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Location: Deep Amara Network
Born: 3 November 1988
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Joined: 10-September 16
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Jan 10 2018, 03:56 PM
I've been a part of this for a few months now, and a new season is about to start, so this is the best time to join in and get involved with the plot. Also, we kinda need the members.

Jan 2 2018, 06:13 PM
Character: Kudo, Kai

Addition: Secret Handshake

Requirements: For the jutsu: Wait a few days (2?) since creation and 1NP
Dec 6 2017, 03:40 PM
Or whatever other gaming IDs you use.

PSN: TenseiRyu
XBL: TenseiDragon
Switch: 0374-9826-3210
Steam: Hitoshura
GOG: TenseiDragon
3DS: 2079-6540-3903
Nintendo account: Hitoshura

Youtube: youtube.com/bro_bits (I just edit for these guys)
Twitch: tensei_dragon
Dec 5 2017, 06:20 PM
Name: Secret Handshake

Rank: D

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Touch

Description: Nearly identical to the Fist Bump basic, this jutsu is about transmitting intent through the act of lightly touching fists. Instead of transferring true intent, however, it transmits a lie of the user's choice.

Limitations: Can only be used with a willing partner also using Secret Handshake or Fist Bump.

Creator: Kai Kudo

Cost: 5
Nov 24 2017, 01:14 AM
Character: Kai Kudo

Addition: Kinobori, SHnG, Kai, Nawanuke, Fuuin no Kai.

Requirements: Do them on a previous site. I'm an idiot. I think I may have done more AS basics with Andras on the Houseki version of this site, though I don't recall if I did or which they were.
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