. Using his hearing he'd be getting around just fine.

The air is cold, the wind blows wrong, there is something here, but what?

It was an uneasy feeling even for him but it wasn't going to deter him from his objective. This place was out of line and it was his job to bring it back into the fold or fix it for good, either worked for him to be honest. But then there was the other two he had to contend with. Two who wouldn't take too kindly to such things. A young girl, Aburame by birth, a young boy, Uchiha and brother though not of the same. Mai and Ninigi would be accompanying him this time and he wasn't completely on board but after her impressive work in their last mission he was willing to give this girl a real shot to make herself useful.

"Well then, what to do from here, head down or talk?"

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 1 2018, 09:39 PM
To Mai, such a little girl, nothing mattered. She was on another mission with her senpai and now she was at a very strange location. She had never been so far from home before and this creepy town couldn't be any worse to be around. The longer they stood there and watched it the worse she felt. Even her insects were on edge as they started scurrying around to find a way to get away from all this, with their senses they knew this place was wrong, they couldn't shout it loud enough.

"We came to investigate...shouldn't know...get to it or something or another?"

She was too scared, even for proper introductions with this other Uchiha she had only just met when they got this mission report back at the village. She eventually noticed him but was still too off her rocker to actually make the proper words come out. The sooner she got away from here the sooner she'd feel better, the sooner she could be with Lapis-senpai anywhere else but here. She started sorting through her two kinds of bugs, trying to calm them down, prepare them for what they needed.

Posted by: Uchiha, Ninigi Jul 9 2018, 02:43 PM
Ninigi had scribbled a note of the bothersome mission he had taken on and had let someone find Zau to deliver it. It contained something like this:

"Zau-sensei, my younger brother has taken on a mission and I saw it necessary to accompany him. It might be above my ability, but I wasn't going to let him do this alone. Thanks for watching out for me."

He had left the village like the others and now as they approached from the forest their destination loomed ahead in the setting sun. His breathing now dragged out more than it usually did. He was a bit nervous, but he tried to hide it from himself at the moment. In his normal gait but even just a little bit slower, he walked with the team, his mind thinking about many different things. Some related to the dangers, some more to do with his progress and what he was doing about it.

Lapis was now ahead of him in the shinobi game, but it was he who had dulled his own shine. He had taken time off focusing on Ninshuu and had started venturing into other facets of life, broadening his knowledge and appreciating the humanity of others. He had also enhanced his creativity this way but was now on the shinobi quest for power once more. Lapis on the other hand didn't seem to have stopped going further.

Ninigi was the same as always, the only distinct addition to his appearance being the katana that now sat strapped behind his back.

"We head down. Investigate like she said, and then strategize. I don't think our job is going to get easier with the setting of the Sun"

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 9 2018, 05:03 PM
As they headed down toward the front gate, a fairly large arch, the writing would be on the wall. No quite literally too. Words were carved into the wood near the top, hardly visible from the ground. No one was on guard, just a lingering mist up to the knees was there to greet them. The people in the street were wearing some dark clothes, covering their appearance and walking in unison of pairs or more.

The group could make it all the way to the town square with no issues or changes to the setting. It was where they could begin and be there "base of operations". People still walked in their groups all around town, nowhere in particular it would seem, stepping into stores but leaving with nothing but more people. More wooden structures with carvings along the rooftops and the air flowed with the mist now reaching to their thighs.

For a town square it was basic, a large square but in a pentagon shape not natural though, five roads leading out but no horse carts or anything moving except the people. What would they choose, where would they go, what was their course of action?

Posted by: Uchiha Lapis Jul 9 2018, 05:04 PM
Seems like things are already going my way...good...if the book was true this is my first step to my desires.

Contempt with the plan to move forward, Lapis would head into the town, taking in all there was. The first steps in told him much, his inquisitive mind already processing everything. His eyes now open, his Sharingan reading the surroundings, it was all very intriguing.

"Well is this not the most disturbing scene I have laid my eyes on recently. I believe we ought to split up, investigate the town, also not drawing the wrong attention."

He knew what he wanted. This place had been through something monumentous and he was keen on doing just that. Knowing Mai, she had already released some bugs to scout out the town, finding targets should be relatively easy with her. It is why he brought her for widespread searching was her ace.

