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Keiko Kaguya


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Mar 5 2018, 07:16 AM
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Details: A disagreement between a high-ranking Kaguya clan member and the clan head resulted in a fight between the two people. Katsu had gone easy on the poor soul, leaving him with several broken bones and tons of bruises. However, Kinryu had stolen some sensitive information about the clan and Akarigakure and deserted towards Yamagakure. That information must not be allowed into the hands of other people. Apprehend and capture the traitor and bring him back to the Clan Leader, alive or dead. Failure is NOT an option.

- Hunt Down The Traitor
- Use Scroll to Seal Him To Capture (Alive Only) or Kill and Retrieve the Information

Known NPCs:
Katsu Kaguya (Clan Leader)
Kinryu Kaguya (Traitor)

Keiko Kaguya

[While this is set close to Yamagakure's village, the location would be on the mountain range of the former Frost Country. We do not set foot inside the Hidden Village.]

"How did I get mixed up in all this..

Keiko's head was facing the ground with one knee down on the floor. In front of her was the head of the Kaguya Clan. He was very imposing and probably disliked Keiko's family in general. Perhaps that was why she was chosen for this task instead of his own daughter?

If anyone in the Kaguya Clan aside from her own parents knew that she had the Shikotsumyaku bloodline, they would either fear her or kill her outright. It was one of the reasons why Keiko kept it a secret from everyone in the world. No one can know until she was strong enough to fend for herself and protect her own family too.
Jan 28 2018, 08:13 PM
Keiko graduated and finally got her village's headband as a mark of her becoming a genin. The shape of it was of a half circle at the base with several lines emanating from it, like rays of the sun casting its light out. She decided to change the cloth to a light purple color, almost like lilac, to match her usual outfit. The girl didn't wear it on her person where it was visible just yet as she has not yet decided where to place it on her person. However, it was a mark of accomplishment that she didn't take too lightly either.

When she became a kunoichi of the genin rank, the Kaguya girl headed to the library and accessed the next level of books now available to her. This included some of the jutsu known to genin like the Ki Nobori and the Suimen techniques that enables one to either walk on vertical surfaces or even on water. Extremely interested in learning these new basic jutsu before she would officially be taught, she took these few books with her and checked them out.

She headed towards the rivers outside Akarigakure that had a lot of trees and settled in a good comfortable looking spot. No 'Akuma' around, no visible dangers, and no distractions to get her attention anywhere else. Time to start training.
Jan 24 2018, 08:53 AM
Character: Keiko Kaguya

Addition: Teshi Sendan [Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets]

Requirements: Mastery Training - 9 Posts

[1] The Chakra Cost of the jutsu in question is halved. Any further reductions to chakra cost are applied after this halving occurs. - 3 Posts
[6] Jutsu that attack at a range may have their range doubled. - 5 Posts
Total: 9 Posts

- -


[spoiler=B-Rank: 4]
[url=http://worldofninja.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=134]Teshi Sendan [Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets][/url]
Rank: B
Range: Mid [Doubled with Mastery]
Requirements: Shikotsumyaku
Description: Hardened bones from the fingertips are shot at the enemy, with a spinning motion added to the skeletal bullets. A direct hit will excavate skin, flesh, and bone. Since the bones of the user can be regenerated, the rate of fire from the user's arsenal is limitless. This technique requires no handseals.
Cost: 10 per bullet [Halved with Mastery]
Mastery Training:
[1] The Chakra Cost of the jutsu in question is halved. Any further reductions to chakra cost are applied after this halving occurs. - 3 Posts
[6] Jutsu that attack at a range may have their range doubled. - 5 Posts
Jan 6 2018, 04:09 PM
A freak accident could describe her current situation, but it was rather interesting how she ended up where she was at the moment. She was practicing Ki Nobori in a forested area next to the river bank a bit out of the way from the main village of Akarigakure. In the distance, Keiko could see the remains of an old building. The color-blanched walls were strewn all over the floor and whatever remained of the second floor seemed barely accessible.

Because it was fall, the red and orange-colored leaves from the trees surrounding this particular building had all fallen to the ground, creating an artistic foliage on the floor. The Kaguya girl wanted to take a closer look at the dilapidated building and pushed off the trunk of the tree she was glued to, sending herself towards the wall. She sent chakra into her hands as well to be able to latch onto the side of the wall like Spiderman does.

The moment she reached the wall however, she felt the subtle shift in weight. The old wall gave in from the sudden impact of her body's weight and began to fall ove. Keiko aborted her spidey skills and headed straight down so that she would land just outside of the ruin.
Dec 26 2017, 07:02 PM
Proof on 12/26/17

ZacDesu - Today at 4:30 PM
No, new thread
N the Darth - Today at 4:30 PM
my AS version is not fight worthy
ZacDesu - Today at 4:30 PM
So is mine
Let's do it
N the Darth - Today at 4:30 PM
and my genin version would be only a bit worthy
ZacDesu - Today at 4:31 PM
I don't have a Genin yet so :smile:
Let's fight
Let's have you taste defeat
N the Darth - Today at 4:31 PM
i dont have one either
ZacDesu - Today at 4:31 PM
Mr. Prince
N the Darth - Today at 4:31 PM
ZacDesu - Today at 4:31 PM
N the Darth - Today at 4:32 PM
friends proclaime
its impressive you have no jutsu
ZacDesu - Today at 4:32 PM
I'll beat you with Basics
Come on, let's go
N the Darth - Today at 4:33 PM
i cant fight
ZacDesu - Today at 4:33 PM
Come on!
N the Darth - Today at 4:33 PM
i dont even understand the basics
wtf does Kawarimi do for example
Demidevil - Today at 4:34 PM
I'll kill you with kindness
N the Darth - Today at 4:34 PM
only fighting if stargirl demi is spectating
ZacDesu - Today at 4:34 PM
N the Darth - Today at 4:34 PM
need to steal 2 hearts
Demidevil - Today at 4:34 PM
Sakura will spectate
ZacDesu - Today at 4:34 PM
Let's fight!
N the Darth - Today at 4:34 PM
que bueno
ZacDesu - Today at 4:34 PM
So it's on?
N the Darth - Today at 4:34 PM
ZacDesu - Today at 4:34 PM
Demidevil - Today at 4:34 PM
well this is weird
ZacDesu - Today at 4:34 PM
throws Mastery training in the trash
N the Darth - Today at 4:35 PM
you can start
ZacDesu - Today at 4:35 PM

It was today. A couple of days ago, Keiko practically forced Ninigi to fight against her using unusual means that the Uchiha boy wouldn't know of. Coercion was a good way of putting it, but because it was his statement that pinned the final nail down into his coffin, he couldn't back out of the sparring session. And so, waking up early in the morning at around 5:30, Keiko did her usual two hour routine of getting ready. This included showering herself, combing her hair, figuring out which clothes to wear, what items to bring, and a myriad of other miscellaneous things that didn't matter to anyone else except for her and headed to the Academy.

She told the Uchiha that they would practice sparring against each other inside the village's arena where it was designed to 'withstand the force of high-power shinobi battles' and that it was 'used for everything from spars between friendly Genin to fantastic tournaments between the most powerful of Jounin'.

The Kaguya girl reached the arena a bit ahead of time at 8:00 when the assigned meet up time was a whole hour later. She would spend the time mentally preparing herself and stretching and all the like while she waited patiently for the Uchiha to appear.
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