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Jul 15 2018, 11:00 AM
Sharingan: Daedric Assault Mode


Uchiha Lapis


A power born from devastation and refinement merged as one, then devastation sealed as nothing more than a power source, true power is in control. Condensing the power of the Akuma is no small feat but once done, after sacrificing the power of a Jinchuuriki, the user can access true destructive power into a more favorable condition, themselves. They can draw out the Akuma's power by force, using their Sharingan as a focus to release the power and merging it with their own to gain immense levels of power, though risking their existence in the process. Once activated the Daedric Blood seal expands until it envelopes their forehead thus awakening the power within, other aesthetics can occur and are mentioned in appearance, along with an ominous aura that is felt for miles around. Aesthetic changes usually consist of dark marks and shapes forming on the body and minor, corrupted, alterations to their techniques. One might think a power merged with the Sharingan would improve visual prowess but that isn't the case as it is more a focus and bonding point here; something more deeply tied to the user than just their chakra.

While under a stressful situation, normally a difficult fight, with the seal active the user's mental state will change, becoming more sadistic and excitable to the point they just can't help it anymore.
They demand more power from their demon and use the Sharingan to link with them, corrupting it. This results in power exploding from their body similar to a Jinchuuriki transformation .

Sealed Akuma (Jinchuuriki connection and A-Ranked or higher)
Two as One (Trait)
Shard: Daedric Blood (Active)
Sharingan (At least two active Fully Matured Sharingan; not transplanted)

-Gains the Akuma's attributes added to their own amounts.
-Given access to the Akuma's chakra as well as their own.
-Still has access to their own abilities including techniques and bloodlines; Akuma abilities too if usable in their smaller state.
-Counts as Demon Mode for techniques and traits; the user can no longer be considered human. This can also however be considered a weakness.

-Once activated the user is temporarily robbed of all feeling and emotions, focused towards a supremacist way of thinking, to destroy anything that presents itself as strong. This can be ignored if the user has 75 willpower naturally but only slightly; they can never truly escape their sadistic pleasure of besting "lesser beings".
-The ominous aura that the user radiates is felt for miles regardless of one's sensing abilities or lack there of; stealth impossible. This can however be considered a strength against those with such abilities when sensing the user; the level of power can be terrifying.
-Eyesight damage from Mangekyou techniques are doubled while in this state.
-When cancelled the user immediately loses 50% of the Akuma's original chakra capacity, spiritually exhausting them; they won't even be able to maintain anything higher than a Fully Matured Sharingan. If they possess the Eternal Mangekyou it can be maintained but exhaustion will still set in.
-As it's their own body damage done to it remains afterwards.

-Cannot copy techniques or movements while in this state.
-Cannot gain any buffs from techniques or abilities while in this state; traits still apply bonuses.

2 Advanced Ability Points
50 Chakra for Activation
10 Chakra for Maintenance
Costs stack with Daedric Blood and Sharingan

Transplant Costs:
N/A; this is tied directly between the user, their Akuma, and their chakra so even transplanting the eyes won't transfer this (Akuma and eyes can be changed with no drawbacks afterwards)
Jul 14 2018, 05:05 PM
Description: A peculiar style by most standards, the true way of the musical arts. This style focuses on one's own personal surroundings, circulating chakra throughout the body to enable a more calm approach to fighting. By doing so the user is capable of paying close attention to detail with their surroundings while streaming their flow of chakra. This aids in increasing their ability to notice incoming threats, staying calm without disrupting their music, and dodge effectively. Musical Seal and Iron Lungs are required as the user must be playing their music and for an extended period of time.
Benefit: Capable of relaxing and continuously playing under tense conditions; increases Spirituality and Perception by 25.
Cost: 7

Trait Type: Personal Fighting Style
Jul 13 2018, 10:57 AM
Name: Resonance Arts: Rejuvenating Gift

Rank: S

Jutsu Type: Medical/Kinjutsu/Ninjutsu

Range: Long

Element: None

Requirements: Harmonix Duo; In'fuuin: Kai [Yin Seal: Release]; Souzou Saisei [Creation Rebirth] or Ninpou: Souzou Saisei - Byakugou no Jutsu [Ninja Art: Creation Rebirth - Strength of a Hundred Technique]

Description: Selflessly giving of one's own ability, the user plays a powerful and beautiful song to be heard by their allies. The long range properties of the Yin Seal techniques can now be transferred to others, allowing the user to sacrifice their own protection with a technique that makes them hard to kill to others. Because this is split from helping the user the drawback from the used technique is reduced by half but the concentration and physical ability for this technique takes a toll on the user's body over prolonged uses.

-Even hearing this the user cannot be granted any healing from this technique. This cannot be removed.

-Prolonged uses can exhaust the user's ability to breath and play. This can only be removed by the Iron Lungs trait.

-Same as the used technique but cut in half. This cannot be removed.
-Using this creates a temporary debuff to the user's spirituality by 20 points; hitting 0 causes them to pass out. This cannot be removed only reduced to 10.

Creator: Lumia Kouhi

Equalled to used technique +25 each target
Jul 13 2018, 10:35 AM
Name: Resonance Arts: Soothing Melody

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Medical/Ninjutsu

Range: Long

Element: Nons

Requirements: Harmonix Duo

Description: By playing a soft melody, the user can calm any affliction that wrecks the body of all those who hear it's tune. Calming the minds calms the soul and thus calming the body, which slows the spreading of poisons, toxins, and mind wrecking abilities like Genjutsu to cause them to become less effective. Pain and Genjutsu effects are dulled while poisons lose 1 post duration. This tune is effective in all who hear it even the enemy which easily reduces the risk to everyone regardless of sides.

-The user must be aware of what they are affecting otherwise the effectiveness of this technique is reduced by 50%. This cannot be removed.
-This cannot affect S level poisons and Genjutsus. This cannot be removed.

-Cannot separate friend from foe. This cannot be removed.


Creator: Lumia Kouhi

60; Activation
20; Maintenance
Jul 13 2018, 10:14 AM
Name: Resonance Arts: Battle Meditation

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu

Range: Long

Element: None

Requirements: Musical Seal and Instrument (singing counts)

Description: By creating music and pouring their heart into the song, the user can create a Genjutsu type effect in all those who hear it. This music is a power that considerably boosts the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of an individual's allies while simultaneously reducing the opposition's combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight. As a boost it increases allies stamina and agility by 15 points each, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency together, acting as a single entity with the ability to counter enemy movements quickly and effectively. Negatively, against foes, it demoralizes them, causing them to doubt their ability to win, thereby reducing their reaction speed and unbalancing their combat capabilities.


-Those with higher willpower can resist the effects. This cannot be removed.

-The user is unable to move while using this or perform any other techniques. This cannot be removed but can allow slow movements and one other technique to be possible as long as it doesn't affect their music.

Post Duration: Indefinite

Creator: Lumia Kouhi

60; Activation
15; Maintenance
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