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 9 2018, 05:10 PM
Walking into town made her uneasy. Mai didn't like it here and she half expected to find bodies littering the streets but upon entering that was not the case. Letting out a sigh of relief she would release a handful of her little friends to Shadow them, to keep her aware of their surroundings. This place was wrong and she really wanted to leave. When the silence was finally broken it was by her senpai but the words from his mouth were cold, dismissive, and single-minded.

"Find the problem and help these people, yes, separating from one another in 'this' is a bad idea. I saw writting as we were entering...maybe we should study it. It may hold clues."

Posted by: Uchiha, Ninigi Jul 11 2018, 10:51 AM
The town was nothing like Ninigi had seen before. Knee-high mist would pervade it and he could already spot its citizens walking about in clothes that suggested intended camouflage with the dark. He didn't spot anyone walking by themself and would quickly recall the mission detail. There had been a report of cult-like behaviour and this seemed the plausible cause. He walked along with his group for now with his eyes trying to peer into the mind of the well covered people.

"Well I don't like the idea of spreading out either, but it would save us much time. Of course, unless you're willing to go all the way to the dead-center now where the church is supposed to be? I'd prefer to be there before it's well dark. We could leave if we're unsatisfied and then go do our investigations."

Ninigi would look around once more, noticing that the mist was now at their thighs. The place spelled all kinds of trouble. "I think that we already stand out, not being dressed like the rest of them. We could transform to take on their appearance and proceed to "blend with the activities". Of course, if you are hell-bent on being by yourself Lapis, I can stay with Mai."

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 11 2018, 04:44 PM
Their choices would be laid bare. Splitting up or staying together, it was true, they stood out like sore thumbs but so far no one had taken notice. No one approached them or even made any gestures to have noticed that they were even right there standing in the town. The sun was already gone, vanished behind the trees, casting it's final minutes of an orange glow on the world, but the villagers didn't care. Some torches were already lit in the streets so not much reason for them to care.

As the sun kissed the horizon the people in the streets started changing direction, all started going in the same direction. Groups of a few started merging together and before long it was like a flowing river of people all headed for one building. The church. Their choices were set before them and it was up to them how to proceed, no one yet noticed them, their eyes still hidden deep within the shadows of their cloaks.

Posted by: Uchiha Lapis Jul 11 2018, 04:52 PM
The choices were obvious to the young prodigy.

"Very well, seems I have been out voted. You two can go to the church and investigate that place to your hearts content, I shall gather information about the town before jumping into the den."

With that Lapis would vanish, probably using Shunshin. He was heading for the townhall hoping to get actual evidence of this place though he didn't like this place one bit. If Ninigi wanted to play with the girl then he was more than welcome. His mind was solely focused on the mission at hand than such basic instincts, using his brain over something so primal as a mental thought process with no sense. He had his goal and it was true to his character.

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 11 2018, 05:00 PM
Mai was upset to see Lapis go, not even waiting for a response or retort. But at least they had a plan. She lifted her hands to her face and blew on it as she released more bugs to scout the town and shadow the three of them. With that done she'd face this Uchiha that was named Ninigi.

"So nice to finally meet you, Ninigi right? I'm Mai Aburame. Should we get going, it seems the people are having your same thought and headed towards the church."

She performed a few quick seals and transformed into one of the villagers, cloak worn in the appropriate manner and everything. Once ready she'd take him by the hand as she hurried to get in. Thankfully with two of them joining it wouldn't take notice right, others joined in together, she just hoped it would work.

"All these people, it's so strange, why are they acting like this? I hope we can help them."

Posted by: Uchiha, Ninigi Jul 11 2018, 05:19 PM
Ninigi would at least be happy to hear that Lapis respected the democratic process. But his brother's decision to go off by himself would not please him, but he would be unfazed by it on the surface. He knew Lapis liked to work by himself and there was probably no point trying to convince him otherwise. It was probably the fact that they weren't related that had made them lack so much co-operation. Ninigi didn't know off the top of his head any way to combo with Lapis if they faced an enemy together, it was that bad. Knowing that Lapis was probably better fighting on his own gave Ninigi peace.

