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Apr 10 2018, 05:37 PM
Character Name: Vivian Hyuuga

Current Rank Chuunin

-Obtained and spent at least 40 Additional Ninja Points beyond the Base Chuunin Value. The 15 points previously gained for promotion to Chuunin do not count towards this promotion. (Yuuuup)
-Has created and learned at least 1 Custom Jutsu (Yuuuup)
-Requires 2 Approvals from Moderators or Admins. Approval will NOT be given if the applicant has been a habitual rule-breaker. (well that's what I'm here for isn't it?)

Note: I'm just looking for approval to get it out of the way. Not actually going to make Jounin Vivian until she's also approved for Black Ops. Which requires missions. That people are supposed to make. *cough*
Mar 7 2018, 07:18 AM
Name: Transmission

Rank: C

Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu

Requirements: Far Sight

Description: Utilizing similar principles to Far Sight, the user is able to send their voice to any number of their seals and speak as if they were at a location where Far Sight were applicable. Additionally, anyone who how the mechanics of this jutsu explained to them can send their voices through the seals exactly like the user, although they end up paying the chakra costs in this case. However the user of this jutsu can choose to cut off transmissions at any point. If the seals are applied directly to a person both the user and the individual(s) can communicate mentally, either directly with the user or other individuals in the network.

Limitations: As with Far Sight this jutsu requires a pre-existing seal to work with. This cannot be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 10 per post
Mar 7 2018, 07:11 AM
Name: Far Sight Network

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu

Requirements: Far Sight

Description: By concentrating their chakra through their FTG seals the user is capable of throwing their perception through multiple seals simultaneously. There are no limits as to how many seals can be used in conjunction, but in general they can utilize 1 seal for every 5 points in concentration they possess before the information they glean starts to deteriorate.

Additionally, the user gains a subconscious awareness of the area around their seals even if they're not actively using Far Sight or Far Sight Network. This manifests by allowing the user to place certain parameters on the network. They are able to place 1 parameter per 10 concentration they possess. An example of possible parameters would be "alert me when chakra is actively used within sensory range" or "alert me when there are signs of violence". Parameters must be things the user would be able to discern where they actively looking through their seals, so a parameter of "alert me when someone is feeling fear" would only work if the fear were apparent.

When parameters are triggered the user feels an insistent tugging at the back of their mind, enough to wake them should they be experiencing natural sleep. They are able to ascertain which seal it was that tripped the alarm.

Seal description: Four arrows (symbols, not drawings of arrows) all facing towards the same point (point depicted), the arrowheads almost touching. The seal must be placed on the user.

Limitations: Still requires at least 1 seal to work through as its predecessor, but the limit of 1 seal at a time is no longer the case. This cannot be removed. Instead they are able to use one seal per 5 concentration, increasing to two seals per 5 concentration via favoring. Additionally the parameters they can set are limited in number to 1 per 10 concentration, increasing to 1 per 5 concentration via favoring.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 100 chakra to place, 25 per post to actively use the network. Alert parameters are a passive function.
Mar 4 2018, 09:45 PM
Name: Disable

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu

Requirements: Seeing the jutsu executed once, Byakugan or other means of seeing the chakra in action.

Description: This seal is meant to be applied in combat. First the user must observe the target use a jutsu at least once with their Byakugan or other means that allows them to understand the workings of the targets chakra. Then the user will make contact with the target, applying them with this seal. This removes the target's ability to perform that jutsu or any related jutsu (derivatives or requirements up or down any number of steps) for the remainder of the thread, though the seal will fade in one OOC week. If the jutsu or related jutsu are still in effect when this seal is applied they are dispelled.

Seal Description: Four lines of kanji that all intersect at the point of contact and are at otherwise equal angles to each other. The writing extends out for 1 foot from the point of contact. Most of the writing will fade after a few seconds, but the central kanji remains. It reads "Forbidden".

Limitations: The user must see the jutsu they are targeting at least once, this may not be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 95
Feb 23 2018, 02:10 PM
Name: Katsujinken: Tsuka Dageki [Hilt Strike]

Rank: C

Jutsu Type: Bukijutsu

Requirements: Katsujinken, weapon with blunt end

Description: Contrary to the name, Tsuka Dageki does not necessarily require a sword although it was certainly designed with one in mind. The technique is a simple but powerful strike utilizing the blunt portion of any weapon on hand hitting with enough force to break bone.

Creator: Yuzuru Kodogu

Cost: 30
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