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N tha Darth


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Yesterday at 11:48 am
Name: Tsunawatari

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Element: Fuuton

Requirements: Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]

Description: Essentially an enhancement added to their use of the Ki Nobori jutsu. The user manipulates the air around them to support majority of their weight, allowing them to seem far lighter during their use of Ki Nobori. This allows the user to balance on objects that defy logic, such as standing on an opponent's sword, or running up another human, or on a thrown spear. . At jounin level or higher, this technique does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.

Creator: Uchiha, Ninigi

Cost: 40 to activate, 10 to maintain
Yesterday at 10:14 am
Name: Asphyxiation / False Death

Rank: S

Jutsu Type: Genjutsu

Requirements: Aphonia

Description: The user makes the gesture of squeezing as the cue, or squeezing tighter if Aphonia is already cast on the victim. The strangling gets even tighter and much more unbearable as the victim feels their windpipe completely crushed. Breathing appears impossible and the user would appear to possess greater physical control from the chokehold. The victim typically suffers unconsciousness as an aftershock effect from the perceived loss of oxygen. The size of the hand, although not mentioned in Aphonia is commensurate with the size of the target, with targets too small feeling their neck to torso being squeezed. If the user manages to ensnare a victim of Aphonia in this jutsu, then the strangling only lasts one more post before the aftershock effect.

Post Duration: 2

Creator: Uchiha, Ninigi

Cost: 120
Yesterday at 08:53 am
Name: Yin Release: Bird Sighting

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Short to Long

Element: Inton

Description: The user creates a silhouette of large flying a bird that originates from their shadow and speeds in the targets direction. If the target is caught by the shadow, they will feel the talons of a large bird grabbing them along with it in its flight path. The target is typically moved by this as long as the user's Spirit or Willpower [Whichever is higher] which acts as the strength of the bird is sufficient enough to carry them along. The target may be carried off without dropping for up a kilometer as long as they do not crash into something, in which case the talons release them.

This shadow can be made chained to be that of a bird inside any illusion the user successfully casts on the foe, or can be chained to the shadow of a real bird as long as it is in the vicinity.

Creator: Uchiha, Ninigi

Cost: 60, maintenance 15 per post.
Yesterday at 08:33 am
Name: Fire Style: Fireball

Rank: C

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Self

Element: Katon/Enton

Requirements: Clone with Katon capacity. Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu

Description: At the command of the user, or the discretion of the clone, it transforms from a replica of the original into a huge fiery fireball flying in the direction of choice. It typically transforms into a perfect rendition of the user's Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu or Ill-Omen Fireball. The jutsu can be chained with other jutsu as long as the clone is composed of enough chakra to perform the combos. Clones dissipated like this will not return any residual chakra to the user.

- The user can only manipulate the direction of the fireball at the moment of creation.
-The clone may only transform into a fireball as long as it possesses the chakra required to perform that jutsu. May not be removed.

-A clone dissipated in this way does not return any chakra to the user. Cannot be removed.

Creator: Uchiha Ninigi

Cost: Variable
Jun 4 2018, 04:57 AM
Character: Uchiha, Ninigi

Addition: Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique] and Chikaku [Perception]


Perception : Post 1 , Post 2

Body Flicker: Post 1 , Post 2
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