Once the chuunin breezed away he would be left with the girl as his partner. Henge no Jutsu. Ninigi would transform his attire to perfectly replicate what he had seen the people in the town wear. "I suggest you do the same, very quickly...oh, you actually beat me to it" Ninigi would be led by girl's hand almost spontaneously and his eyebrows would furrow in response. She's so touchy, there's no way Lapis survives around her.

"Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of all this."

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 12 2018, 07:28 AM
For Lapis, finding the mayor's place wouldn't be difficult but the place did seem pretty empty. Lights were out and practically no one was around that the eye could see but there'd be enough people to say it wasn't closed. If he went inside he'd be met with a handful of people heading out, just then closing up shop, the mayor included given how he was the only one not wearing one of those trashy robes. But he was surrounded by them. He carried a strange box as he locked up the building and turned to leave. Upon turning around her notice the young boy, of course he stood out like a sore thumb, and simply smiled at him.

"Good evening young man, I don't believe I've seen you around here before, are you new to town? Were you heading inside? I'm sorry to say my associates and I are heading out for the night."

The man would walk down the flight of stairs and greet Lapis like any respectable adult would, with manners and greetings. Lapis could accept his offer for a talk or slip away and though that might be seen as suspicious it's be more so rude. Maybe he should've tried sneaking to the town hall or at the very least put on a disguise like his team did. Too late now. The mayor was surrounded by 4 guards and 2 fellow associates; the guards' robes were much bulkier than the rest and they carried large sticks that looked like spears but with blades on the tip. Like a halberg but smaller.


As for Mai and Ninigi they would be met with a much nicer welcome. Because most of the crowd hid their faces they didn't notice the two transform and slip in so quickly and just like that they were packed in tight. Whether they had a change of heart later down the street wouldn't mean much now without forcing their way out. They'd walk for what seemed like 10 minutes, nothing special happening as more people joined the crowd, before too long they could see it. The massive church stood over them like a miniature skyscraper, if this would had such a thing. It easily matched a Kage mansion in full size with colorful windows of varying colors and shapes with odd symbols in the stonework. As they got closer they could see two massive double doors opening at the front of the church, they were heading inside. The doors were large and made of metal, easily allowing the crowd to pass through as they lined up in a four row line which left the two spies between two others.

Once they passed inside the lines began diverging in groups of two split right down the middle, forcing the two Genin to be split up unless they could think fast. Outside one or the other grabbing a random stranger from the opposite line it wasnt going to happen so easily. We're they creative or was this the end of being together? Despite what would happen, outside of causing a commotion, the "service" would continue on schedule as a large man in the most regal looking black robe would approach the front stage. Everyone was forced to stand up as there were no seats and the stage was only five steps high so looking up slightly would give everyone a good view of the man of the hour.

"My friends, my family, my fellow worshippers! We gather again on this moonlit night to celebrate yet another beautiful cycle under the Night. Most pleasing, so much so that another band of loyalists have been chosen for the Harrowing! But please hold your applause for those chosen ones have been handpicked, preordained for such a momentous occasion. Let us see these fortunate few."

At that moment, two by Mai and six around Ninigi would walk towards the center aisle where they split and headed for the front stage as silence fell over the crowd. Well, silence continued that is.

Posted by: Uchiha Lapis Jul 12 2018, 07:46 AM
Cornered and busted! That's what an idiot would think but Lapis was clever, he didn't care, he could think his way out of anything. Meeting the mayor on his way out was a stroke of luck because it saved him from tracking him down inside. Of course this meant he couldn't investigate the place on his own like he planned to...damn. As the mayor came down the stairs towards him, addressing Lapis as he was, he would take a calming stance to show no sign of danger. Of course not having any weapons or tools or concealed pouches on his person would help too.

"Hello to you as well, sir, my name is Lapis, I take it you are mayor Duey. I was hoping to catch you actually seeing how I just arrived in town today. I was traveling the road and stopped in to find a place to stay the night but then grew curious for such a sight. Your town is a marvel for the traditional view I see, most impressive."

He knew he had to sweet talk this man, throwing compliments at him left and right, and turning off his Sharingan. It had been quite some time sins last he had done such a thing. Adults are always quick to judge such a young looking boy but this time he'd use it to his advantage. He also knew he had to steer the conversation before the man did so to him, taking the reigns on this conversation would push it towards the town and current events. Easy as pie. After letting the man respond with his kind words Lapis would jump back in before he questioned the boy's origins.

