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Feb 14 2018, 07:56 AM
Name: Tenkyuuzu Sharingan [Horoscope Copy Wheel Eye]

Clan: Uchiha

User: Uchiha, Ninigi

The user's sharingan have fully matured, and now realize a monumental step beyond the average sharingan; achieving actual clairvoyance and foresight. The user is granted a heavenly ability, unearthed from a mystery hidden in their ability to swirl their sharingan tomoe. Upon swirling the tomoe, the user's field of vision experiences a space/time warp that shows him a time progression or regression of what is currently in his sight.
Consequently the ability to spin the sharingan at will now costs chakra, and spinning the sharigan clockwise or anti-clockwise will result in a "fast forward" or "rewinding" of time.

Indication of use: The 3 tomoe spinning rapidly around the pupil to form a constant motion blur with 4 afterimages per tomoe [total of 12]. If user has Mangekyo, there is no indication of use, the new complex wheel simply turns.

Activation: Eye contact with an Akuma.

Requirements: Fully Matured Sharingan, 2 Mod Approvals

-Can see one post round into the future or past
-The element of surprise is essentially lost on the user during activation. The user may gain insight on possible scenarios even if they do not happen, allowing them to assess risk better and even gain knowledge of jutsu this way.

-Can no long "fancifully" twirl sharingan.

-The future is very delicate and uncertain, the user's actions can possibly cause a change in actions of others; ruining the future that was initially observed.

Costs:+25 chakra to activation of sharingan, 5 upkeep extra

Transplant Costs: 2AA
Jan 8 2018, 05:34 PM


Biographical Information

Name: Uchiha Ninigi

Clan: Uchiha

Age: 12 [Birthday December 1st and Every 2 months]

Gender: Male

Ninja Status: Akarigakure Ninja

Rank: Genin

Height: 5'1 / 157cm

Weight: 42kg / 92lbs

Description: A handsome face very much like his father, Nini possesses short, jetblack, spiky hair and the matching black eyes of the Uchiha. Lacking the muscular build of his father, his body isn't much more than a slender bore. He wears a short sleeve white jumper with zips running through the center, the Uchiha crest sewn into the back of the high collar of the jumper. The edges of the sleeves and the round high collar, and the elastic material at the base of the jumper are black. Hidden behind the jumper and covering his white, sunkissed skin is a black round neck t-shirt.

His bottoms are a reflection of his top attire, an equally white three quarter pants (white bandage wrapped around his right thigh), and a pair of black ninja sandals as dark as his hair. The open-toe sandals reveal his perfect pedicure which are much like his manicure situation. His fingers like his feet are surrounded by dark material; a pair of black finger revealing gloves with the ninja symbol on metal plates at the back of them. One can tell from inspection that Nini takes care of his body; his oiled skin and a charming fragrance can always be perceived from close proximity.

Personality: Often mistaken for quiet and shy. Nini is simply a well reserved young boy. In the midst of friends and those he is very comfortable with, his playful nature comes to life. Witty and full of energy, many in his circle would refer to him as a bright light. On the outside however, many interpret his often frowning face and bland demeanor for contempt and pride. And everyone would be right to believe there was at least some pride in him.

Living as the son of the clan leader all his life did shape him a good deal as well. It instilled in him pride, pride which he would learn to balance with modesty. Modesty which would often cause him to toe the line with respect to authority or conformity. Being son of a very influential and powerful shinobi ironically created a fear in him, a fear of standing out. At the same time it forged in him an entitlement to excellence, and he would often work to achieve it while trying not to blossom excessively.

Often referred to as the "Prince of the Uchiha" by his loudmouth friends, it is not unlikely that some are accustomed to seeing his reactionary bashful side.

Background Like many, Ninigi's birth held nothing special in it, the only thing special was the people he was born to. Being born to the Uchiha people would in time, bring blessings to him, but being born to the head of the clan would impact him foremost. Though leadership of the clan was something that hinged more on competence and reputation, Nini would receive treatment from others in a way that almost suggested he was a heir to some throne. The younger Uchiha would be awed by him and fantasize about what his life was like, and some older ones would restrain their chastisement when he was involved. In truth it wasn't because his blood was blue in any sense of it, but it was their fear of being on the wrong side of their clan leader that created this pattern.

Learning first from his nuclear family, Ninigi would be trained like any normal boy born to a honorable man and woman. He learned the principles of right and wrong, of the importance of hard work in achieving excellence, he learned how to be considerate, and how to be humble amongst many other things. And like most children, the lessons would only stick more, and become relatable as he grew older, through life experiences.

