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Keiko Kaguya


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Jun 13 2018, 06:15 AM
It was already well past noon, with the evening sun almost dipping beneath the horizon. The world of Seichi was currently in the midst between light and dark. Dusk, so to speak. Keiko was out and about in Akarigakure's shopping district, perusing through the latest fashions and food so to speak. She hasn't had much time to herself and after finally obtaining such a day, the Kaguya would definitely not miss the opportunity when it presented itself.

Anything she bought with all her extra Ryu lying around was safely stored inside her umbrella, its canvas already dotted with several flowers and petals alike. The bigger the item, the more petals it had. Something like the size of two Keiko's would by an entire flower while small accessories and gifts would usually only take one or two petals to create. The teenager was currently twirling her umbrella on her shoulder as she strolled down one of the major streets in the shopping place. She would soon want to get food and decided to head on over to the food section of the district.

Yuzuha was walking alongside her, almost growing to the full adult size but still in the teenage years of her young life. The fluffy white coat with the pointy pink nose and the triangular ears was a sight to behold. Already the young fox would receive stares and fingers from young children and adults alike as the two walked along the road.
Jun 8 2018, 10:10 PM
Blissful sleep. With draped blinds and eyes closed, Keiko saw nothing but the insides of her eyelids. Flashes of images passed by her line of sight before disappearing into the dark void of her sleep. It was currently a little before seven in the morning. A small fluffy white figure sat curled next to the Kaguya's leg, its small chest expanding and shrinking with each breath.

The two of them came back after a long and tiring day and continued to sleep in silence. The only sounds that broke the peace was the shifting of body weight and the small mews that emanated from the fox's mouth. Soon, Keiko's biological clock would wake her up which heralded the start of her day. A few minutes later, a muted yawn signaled the teenager to wake up. Sleepy eyes blinked opened and closed, still trying to figure out why her body was lying in bed.

Ever since she came back to Akarigakure, the Kaguya always loved the comfort of her own bed. Groggily sitting up in bed, Keiko looked at her alarm clock. She's never used it once for its specific purpose for waking people up; she always woke up on her own at the right time.

7:01 AM

Maybe she was just a teensy bit late. Not a problem. She had nothing to do today.
Jun 2 2018, 12:59 PM
Setting: Happens after 'Home Sweet Home' and before the creation of Vivian Hyuuga's genin team.

The twin ANBU who had accompanied her were nowhere in sight, although she instinctively knew that she was still being watched from somewhere. She exited the building just the way she came in, feeling the heat immediately upon going outside. While Akarigakure was usually hot during the day time, it was currently around 3 o'clock, when the heat finally gets to sink into the ground and the buildings while still being super high in the sky. Because of this, everything felt a bit dull.

Keiko whipped open her umbrella and covered herself from the hot sun, providing both her and Yuzuha with sufficient shade. Sufficient wasn't the right word. A typical umbrella's diameter is usually around three feet in diameter. While this is a good enough size for anyone, it can barely fit two people under the canopy. Keiko's custom-made umbrella was a full six feet in diameter, almost double the size of the typical umbrella.

Yuzuha snuggled softly into her hair, peeking out with one eye open. She quickly closed her eye and went snoring again, her tail swishing on the side of Keiko's hair. The first thing she needed to do was to head back to the Kaguya compound and talk with the clan head, Katsu.
May 31 2018, 03:19 AM
Setting: A little after the meeting with the Asakage upon her return and before the creation of Vivian Hyuuga's genin team.

"So what am I supposed to do with you?"

The animal in question was sleeping soundly on the top of her head without a care in the world. Yuzuha, or how Keiko deemed to call her now, was a small white fox newborn that she had picked up inside a cave in the region of Yamagakure. While the story about how they came to meet was rather morbid, the result was that they were now together.

While foxes are omnivores that feed both on meat and plant matter, the young cub was content on feeding off of berries that Keiko scrounged up in the mountainside. Every once in a while, Keiko would catch a rabbit and cut it up into small bits for her new companion to eat. And so, the daily life of eating and sleeping was soon established.

Keiko was walking towards a nice foresty area inside Akarigakure. In her left hand was her umbrella, covering the sun from hitting directly upon the two beings. The story behind the creation of this particular item was by far more interesting and easier to talk than Yuzuha's.
May 24 2018, 03:40 AM
Setting: After being out of Akarigakure for almost a year, Keiko finally came back home and went straight to the Chouten Akimichi, Akarigakure's Kage. These series of events happen before the Vivian Hyuuga's genin team creation.

"Home, sweet home." The girl's foot crossed the river that snaked its way through the desert towards the mountains in the middle of Seichi. Or was it vice versa? Did the water come from an underwater spring that flowed out of the mountain towards the desert and into the ocean surrounding Seichi? Meh, she didn't want to waste any additional brain power trying to figure it out when she only wanted to come back home.

After escaping the Fox Bear Akuma in the forests of Yamagakure, she had taken refuge inside one of the smaller villages that resided in the mountains, healing from her wounds that she had suffered in battle. Despite being in a rival village, the medical ninja who had tended to her was considerate enough to know that when facing against the Akuma, every human is an ally. She repaid the kindness by helping out with several tasks around the village. Only when she felt that her debt has been repaid had she left, roaming the lands of Seichi in search of other villages. She traveled as far as Edagakure where the former Fire Country lay. The things she saw were almost beyond her imagination that couldn't simply be expressed in books.

As soon as she stepped through the gates of Akarigakure, there were two ninja clad in masks waiting for her.
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