"I was hoping for a tour of your town when I first saw it but then the sun started setting."

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 12 2018, 08:08 AM
How long had they been walking it just kept going. She didn't know what to say to help pass the time, probably for the best seeing how no one else was talking. She tried to count the stones on the road they walked upon to pass the time but that just got boring.

Oh, senpai, what are you doing right now? Are you thinking about me?

So delusional. She passed the time a bit by making more insects and releasing a handful into Ninigi's robe but not where he'd notice or feel them, let alone anyone else. They'd hide in the folds of his cloak though since it was an illusion they'd be hiding in the folds of his actual clothes or just flying directly behind him within the illusion as to not be seen. Out of sight out of mind. Soon enough they'd see their destination at the same time the messy crowd aligned into four perfectly straight lines towards some large doors. This was the moment that would decide everything and she was ready to make Lapis proud. Another handful would scatter to the walls of the church door.

Once inside Mai would take in the view, it was breathtaking to be honest. It captivated her so much so that she didn't pay attention as the lines of four split into two of two and went their separate sides of the church. Panic set in as she looked around for Ninigi, at least in her head while her face stayed as calm as possible. Until she started getting a cold sweat. It was too late, she got distracted and couldn't even tell where he was, even should she sneak out she wouldn't know where to find him. She communicated with her little bugs to try and get a rough idea where he was, lost in this huge crowd. When the man took the stage however she got distracted again, such a commanding and compelling speech that she never heard another man say before. my thoughts betray heart belongs to senpai...why do I feel this way...why do I hang on every word....does he know I'm he talking at me.......what am I feeling!

Her little bugs could only drop a sigh and shake their heads, "get a clue girl."

Posted by: Uchiha, Ninigi Jul 15 2018, 03:15 AM
It all seemed to happen very smoothly at first. Once Lapis left them they would integrate seamlessly into the multitude of hoods. The numbers of people who gathered at the church were even much more than he had initially estimated, causing him to be left in awe. He and his partner would make their way in like everyone and would find themselves placed in rows of 4. As they were close together he thought it would be fine, oh how wrong he was.

As more proceedings seemed to go on, Ninigi would see the need for some secret code between them.
"The correct reply to "Azul" is "Lapis". Ninigi would whisper to her once he saw that the lines were splitting down the middle. He hoped she would keep an eye out for him but he would keep an eye out for her regardless. They would be abruptly separated and that would spell the end of their short lived togetherness.

He would now be on his own but periodically turning to where she was supposed to be located. Of course, he couldn't have been looking back endlessly as it would have given something away, so now all he had was an estimate of the location she was, but not nearly enough to pinpoint who she was. The next time I turn back I will assume she's anyone who looks to be hopelessly looking for something in the congregation.

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 15 2018, 06:49 AM
The mayor would pause for a bit as if was thinking long and hard but soon a big smirk could be seen breaking that thought. Soon enough he began chuckling.

"Yes yes my dear boy, I see your predicament, stuck out here in the middle of nowhere, tired and just wanting to rest only to be met by my town. You have a real sharp eye. Well we are on our way across town, there's plenty to see along the way, I'd be more than happy to let you follow us and I'll tell you the story of our town along the way."

The older man would shove his aids off, giving Lapis room to walk by his side, further pointed to when he stretched out his arm over the young boy's should and pulled him to his side. And so began the tour with hand gestures reaching in and out as he pointed to each building they passed, telling a story with each gesture. Lapis would have to put up with it all until finally he got to the important stuff many minutes into the tour, when buildings started looking real different.

"Here's where we keep our town's been quite awhile since last we used it. Not since.....that day. The Akuma attack as they tried breaking this strong country by targeting smaller places than the village itself. It was terrifying for our people but we survived if barely. We pushed hard to make the land livable again but nothing worked, until they came. The Hope Order. And now look at us, we're doing great for ourselves."


The 8 people were escorted by these large armored men, templars would be the appropriate label, they wore large chestplates with armored arms and shoulders but below the waste they'd wear drapes, though calling them dress tails could work too. They wore large helmets and carried strange piles at their right side if they stood on the left side of the group and vice versa. They'd lead the chosen crowd straight to the center of the stage and prepared them, removing all worldly possessions, even their primary set of clothes down to their underwear. They didn't refuse or struggle as they parted with all they owned and stood upon a platform with chains that led up the spire. The head priest, this brother Ginevus, gave them some last rites of honor and beckoned to the templars to raise them. It would take quite some time for the lever to raise them to their destination as everyone gawked up at the sight, probably filled with jealousy or something.