On the subject of his ninja life, Nini would start off great, learning the clan passage of rights technique as a fresh academy student. The only thing this did for him, was an increase in the expectations of onlookers, gossips and pile on the pressure. His friends wouldn't make it easier for him as they continued to blow the trumpet of the Prince of the Uchiha, who only an academy student now, was deemed fit to be called a man.

The academy life came and went by so quickly that Ninigi almost wished he could relive it. It hadn't been fantastic but it had allowed him learn things from tutors in a regimented way, and had allowed him meet a couple dazzling people. One of such was Keiko Kaguya, another was Sakura Dezaki, pretty girls who were as badass ninja as they were 'cut(e)'. The short time Ninigi spent in the ninja academy wouldn't bring any surprises, except the fact that he only ran into his brother once. Indeed the academy life only continued the trend of Ninigi interacting in a reserved fashion and making one or two friends while his adopted brother remained antisocial. Their promotion to genin meant that their powers were getting stronger, and now perhaps his age wouldn't be enough to lay claim for much longer.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: 81

Inventory: [4lbs]
2 Scrolls [Left and Right zip pockets] 4lbs
-20 Kunai [Sealed in Scroll L]
-25 Shuriken [Sealed in Scroll R]
30 Explosive Tags [Back pocket]
1 Akarigakure Forehead Protector [Worn on forehead]

Inventory Ninja Points: 4

Acrobatic - 1
Heat Resistance - 1
Lightning Reflexes - 1
Ranged Weapon Training - 1
Acrobatic Strike - 2
Dodge Strike -2
One Handed - 4

Trait Ninja Points: 12


Strength: 10
Speed: 15
Agility: 25
Perception: 25
Endurance: 10
Willpower: 20
Spirituality: 25
Stamina: 15

Attribute Ninja Points: 29

Chakra: 390


Strike Power:
Strike Speed:
Blocking Power:
Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation: 20
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons: 20
Chakra Control:
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Concentration: 30
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Ninja Points: 7

Chakra Natures: Katon and Fuuton [Free for Uchiha]

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0


E- Rank
Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
Shuriken Boujou [Shuriken Intercept]
Chouyaku [Leap]
Fuuin Kai [Seal Release]
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu [Shadow Shuriken Technique]
Sakki [Killing Intent]

D-Rank: 1
Jibaku Fuda: Oku [Exploding Tag: Set]

C- Rank: 8
Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu [Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique]
Kuuki Kawasu [Air Dodge]
Jibaku Fuuda: Kassei [Exploding Tag: Activate]
Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]
Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]
Genjutsu Kai [Mind Technique Release]
Juukaki: Ootari

B-Rank: 4
Katon: Juukaki

Jutsu Ninja Points: 13

Special Abilities:
All Uchiha clan members are born with an affinity for Katon element; therefore, all Uchiha clan members are born with 2 primary elements, one of which must be fire. Any subsequent elements must be purchased as normal, starting with the cost one would pay for the third element and then proceeding as normal.

Advanced Abilities:
2 Tomoe Sharingan [Left and Right Eyes] - 4-AA

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 10

Spent Ninja Points: 75
Remaining Ninja Points: 6

Jan 7 2018, 04:10 AM
Name: Firearm: Bullseye

Rank: C

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Any

Element: Katon

Requirements: Katon: Juukaki

Description: The user holds one hand seal when a shot from Juukaki hits a solid object. This allows the shot ricochet in a direction and angle decided by the user, without piercing the first material and without losing any speed.

Can be used in the place of shuriken deflect (if the user knows the basic) to deflect small projectiles as the jutsu would a shuriken.

Limitations: A single shot may only be deflected once per post, may be increased to 3 via favoring.

Creator: Uchiha, Ninigi

Cost: 10 per deflection
Jan 4 2018, 04:42 AM
Character Name: Ninigi Uchiha

Current Rank Academy Student

Requirements: Exam post - Passed, Basics Done
Dec 24 2017, 04:21 PM
Name: False Reality

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Requirements: Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu [Sly Mind Affect Technique]


This genjutsu affects the sight of a target only and is a massive improvement on its predecessor. The victim sense of direction is still distorted but the user can alter the magnitude of distortion as much as he wants, allowing the victim to even be perfectly fine if he wanted. In addition to the previous effect: sabotaging the user's walking direction, the user can shift the position of objects and people to make them seem inches or even meters away.

The jutsu remains very capable of sabotaging the victim's journey but is now very effective in battle as it can be used to decrease the target's aim with finesse. The great advantage over other genjutsu is that the change in details can seem so trivial that the effects do not seem out of the ordinary.

Like the predecessor: The user is free to move after setting this illusion.

Post Duration: Indefinite until broken

Creator: Uchiha, Ninigi

Cost: 90, 15 per post afterwards.
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