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> [Mission] Caravan Travel
N tha Darth
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 11:10 AM
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The Ghost in the Machine

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The man known as Firion waited for the genin escorts to arrive. He stood by the village entrance with his scroll hidden in his possession. He donned a flowing brown garb and wore a straw hat that shielded him from the wrath of the elements. He had just arrived and it was just about time for him to meet the pair assigned to guide him through his delivery. He awaited them with patience; after all he had arrived just a bit early, but early still.

He wondered as he waited if the deal could not have been worked such that the shinobi entirely handled the delivery and he had been able to stay entirely away from the scenario. He had heard of the bandits and how desperate they had gotten these days. One of the last things he wanted was to end the day with his blood wetting the ground and a kunai peeking into his throat very briefly; another lifeless body with a grieving family left behind. He shook his head as he tried to cast away his fears.
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