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Apr 19 2018, 05:30 PM
Hey, no hurry or of great importance, but my items lost their image link so if it can be done it'd be appreciated:


Edited: Thank you
Apr 2 2018, 04:41 PM
Prodigy (Theme)
Description: Did you have an early start in life, were you given special attention, or are you just naturally gifted? If you said yes to any of this you're definitely special and very skilled in a particular talent be it an attribute, skill, type of technique, weapon of choice, or even an advanced ability. This means when you use your excellent talent you are considered a cut above the rest who aren't as such, easily allowing you to bridge small gaps to your "betters" or expanding the gap to your "inferiors". "A pebble in the hands of a master is worth far more than a sword in the hands of a common soldier." This can only be taken once for each theme you take.
Benefit: You are extremely talented in your chosen theme; attributes are considered 25 points higher, skills are 20 points higher, techniques are considered to be the next rank up, and abilities such as Kekkei Genkai are a level stronger. Taking Advanced Ability Techniques require one to take the advanced ability in question.
Cost: 7

Trait Type: A
Mar 6 2018, 03:05 AM
Name: Lost Knowledge

Rank: C

Details: After studying deep into the village library, a location from a long ago era has been uncovered. A tower from the time of the Sage of the Second Dawn is within reach, the only issue is it's been abandoned ever since, but the chance to learn still holds sway. A grand expedition for the tower is setting out from the village and by pulling enough strings from every angle a chance to join has opened. Combat is possible, even demon confrontation, but this tower is lost to the ages so very few hang around even high ranked or legendary Akuma have moved on from this human structure.

-Infiltrate the tower
-Acquire target information
-Get out

Expedition members
Others are NPCer's discretion

Uchiha Lapis
Mai Aburame
Mar 5 2018, 02:12 PM
Item Name: Hétéroclite Regalia

Item Type: Sword

Dimensions: 3.5 foot blade

Weight: 4 pounds


A fairly large, intricate looking, sword consisting primarily of an ebony black-purplish hue as its base with deep crimson red jewels aligning its hilt, tip of the blade, and lower blade. The entire blade, hilt and all, are also etched with dark silver linings that give it its large but refined form.

A blade of unknown origins, a history shrouded in darkness, it's ominous presence is detailed as wrong as if it doesn't belong in this world or any. It has no history of those who wielded it in the past mostly because none ever have...it wielded people. A dark blade that overwhelms and possesses the weak that dare to grasp its immense power. It has a strong presence and resonance towards demons making it possible to be from the demon realm which would also account for its unknown background. Some scattered legends speak of a demon who wielded a deadly sword so powerful it sliced open an entrance through the veil and into the real world.

These legends speak of a low ranked demon besting others in the world by robbing them of their primary weapon, their most useful tool for defeating their kind. Chakra. Without the aid of their powerful jutsus, the people were unable to defend themselves from this threat and instead fled and coward in fear from it. They say it sliced a path of blood and bodies throughout the land before other demons were set upon it. They were furious, or jealous, that this measly creature did so much and not even in their name, that it was upsetting the balance of their kind and would have to be put down. After that moment all stories ceased; some say it was killed and the blade left to rust, others say they left it to find a new path, others believe it somehow escaped destruction, while most believe it was simply a story. A lesson for shinobi to never become completely and utterly reliant on their chakra.

-While wielding it with chakra a dark essence pours out and around it; dark purple-like flames of miasma. This is merely aesthetic and can be turned off.
-This blade has extremely sharp edges that are defined by it's use; where most swords are defined by the user's strength this sword is defined by speed or agility.
-Chakra that comes into contact with this blade, no matter the form or lack there of, corrodes and deteriorates. The sharp edges of the blade seem to cut through all manner of things made of chakra at a visual glance but it simply erases the chakra at the point of contact. Coming into contact with an object filled or imbudded with chakra, even people, will also lose their chakra. The amount of chakra erased can be any up to 50 points per hit through physical contact or direct extensions of the blade itself; sword techniques that use it as a median. The wielder isn't immune if they come into contact with the blade.

Costs: 3 AAP

Owner: Uchiha Lapis
Feb 20 2018, 07:38 AM
Name: Glare

Rank: C

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Line of Sight (10 feet)

Element: None

Requirements: Blade of metal

Description: Not requiring hand signs or concentration, the user channels a small, barely noticeable, amount of chakra into a blade they are holding. This creates a single flash of light that the user can direct to blind an ever watchful enemy. Anyone looking at the blade can be hit with this but it's less effective past 10 feet and those with exceptional perception really feel this the worst within that range; equally those with poor perception feel it less. This can blind people for 1 whole post while those with high levels and skills in perception can be blinded for 2 posts.

Creator: Lapis Uchiha

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