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Jan 7 2018, 03:26 PM
Name: Swift Shell

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Close

Element: Ice

Requirements: Swift Ice

Description: The user performs a short series of handseals, creating a tortoise shell shaped block of thick ice. The shell is created some where around the user in close proximity. Its held in place by chakra before quickly melting away. This is most ideal for blocking incoming attacks.

Creator: Naoya Kemuri

Cost: 60
Jan 6 2018, 10:00 AM
Item Name: Pasithea

Item Type: Scythe

-30" blade from tip to base
-67" Snath (the handle)
-Adjustable Grip for ease of use on snath.
-12.5"inch Dream Catcher at very top of snath.
-2" While in Necklace form.

Weight: 7lbs

Appearance: The Dream Catcher sits at the very top of the handle with the handle placed directly in the center of the dream catcher, the very tip of the handle stopping at the top of the dream catcher. Inside of the dream catcher resembles a spider's web, some people even report they have seen spiders moving within the web to later reveal nothing there. The tip is smoothed and rounded so it flows into the circle of the dream catcher. The blade protrudes from the side of the dream catcher, making it seem as if the blade was just a natural part of it. Just a bit under the center of the scythe there is an adjustable grip used for better control of the weapon.

When in necklace form it looks to be a miniature version of the dream catcher. Inside of the dream catcher resembles a spider's web, some people even report they have seen spiders moving within the web to later reveal nothing there.

History: During the old demon wars, scythe users were few. Even more so were unique scythes. The Pasithea model scythe was created to combat the horde of demons, allowing genjutsu users to place multiple targets into genjutsu giving the soldiers fighting on the front lines an easier time to deal with them. It was even able to reduce their range to focus on a signal target to avoid effecting team mates. The production of this particular scythe model was favorable among many, they never saw the light of war as the blacksmiths making them were killed by demons once the very first one saw battle.

Its history short lived the original Pasithea survived through the ages as it was passed from one capable user to the next. Before being lost shortly after the second demon wars. It laid hidden away from the demon's grasp for years until it revealed it self once more. This time in the hands of a deadly foe. In the tussle however it was lost to the demon and found in the hands of a dying girl.

Though not all of its abilities were recorded in history it was said the original concept came from a sister wanting to gift her brother a item most useful.

-Ability to Phase through the Living to cause them no harm.
-When struck by phased scythe can deliver a genjutsu to those hit.
-Causes Genjutsu to Ignore visual abilities to see through it.
-Causes Genjutsu chakra to appear hidden.
-Ability to change genjutsu from AoE or single target to the other.
-Ability to detect when in genjutsu. Only available in necklace form.
-Spiders seem to move about on the web, this is just fluff.

Costs: 3 AA
-5 Change forms
-10 Toggle Phase ability
-50 change Target format.

Owner: Serenity Frostfire
Jan 6 2018, 12:02 AM
Mission/Crime Thread: http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?act=ST&f=95&t=2489

Number of NPC posts: 9

Total Reward: 1,250
Jan 5 2018, 03:12 PM
Character: Naoya

Addition: Hyouton: Hayai Kouri [Ice Release: Swift Ice]
Rank: B
Requirements: None
Description: The user performs a short series of handseals, then breathes on a body of water, freezing it. Ideal for use on soaked opponents.
Cost: 20 per square foot of water frozen

Hyouton: Saihyouzuchi [Ice Release: Ice Breaking Sledgehammer]
Rank: B
Requirements: None
Description: This technique does not require handseals. The user surrounds their hand with a large mass of ice, allowing them to increase the force behind their physical strikes, or to block strikes they otherwise wouldn't be able to block without causing injury.
Drawbacks: Use of this technique makes the arm that its used on very heavy and quite slow, making it unsuitable for extended use.
Cost: 55 to activate; 15 to thaw

Suiton: Suigadan [Water Release: Water Fang Bullet]
Rank: C
Requirements: Water under target
Description: After a series of handseals, the user places the palm of their hands on a nearby body of water. Near the user's intended target, drill-shaped projectiles of water are launched towards the target from the surface. The user can launch multiple projectiles with a single use of this technique.
Limitations: Due to the requirement of the technique coming from water, this jutsu is not useful away from large bodies of water. This limitation cannot be removed.
Cost: 10 (Per projectile)

Enhanced Element
Description: Your skill with a particular element has made it more powerful. It may additionally gain minor aesthetic changes to signify the enhanced power. Each time this trait is taken, you must say which element or substance you are enhancing. This may be taken multiple times, but applies to a different element each time.
Benefit: The effects of all jutsu of a particular element/substance are enhanced by 10%; You may optionally add a minor aesthetic effect to the jutsu that apply.

Basic Enhanced Touch
Description: The user's sense of touch is more refined; a user can easily read grooves and indents with their fingertips, without using their eyes. Additionally, a user might be able to detect anomalies in objects they're touching, such as a texture that is slightly off or some other odd detail.
Benefit: The user has the abilities described above

Deft Hands
Description: The user has practiced extensively with handseals, being able to execute them more quickly.
Benefit: Handseals are performed twice as fast.

1np chakra manip

1np blade weapons
1np ranged weapons
1np enhanced sense touch
1np stealth.


21 NP

Note: Would like to make edits my self to allow fixing of spoilers and reformatting.
Dec 31 2017, 09:49 AM
Left overs

Description: When additional effects are ignored during genjutsu the chakra used is still present but suppressed due to the targets willpower and resilience. The user has learned to harness this suppressed chakra left from ignored additions of genjutsu to form a new genjutsu.

Benefit: Able to cast genjutsu for free. Only as long as enough left over chakra from ignored effects is present. Chakra is present for as long as the jutsu's original time limit was, starting after the genjutsu is broken/ends.

Cost: 4

Trait Type: B
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