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Uchiha, Ninigi


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Mar 3 2018, 07:19 PM
"Banji wa yumé"

What does that mean?Peering through the darkness, nothing would be revealed to the genin. Ninigi would rise from his bed, and upon setting his feet unto the ground he would discover an icy floor. He hesitated for a bit, retracting his feet and keeping them above the ground. He rubbed the soles of his feet together, closing his eyes once more as he did, rethinking where he was. He had just woken up, or so he thought.

Being one who was more tolerant of hotter temperatures, the thought of walking on ice barefoot didn't entice him. He peered again into the darkness, his eyes scanning the room. He could at least identify his window, and for some reason, in this incredibly dark hour, could see an equally dark entity sitting on it. His eyes widened a bit as he came to terms with what he was seeing. A raven sat on the window sill. Hoping it was only his imagination, he would remain motionless for a minute, his eyelashes blinking repeatedly. He would almost jump off his bed when the raven's head turned to look at him. He lifted his legs from their dangling position and brought them close to his body on the bed.

Jan 10 2018, 11:01 AM
One, two, three. His inner voice would say, expressing the thought that had turned to reality as Ninigi let three kicks fly into the air, his body balancing on his other leg. He dropped the kicking leg and repeated the same action with the other as though he was trying to ascertain he had the same control and power over both limbs. He leaped into the air for a more extravagant kick and once he reached his peak, his body would go even higher before he landed the kick courtesy of Air Dodge. He would throw a straight jab with his right into the invisible enemy and would take note of his actions.Always remember to breathe.

His body would fall quickly back to the ground, but just a couple inches before his feet would touch the ground he would pause midair once more with Air Dodge pushing air underneath him for a brief moment. He would throw tree quick jabs alternating his fists and starting with his right again this time. He would take a deep breath as his feet landed on the ground once again, he would then push against the ground using Leap to gain much lift. Throwing himself into the air backwards he would do a backflip aerially and would seemingly levitate higher as the aerial backflip ended. It was Air Dodge again at work, the handy manoeuvre jutsu that did not require hand seals to perform.

Ninigi's aerial time would be spent throwing short range jabs and a few knee kicks, it seemed like he was preparing for a fight more than fighting an invisible opponent. He had just been promoted to genin and was working on the aspects of his overall capacity that he thought needed working on. Since he left the academy he had spent more time practicing Taijutsu and trying to build limb and core strength. He would land once again, his bare feet producing a light clap sound that echoed slightly off the walls and his ninja sandals situated a few meters away. He would control his breath and would take the time to notice the architecture around. It wasn't everyday he took the moment to appreciate the scenery behind his house.
Dec 3 2017, 01:38 PM
The time to become a shinobi had come slowly but surely, Ninigi had finally enrolled into the ninja academy, and now he would officially ploy the trade of his forefathers. He had thought the day he walked past the gates would feel very special, but today had been a let down. Nothing had changed and he hadn't felt any awe deep inside. Perhaps it was because he had become mentally preoccupied by other things that weighed more to him than an institution that existed to instill basic shinobi techniques in individuals.

Or perhaps he did feel awe, but had somehow convinced himself that there was nothing special to drool over. Nonetheless he found a bench in the vast open grounds of the academy and sat there, pondering the worthiness of the occasion. The night before he had awakened the heirloom of his clan, a feat that proved him more worthy than he already was and suggested to him that he was levels above where he found himself. Could it be that in my bid to do things the way it's traditionally been done, I have slowed down my progress? He shook his head and then buried his face in his palms, slumping into the bench as he accepted his fate.
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