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> The History of Seichi
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 Posted: Mar 26 2016, 09:10 PM
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-On the Fall of Horizon-

NOTE: Only scholars of esoteric history are aware of even a portion of the fate of the Village of the Dawn. To most there are only snippets of legend and myth

Many centuries ago, within the fertile lands of the north there was a city of unimaginable beauty and power, a city the likes of which had not been seen before or since. This city was known as Horizon, the shining beacon that would lead the world towards the future. The people of Horizon were able to manipulate the energies of the world, to shape them to their whims. Those who mastered their people's arts earned great respect, helping to guide and lead the city alongside their peers. The people lived in peace and harmony with one another, exploring life and all there was to experience within it, all their needs and wants catered for through mastery of their arts. They would choose to take upon themselves various roles as they so desired, growing more and more skilled as their lives progressed, untouched by the troubles beyond their territories. Protected from the primitive barbarians who inhabited the southern and western portions of the continent by those who chose to be warriors, the people of Horizon truly lived a blessed life.

The only external threat to the people of Horizon were those few beings known as the Akuma, the old word for Demons, and even these beings could not completely annihilate the village of the dawn. As always, it came to be that mankind's worst enemy was itself. The downfall of Horizon began with an attack on the village, carried out by a Wolf Demon of unsurpassed power. The defenders of Horizon rose up against it, but even their formidable powers could not subdue it. Many warriors and civilians died to the demon, until the elder council finally pooled their powers using a device known only as 'The Key'. With their combined might the council fettered the demon in shackles of pure energy, and finally imprisoning it within another artifact linked to The Key. The demon submitted to the might of the people of Horizon, swearing to help defend those whose might had surpassed it.

But they had been deceived. An eternal creature of cunning, the demon had patience. Slowly the people of Horizon began coming to hold council with the demon, learning from it, and it corrupted them entirely. Many years passed and the disciples of the Wolf Demon grew in power and skill, until one day, in the twilight of the evening, they struck out at the rest of the village, intending to free their demonic master from its imprisonment. The defenders of Horizon were caught off guard, and many were killed before they could respond to the treachery. Horrified, the survivors stood up to their insidious foe, both sides unleashing their terrible powers upon each other. Eventually the betrayers made their way to the inner sanctum of Horizon, wresting The Key from the Council and using it to unleash the Wolf Demon from its cage.

Finally free, the demon turned its rage upon the Village of the Dawn, destroying everything in its path, including those who had served it. Terrified, the humans ceased their fighting, trying to contain that which was freed, but to no avail. The energies unleashed that night had never been seen before, and would never be seen again. By the next dawn Silence had fallen over the lands of Horizon, the very earth tainted with the powers of the conflict. As the rays of the sun broke over the mountains, revealing the devastation wrought, sound finally returned.

The wailing of a young child echoed through the ruins of the once mighty civilization.

-On the Rise of Koji, Sage of the Second Dawn-

NOTE: While better known than the fall of Horizon, the details of Koji's early life are not well known outside of studious shinobi and Researchers of Shinobi History.

The young boy eventually ceased his cries, knowing that there was none left to hear them. Gathering what he could of his people's remaining artifacts, he began a long and painful trek into the west. The south, once a prosperous region under his people's stewardship, had been turned into an immense desert by the powers that had been unleashed in the fight against the Wolf Demon. Into the mountains he traveled, undeterred by the massive peaks which now separated the lands of his birth from the rest of the continent. He was found by an elderly couple as he descended from the western face of the mountain range, emaciated with hunger and on the verge of hypothermia. This couple, whose names have long since been lost from history, tended to the young boy, taking him to their home and caring for him in his illness.

Koji recovered, and was taken in by the couple, their own children long having left to far off corners of the continent. The small village at the foot of the mountains marked the easternmost boundary of those who had never seen the light of Horizon, nor fallen under the protection of its mighty Practitioners. To the villagers, the skills displayed by Koji, young and barely trained as he was by the standards of his own people, were nothing short of miraculous. Despite the efforts of his foster parents, word began to spread of the young boy who could create fire by whim, and move the earth with a few gestures. Many came to try and learn from him, but neither the boy nor his caregivers would accept their offers, no matter how generous.

And so years passed, Koji honing his skills as best he could considering the lack of instruction from the Master Practitioners that he had once enjoyed. By age forty, the young man had garnered a reputation that spread across the known continent, having traveled throughout the lands to lend his power where he saw fit. While many tried to entice him to teach them his secrets, Koji steadfastly refused their offers. Instead, he chose from among the downtrodden and destitute three young children. Teuchi from the southern coasts, Asahiko of the central plains, and Miyu of the western forests. To these unwanted children Koji passed on his teachings, the manipulation of the energy that came to be called Chakra.

