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Jul 19 2018, 01:06 AM
Zau and Vivian had tracked their quarry to the Southern coast of what had once been the Sun Country; now, they judged their present location to be about equidistant from Gakegakure and Akarigakure.

Zau and Vivian would enter the Kage's office, and find Kazue was already waiting for them. On the desk in front of old man Akimichi, there was a photograph, taken recently of a man who shouldn't exist. It seemed that Shishimaru was spotted in the wastes South of Akarigakure-being so close to the village put them off balance, and Vivian and Kazue were being sent to pursue; Zau, similarly, was the village's strongest representative to the White Flame monastery, also in the area South of Akarigakure. As such, Zau was being sent along with Vivian and Kazue to petition the monastery for any aid in hunting down the elusive Shishimaru. It didn't hurt that Zau was also one of the most powerful jounin in Akari, alongside his teammate and sensei-short of sending the Kage himself, these three simply had the best chance of taking down Shishimaru.

The skies were grey today, and a storm seemed to be brewing off the coast. Waves as tall as buildings crashed against the rocky cliffs, and the air smelled of equal parts sea and rain. A single figure sat against the cliffs, currently entranced in meditation. Two others stood near him, waiting patiently for his meditations to finish. Four others, two a copy of the sitter, and two a copy of one of the standing women, flanked the trio and watched out away from the cliffs, making sure none approached without their awareness.

The monks had seen Shishimaru, it seemed-or at least, they thought it might have been him. What they had seen was a lion-based Akuma, monstrous and awful even for one of those beasts, walking steadily past the monastery several miles out. Once the creature had left, the monks ventured out to find its tracks-surely such a monstrosity was S-ranked, and the village would need to be informed so they could hunt it down. When those monks had found the tracks, however, they could only follow them for a few miles before they twisted, steadily becoming smaller and smaller, til the footprints were manlike. The experience had shaken the monks, who could detect darkness emanating just the trail itself.

When Zau and company had questioned the monks, the usually brave warriors steadfastly refused to send anyone after the beast, and urged the trio to abandon their hunt. When they found that the ninja would not be dissuaded from their course, they reluctantly gave them more supplies and wished them luck.

It was day three of their search; they had followed the tracks the monks had laid out, but at some point, the dirt became stone, and the tracks were undetectable. Still they were determined to find the monster-and hopefully, put an end to a dark part of Akarigakure's past.
Jul 14 2018, 02:25 AM

Name: Self-Explanatory

Rank: C-Rank to S-Rank

Gender: Self-Explanatory. Note that it is possible for an Akuma to lack a gender in any way.

C - The largest are the size of a large animal such as an elephant, though some are considerably smaller.
B - The largest are the size of a small building, though some are considerably smaller.
A - The largest are the size of a large summoning, though some are considerably smaller.
S - The largest may dwarf the largest summonings in the world, but many may be considerably smaller.

Description: Akuma tend to look like actual creatures-but their nature is corrupted, and as such, one could never mistake an Akuma for a true animal. Some Akuma resemble mythical creatures, or mixes of multiple creatures. Describe your Akuma as clearly as you can.

Personality: The vast majority of Akuma are hateful of humans, at least at first. While many change their opinions of the human race after spending time sealed inside of one, they all start hateful, or at least resentful.

Attributes: Akuma have a varying number of Attribute Points that may be distributed among their stats. Akuma do not have Attribute limitations based on their rank like Shinobi do. Note that these Attributes are based on an Akuma's natural body, and have no bearing on their host outside of assuming a full transformation.

C - 250 Points
B - 500 Points
A - 750 Points
S - 1000 Points


Chakra: Regardless of the Attributes an Akuma may possess, each Akuma has a set amount of chakra based on its rank.

C - 500
B - 750
A - 1000
S - 1500

Demonic Abilities: An Akuma may have access to a range of abilities of a varying total value of Ninja Points. These abilities are typically passive in some way and do not usually require chakra to use. Any human they are sealed within may be granted access to the same abilities. Each successive rank of Akuma has a wider range of points they may use.

C - 2
B - 4
A - 7
S - 10










[b]Demonic Abilities:[/b]
Jun 24 2018, 12:49 AM
Global Jutsu Submission Event

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, a few of our global jutsu lists, particularly the mixed elements lists, are looking a bit...sparse. To fix this, we are launching an event to allow bulk submission of jutsu, specifically for the elements that need the help.

Starting now until...whenever I decide we can stop, you may submit Global Jutsu in bulk as responses to this thread. You will receive a ryu reward for every jutsu you submit. If the jutsu you submit are for specific elements or lists that need assistance (I will provide a list), you will receive further rewards.

