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Mar 1 2018, 02:29 PM
Sage Mode Name: Phoenix Sage

Sage Mode Species: Phoenix

Imperfect Form: The Phoenix Sage's Imperfect form, as many others, appears to be mostly humanoid, though it possesses multiple animalistic features some might find grotesque. While in this state, a dark brown pigmentation forms around the user's eyes, curving along the bridge of their nose to a point. This pigmentation thickens and widens on the side of the user's head. The user's irises widen to cover nearly the entire eye and turn bright yellow.

The user's nose turns yellow, hardens, and sharpens to a point, akin to a beak. This hardening is gradual from the user's cheeks, and extends up to the user's forehead, gradually fading to the user's natural skin as the effect approaches the user's hairline.

The user's skin on their forearms and on their shins turns yellow and becomes thick and rough, akin to a bird's talons. The user's fingernails and toenails turn black and sharpen to points.

Finally, while in the Imperfect form of this Sage Mode, the user's body gives off thin wisps of dark smoke with every movement. This smoke does not block the user from view in any way, nor does it impair the breathing of those who get close to the user.

Perfect Form: The Phoenix Sage's Perfect form is much closer to the user's original human form. The user's eyes retain the previous shift; the irises widen and turn gold. The pigmentation around the eyes sharpens and becomes a bright red. It still curves down the bridge of the user's nose, but now it now covers much less of the user's skin past the eye, ending just under the outer edge of the user's brow. Lastly, flames of every hue seem to radiate out from the user's skin; these flames are purely aesthetic, though further jutsu could potentially weaponize these flames in some way.
Mar 1 2018, 11:56 AM
Character Name: Uchiha, Zau

Addition: Imperfect Sage Mode

Requirements: Kuchiyose; 2 AA Points

Note: I'll make the edits. Mistakes had been made before, and I need to make corrections. Just need the approval.
Mar 1 2018, 09:43 AM
Name: Senpou: Suzaku Higen-ryu: Zen [Sage Art: Red Bird Flying Majesty Style: Zen]

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Senjutsu

Range: Self; Any

Element: Non-Elemental

Requirements: Sage Mode

Description: Utilizing the principles of meditation learned during the process of learning Sage Mode, the user enters a state of altered consciousness during which their soul actually leaves their earthly form behind while simultaneously absorbing natural energy at a slower rate in order to sustain the body in absence of a soul. Every post spent outside the body allows the user to absorb Natural Energy at 1/5th the usual rate. While the user is outside their body, they cannot interact with the world around them or use jutsu, and are intangible, invisible, inaudible, and do not produce a scent. Chakra detection abilities can reveal their presence, but only a technique specifically designed to interact with spirits could allow for anything further than detection. There is no limit to how far the user may travel from their body, nor is there a limit to how long they may leave their body. Travel in this form is done at the user's speed, though they are not bound by gravity and can pass through solid objects as they move. To cancel this jutsu, the user must actually return to their physical body.

-While in an astral state, the user can only employ their senses of sight and hearing.
-While in an astral state, the user is entirely unaware of what is happening to their body unless they are actively watching it

-The user cannot interact with the physical world, but techniques that affect spirits and souls can be used on the user

-The user's body is entirely defenseless while the user is in an astral state.
-Should the user's body die while the user is in an astral state, their soul will be stuck on Earth, incapable of passing on from this life

Post Duration: Indefinite

Creator: Uchiha Zau

Cost: Absorbs 10 Sage Chakra per post if Imperfect Sage; 20 per post if Perfect Sage
Feb 5 2018, 03:43 AM
The training system has received an update. Certain benefits were judged, after having observed their use in practice, to have been too powerful.

In accordance to the shifts in the Genjutsu system, training away the inability to move during genjutsu is no longer an option, having been replaced with reducing required concentration to standard levels instead. This stacks with the ordinary concentration cut, allowing genjutsu to reach the same level of concentration as other jutsu.

Training handseals away has been altered to being able to cut the required handseals in half. The benefit may be trained again to allow the required handseals to be cut to 1 handseal. Jutsu that already require only 1 handseal may not be trained in this way.

Training a blurred movement onto taijutsu has been altered to doubling the user's Strike Speed in relation to that movement.

*If you have trained any of these features that no longer apply, you may request to have the training benefits given to another jutsu instead.* Make these requests in the Character Additions subforum, specifying that you are shifting a benefit.

You do not need to immediately change the wording of your training benefits on your profile, but from today onward, if the benefit is observed on your profile, it is to be interpreted as the new benefit instead. Moving forward, character applications should have the new benefits written in.


Favored Jutsu still have the old benefits in place; Favoring is more limited than training, and the benefits were viewed as allowable in small amounts.
Jan 26 2018, 01:24 PM
Venomous Spirit
Description: Your Seishin Goei has manifested as a venomous creature; as such, it could naturally produce venom-however, in your spirit's case, it can manifest your own poisons instead by paying the appropriate chakra cost when employing an attack that would ordinarily deliver that creature's venom. Requires Seishin Goei, and requires a venomous form at that; additionally requires poisons.
Benefit: Your Seishin Goei can use one of your poisons in place of the venom its species could ordinarily create.
Cost: 1

Trait Type: D-rank (Ichitori Clan)
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