And though none of his students could achieve the same skills that he himself held, from these three individuals stem the principles of the three Shinobi arts, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu.

-On the Coming of the Shinobi Clans-

While Koji had the highest standards for his students, Teuchi, Asahiko and Miyu were less discerning, reasoning that their arts could help their people to protect themselves. In those days, various hostile beings and creatures that had survived the destruction of Horizon. And so the trio traveled throughout the known world, instructing various tribes and villages in the abilities which they had developed under the watchful eyes of the Last Scion of the Dawn. They tested those who wished to learn, making sure that they would be able to handle the power that came with wielding Chakra. Koji neither helped nor hindered his first pupils in their endeavors, remaining instead in his mountain village when not making his increasingly frequent trips to the desolate lands that were once the home of his people.

And so the years passed, and the Legendary Sannin of Seichi grew older, wiser, and continued to spread their teachings as they fought to protect their people from the powerful foes that beset them. From the early students of the Sannin came the first Shinobi clans, those groups that had been taught at the same time, who shared familial ties and lived in the same lands. They became the guardians and owners of their lands protectors of those unable to fight the enemies of their people in exchange for their deference. The clans prospered, their lands safer and more vibrant than those governed by non-shinobi, and for a time there was more than enough growing room for all the burgeoning clans, which allowed an atmosphere of collaboration to be fostered.

Teuchi, Asahiko and Miyu looked on these early clans with pride, watching their teachings develop under new hands and taken in directions they had never expected. Content with the protectors that they had founded, the Sannin returned to their master's home, seeking his approval of their deeds and hoping for new insights into their arts.

But Koji's attention had turned, his prodigious mind travelling paths that no living human could comprehend. Instead of guiding his aged pupils further, the Sage of the Second Dawn announced that he trusted in his pupils to do what was best for the lands, and that he was leaving. Though they entreated him to stay, claiming that there was nothing beyond the lands of Seichi but vast oceans, he refused to listen. The master give his students one final warning, before he set out, leaving everything behind and vanishing into legend.

Where he went, and his final fate, remained a matter of speculation for centuries.

-On the Founding of the Hidden Villages-

For a time, there was peace in Seichi, the Legendary Sannin fostering an understanding between the various clans that they had helped come into being. However rivalries and jealousies can arise among even the closest of family, and though it was kept from the Masters, these differences in opinions and ideals widened as time passed. Some of the clans chose to leave as their grievances with their neighbors escalated, vanishing into the wild places, while others remained, constraining themselves as the Sannin aged, waiting for the time when they no longer had guardians to prevent them from acting on their rivalries.

The Clan Wars, as the time after the death of the Legendary Sannin came to be known, started almost immediately after their funeral. No longer under the watchful eyes of Koji or his students, the Shinobi clans that remained within the civilized world began to fight. At first it was individuals acting out on their rivalries, then small skirmishes across the land, each new grievance escalating the animosity between various factions, until finally, a short decade after the deaths of the Legendary Sannin, the world was embroiled in the conflicts between various warring clans. With the skills imparted upon them by the students of the Sage, the people saw warfare unlike any other previously experienced. Warriors could conjure fire, rip apart the earth, and even turn a person's mind against them. It was an age of horror for all who lived in those times.

After nearly a century of conflict, there were a number of clans who had tired of the chaotic and constant warfare. These clans began to meet with one another, they began to form alliances among themselves, and slowly, they began to plan. The first group to leave the central plains made their way over the eastern mountains, a hardy group of travelers lead by a man of impressive strength, they wandered the desert for nearly a year before coming to an oasis. Stopping there, in that barren land, they named their new settlement Rikuhigakure, the Village Hidden in the Land of Light. So sudden and unexpected was their departure, that many of the other clans believed them to be wiped out. The next groups to leave traveled together for a time, splitting up at the southern coast where some went in search for the Disappearing Isle, while the others continued westward, deep into the thick forests that had never been mapped. Both groups met and mingled with other clans that had left during the early years of the Clan Wars, and together they settled in secret locations on the Disappearing Isle and the Deep Forest respectively. Thus Satogakure, the Village Hidden in the Shroud, and Konokigakure, the Village Hidden in the Tree, were founded.

