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Uchiha, Zau


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Jul 9 2018, 08:50 AM
Zau, whilst ruminating on life, found himself in an odd place-a coffee shop. He didn't even drink coffee, to be perfectly honest, but he'd received word from his other family-the Kemuri-that one of their own had recently been promoted to Genin, much later than most. They wanted Zau to watch out for this one; apparently, he hadn't lived in the village very long, and was more closely related to Zau than most-he was actually only Zau's second cousin, though the two had never met.

Zau sat at a table, watching people as they passed. He didn't order anything-not yet. He simply waited. He wasn't sure what Dante would look like, but apparently, he carried a massive sword-so, there was that, at least.

It was towards the end of summer in Akari, so it was pretty hot out. Even so, Zau wore his full robes and sat outside-he, at least, would be easy to find, as well as easily identifiable by the Uchiha Fan with Kemuri kanji, woven into the back of his robe. Few enough people would have one of those.
Jun 12 2018, 09:00 AM
Zau, one of the more promising members of the Uchiha clan, had been promoted to Jounin-and, as such, he had received a team of his very own, which just so happened to have multiple Uchiha on it-though, it was probably intentional. The Uchiha clan DID have some pull in the village, after all-it wasn't that far-fetched to believe that they'd intentionally put as many of their members on one team as they could.

Of course, the fact that there were only a handful of Jounin in the village meant Zau had to have more genin than was customary, but he felt confident that he could handle the extra load.


Each Genin would wake that morning to see a sparrow tapping on their window, with a message wrapped around one of their legs. The message was short, written in a sharp, halting hand.

Training Area 32, 0800


Training Area 32 was an atypical training ground; most were open, allowing for a wide range of view. The main focus of this one was an artificial river, built against a series of caves and tunnels, some of which were even underwater. Zau sat atop an overlook, roughly 10 feet above the water. His legs were crossed and his eyes were closed; he seemed to be meditating.
Dec 29 2017, 09:24 AM
The cart rolled along, bumping along on roads now instead of the sand they had been used to. Zau shifted the straw hat covering his face from the sun, looking around at the surroundings while blinking the sudden light away from his vision. His pulse quickened slightly as his eyes cleared-did he know that tree? Was that bush where he...wait, had that rock always been there?

Zau sat up. He was riding in the back of a cart, next to a dog and three pigs. He had been given free passage back to the village, so long as he slept with the animals and promised assistance should they encounter Akuma or bandits. He had made the promise, but his services had gone unneeded. They were now within sight of the village, and no bandits dared operate this close to the village. Even Akuma shied away at this range.

Zau ran a hand through his curly mop of hair. It had gotten to roughly chin length, and he rarely wore it up these days; there simply wasn't time with all of his duties at the monastery. He pulled a single piece of straw from his curls and tossed it aside, and ran his hands down his tunic, trying in vain to smooth some of the wrinkles his sleeping conditions had worn into his clothes. Zau leaped up onto the railing of the cart, balancing upon a beam and drawing a surprised yelp from the cart driver.

"Akarigakure. I'm home."


Once he was through the gate, Zau would wander through the streets. It had been quite some time since he had seen the village; the last time, as far as he could remember, was just after the Chuunin Exams. About nine months. Wonder what I've missed.
Nov 13 2017, 02:53 PM
The mission was fairly straightforward, as they go. Zau was to find the source of these unusually focused hyena attacks and put a stop to it. Zau had no love for hyenas; the first Akuma he'd ever faced had taken on a grotesque mockery of one, and as a desert dweller, Zau had far more experience with the beasts than he cared to. Hyenas were a menace; they attacked livestock, they attacked people, and they mangled corpses. Zau would be happy to rid the desert of a pack, and happier to rid it of a criminal using the beasts to his own end.

Zau approached the farmer who had posted the mission. He explained to Zau that the attacks were different from most; the hyenas didn't attack the livestock like they ordinarily would. They only attacked people, and even then, only to the point of herding them into certain buildings. These attacks had coincided with an increase in theft, causing the people of the small community to believe that the attacks were coming from a rogue of some sort.

Zau nodded; he agreed with the assessment. He activated his Sharingan as he walked away, towards the site of the latest attack. If a jutsu was at work, there was a chance his Sharingan could detect it. Zau doubted it; traces of chakra rarely lingered for very long. Still though, every little bit could help.
Nov 7 2017, 03:38 AM
Zau had done a great deal of work in the last few weeks; he tremendously improved his Taijutsu skill, and worked Kage Bunshin to such a perfection that the jutsu was almost flawless for him. There was, however, one aspect of his training that was incomplete. His fire jutsu were dreadfully not up to snuff-specifically, they were far too slow, compared to the rest of his fighting style.

The first technique was the most powerful. Goukakyou no Jutsu launched a massive ball of flame towards the target. It was simple, effective, and made a statement. For the Uchiha, it was a rite of passage; you weren't considered an adult until you could manage it. Zau, for his part, had figured out the jutsu when he was still in the academy, forever a mark of great pride for the young Uchiha. Zau thought back to that day.

Zau stood on top of the dock, performing the same set of handseals again and again. Every time he performed the technique, however, only smoke issued forth. True, it was a significant amount of smoke-but smoke, all the same. Zau growled and stamped his foot on the dock, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard his father's voice behind him.

Yenma Uchiha was a tall man, and the great-grandson of Kemuri Zaulyl. He carried the typical Uchiha look, but unlike most, his Kemuri heritage had shone through the Uchiha-his eyes, rather than solid black, were blue with striking golden streaks-usually. Right now, they were crimson, and displayed the triple tomoe of the fully matured Sharingan. The golden streaks remained, however. "Smoke isn't a bad thing to have either. Afterall, where there's smoke, there is fire." Yenma performed a series of handseals with his gloved hands, raised a hand to his lips, and expelled a massive sphere of lustrous golden flame. As the flames died down, he performed a series of one-handed seals with his free hand; the flames seemed to shift color, to change to silver-but truly, it was not silver flames now floating above the pond, but an equally massive sphere of smoke. Yenma allowed the technique to die down and stood up straight.

"The wind element is uncommon, but among the Kemuri, it's much more frequent. You and I, and I suspect your brother as well, were all born with both Fire and Wind elements. You unconsciously mold wind into your flame, and the result is Smoke. You need to re-examine your chakra use and isolate the wind from the flame. I know you can use the jutsu if you can just manage that. What's more, isolating the two will help you when it comes time to learn how to properly wield smoke itself. Keep trying son. Isolate.'

Yenma walked off then, leaving Zau to his thoughts. He knew his father was only trying to make Zau feel better-unconsciously using the precursor of an advanced element was something, surely-but Zau only was angered further by his inability to use the elements separately. He's never heard of any Kemuri being incapable of using fire properly, and surely no Uchiha, for that matter.

Zau's eyes narrowed, his hands formed the familiar seals again, and he brought his hand to his lips. He was rewarded immediately with a sapphire-hued ball of flame, nowhere near the size of Yenma's, but a ball of actual fire nonetheless. Zau stopped the jutsu short and glanced back to see if his father had seen it.

But Yenma was already gone.
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