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Vivian Hyuuga


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May 18 2018, 12:08 AM
Within Akarigakure

It had been three days since she had begun setting her plan in motion. Vivian sat in the shade of a tree within one of Akarigakure's training fields waiting for the arrival of her genin team. She mentally recounted what she knew about the three from the report she received from the kage as well as her own reconnaissance. As far as she could tell they had never been close even if they had met in passing. That would make this their first real outing as a team.

Her thoughts wandered to her own team and their first meeting. She was a little hazy with the details but Kazue's summons attacking them stood out clearly in her mind. Then there was the mess to clean up in the aftermath. Who was it that stayed to do that? Did any of them? It all felt like a lifetime ago even though it had been only a few short years. Perhaps because in a sense it was a different life, a different Vivian. One who didn't know the truth.

Setting her personal mask onto her face on a slant so that it kept the sun out of her eyes but otherwise didn't obscure much of her face Vivian leaned back and closed her eyes. She would be able to hear the genin coming well before she could see them anyway, may as well rest her eyes. A faint smile flickered across her face as she thought of what awaited the trio in just a short while. Was this a test, or a lesson? Perhaps a little bit of both? The jounin could only look forward to seeing the results of her new team in action for the first time.
May 10 2018, 12:53 PM
The sun had barely begun to rise when the red clad ANBU arrived. She had previously marked the location in preparation for today with her seal and as such the act of making her way down here was performed with but a thought. Unable to locate her training partner Vivian shrugged and began working on a series of stretches while she waited.

There was precious little on this plot of land which was precisely why it had been chosen. Both herself and Zau were looking to let loose for awhile and bring to bear new techniques that had yet to be tested. There was nowhere in the village that would be safe to do such a thing. Should either of them misfire... they were both well past the point where all it would cause is a few broken bones.

Setting herself down on the ground Vivian began to meditate with her eyes closed once her stretches were done. On the outside she seemed perfectly calm and unperturbed, her breathing slowing steadily until it would seem almost as though she had stopped. Only the slight movement of her bangs in the windless environment gave away the illusion.
Feb 17 2018, 03:32 AM
The sun beat down on Akarigakure mercilessly, but to those who grew up in this environment it was just another warm and sunny day out. Clear skies as far as the eye could see (well most eyes anyway, damn fancy eyeballs) with a light breeze to keep the air from being too stifling. Between the buildings there was plenty of shade for those less predisposed to this kind of weather, or for things that had to be kept cool. The streets where Vivian walked in particular were lined with market stalls that protected their products from the elements which incidentally did the same to their customers.

If she had to pick a single place in the whole village that felt the most like home to her it was right here in the markets. The merchants bringing their produce from around the world to barter and sell, the various scents and sounds along with the warmth of her village all coalesced together to give her a feeling of contentment in a way that no other place could. Her parents had only lead the lives of merchants as a cover as she had recently found out but that was the life she remembered. When she had been a little girl this was the life she imagined for herself as she grew up. Whenever she came here she always made sure to wear civilian clothing so she could feel closer to the merchants. It was one of the few times she wasn't wearing at least some piece of her usual uniform.

As Vivian examined a spice stand she remembered herself telling her parents that she was going to buy a boat and trade on the seas because she liked the sound of being a captain, and a faint smile crossed her face. She still hadn't had a chance to so much as be on a boat, let alone own one. Perhaps some dreams would always remain just dreams, and she was fine that as long as the important ones were fulfilled. Admittedly her perspective on what held importance had shifted greatly in the last few years but still she was fairly confident that with what she knew now her focus was spent on less frivolous things.
Nov 16 2017, 10:13 AM
Upon arriving in Tsurui the first thing that stuck out for Vivian was how silent it was. There weren't any children running around playing or neighbors calling out to each other at that early hour. Everyone was at home presumably praying for this sickness to pass.

Making her way to the town center she thought on the best way to go about this mission. Ichihara had been sent ahead of her but now he was nowhere to be found. Not only that but if his cryptic little note really had come from him she had to be cautious. There was no reason for him to not go more in depth about what he had found, not that she could think of anyway. So either he was deliberately withholding information or... well she was going to find out one way or another.

Coming up to the building where the village leader resided she knocked and quietly waited for someone to answer. If the villagers didn't know where her fellow shinobi went then she had a choice to make. Would she still go looking for him blindly, or stay here and try to address the sickness where a medic had failed?
Nov 5 2017, 12:11 AM
Vivian had gotten the message that a practice spar had been set up for her, but she had never heard of this "Serenity" girl before. With recent events being what they were and the revelation from Kazue still weighing on her heavily she really wasn't in the mood but it was not for her to argue. Plus her progress of late was less than satisfactory. If she had to rate it herself it was completely unacceptable. Perhaps a spar would be what she needed to get herself back in form.

Arriving shortly before the appointed time and looked around for her sparing partner. Not that she would know what the other genin looked like mind you, but she was at least a little bit curious at it got the better of her. Obviously not seeing anyone that just "looked" like a Serenity she sat down and waited, practicing breathing exercises.

If she was going to be making the most of today she may as well put it towards progress with her jutsu. There were quite a few that she hadn't yet mastered and the fact bothered her immensely. Mentally going through her arsenal she pondered what the best way to tackle this list was.
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