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Feb 15 2018, 08:50 AM
Character: http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?sh...indpost&p=11009

Kai - halved
Shunshin - superior to others

Requirements: 3 posts each
Feb 1 2018, 08:05 AM
Name: Twilight Monarch

Rank: B

Size: 5 inches wingspan

Description: A large butterfly that holds a dark color pallet ranging from black primary and a mix of dark blue and purple around the wings. As they flap their wings little aesthetic sparkles can be seen.

Special Abilities: These insects can create a suppression field that holds/stops movement from anything caught within its field. They spread out and surround a target(s) and everything within that space that holds physical mass is suppressed, preventing them from moving even slightly. This field cannot be moved once activated; the same restriction of movement applies to the insects as well which prevents themselves from moving without first cancelling the field.

-The insects form a dome over a targeted area that cannot exceed more than 10 meters or a single target; the range requires 25 insects but more for a larger single target. This cannot be removed.
-Single targets greater than the range take up all the user's capabilities with this technique.
-This can hold those caught in its field for 1 post for every 10 Spirituality. This cannotbe removed.
-Those who have greater Spirituality than the user can resist this. This cannot be removed but the user can sacrifice Concentration completely to reduce to sluggish movement for 1 post per 20 Concentration.
-If the user creates more domes they must be within their line of sight and are restricted to the range limitation; used against a single larger target can only be used once. This cannot be removed.

-This field cannot distinguish between friend or foe; even its own user. This cannot be removed.

50; Jutsu Activation

Amount: 5
2 Female
3 Male
Jan 23 2018, 09:44 AM
Given my pension for plot creation and build up I was wondering if it was possible to app for a strong Akuma and build up to getting it; like discovering or meeting, hunting and studying, encounters and failures to capture, something that builds history into the sealing since no Genin is going to seal an A-Ranked so soon...or is that shooting for too much trouble

The question I have is I don't get the demonic abilities they have on their profile, if someone could explain or give an example is appreciate it, understanding chakra-less power isn't a strong suit and balancing is even worse for me but it's mostly cuz I don't understand them without a guide...I don't even recall Bijuu having any outside the normal
Jan 23 2018, 08:44 AM
Fearless Savage
Description: A far more vicious style, the user let's their instincts, senses, and adrenaline guide and take hold of their fighting as they launch themselves at impressive speeds and unleash powerful strikes using their size and weight to their advantage. They can move at incredible speeds but normally in linear movement and throw their weight behind any attacks, even if they don't stop to do so. With the intense increase in adrenaline the user doesn't succumb to exhaustion as easily, producing the energy at the same time as they exert themselves, allowing the user to fight off the effects of natural exhaustion for longer than usual so long as they keep moving and attacking in this style. Unless the user can shrug off the hits they take the pain and damage will cause them to falter and stop; higher resistance reduces this drawback. It's also risky for anyone else nearby as the rush of blood and adrenaline mixed with the savage nature can make the user give into its nature and their rage, becoming an animal that desires only carnage. The longer the fight drags on like this the more they lose sight of until they're attacking anything that moves. This requires Shikyaku [Four Legs] and some form of resistance increase. In this style the user doesn't have to actually drop to all fours but given the similar style they often end up on all fours, however, they must if they wish to use both styles.
Benefit: While fighting in the aforementioned manner the user gains 20 to their speed and strength. Allows the user to fight longer than normal against exhaustion. Be aware of risks, drawbacks, and requirements mentioned above.
Cost: 7

Trait Type: Personal Fighting Style
Jan 23 2018, 12:40 AM
Description: Standing your ground, you draw your blade(s), your presence holds strong against all that oppose you. This style removes all meaning and purpose of speed with quickness, increasing one's agility to strike out in all directions, altering the direction of one's attack so quickly it all happens in a flash while the user hardly appears to move an inch as each strike becomes harder and harder to track even with well trained or talented eyes. The quickness that they change their direction carries their sword attack to move at that same momentum which make them just as hard to track. This can be employed with Iaidou and Dark Slayer but at the cost of the strength bonuses and altering speed to agility, however, as an improved version, this requires both regardless.
Benefit: Alters one's style of wielding a blade(s) in the aforementioned manner and boosting their agility by 40.
Cost: 7

Trait Type: Personal Fighting Style
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