Quick Note:

While we appreciate the effort, bonus rewards will only be given for Original ideas. Copying and pasting from one jutsu list and converting the language to be appropriate to another (Such as converting a normal Fire element technique to Hellfire element) may be able to be placed on the global list, but the purpose of this event is to diversify available forum concepts. While such submissions may be added to the global list, you will not receive any additional reward for such submissions.

Participating in this promotion will net you a number of possible rewards. First of all, everyone who submits at least ONE idea between ALL the bulk submission event threads will receive a “Full Jutsu Reset” token.

In addition, you will receive Ryu for each idea you submit. All rewards will be paid out at the end of each week that this event continues for. Please see below to determine your rewards:

Base Reward - 100 Ryu per Jutsu ; Full Jutsu Reset Token
Additional Reward - 50 Ryu per Jutsu that meets any of the below conditions:
Note - If a jutsu list specifies a rank, you will only receive the bonus Ryu for jutsu of that type within the specified Rank(s).

Improved Elements
Goukaton (Hellfire Release) - All Ranks
Santon (Acid Release) - All Ranks
Shouton (Crystal Release) - All Ranks
Houshaton (Radiation Release) - All Ranks
Taiton (Typhoon Release) - All Ranks

Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai
Bakuton (Explosion Release) - Ranks D through A
Chiton (Force Release) - All Ranks
Futton (Boil Release) - Ranks D through B
Hyouton (Ice Release) - Ranks D and C
Jiton (Magnet Release) - Ranks D through B
Meiroton (Bright Release) - All Ranks
Mokuton (Wood Release) - Ranks D and C
Ranton (Storm Release) - All Ranks
Shakuton (Scorch Release) - All Ranks
Youton (Lava Release) - Ranks D through B

Combined Nature Kekkei Touta
Jinton (Dust Release) - Ranks D through A
Ibuton (Cinder Release) - All Ranks

Basic Elements
Katon Jutsu [Fire Release Techniques] - Ranks D and C
Suiton Jutsu [Water Release Techniques] - Rank D
Doton Jutsu [Earth Release Techniques] - Ranks D and C
Raiton Jutsu [Lightning Release Techniques] - Rank D
Fuuton Jutsu [Wind Release Techniques] - Rank D

Advanced Ability Jutsu
Medical Jutsu - Ranks D and C
Jinchuuriki Jutsu - All Ranks (C through S)
Cursed Seal Jutsu - All Ranks (C through S)
Senjutsu - All Ranks (C through S)
Celestial Gate Taijutsu - Ranks C through A


When posting your ideas, please use the following template to format them for global use. Also, please organize them by list type for easier installation. Note that a jutsu's wording may be changed by the staff; while usually, we would do this by asking you to make the changes, the number of jutsu we hope to receive as a result of this event is too large to do things the slow way.

Jutsu Name
Jun 5 2018, 09:54 AM
Character: Onamuchi, Ikoya

Addition: Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai (2 AA) (No Combined element, I'm just adding the AA right now)


Fuuton: Seigyo Hikou [Wind Release: Controlled Flight]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: After throwing a projectile, the user can activate this technique with a single seal. The user can freely alter the wind currents along the path of the weapon to make adjustments to the weapon's path in midair. Skilled use of this technique could even allow for the weapon to make curved, looping flight paths or return to the user should it miss.
Cost: 25 to activate, 5 to maintain


13 NP (7 for the AA, 4 for the element, 2 for the jutsu)


Make sure to alter the AA point totals, Jutsu point totals, and Element totals. Also, my C-ranked Jutsu totals.
May 24 2018, 02:54 PM
This late in the year, snow on the ground was to be expected in Shimogakure; and so, it was rather odd that none had fallen yet. Instead, as Vivian approached a small town, the last civilian outpost before Shimogakure itself, she walked on gravel and dirt. The air was cold, the sky was grey, and the earth was barren; not the most inviting of places, to be sure.

But that's what made it such a haven for mercenary groups. Few would travel this far, in these conditions, to exact revenge on a group that would likely not be held liable for their actions anyway. The only ones who bothered coming out this far were those who worked with them.

This particular town was a sleepy, lazy place; crops didn't grow in this soil, so this town survived only on the merchants coming through on their way to Shimo; this time of year was always bad for them, since few enough of said merchants wanted to make the trek through the cold.

The people seemed friendly enough, if not overly enthused to have a ninja in their midst; ninja brought violence and trouble, but they also brought money-so, it was a tradeoff most were willing to make, even if they had to grit their teeth while doing so.

This was where the informant from the Snow Blades had agreed to meet with Vivian. Their meeting spot was easy enough to find-a small restaurant, specializing in cold noodles. It was the only one like it in town, the informant had promised in the message. However, it seemed he wasn't here yet; no one was in the restaurant other than a single waitress and the cook.

The mission, however, was on.
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