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> Sense Traits/Skills
 Posted: Mar 25 2016, 03:02 PM
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Advanced Enhanced Hearing
Description: The user's sense of hearing is enhanced further than before. The user can detect faint sounds, even by those trying to remain quiet. Padded footfalls, whispers, the sounds of wind bending around a kunai-all are made clear to the user. The user has a greater weakness to sudden loud noises. This trait requires Basic Enhanced Hearing.
Benefit: +10 to Enhanced Sense (Hearing); Can detect those trying to remain quiet through natural means.
Cost: 3

Using Advanced Enhanced Hearing here. I get the + to the hearing skill as it was my suggestion for them to work like that but something I didn't consider or bring up before was what the skill really adds. Between the two traits you're getting 15 to your hearing skill. Does that mean someone with 15 in the skill will hear as well as someone with the traits? If not then how many points would someone need to put into the hearing skill need in order to hear wind bending around a kunai?

We have a gauge for what someone with 10 50 and 100 strength could do but what about someone with 10 50 adn 100 in a sense?

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