After twice as long the chain system brought them back down or at least the platform for the 8 people were no longer aboard. They must have gotten off at the top but instead replaced by two new faces. A larger templar with no helmet came upon stage, escorting what appeared to be a woman who wore the look of a priestess with golden robes. When the two of them were spotted coming on stage every person in the church dropped to their knees; first Ginevus, then the first row, then the second, and so on until every person of this town was low to the floor that their foreheads touched the cold stone. The two tilted their heads to the crowd, acknowledging the gesture.

"S...Sister Nightingale...Commander Ren...we are honored by your presence. The it over already?"

"It is brother, the sister is most pleased with the new additions, she will request more by the end of the night."

"Of course."

The woman approached the front of the stage to greet the crowd, removing her robe to reveal a beautiful sight.
Clad in beautiful pure white, dress and all, deep red eyes, and skin as pure as a silver moon.
She wore a smile like you've never seen, one that whispers in your ear of trust and faith. Beautiful flowers floated down from within her robes and people quickly yet secretively grabbed for any that fell to the floor in the front row.

Thank you all for being here tonight. I am most pleased with your offerings. Your praise. Your devotion. I can promise you a place where you belong.

Tears could be seen dripping from the hoods, creating puddles across the floor, the people clearly were happy and given how this town had seen its fair share of trouble over the years it's easy to see why. A few words moved an entire town of despairing citizens to tears, the emotion was heavy in the air, even as some rose from ths floor only to keep their knees to the floor. They reached out like they were desperately trying to hold, so much as simply feel, the hope she offered and some even mourned in their attempts. The atmosphere was unlike anything.

Posted by: Uchiha Lapis Jul 15 2018, 07:00 AM
Going good, now let's keep him talking and focused on his pride in this twisted place, that's what Lapis wanted. He kept his full attention on every word the man used, even the simplest of things could hint. Walking through the town and listening to every word was torture for such a person and he even had to resist slicing him to ribbons just to keep the conversation moving. But boy he couldn't wait to slice him up. Lapis looked around to see they were heading in the direction of the town square, honestly why go all that way just to end up back here, talk about a drag. Before too long the conversation finally got on an interesting topic...this Order.

"Really now, that is interesting, what do you know of them? You could not have possibly said yes to any offers without doing some kind of background check."

He had to probe this topic for information, these new additions to town, and things suddenly got better...this wasn't better not even to his own standards. These people had to have something hiding in their closet to make so much happen. Something behind the scenes that would fuel not only their efforts but their goals as well, personal and/or twisted goals. No simply just helped or at least not in reality but more times than not it's simply a personal satisfaction routine. So, what was their routine, personal or "personal".

Posted by: IzzetDragon Jul 15 2018, 07:18 AM
Mai watched as the people were escorted off by those large armored men and wondered what was going to happen to them. When they got to the stage oh boy did her pure mind get treated to a shock and awe moment, she bout nearly yelped at the sight but caught it just in time...but not nearly good enough for something echoed in the church.....


Soft as it was the squeak she let escape was embarrassing. The best thing to happen was to be found out and killed but the worst thing would be having every pair of eyes in the place turn towards her and just stare. Just please no. She'd hang her head hoping to avert her gaze from the stares and would only look up when she heard the rattling of moving chains.

Please don't look at me, please don't look at me, please don't be looking at me.

She'd see the people being hoisted up and just gawk forever, she probably looked like everyone else here to be honest. After what seemed like eternity, it finally came back down. She steeled herself for what she'd see again but to no avail, instead half naked people were replaced by two real important looking people. They all dropped in that instant and if she wasn't paying attention so much she'd have missed it, she knew blending in was important and since they weren't in the front row it gave her time. Collected she'd drop to the floor while still giving herself a peak at what was happening. What a pleasant exchange of words, what a big man, what she was pretty. And that speech was so composed. That woman was someone influential and special that was clear but there's something more. She really knew how to move a crowd to tears, quite literally.

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