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Today at 06:21 pm
Name: Falling Star

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: 100 feet initial, 300 feet control range

Element: Koton, Youton (optional)

Description: After a series of handseals the user must focus on a point on the battlefield within the initial range of this technique. A pale red light from above will herald the coming of the "Star", and on the following post a large serpentine dragon made of metal will fall to the ground. This dragon is highly destructive, and at the users command will crash and crush objects it collides with. Additionally if the user possesses Lava release the Falling Star has a secondary function in the event of its defeat or dismissal. Its body will dissolve into a pool of lava that will spread in all directions for 300 feet and remain harmful for 2 posts following the dissolution.

Limitations: The "Star" comes from above, and as such is difficult to use indoors. This limitation cannot be removed, but can be diluted. If mastered or favored the "Star" will still be created normally, but should the user be so far underground they would be unable to control the "Star" they may still summon it. It will proceed to burrow towards them at top speed until it arrives within control range.

Drawbacks: The user is not immune to the secondary effect, and since the control range is within the area of effect for it the odds the user will be caught up in it unless they have some other form of escape is high.

Creator: Yuzuru Kodogu

Cost: 120 to activate, 30 to maintain, 75 to activate secondary effect
May 17 2018, 04:19 PM
Name: Survival Training

Rank: C

Details: Having recently been given command of a genin team Vivian has decided to test their abilities. They will be taken to a specially prepared area far away from civilization with a single challenge: survive.

- On the part of the genin, survive for 3 days "on their own" with no contact from the outside world.
- On the part of the sensei, obstruct the progress of the genin team within reason.
- On day three, a final challenge.

- Various wildlife and things

- Vivian Hyuuga
- Naoya Kemuri
- Nezuel Uzumaki
- Keiko Kaguya
May 13 2018, 09:24 AM
So I have a Jounin now. Am willing to take on team and train them to be the very best, like no one ever was. Let me know if there are takers. That is all =)
May 13 2018, 08:59 AM
[Insert jutsu] Mastery
Description: Usable only by summons and pets, the individual that takes this trait has trained extensively in the use of a particular jutsu. They are able to reap the benefits in the form of bonuses chosen from the Mastery table.
Benefit: For a single jutsu on their jutsu list the user may take 1 Mastery benefit per rank they themselves possess (ie B rank would gain 3). Should they gain ranks at a later date they also gain additional Mastery options. Any excess Mastery they cannot or do not use does not carry over to other jutsu. This trait is considered the same rank as the rank of the jutsu it is improving.
Cost: 1-10, see benefit section

Trait Type: Variable, but add it to the D rank listing
May 12 2018, 10:12 PM
Name: Reality Anchor

Rank: S

Jutsu Type: Space-time Ninjutsu/Fuuin

Requirements: Access to space time techniques, Chakra control 80, at least 3 other space time techniques

Description: Created as a defensive measure against other users of space-time techniques Reality Anchor prevents the individual it is acting upon from being affected by space-time techniques, including their own. Attempts to teleport the individual or subject to them to portals or any other space-time phenomena result in the individual being unaffected although this does not hinder the techniques in any other way. To clarify, should an individual affected by Reality Anchor move through a portal they would experience the situation as if no portal existed, however the portal would still function normally in all other ways. After a series of handseals Reality Anchor is applied by touch to the target individual and lasts for 24 hours or until dismissed by the user who applied it.
Seal Description

Regardless of where the seal was applied is always migrates on the individuals skin and ends up on the back of their left hand. Each circle in the seal spins at an incredibly slow rate making it almost unnoticeable while looking at it but obvious if comparing it to its previous position after some time as passed.

Drawbacks: While the reality anchor is in place space time techniques the individual it is on knows cannot be used. This cannot be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 150
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