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Kudo, Kai


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Feb 26 2018, 06:11 PM
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<div class="tableborder spoiler" style="font-size:10px;background-color:#1d1d1d"><div align="left" onclick="$(this).next().toggle()" title="Click to toggle">Original Post</div><div style="display:none">When Arashi had taken office, she noticed one thing right away: A distinct lack of religious practice. At least that's the reasoning she gave the public. Using this guise, many churches and temples were erected to various religions. Rupertism, Scientology, whatever it was that people wanted. Using her massive contact network, many contractors were hired for relatively nothing to construct the buildings in a short amount of time.<br><br>

One structure, though, Arashi had handpicked the builders for. To most people, it would be a pathological temple, sanctuary to everyone, regardless of belief system. In truth, this was Arashi's own chantry. Since recently becoming a Regent, she was entitled to one of her own. And now it was time to start expanding back into the land of Horizon once again.<br><br>

From the outside, the Chantry was fairly unimpressive. Just a large brick building with double doors as the only entrance. On the double doors were two silver Tremere symbols. Stained glass windows lined the building at regular intervals, each depicting the symbol of some religion. Other than that, the structure looked rather plain.<br><br>

Once one stepped inside, they would be greeted with two hallways. One to the left and one to the right. In front of them would be two almost always open doors into a moderately sized chapel-like room. Services would rarely ever be held here, but it was a place where people could come to pray or meditate or whatever it was they needed to do.<br><br>

Down the right hallway are numerous single bedrooms for those in need of sanctuary for a night. It was a simple room, with only a single small bed and a table with two changes of plain white clothes. The doors could be locked from the inside and only Arashi herself had the keys.<br><br>

Further down the hall, it would turn left and had numerous locked rooms lining it. However, it wasn't a normal keyhole in the door, but a hole. Once something was inserted into the hole, a needle would shoot up and pierce whatever it was. If a Tremere put their finger into it, the needle would draw blood and, using the latent power of all Tremere blood, unlock the mechanism. Inside each of these rooms was a small yet well equipped lab. Each one was designed by a different member of the Tremere construction crew that built the Chantry. This assured that almost any Tremere could do their work here, no matter what it might be.<br><br>

The left hallway had only one door on the right side that lead into a gigantic library. Every single book on anything even remotely related to any religion that Arashi could get her hands on was located here, kept organized by volunteers. In the back of this library was a door with a mechanism identical to those locking the labs on the other side of the building. Behind this was another massive archive. Thousands of books on science and journals made by other Tremere could be found here. It was a gigantic compilation of knowledge that any aspiring Thaumaturge could appreciate.</div></div><br>

A few years back, Kai had stumbled upon this place. Little has changed since the original construction outside of updated lab equipment and new books in both libraries. The original Regent, Arashi, had passed on a couple decades ago, so the chantry was now overseen by one Silim Savretin. He seemed a good sort, though Kai rarely had any interaction with him. Silim was not Kai's sire nor Regent, and thus under no obligation to each other. Though still an apprentice, he was of the seventh circle, and thus allowed free use of any lab and library without undue scrutiny.<br><br>

Today, Kai had come back once more, the chantry becoming something of a second home, or hideout, as of late. He had taken over one of the small bedrooms and made his own. A stack of books about puppetry and poison are stacked neatly in one corner by the bed. Attempts had been made to get back to using his old tools again, but to no avail. No inspiration had been struck, and nothing felt more correct than good ol' stick-on-a-string. The effort was there, though, even after all this time.<br><br>

Kai found himself in the main library right now, laying prone face up on a couch. A particular book hovered about two feet from his face, held aloft by two chakra strings, while his arms lay splayed out. This was a pose of absolute relaxation, for it was only here that he felt calm and safe. The book in question was Romance of the Five Villages, a very dramatic retelling of the previous age that stood on the border of fiction and non-fiction. Kai had lived through the last few chapters of the book, though he wasn't that far into it yet. Undoubtedly it would be amusing to see how the author played up the ending.

<div class="attention">370 Chakra</div>
<div class="lookhere"><a href="http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=2286" style="text-decoration: none;">C-Rank Rogue</a></div>
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