As the war seemed to escalate, a small number of clans chose to retreat into the mountains, leaving their previous lands to those clans that had once been subordinate to them. These 'noble clans' journeyed deep into the mountainous regions of the land in search of a place where they could once again enjoy the lifestyle that had been denied to them. Amidst the ice and snow they founded Hyougagakure, the Village Hidden in the Glacier. Those they left behind took the wealth at their disposal and fortified the holdings now in their hands, forming Nagaregakure, the Village Hidden in the Current. Situated as it was in the center of the known world, Nagare was the first of the newly formed Hidden Villages to strike out against the remaining warring clans. Working in conjunction with each other, the alliance of clans that formed the Village Hidden in the Current dominated the plains, cowing the disorganized clans or annihilating them completely. Soon after, the Shinobi of Konokigakure began to implement a similar purge, and between these two powers, what had once been known as the only 'civilized' portion of the continent came to an uneasy peace. With the formation of the Hidden Villages, the Clan Wars came to an end. Of Rikuhigakure, Hyougagakure and Satogakure during the closing days of the Clan Wars, it is said that their struggles in the previously uninhabited lands prevented them from focusing on anything other than surviving.

And so it was that the Five Great Shinobi powers came into being, and the world took a much needed breath as the conflict that had raged for over a century was ended.

-On the Final Fall-

For nearly a century after the Clan Wars were finally ended, the land of Seichi was at peace. It was during this peace that the Wolf Demon returned, and made his presence known by inhabiting the body of a young shinobi named Zaulyl. Though the Demon initially tried corrupting the youth, the will of this youth proved enough to soften the heart of the Great Wolf. The return of the Wolf Demon, however, was enough to set in motion a series of events that would result in the return of the Akuma to the world. Thus began the Demon War, a terrible conflict the likes of which Seichi had never known.

Though the Demons and Humans fought bitterly against each other, the Wolf Demon, finally turned from his dark ways for good, fought on the side of man, bolstering its host with enough power to drive the demons from the shores of Seichi, putting an end to the Demon War. What even the Wolf Demon did not know, however, was that the war was but a scapegoat. A pair of demonic entities, unleashed into the world when Horizon was destroyed, had slumbered beneath Seichi for centuries. The war distracted humanity from the threat sleeping beneath them long enough for the Demons to finally succeed-the twins beneath the Ice Country and Sun Country, beasts of Ice and Fire, awakened, and plunged the land of Seichi into darkness. Their awakening reopened the barrier between the human and demon worlds, and after only 10 short years of peace, the Demons returned to Seichi-but this time, more powerful and more plentiful than ever.

While the Wolf Demon's host and his allies fought bravely and fiercely against the Demonic Horde, their new power proved too much. The Wolf Demon's host was killed, alongside his allies, and the villages of the Five Great Nations were torn down and destroyed. For a time, it seemed humanity had, at long last, failed.

The people of Seichi who survived did so by hiding and running. They took refuge in caves and ruins, they struck at the Demons whenever they could, but it was a losing battle-until salvation came in the form of a migration of new clans to Seichi. These clans, among them the Senju, the Uchiha, the Hyuuga, and several others, had been taught by the Great Sage Koji, for he had foreseen the turmoil Seichi would experience. He had seen the people that could save his beloved land, and he left Seichi to find them. When the New Clans arrived, the people of Seichi reorganized around them. Three bastions on the continent of Seichi stood against the tide of the Demons-one in the former Land of Fire, one in the former Land of Frost, and the last in the former Land of Sun. Around these three, humanity formed a resistance that managed to again turn back the Demons, though they could never truly be defeated again.

New ninja villages were formed as the land slowly returned to the way it had been before the fall of Horizon. In the forest, Edagakure, the Village Hidden in the Branches, was built over the ruins of Konokigakure. In the mountains, Yamagakure, the Village Hidden in the Mountains, was erected on the side of the tallest mountain of Seichi. And in the desert, along the fertile banks of a new river, Akarigakure, the Village Hidden in the Light, was raised. Many smaller villages were built across Seichi's landscape, but these major three became the beacons of hope for humanity. With the power of the New Clans joined by the Old, the Second Demon War was won, and humanity once more earned its place in the world.

Today, humans and demons share the land, but they are by no means at peace. While the Demons cannot destroy the villages, neither can the Humans completely eradicate the Demonic presence in their land, for Demons cannot truly be killed-even their destruction is only a temporary measure, as the chakra that embodies them will simply reform. To that end, mankind learned how to better seal the demons, allowing them to fight back and use the demon's power against them. Even that was not enough-while Seichi is safe, it is by no means secure. The future of Seichi depends upon the shinobi of the new villages, and their steadfast will-for if it falters, Seichi may truly fall.
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